i wandered through the city of aloneless  

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6/1/2006 6:03 pm
i wandered through the city of aloneless

I walked home in apprehension. Daddy said he was going to meet me at home. I love him, but I knew I was gonna "get it". As I walked up to the door, I straightened out my school uniform. I had tied my hair up in pigtails, knowing how Daddy likes it that way. I opened the door quietly, hoping to be able to slip past Daddy and maybe run upstairs. No can do. Daddy heard me. "Come here Karena", he said in his deep voice. I walked into room and saw that little Jean was already standing in front of him, red in the face. I shuffled my feet as slowly as possible, but couldn't stop the inevitable. Soon I was standing next to Jean and in front of him.
"You've both been very naughty," he said. "You will be both punished. Bend over the couch now.. go on, you know the position." We quickly moved over and knelt by the big sofa, our bottoms raised up high. "Raise you skirts" we heard, and with trembling fingers, we quickly did so, exposing our tiny white panties stretched over our white bums. I felt his large fingers moving over my bum through my panties, knowing he was going to remove them, and soon enough, I felt Daddy's fingers in the elastic of my panties and he moved them down, exposing my little bare pussy. After slipping my panties off, it was Jean's turn. "Spread your knees, sweeties ... wider.. I said wider!"

"Crrrraaaaaaaack!" went the first smack. I felt Daddy's strong fingers against my poor bum. Then I felt little Jean twitched next to me, she got one too. Daddy's spanks kept raining onto our reddening bums, as we strove not to move too much, knowing Daddy didn't like it. I could feel the heat radiating from my cheeks.

"Stop twitching!" I heard Daddy scolding. But poor Jean couldn't... I searched and found her hand and held on to it, just to calm her, but she just couldn't...and soon Daddy got mad. I heard Daddy move away. Soon though, he came back. I felt his fingers spreading my bum cheeks.... And then his oily fingers probing at my rosebud. I felt his finger nudging at the rim, rubbing it, to make me more relaxed. And I feel my sphincter yield
to the unrelenting thickness and pressure of Daddy's big thumb, the tight muscle clenching and unclenching against this invasion. Slowly accepting Daddy. Almost immediately I sense a new pressure at my anus; it is not a finger, but something larger, smoother, more rounded. I jerk convulsively, feeling panicked, but my anus, prepared by the careful attention of Daddy's thumb, eagerly accepts this new, thick presence. As he slid the object deeper into my bottom, I groan, feeling uncomfortably full. Soon it is in. Then I felt Jean clutching my hand, as Daddy prepared her the same way. It took a little longer with her, as she protested loudly. But Daddy ignored her and pressed on, working it into her anus. Soon I heard the 'pop' and it slid up her. I was getting a little excited, seeing the vibrator sticking out of Jean's bum.

"Smaaaacccccccck", Daddy continued spanking us. But in between the spanks, Daddy paused occasionally to feel our bums, to feel the heat generated by his spanks. Jean turned her head towards me, her eyes closed as she groaned and moaned softly, her mouth opened slightly. I wanted to comfort and distract her. I kissed her on her lips, seeking her softness, my tongue reaching into her mouth, exploring it. It worked and soon, she was groaning even louder, but this time with pleasure. By now, Daddy saw how distracted we were, and began to feel our pussies. I was so wet! Wet from Daddy's spanking and Jean's caressing touch and the dildo in my anus.

Jean and I barely noticed that Daddy had stopped spanking us, so deep were we in ourselves. Her hungry lips were now sucking on my nipples and her fingers were kneading my large breasts. I reached out to Daddy and took him out of his pants. Hmmmm, so big and strong. I wanted Daddy so much. I drew him into my mouth, delighting with the feeling of him growing bigger and bigger in my mouth. I played around with his head, licking underneath, dipping my tongue into his slit trying to draw his pre-cum. I moved downwards a little, to gently suck on his balls. One after the other. Trying to draw all of him in me, and at the same time, I fingers stroked him, pumping him in my fist. Hmmmmm, so delicious. Oh, it feels so good.... Jean had reached downwards and was licking at my clit. She spread my lips out, and I felt her tongue deep in me. Oh yes! I was so wet. She coaxed my little clit out of its hood, it was so erect and large. Her tongue felt so good. I wanted to feel Daddy in me though and told him so.

Daddy moved down, and spreading my legs, he lunged right into my pussy. Oh he feel so big, especially with the dildo up my ass. He pounded into my wet tight box. I loved to feel Daddy in me. Oh that sweet Jean, she's joined in. I can feel her licking at where Daddy and I are joined. She ensured that she spent equal time both at my clit and Daddy's balls.

Then knowing how to please Daddy further, she moved up to spread Daddy's cheeks wide, exposing Daddy's little anus. She reached it with her soft lips, kissing it first, and then her long inquisitive tongue licked all
around the rim. I could hear Daddy moaned his pleasure as he pumped even more into me. Jean pushed further with her tongue trying to get it right up Daddy's anus. Soon, he relented, and she was fucking Daddy with her tongue. Daddy, doesn't that feel so good?

Once Daddy got used to her tongue and was a little relaxed, she got up. I wondered why, and then I smiled, ;coz I knew... I saw her strap it on....Daddy couldn't see, and I held him in a huge bear hug, kissing him
furiously, in my excitement, knowing what he was going to encounter soon. After oiling the thick black dildo well, Jean spread Daddy's cheeks. Aiming at his hole, Jean pushed home. I could feel Daddy stiffen up a little at the insertion, but I held on to him. Jean's tongue had already prepared him, and soon it slid all the way in. Daddy groaned loudly, feeling it fill him up whilst my pussy clamped down onto his cock. That's 'coz Jean had reached down onto my vibrator and turned it on! It was buzzing in my anus.

"You girls feel so so good." Daddy said as we pumped together. Jean took the lead, pumping the big black latex into Daddy. I moved beneath Daddy, whilst absorbing the movements from Jean, but soon, I was thrashing back at Daddy, trying to get as much of him in me. It wasn't long the excitement overtook us, I felt the intense waves of pleasure running through me, and I screamed out, whilst my pussy clenched hard. Daddy, feeing it, shot his load deep into me, filling me with his spunk, whilst little jean, hearing our cries,
joined right in.

Soon, we were Daddy's good little girls again. I can't wait to be bad once more..

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