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hold on a second

Monday and a lovely fresh spring morning has arrived.

Overnight all the mechanical machines code named Stallions have been serviced, oiled, calibrated and made ready for another day's work on the young female inmates in the Felicity
Correctional Camp.

Today would be little different from the hundreds of other days which had passed since the New World Order came to power.

The sole purpose of Felicity camp is to apply severe merciless correction to the female prisoners.

Most of the female inmates are close relations of members of the beleaguered opposition party.

Stallion's are mechanical machines pure and simple.

They have been in operation for well over two years. Their daily use is to supplement the legal system's need to provide exhaustive punishments on the dissident female prisoners.

Quite simply until the performance enhancing drugs currently being developed by Nathan Jastrow's young protégé, Dr. Veronika Hausmann, are fully developed, there is an urgent pressing need to provide alternative means of executing mass on the thousands of female prisoners.

After election, the New World Order quelled the outbreak of mass opposition remonstrations and individual anti government protests by routinely imprisoning the wives, daughters and female
children of the opposition perpetrators.

This had all taken place during the early part of the 21st Century throughout the world.

New World Order secret service officers have for many years been using sophisticated intelligence gathering techniques to identify the so called political terrorists.

When they are found, the opposition's womenfolk are quickly rounded up.They are efficiently processed and spirited away for long unpleasant prison sentences.

The unusual ways the female prisoners are dealt with during these prison sentences is designed to efficiently stem the tide of antigovernment feeling.

Systematic institutional began to be used back in the 'naughties' the early decade of 2000 as it became to be known.

It was soon realized that the old-fashioned practice of simply locking away inmates for ever increasing periods of time was simply not working. What needed to be introduced was a new
regime in fact, a most severe regime of terror.

Although some early legislators tried (particularly some of the women members) to block its introduction, the vast majority of its male members were fully supportive of the idea of
mass institutionalized .

The opposition's "fairer sex" who were destined to be included in this unpleasant disciplinary
practice deserted the opposition party in their thousands.

Eventually the opposition parties had to go underground to protect their women.

There was little hiding for the womenfolk.

In the months leading up to its introduction all the senior male members of the New World Order had been invited to attend exploratory trials with selected political prisoners.

Politicians at all levels were very soon also encouraged to join in and try this new form of punishment, thus their loyalty and enthusiasm for the process was bought.

Consequently since its inception, this purely sexist form of punishment has been routinely prescribed unrelentingly for all female inmates between the ages of 16 and 65 inclusive.

After receiving an often unpleasant and frustrating introduction to the new revised legal system, the frightened female inmates are unceremoniously transported from court to one of the many correction camps.

Many of these correctional camps are actually annexed to the court building.

Felicity Camp is but one of many such camps where mechanical techniques are employed to support the available officers.

After processing the women, (now, however, convicted criminals) in groups of twenty are placed in the hands literally of the corrections officers.

Today in Felicity camp the twenty Stallions await their nubile guests.

Some of the women will initially be stubborn but after their initial session most of their resistance and modesty will be stripped away, their modesty and rebellion a thing of the past.

After a single session on a Stallion a female prisoners will more readily accept the preaching of their new political trainers.

However the punishments are never limited to a single session.

Training sessions will be prescribed monthly and it is not uncommon for a Stallion session to be stipulated each week and most prisoners have at least two year sentences.

Amongst the nineteen unfortunate ladies joining Mary Palmer this morning are,

Nineteen-year-old Susan James,
Eighteen-year-old Nancy Smith,
Thirty-year-old Mrs.. Samantha Doyle and her two daughters:-
Seventeen-year-old Stacie and Eighteen-year-old Tammy,
Forty-year-old Elizabeth Riding (Grandmother of Nancy Smith)
Sixteeen-year-old Cindy Wall,
Twenty-year-old Janie Rose-White,

Each will experience eight terrible hours of relentless mechanical .

These inmates would be the first women to feel the unrelenting force of the machines this week.

