if you're through with me  

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6/1/2006 6:11 pm
if you're through with me

My master had me on a waterbed, blindfolded, with my arms tied to opposite corners of the bed. And I had on this studded leather belt with handcuffs attached to each side. Which were handcuffed to my ankles with a metal loop. So I was completely spread wide for his amusement. And as I lay they’re trembling wondering what was going to happen next, I did not have to wait long.
Master lay downs next to me, and started to kiss me, and rub my body all over. Which in itself was a very good feeling, then he started to rub my nipples until they were very erect and engorged. Then he put on my nipple clamps, and when he did it always brought a gasp.

And then he started to slowly open my pussy, ever so slowly and started to massage my clit in little round circles. And it felt so good; I could not move my legs I was completely at my master’s mercy.

My master was entering me, teasing my g-spot making pant really hard, then stopping and playing with my clit. Which was now becoming very hard and erect, because I was really getting turned on.

Master then stopped and left me alone to wonder what was going to happen next, I was hoping that he was going after my favorite dildo. Which is a red one with a good size of girth, and a very good length. When master uses it on me it really fills me up and makes me so hot.

While master was gone the doorbell rang, and I thought who could that be. I hope that master tells them to leave. But what if he does not. How will I know, the thought of somebody watching is a different emotion that I have not felt yet?

Master is gone for awhile, and when he returns I am full of questions, “who was at the door?” master says nothing. “ Did the person stay or leave?” master still says nothing.

So I am left to wonder did the person stay or leave.

But I cannot contemplate for long, because when master comes back he lays down next to me and slowly enters me with a dildo. And I am left to wonder is somebody else in the room.

Master slowly fucks me with the dildo as he also massages my clit. Before long I am really getting hot and horny,and he piledrives me until I am really having a strong orgasm. He then pulls out the dildo and gets a smaller one and enters my tight ass while he plays with my clit. This is really making me very very hot.He slowly starts to fuck my ass as I am having the second of my orgasms in a row. I am now very hot and my pussy is very sticky, and my clit is very sensitive. So master tells me “That he is going to put on my favorite strap-on” which is a big cock, it makes me scream with lust and do things that I cannot explain.

So master gets up and leaves the room and a little while later, I feel him get back on the bed, and get in-between my shackled thighs, and place the cock on my wet pussy lips. And slowly start to push the cock inside me. But it feels different not like a dildo, but like the real thing. And I realize that it is a real cock and it is not my master’s.

As my mind is accepting the fact that there is somebody besides my master starting to fuck me. I cannot help but gasp, because the cock entering me so big, it is totally stretching me wide with its thickness.
As the strange cock’s head is finally inside me, I cannot help but pant and gasp. I am wondering whose is fucking me. But I am so hot that my body takes control, and my pussy is getting really wet as he slowly enters me. I thought that he would never finally bury it deep inside me.

And when it did it was so deep that it hit my g-spot and I had a climax right then and there. And this strange cock was slowly fucking me with deep long slow thrusts.It did not take my pussy long to adapt to its size and I was taking him deep inside me.

I had come so hard so many times that I lost count.

And now I felt this new cock start to get harder and longer, and I begged the person who owned this cock to “Please come inside me, please”

Then the piledriving thrusts started as he was getting close to his orgasm, but so was I, and when he thrusted for the last time I could feel his hot volcanic eruption start to begin. I was totally lost in orgasmic lust as I felt him come deep inside me.

And what a wonderful orgasm I had. And when it was all over and he pulled out and left the room I was wondering “who was that?”

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6/2/2006 3:14 am


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