lonely dream  

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5/31/2006 5:58 pm
lonely dream

Yesterday I took my 24 year old girlfriend Linda to a dinner at a friend's house. A great evening.

Everything was perfect until my little brunette had one or two drinks too many and she began getting more
and more vulgar and ordinary, shocking the society with very rude and intimate remarks about our sex life, a thing I really hate. I knew I had to stop her.

I grabbed her by the arm and dragged my protesting Linda out of the room and led her downstairs into the
wine cellar. There I lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and spanked her bare bottom mercilessly for 10 minutes until it was cherry red. Linda didn't like me spanking her tender derrire but, as usual, the punishment made her very hot. I knew she was all wet when I put her panties back on and lowered her skirt again. I ignored her begging for a fuck and told her to behave. She promised to be a good girl...

When we left, I didn't drive home immediately but decided that my pretty little slut deserved a real lesson. I drove to a nearby wood, where I stopped the car. I took a few ropes and asked Linda to undress. When she was naked, I put her clothes into my car, which I closed and we walked a bit. Linda had to go 2 meters in front of me so I had a good view at her pretty arse. Still a bit drunk, she played the little bitch again. She swung her arse and her whole body in a very sexy, sensual and provocative way....

I stopped and used the ropes to tie her up between two trees with her wrists and ankles, her arms and legs
spread wide.

Now I was standing right in front of her. I observed the excited, nervous and anxious expression on her face as I slowly opened the belt of my trousers and took it off. She started to beg and protest. I got very close to her, letting her feel my erection as I whispered playful in her ear: I'll teach you to behave like a lady, Linda darling. Tonight you were a real bitch. I need to put your ideas back into place...

I went round her, quickly let my hand slide over her shaven genitals. Of course, the bitch was soaking wet
again. I used my belt to discipline Linda. She moaned, protested and cried, she wriggled, pulled strong on
the ropes but to no avail. I had tied her securely. Noticing how helpless she was, she sweared, she called
me names, she insulted me with expressions like "male macho son-of-a-bitch". Of course I didn't stop until
her arse had turned to deep red and she was sweating and almost had tears rolling down her cheeks. Linda
still had not enough. Instead of lowering her eyes, she looked into mine defyingly, provocating me again.

"Come on, cowboy, fuck me now. Your horse is ready to ride..."

That made me angry. I put my belt back on and caught a long, thin, flexible but firm birch from a tree. I
aproached Linda, made her hold the birch between her teeth, rubbed once again my erection against her body
and instructed her to shut up: "A female should mainly open her mouth when giving a blowjob! I'll fuck you
when you have learned to behave in presence of your master! Now as I see my little bitch is still wet..."

I inserted one, two, then three fingers into Linda's cunt. She moaned in delight and trust her hips, urged me to push harder, faster. I was already decided to grant her a little orgasm when she accidentally let the birch fall on the ground. I picked it up and mowed round her. She begged and whimpered desperate apologies, knowing that it meant pain again. This time I really whipped her hard. I grinned as she howled and cried like an wild animal. Tears rolled down her face. More and more welts appeared on her arse, which she moved now very erotically I have to admit. I guess she wanted to make me horny and encourage me to stop whipping her and fuck her. As I continued to discipline her, I noticed a change of attitude. Linda became very, very submissive. Every time the birch bit in her tender flesh, she moaned in a very sensual, erotic, sexy, little voice: "Thank you MASTER." Of course, I appreciated that, but I wanted her to feel she entirely belongs to me...

I inserted the birch between her pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth, keeping her on the edge of pain and
pleasure. She closed her eyes, I told her to open them up and look at me as I made her lick on my fingers. I
tamed Linda with the birch, whipping her pert, little pussy lips until they were red, hot and swollen. By then, I knew she was my girl again. She moaned my name and continuingly thanked me. She even asked for stronger punishment...

Finally I put the birch back in her mouth, opened my zip and took out my erect dick. She stared at it like a hungry man at food. I approached her from behind. Linda yelled, cried like in delirium as Islowly inserted my penis into her cunt. I have to admit that it was an incredible pleasure to fuck that hot, swollen, little bitch of mine. While I fucked her hard, pinching her nipples, squeezin her breasts, I whispered in her ear: "Linda, you belong to me and you will obey me from now on..."

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