Working in eight hour shifts, each machine deals with three groups of female prisoners per day, six days a week, the seventh day reserved for special punishments and routine machine maintenance.

One of today's girls is nineteen-year-old Susan James.

Susan was unfortunately the only female member of her family at home the day the New World Order security guards forced their way into the family music store just before closing time.

Her terrified father had been viciously roughed up and the entire store turned over whilst the rampaging guards searched the premises for the owner's older wife, Jackie.

Unfortunately for young Susan, her mother Jackie was long long gone.

An anonymous warning phone call minutes before the raid alerted her to the imminent danger.

Terrified and with no thought of who she was leaving behind, she panicked and fled full of remorse.

She had failed to alert her innocent unsuspecting daughter.

First there came the destruction of the shop and then the beating of her father, within minutes his young daughter was in un-welcoming arms of the experianced arresting officers.

Thirty minutes later Susan was delivered unceremoniously to the area court facility alongside the state correctional camp.

Susan waited in the reception of the court area of Felicity Camp all alone.

She stood before the massive oak doors that would open into the main courtroom of the camp and wondered when she would be allowed to leave.

She'd already stopped wondering why she was even being tried. She had done nothing wrong, this was all one big mistake..

She was just nineteen-years-old, almost straight out of community college with only a few months part-time work experience, yet she had been witness to her father's vicious beating and the destruction of her home and family business.

Unknown to her, she was standing outside the courtroom of the most notorious female correction camp in the state.

It was a old building she'd often passed it on her bike but she had never really paid attention to it before now.

To the rear of the old courthouse behind security fences, lay the camp. Screened from all sides, its purpose was not immediately obvious to a casual glance.

She'd passed five security checks, been photographed and fingerprinted. DNA samples were taken and she was briefly but firmly instructed to:-

"Keep your FUCKING mouth shut young lady, ...... Speak only when you are spoken to or you WILL be very sorry!"

Susan had been roughly escorted to this holding area by an armed security guard who wasted no time in groping her and lifting her skirt, delighting in her discomfort at his attentions.

Attaching her wrist cuffs to a ring on the wall opposite the courtroom Susan joined thirty or so similarly mounted women who had also been left in this sinister lobby to await their 'trial'.

The views from the lobby fueled her fears, she was totally terrified.

It was a huge room, elegantly carpeted, with floor to ceiling windows where the south and west walls should have been, and with a number of stunning paintings gracing the other walls.

It was also totally devoid of furniture. But what drew the attention of all the women was not the decor, but the uninterrupted view of the correctional camp beyond the large windows.

Susan's despair and her sense of betrayal by her mother, were, however, temporarily forgotten as she gaped in astonishment at the spectacle confronting her.

Through the windows the women could see in the distance hundreds of women.

For almost an hour Susan waited as one by one each of the terrified women were unhooked and led by a court official through the old wooden doors and into the courtroom.

Susan soon realised that none of the women however returned back through that door.

Unknown to Susan each prisoner only experienced a brief mock trial.

Each woman was routinely identified and sentenced to terms of 'punishment' ranging from one to five years.

Following conviction, the petrified women were led out of the courtroom by a side door into the camp induction area, here to start a period of her life each would never forget.

Within minutes of leaving her place in front of the judge the shocked prisoner was taken away soon to be replaced by the next woman.

Susan had almost given up being nervous, and was working her mind overtime trying to find the words to plead her innocence.

She had spent most of her time wondering what purpose her arrest might serve.

Frequently other young women were dragged into the room some screaming, some begging for release.

Each received firm slaps across their face after they were attached to a wall ring.

Some who continued to protest had red rubber ball gags forced into their mouths.

Tearful, frightened but now and again Susan's mind drifted to the appearance of the lobby itself.

It was possible that it was in the process of being upgraded or refurbished, but somehow that was not the impression she got.

There were no marks on the carpeting to indicate there had ever been any office furniture here.

Perhaps, she decided, the very carpets had been recently changed, and the furniture just hadn't been moved back yet. Yes, that would explain it, she thought.

