like the autumn leaves  

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6/2/2006 5:05 am
like the autumn leaves

She had lost her clothes a long time ago. She was now standing naked, except for the cuffs which were eating into her flesh, and the dog leash that was tied to her neck Roughly she was brought into the huge hall. She could not help but stare at the room in which she was brought. The room was as big as a palace, with richly decorated walls, big windows and expensive paintings.
But after the richly painted walls, the decorative paintings, there was nothing in the room, except for the couch which was kept prominently in the middle of the huge hall.

She knew the moment she had accepted the challenge that se had done something wrong. She was a explorer, and a good one at that. But when she had accepted to get a treasure from the distant lands of Saudi Arabia, it was nothing else but foolishness. Many explorers had come here and never returned back, She was also curious as to where they went, she was afraid now that she would have a first hand knowledge of it.

Her thoughts were changed as she felt a sharp pull at the cuffs, which put her hands behind her naked body, she gave out a groan, when her body jerked it self bending at the waist, due to the force on her tied behind wrists. In a few minutes she was in a obscene position, bending at her waist, her soft tender breasts dangling down. She had even spread her legs for support. she could not cry or moan, the room was o big and so empty it echoed, embaressing her.

She could feel the door close behind her, as she lay there naked in the obecene position exposed, with her own thoughts. Since the time she was stripped, she was sure that she would be . It had been three days since she had been stripped. Therefore she was more than ready for the . She had spent nights thinking about her geeting , and therefore had steeled herself for it.

But here she was now, naked and tied in a position which was ruthless and unforgiving. She was almost dancing on her spread feet, which were painfully supporting her naked body,her ankles distributed away from each other due a cold unforgiving steel rod between them.

Sensing that she was alone, she moaned freely, and trembled as she heard the embaressing echoes in the room, and then was left whimpering in pain.

A few hours later, with her body wracked in pain, and throat parched with thirst, she sensed the door open, with her exhaused body and eyes. She almost heaved a sigh of relief when she figured a female form to enter, which only gave way to a cry of disgust. In front of her was a naked woman, ebony brown, her sad eyes were looking at her tied form, maybe remembering when she too was tied up such. Slowly she waked behind her and settled between her exposed thighs, She could look at her as the ebony skineed woman knelt in a curious position, she had spread her thighs wide, her sex exposed and open as if in offering, her back was arched too, The tied woman was curious and excited by the position.The kneeling woman could sense it, when her ass muscles clenched themself.

Deftly, the ebony skinned one crouched ahead, her breath lashing on her inner thighs, This was the first flesh she had felt in many days, and the tied woman welcomed it, It was also tickling her inner thighs. The ebony skinned one soon laced her lips on the tied one's outer lips, them grazing each other. The tied one could only squirm as the ebony skinned woman so brazenly performed acts of sex.

In a few minutes, she gave another cry of horror. In front of her, a big fat ugly man was sitting looking at the spectacle. He was naked, and his cock was throbbing at the site of black female flesh over white female flesh. He mouth was in a satisfied smirk, as his eyes her reactions, ogling.

She looked at the fat man, as the ebony's lips grazed her outer lips, her breath against her inner thighs. Her tongue now moved inside her sex, her pleasure passage, and gave her a slow long lap, with her moist tongue.her tongue was now working slowly on her already wet sex, as if she was trained to lick.

The tied woman meanwhile could do nothing but writhe in her ministrations, as her brazen shameless tongue lapped at her outer petals, again and again, her drool and her juice mixing with each other. There were also nodding moans from the ebony skinned one, as she felt the tied woman's juice trickle down. Feeling that her work was done, she knelt up, and walked away from the tied woman. The tied woman could see her ass cheeks and hips sway. Her eyes widened as she could look at red marks, almost lashes created on those as cheeks. She knew that those lashes could only be created by whips.

But her body was in a quagmire of senses. her jucies were almost trickling down, her outer petals were by far exposed, her clit nw was throbbing as she was tied there, naked and exposed.

She was writhing in passion and less pain now. Her body had by now become numb to the pain, Her clit was throbbing and exposed, and yes she would even have fucked the big fat man.

She tilted her head again, as she looked at another man emerge from the darkness. She wailed as she saw him, another black, but this time with a smal, single tailed whip in his hand. He was looking at her writhing passionate body with ogling eyes.

The man did not even touch her skin. He simply moved his whip, and lashed it against her slnder flesh. The tied woman let out a wail, due to the pain, not even thinking about the echoes this time. The cold whip sent shivers down her naked flesh.The man was aiming below her ass cheeks, as her skin there wriggled more.

He was enjoying what he was doing, Under the whips and with teary eyes, the tied woman could see the ebony woman now kneeling in the same position in front of the man on the couch, sucking on His cock.She was thrashing against her binds as the whip now lashed on her inner thighs one last time. All she could do now, was moan helplessling in her binds.

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6/2/2006 1:46 pm

males nich...bacanya, yg pastinya kamoe kepengen banget kalau u mau ngesex ama gw. *gx kebayang gimana rasanya(*

rm_leegs56 56M

6/2/2006 2:59 pm

great story!!!!

moo_nips 58F

6/2/2006 5:15 pm

You are great re writing techinque and excellent imagination and visual projection...good sense of drama

moo_nips 58F

6/2/2006 5:19 pm

and...nice to see are excellent at smiling and at looking hot and...forgot the next one

Blazenblueyes 65M

6/4/2006 3:27 pm

Great story...Glad I was able to enjoy it.

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