how could you bring him home  

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5/23/2006 5:55 pm
how could you bring him home

I have been behaving badly all day. I know he is annoyed but I can't seem to stop. Tonight at dinner was the last final mistake. You tell me that I have been acting like a child all day and instead of heeding the warning, I snapped at you and slammed my glass down...breaking the glass and spilling the contents.

Without yet realizing the gravity of my mistake, I am yanked off my chair by my hair and dragged to the bedroom. Once inside, I am ordered to prepare myself to be punished. I instantly know that I have pushed him too far and immediately drop to my knees beside the bed...head held low. He comes and sits on the bed and waits. I kiss his feet, stand up and come around beside him...ready to lay myself across his lap.

"Speak," he orders.

"I'm sorry Master," I begin. "You are right...I have acted like a child all day."

"And?" his voice is still harsh.

"And thank you for the punishment I am about to receive. Through your discipline, I will learn how to behave myself."

"Very well...assume your position."

I lay myself over his knee and await the punishment I know I deserve. I feel him lift my skirt to expose my bare ass and without any hesitation or words he begins to spank me. Usually this is only a warm up but tonight it feels unusually hard. With the force of the blows, I am finding it hard to control my stop myself from crying out.

After a few minutes of this, I feel him reach over and grab the hairbrush off the nightstand. He lays it on my already red ass and begins to speak. "You will receive 20 hard smacks tonight with this hairbrush. I want you to count each stroke aloud for me. Remember, if you forget to count, that one will not count. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." This fills me with dread. I hate the hairbrush almost more than anything else. And I rarely take just the amount I am to start with. The hairbrush, with its stinging ways, has a way of making me forget everything else but the pain it's inflicting on my tender ass. Needless to say...I took 26 with the brush before I was through.

After he is done with the brush, I am sent to the corner. I must stand there, nose against the corner and skirt held up to expose my punished ass.

After 10 minutes of this shame, I am ordered to strip and get over to the rack. I am bound standing in the spread eagle position. My Master is in front of me holding the belt up to my face. How I hate that belt but I know what is expected of me. Already tender and sore from the hairbrush, I kiss the belt as it is presented to me and say, "Thank you Master's belt for being the one to administer my punishment."

Tears roll down my face as the belt connects with my already beaten ass. I do not know how many lashes or
how long he straps mind lost in the pain that the belt causes. Finally the lashing stops and I am left there to sob while my Master begins to lecture me on my behavior. Through sobs, I again tell him I am sorry and that it won't happen again.

I am unbound from the rack and brought back to the bed. I am told to lie back on the bed...and I do, a new fear washing over me. The spreader bar is attached to my ankles and my legs are then hoisted up and attached to the links beside my head. My arms are then cuffed to the same links. I am bound in a position
where my pussy is easily available to him and I nervously wonder at what will come next.

For this part of the punishment, my Master decides that he wants me gagged. He reaches to the drawer and
gets out the ball gag and firmly buckles it around my head. He again reaches for the drawer and withdraws
the nipple clamps. He pulls and twists roughly on each nipple before tightly applying the clamps.

My eyes are already full of tears as he grabs the belt and starts to talk. He tells me that by the severity of this punishment, his is hoping that I will learn my lesson and not require this again in the near future.He begins to raise the belt and bring it down directly on my shaved pussy. Again and again the strap beats down on my cunt and breasts. He is sure to leave nothing out. My tears and muffled screams do nothing to lessen the beating that I am taking.

Finally I am unbound only to be retied on elbows and knees with my ass overhanging the bed. Again I feel
the belt take bites out of my ass. The ball gag is removed from my mouth and I am asked if I am learning anything from this experience.

"Yes!" I say, "oh...yes Master...I the way...I've...behaved." I can hardly get the words out between the sobs.

"Lets see, shall we my slut." He reaches to my pussy and runs his fingers through my wetness. "No. You are
not learning but enjoying this experience, I'm afraid.Your cunt is soaked with your own juices. See for yourself." With this he inserts 2 fingers into my cunt and roughly pounds them in and out of me, then directly into my mouth. "No, I feel you need more." Again the strap is across my ass til I am screaming again.

Right when I can take no more, he stops. He takes out his cock from his pants and rubs it over my tender and
beaten pussy. But this is not where he is about to fuck me. With no other lubrication except the juices from my pussy, he presses against my delicate ass opening and with one hard push, rams his whole cock up my ass. I feel like I am going to rip in two as I try to keep from screaming.

"Yes, my little fuck slave...I am going to thoroughly abuse this little ass of yours tonight." With this statement, he fucks my ass like never before, with a driven animalism I have never witnessed.

Through all the pain I feel, my body is definately betraying me. I can feel the start of my impending orgasm growing in me. My Master is aware of this also and tells me that I may not cum til given his word. I am at the point where I can not take much more. His constant pounding of my ass and his fingers fucking my pussy are driving me to the edge.

"Please Master, please...I must cum," I beg.

"Not yet my slut...hold on." He reaches down and releases the nipple clamps. The pain as the blood is allowed back to my nipples steals my attention but I am soon focussed back on my building urge to cum.

"Please Master...pleeeease!" I scream.

"Yes...cum for me you cum slut...Now!"

Waves of ecstasy rush over me as my orgasm explodes. I hear my Master growl as he shoots his hot cum deep into my ass. I feel him withdraw from my ass and come around to kneel in front of my face.

"Just one more thing, my pet." With this statement, I tilt my head up and open my mouth to take him in. I lick and suck his cock until I have cleaned him thoroughly.

"Thank you, Master," I say as he removes his cock from my mouth. "Thank you so much for your gift and for taking the time to punish me when I need it."

"Your welcome, my pet...but lets not have to repeat this anytime soon...understood?"

"Oh yes, Master. I have learned my lesson."

"Good...I will see you in awhile," he says as he walks out the bedroom door, leaving my bound to the bed with
his cum seeping from my ass and a smile on my face.

dougla75 42M

5/23/2006 7:17 pm

have to say i have never thought of doing anything like that or close to that .but reading it gave me a hard on.and now it peaked my intrest hmmmmmmmmmmm.....wonder if my other half would like some role playing tonite?

cachondo7246 47M

5/24/2006 1:58 pm

sexyasianangel70 quiero decirte que estas bien rica, cuanto daria por hacerte el amor. Quiero sexo contigo.

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