There was also a faint odor of paint lingering in the room. That meant more than the carpets had been redone.

The elaborate security precautions would seem to indicate that Felicity Camp was not an organization to be taken lightly!

Then why hadn't she ever heard of it before?

She was supposed to be going on holiday next week with her girl friend, a young lady called Anne Fellows.

In anticipation of that holiday, they had each bought new and rather revealing swimming suits.

That holiday, however, would be delayed indefinitely.

Instead of finding herself in a posh resort hotel, Susan would soon find herself in rather different accommodation, and her new attire would be even more revealing than that skimpy swimming suit.

At Eleven O'clock Susan was frog marched into the court by an elderly court official.

When they entered the courtroom, Susan choked in shock.

The Judge was there waiting for her, along with the rest of the smiling court officials, but that wasn't which attracted her attention.

Susan screamed in horror!

There were ten small red circular stages or podiums arranged around the Judge's court. Four to the left of the Judge and four to his right and two more at a higher level to his rear.

And all the stages were occupied. On each little stage was a very sorry looking young woman girls really, and all were completely naked.

Some were silently sobbing, some barely moaning, others stared into space their eyes glazed simply in a dull state of shock.

Frantically looking at the obscene tableaux, Susan could see most of the girls had objects in their vaginas or anus some had both orifices filled!
Several forms of bondage were employed to decorate the Judges courtroom and it didn't take Susan long to see that all of the young girls bore the marks of brutal punishments bruises and welts.

Two of the younger girls, who couldn't be more than sixteen-years-old, were tied to wooden frames on the stage alongside the Judge.

Each girl was tied with her legs splayed widely and tugged tightly back over her head, lifting,
spreading and exposing her privates for everyone in the court to see.

Red stripes marked their inner thighs and streams of perspiration ran over their flustered cheeks.

The two helpless girls watched quietly as Susan was prodded from behind and stepped forward to stand in front of the grinning Judge.

The two girls behind the Judge knelt facing one another their knees spread wide by wooden blocks. Their hands, fingers interlocking under the hair at the back of their necks the grotesque posture forcing forward and upwards each pair of breasts.

Between them the girls shared a short black double ended dildo each girl firmly and rhythmically felated her end as she stared helplessly into the other girl's eyes.

In pure terror, Susan stared at the other four young women trussed like chickens, their eyes bulging above their gags, small sounds of distress already evident, as their muscles protested at
their abuse.

"You get your hands off of me!!!! God damn you, you bastards," Susan screamed in outrage as an officer pressed her forward toward the Judge.

"Y...you're all crazy! What the hell are you doing? Get away from me let me go!"

She lifted one foot to try to kick the nearest officer away.

He was pushing her forward with what appeared to be a thick black stick. He ducked her kick easily and there was no second as he jabbed the black stick a cattle prod into her back and zapped her momentarily.

The pain hit Susan almost throwing her off balance. Five seconds later, gasping eyes wide in shock, she moved quickly forward and stood trembling looking at the floor.

"Oh NO please ....God, please don't hurt me..." she pleaded almost incoherently.

"Oh, don't you worry. By the time we're through, you'll love it..." smiled the Judge looking down on the cringing female.

He grinned as he slammed his wooden gavel onto the desk.

"Order in Court!"

The officer stepped away from Susan. It was absurdly simple, yet remarkably effective. After the zap and almost slipping off of her high heeled shoe she composed herself ready to plead her innocence. Clearly this was a really bad place to be wearing high-heeled shoes she briefly thought to herself.

"On your knees and confirm your name and address" boomed the Judge.

Susan stood in front of him. She tried to be brave, to look him in the eyes, but could not.

Susan took another breath and sank down to her knees on the floor and answered the judge her
voice faint and trembling.

"Are you pleading Guilty or Not Guilty? " asked the Judge immediately.

"Sir there has been a terrible mistake I'm not even supposed to be here......" babbled Susan quickly before being cut short.

