i want to see you now  

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6/6/2006 5:01 pm
i want to see you now

The office staff had long since gone for the day and Jim Howell, the CEO of the advertising firm, sat behind his executive desk in his office where he was finishing up some paperwork. He gazed over to the finely crafted, oak coffee table that sat in front of the leather couch.

His eyes wandered over the slender spreadeagled, naked body of June Hess. Blindfolded and gagged, the long haired redhead wiggled and squirmed as the metal clamps bit into her nipples as well as her labia. Angry red splotches covered the front of her supple form from the tops of her 36c breasts, down her tummy to her naval and on the insides of her spread thighs. Her neatly trimmed gaping pussy glistened as the tightly tied ropes, that were anchored by another rope around her middle, chafed her highly sensitive clit.

Her whimpers went unheeded as Jim slowly rose from his chair and strolled over to her where she laid. “I warned you about the consequences of not meeting your sales quota when I hired you, did I not?” The tall, slender slightly graying man of forty admonished her. Red faced and grimacing she nodded in the affirmative. He smiled lasciviously down at her and picked up the riding crop once again. He then looked at his watch. “Good...I’m so glad you know why you’re being punished. I don’t need to be home for a couple hours yet. Looks like your pussy needs to be whipped some more.”

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