i made a wish upon a star to see the picture in my heart  

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6/1/2006 5:40 pm
i made a wish upon a star to see the picture in my heart

While I was in college a group of about 5 of us hung out together -- Jeannie, Ann, Ellen, Denise, and I. Among other things, we had a habit of exchanging whacks on our birthdays, or as near them as we could manage. They started out fairly silly, but got a bit more earnest as the years went by. So by my junior year, when I turned 21, the smacks were fairly hard, and clothing tended to get disarranged.
One night, shortly after school started up again in January, the 5 of us, and my then-boyfriend Robert had gathered in my room to celebrate my 21st birthday. Robert and I had been out earlier in the evening with my family, and since I was finally old enough to drink legally, I had had a drink or two. (And then there was the bottle of 12-year-old Scotch that my brother had given me for my birthday ... Well, I *had* to have a taste!) We had all gotten a bit silly as the evening progressed, and then someone, almost undoubtedly Ellen (she was always the instigator), mentioned that she thought it was time for my birthday whacks.

After a few moments of silly chaos, in which I tried, half-heartedly at best, to get away, Jeannie dragged me over to the desk chair, where Denise was sitting. Soon I was face down over her lap, with my skirt already riding up my bottom. (We wore our skirts quite short back then , and this dress was *very* short, even for the times.) I squealed and wriggled as Denise started to smack my bottom and count out the 21 strokes. They weren't terribly hard, but I could certainly feel them. About halfway through, she must have decided the skirt was annoying her, because she paused and brushed it up out of the way and delivered the rest of the spanking on the seat of my pantyhose. As the 21st swat and the much firmer "one to grow on"; landed. I was beginning to wonder about how I'd feel after 3 more spankings.

Ann's turn was next. She always had the lightest hand, but she had this tendency to concentrate on the lower part of the bottom cheeks, which rather tended to make up for the lightness of the smacks. Ellen, always trying to be helpful, suggested that my pantyhose were "quite unnecessary", so down they came! By the time I let out a startled yelp as the last swat landed on my upper thighs, my bottom was very warm, and more than a little stinging. I was hoping that Jeannie and Ellen would let me keep my panties on, since the thin nylon provided virtually no protection, but from the way things were going, I suspected that I might well end the evening with my bare bottom on display ... and I turned out to be right.

Jeannie decided to vary things a little by bending me over the desk instead of across her lap. Then she gave me all 21 strokes practically one on top of the other, with barely a pause in between. This rapid-fire approach left me gasping and crying out with every swat. Then it happened. Ellen declared that it was time to get a look as their handiwork, and she jerked my panties down. It was then that I remembered Robert's presence. It wasn't like he hadn't seen my butt before, but he had never watched me getting tanned by my friends!

So I was protesting more than a little as Ellen arranged me across her lap, and began to spank me. The blows were fairly hard, and on my already-reddened bottom they burned far more than I expected. Some how, 21 seemed like an awfully high number right then! But we finally reached the end, and I got up and started rubbing mine!

As I stood there, trying to pull my clothes back together, Robert reminded me that he hadn't had a turn. So once again I found myself face down, this time over his lap on the window seat. Any remnants of modesty went to the four winds as my skirt came up and my panties and hose were pulled down. Somehow this felt different. It was much more embarrassing to be spanked by my boyfriend in front of all my friends. Not only that, but I found myself becoming quite aroused! (At 21 I had not yet dealt with my bisexuality, and could more easily accept being turned on by a spanking from my boyfriend than from the girls.) It hurt, too. Each swat seemed very hard, and I began to cry almost immediately. Despite my tears, Robert gave me all 21 swats for my age and ended with a very firm smack on the lower part of my cheeks for the extra stroke.

After he finished, I lay across his lap for a few moments, rubbing my bottom and trying to pull my panties up. I must have looked rather silly, because someone started to giggle, and soon everyone, including me was laughing. It was hardly the first birthday spanking we had had there at college, it certainly wasn't the last. I expect we'll go into some of those other spankings at a later time.

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