"Guilty OR! Not Guilty?" the Judge repeated impatiently.

Collecting herself Susan looked up and in the firmest voice she could muster pronounced,

"Sir I'm NOT! Guilty I should not be........"

"Shut up!" ........ instructed the Judge pausing briefly to look Susan up and down. "Please turn around, young lady and keep turning around until I tell you to stop."

Pausing briefly, a confused Susan turned slowly around and around on her knees before the Judge and the court officials whilst the Judge spent a few brief moments inspecting her file and watching her display herself for his inspection.

Each time she faced the Judge Susan was forced to view the naked girls who decorated the courtroom tableaux.

"Stop!" commanded the judge. Susan stopped immediately her knees now sore.

Enjoying the moment the Judge watched the terror mount in Susan's eyes as she choked back tears.

The Judge consulted his clerk, as he stroked the inner thigh of the naked girl to his left , then delivered his verdict.

As he spoke, Susan felt the tide of fear and helplessness rising like icy water about her groin, as the full nature of the disaster that was to fall on her became apparent.

"Susan James, I find you ..... Guilty of conspiracy against the New World Order," calmly announced the Judge.

Susan stood shocked as if hit by a train the words hardly believable. Burying her face in her hands she screamed, "Noooooooooooooooo.......!"

Waiting for a moment for the outburst and the Judgment to sink in, the Judge issued a simple command....

"Stand!", leaning forward slightly resting his chin on his hand.

He Waited for Susan to stand before issuing a most unwelcome and devastating demand.

"Take off your clothes, young lady!" smiled the Judge.

Unable to comprehend his obscene command, a disbelieving Susan stood open mouthed.

"Do it, bitch, or I will have you forcibly stripped and beaten!" added the Judge.

Fingers trembling Susan, slowly removed her jumper and unzipped her patterned dress.

Stepping out off her shoes she soon stood in the court in her simple white bra and panties.

Enjoying her embarrassment momentarily, the court officer nearest her stooped to pick up her discarded clothes and pointed to the remaining items and jewelry.

Sobbing loudly Susan removed the remaining items and handed them to the officer who smiled broadly as he gazed at her exposed body.

With her tear-filled eyes lowered and her cheeks blushing with shame, the naked woman was sentenced to five years imprisonment with the torturing possibility of a three year remission if her mother surrendered herself to the authorities.

Gripped firmly by the upper arms, two male guards led Susan James out of the court via the side door and into Felicity Correction Camp for Women.

Within minutes Susan would learn what it meant to be a prisoner in the New World Order....


Susan soon joined the other women who had been 'processed' earlier. Each woman was catalogued and instructed in the camp's strict and unforgiving standing orders and rules before being led away to the induction holding cells outside the Stallion room.

In her processing, she had been given a skimpy gown to cover her nakedness.

It was more of a joke than any real covering.

It was paper thin and nearly transparent. Its hem barely covered her fleece-covered mound.

If she bent over at the waist in a futile attempt to better cover her pussy, the naked cheeks of her bottom were fully exposed.

It was a no-win situation for the women, but one that the guards and their guests found particularly entertaining.

Today we will see Susan's first training session on one of the Stallion machines....

Usually ordinary part-time members and associates of the New World Order will be invited to come in off the streets into the camps to witnesses a punishment session and today is no exception.

Some visitors, usually males (sometimes females) come into the chamber for a few hours but some stay all day and watch multiple sessions.

In the early days of these public performances it was soon discovered that almost all female inmates took a particularly dim view of being watched whilst being .

Consequently this became a standard part of each session. Sometimes members of the poor women's families would be forced to witness the punishment.

Sometimes it was the victim's father or brothers or sons who were forced to watch the degradation of their female relation.

Monday mornings are always particaly good for the voyeur, its the day that the new girls are introduced to the terrible Stallions for the first time.

Waiting eagerly for today's show to begin are six well dressed young men, all ex-employees of the company Mrs. Elizabeth Riding's husband owns.

At the rear of the room is Mrs. Ridings fifteen year old son tied to the wall gagged and with an unobstructed view of his mother's impending punishment.

His trousers have been pulled down around his ankles and his limp cock is enclosed in an SmCyber patented anti-erection electro shock sheath.

Sitting several feet closer to the Stallions on comfortable green leather chairs are the fifteen or so invited guests and thirty or so members of the public.

Each observer has a perfectly clear view of the twenty Stallions the chairs are arranged in tiers and command an uninterupted view of the machines.

The Stallion machines are arranged on stout pedestals in a semicircle in front of the auditorium, each machine is greased and primed ready for action.

Atmospheric lighting and soft music betray what will soon be happening.

All the mirrored walls in the room have been cleaned and will undoubtably reinforce the suffering and shame the poor girls and women will soon experience.

The mirrors add an horrific dimension to the visual humiliation of the female inmates.

Every girl is unable to avoid viewing herself and her colleagues from multiple angles during her eight hour ..

Each victim will see the observers watching and discussing her reaction to and humiliation.

Some will come up and touch them and talk to them when the red lights go out.

Among the witnesses today are some the neighbors of Miss Nancy Smith parents and two of Mary Palmer's transport guards.

The female inmates will be watched by either fifty members of the public some total strangers some by their previous friends or acquaintances.

All the guests fidget eagerly in anticipation as the humiliating show nears.

Nearby final subtle preparations are being made to the Stallions.

As they wait for the festivities to begin, the visitors inevitably try hard to imagine the reactions of today prisoners to the brutal machines. Each visitor has familiarised themself with details of the prisoners at the computer terminals in their chairs....

It won't be long before the women will be led in and unceremoniously mounted.

All of today's intake are first timers each has been in the camp for less than twelve hours so they will be totally unaware until moments before entering that they are to be entertained by the machines (however today will only be the first of many rides to come!)

Outside in holding cells, twenty very scarred women also fidget nervously as they await who knows what horror.

They are totally unaware of their impending first session on the relentless machines.

Pretty Samantha had earlier this morning been walked along the row of today's other female prisoners on her way to the "holding cell".

At the end of the corridor a large steel door separates the cells from the room which houses the Stallions.

She was still hoping that her appeal would succeed.

While she waited, her plump middle-aged solicitor, Ms Tracy Hampton, had called it "inhumane" to punish so grotesquely such an innocent young girl simply because of her brothers political ideals.

Earlier in the day solicitor Tracy Hampton, accepting that the charges had been proved, had argued passionately that to a woman as a punishment was barbaric in the twenty first century.

The young prosecutor on the other hand, pointed out that the law made complete sense and everyone remotely connected with the opposition parties or sympathetic to their ideals would have the book thrown at them.

Samantha now learned in a rather dramatic fashion that her appeal had not succeeded!

Her eyes met those of her solicitor a friend really, who now sits ball gagged and crying in the first cell.

Now Ms Tracy Hampton former solicitor is a prisoner like herself!

So Tracy Hampton's fate was sealed as well, no distinction here between criminal and defender.

Silently the twenty women sat and tried not to think of their future.

Some had been in the holding cells since the previous day and had seen other groups of women walk down the hall and past them before entering the Stallion Punishment Room.

Some placed their hopes on the fact that their pictures had been in underground newspapers and magazines.

Perhaps their case would be the case the government reconsidered...

Although the room housing the Stallions was thirty feet away it was poorly insulated, all the inmates could clearly hear the muffled sounds of the begging, pleading screams of complete sexual exhaustion and humiliation as the constant mechanical throbbing as the machines continued to grind on and on relentlessly.

Throughout the previous night the screams and yells from inside that room became louder and more pitiful as the girls inside spent hour after hour being serviced over and over again atop the machines.

All the prisoners could only imagine what was happening to the group of prisoners who were already in the Punishment room.

Whatever it was it wasn't good, each thought. The constant whirring thumping sounds told each girl that the machines were in perfect working order.

Samantha had once seen a picture of a Stallion, circulated in the underground press. Its specific purpose initially appeared unclear.

To a casual onlooker it appeared to be a rather elaborate exercise machine but there the similarity ended.

Made exclusively for the liberated world governments who were willing to pay for them, the Stallions were sturdily built and very well engineered. Chrome, Iron, Wood and Leather parts fitted together rather elegantly.

Each bar, support, pipe, piston, strap and anchorage point has a specific purpose! Indeed they look like a perverse genetic mutation of exercise, cycle, ski and weight machines.

All in all they looked very ominous indeed, recalled Samantha.

Any female mounted on a Stallion is completely and utterly restrained, totally available to whatever pattern of that has been preprogrammed into its large borg memory.

Sometimes when in manual mode the whims and wishes of a human controller are inputted directly into the machine as the unfolds.

When its in manual mode a Stallion can be driven like a car, the female being serviced can be controlled and her reactions used against her.

A number of today's audience will be taking manual control of a number of the machines later.

The saddle to support the stomach was soft brown leather.

Behind the saddle on telescopic arms are mounted the reciprocating power units which drive the dildo's.
Protruded from each power unit is a curved prong which retains a dildo.

The longer vaginal dildo, in front was 9" long and 2" in diameter.

The rear dildo was 8" long and 1" in diameter.

These could be detached and replaced with dildo's with differing ribbings and larger or smaller versions if need be.

One girl, Sue Walker aged twenty two, shivered and sobbed at the thought of what damage that sadistic contraption would do to her soft, female body.

Her breasts shook and her arse cheeks tightened involuntarily as her mind dwelled on the impending vaginal and anal .

Each woman thought her own thoughts and pictured themselves upon the machines, shuddering each cried as she felt her lower parts contract her own bottom cheeks clenched reflexively her private parts retreating.

On the wall opposite the cells a large digital clock showed that it was now less than an hour before their first scheduled ride on the Stallions would begin.

Some stood and looked between the bars of their cells, hoping that the governor or a guard would come and tell her that her conviction had been a mistake and this particular punishment had been

But, as the minutes quickly ticked away, each could feel her heart beating ever faster.

Some returned to their bunk and screamed muffled pleas into the mattress. "NOOoooooooo
Pleassssssssssse Nooooooooo...."

Some knelt on the floor and prayed to their God for release.

Finally at seven fifteen , the whirring sound inside the room slowed and then stopped.

It was forty-five minutes to go and the previous groups session had apparently finished.

Each woman knew what that meant. The guards would soon be coming for them!

Each would be taken for a final visit to the toilet, then to the ante room for a last-second checkup and briefing before the short walk down the hall and into that feared chamber.

Automatically the electric cell doors opened, and over the Tanoy system the inmates were instructed to stand in the doorways.

Complying, the inmates stood in shocked horror as the previous twenty guests were wheeled out on stretchers.

Every girl lay limp on her back totally exhausted and naked her legs splayed unrestrained in a classic horse riding pose with her wrists manacled tightly to a bar above her head.

The horrified onlookers could clearly see a two inch diameter bright pinkie blue bruise surrounding every nipple on the prostrated women as they passed.

Every face was flushed, some cheeks twitched uncontrollably. Redheads, blondes, black and mousy colored girls all sported hair styles soaked with perspiration.

Large droplets of sweat rolled off faces and bodies onto the paper covering on the stretchers.

Some girls were babbling incoherently, some simply sobbed some appeared in shock.

Some were staring blank eyed at the harsh lights ceiling as her stretcher rattled down the corridor between the cells.

Others utterly exhausted looked sideways at the new inmates who were about to take their place on the machines.

These so called antigovernment activists are definitely not the supposedly self-assured young women they were they entered the room eight hours earlier.

Several of the onlookers stumbled forward in shock as legs became weak and threatened to fail them.

Some grabbed onto the bars.

"Oh God NOOOOO!!!!," each thought, the fight or flight reaction kicked in.

Two women ran out of their cells but were quickly herded back by the team of male guards who were used to such outbursts.

As the last of the train of stretchers exited the opposite end of the hall, a door opposite the cells opened and out stepped two mature male officers.

After a few moments the senior officer, who was about 40 years old and little overweight, and the sergeant, a 6" tall black man of about 45 or so, both proceeded to process the mornings intake....

Moving along the cells, the officers checked each inmate by name and crossed her off their check lists.

After each inmates identity was confirmed the officers looked each prisoner fully in the eyes, smiled wickedly, and simply ordered, "STRIP !! .....

"Put your clothes in a pile on the floor outside the cell!" shouted the guards.

It took less than minute to check a terrified girls identity. By the time the officers had reached the end of the line the first inmates had completely striped and were cowering trying vainly to cover their naked bodies from all the smiling guards.

Waiting impatiently for the last lady to remove her clothes (encouraged by a few painful slaps), the senior officer eventually announced sarcastically, "Ladies, if you care to follow me... its time for you to join this mornings party!"

"And please be assured that there is respectably large audience today" the other giggled.

Herded between two rows of guards the girls shuffle into the ante room to the main area.

Here the naked girls are made to watch a prerecorded video presentation which confirms that all those present have been tried and found guilty of crimes against the government.

After the legal formalities are stated simple but bizarre instructions follow.

These instructions are interspersed with horrific video images of young and not so young women being severely whipped for refusing to cooperate!

The twenty terrified women are in no doubt that the threats are not empty.

"You are to stand alongside your Stallion and await instructions," the male voice orders. "All resistance to being mounted will be severely punished!"

The video tape cuts to a scene of a woman strapped to a St. Andrews cross. Her back is criss crossed with deep bloody weal's as two officers thrash her relentlessly.

The twenty naked women huddle even closer together and continue to watch the presentation quietly!

The picture changes and now shows the face of a young woman with green bloodshot eyes, held cruelly upright by her short black hair.

The barely recognizable face simply splutters a simple heart rendering plea, "C....cooperate....!"

The instructions continue "You will be allowed to 'prepare' yourselves for your punishment," the male voice continues, again the video cuts but this time to an image of the young lady standing wide legged alongside a Stallion.

"Watch the demonstration closely......."

Almost eagerly the young woman applies handfuls of what appears to be grease to both her openings and insides of her thighs.

The commentary on the tape describes graphically the damage which will result if this generous allowance is not taken.

"The choice is yours!" he finally adds.

For a further two minutes, the twenty naked inmates, some still cowing and covering their bodies as best they can watch in stunned silence as the girl on the tape continues unashamedly to pack as much grease into her lower orifices as she can manage.

As the inmates continue to watch in stunned silence a single medic walks amongst them casually fondling a breast here and there and shining a torch into blinking eyes this the extent of the medical examination prior to punishment the inmates had been promised.

Pronouncing the group fit for punishment the medic exchanges a few pleasantries to the guards before leaving.

Before finishing the harsh male voice allocates each inmate to the machine she will get to know very well before her eight hour ordeal is concluded.

Simultaneously in the main room today's viewers also have presented to them today's tantalizing menu !

On the large screen above them the following list appears and slowly scrolls downwards:


THUMPER Mary Palmer, 22, Office Worker

REAMER Susan James, 19 (Virgin), Student

SATAN Nancy Smith, 18, Unemployed

RAMROD Samantha Doyle, 40, Housewife

NIGHTMARE Stacie Doyle, 17 (Virgin), Schoolgirl

SHAFT Tammy Doyle, 18 (Virgin), Schoolgirl

AUGER Elizabeth Riding, 50, Solicitor

STUFFER Joanne Mills, 19 (Lesbian), Shop worker

ANIMAL Yasmin Patel, 21 (Virgin), Unemployed

VIOLATOR Pam Andrews, 17 (Virgin) (Lesbian?), Student

Mary King, 17 (Virgin), Hairdresser

CASANOVA Shizuka Yabuki, 34, Social Worker

BLIND-DATE Helen Robinson, 24, Housewife

PSYCHO Anne Williams, 20, Teacher

BRUTUS Kaylee Smith, 19, Computer Operator

GORILLA Carly Morgan, 19 (Virgin), Student

MUSTANG Anita Hunter, 20, Actress

RELENTLESS Hillary Young, 18, Student

DICKER Bethan Stevens, 16 (Virgin), Schoolgirl

STALKER Nancy Fisher, 43, Politician / Teacher

PISTON Carol O'Breen, 16 (Virgin), Schoolgirl

Eyes wide with horror, the naked women and girls stare unblinking at the Stallions name alongside their own each now knows the name of her machine.

Eventually the picture fades to black and the large door leading to the awaiting Stallions swings open.

Inside the room housing the twenty powerful Stallions, four female inmates have spent the last fifteen minutes checking and replacing where necessary the anatomically correct pink vaginal and anal dildo's on the twenty machines.

These four old women look rather pale and frail, the result of the endless days each had spent on the infernal machines.

The four women had entered the stables, (as the room housing the twenty Stallions had been nicknamed) by another door.

Their task to ensure that processing proceeds with out interruption. Woe betide anyone who failed to notice a single split or worn dildo which could result in a session being stopped or delayed!

The dildo's are fashioned from a space age plastic developed soon after the turn of the century.

It has some particularly unique characteristics which the prisoners will later discover.

The hybrid material allow it to conduct electricity.

It has the texture of human flesh and is strong and reasonably flexible.

When energized with electricity the plastic dildo's characteristics change dramatically.

These changes affect the dildo's temperature, its stiffness and most importantly its dimensions.

Implanted within the central shaft of each dildo is a tube to deliver synthetic ejaculate or enema, lubricant, irritant or saline solutions.

Using computers to control the current to the dildo's, each dildo's can be made to augment the reciprocating piston action of its primary motor and as a result mimic the piston-like thrusts, jerks and spasms of a real penis but unlike a real penis unlimited volumes of fluids can be administered.

Projecting horizontally from the rear of each stomach saddle like a crooked finger pointing upwards is a curved black horn.

Each horn goes under the victim's mons and rests lightly against the presented clitoris.

The front tip end of the clitoral horn has a bayonet fitting to take a variety of attachments.

On the horns ribbed side are two sliding clamps whose relative positions can be controlled remotely.

Between the clamps and on the lower edge all horns have catheters.

The purpose of these clamps is to anchor the labia with varying degrees of tension and hence the
pressure of the tip on the clitoris and secondly to pump, pull,see saw and twist the lips up and around the horns ribbed shaft.

Independent and fractions of an inch away from the soon to arrive vaginal dildo.

The clitoral tip attachments have been developed to execute a number of different reactions and are generally made from materials such as rubber, plastic, leather and metal.

Every tip attachment has a different purpose. Usually they simply rest against the victim's clitoris and unmercifully stimulate her.

On other occasions they can be used to apply concentrated targeted pain.

One particularly popular tip developed by SmCyber has the size and roughness of a manual worker's finger tip with a finger nail thin curved raised ridge approximately an eight of a inch high around one edge.

Designed with the purpose to rest easily on the front of the clitoral swelling with the ridge lodged between the upper side of the prisoner's clitoris and its hood, an extremely sensitive part of a woman's body indeed!

During a session on a Stallion a victim can expect to experience numerous single and a myriad of unwanted multiple orgasms.

Those women destined to experience these tips can expect a whole lot more!

Today two of the prisoners have been allocated these tips, Elizabeth Riding and Bethan Stevens.

Pushed unceremoniously into the chamber, today's girls are herded forward.

Each naked women is told to stand feet apart over a white line painted on the floor. They see before them the twenty Stallions to their left and right they see today's audience.

After a few agonizing moments where brief embarrassed glances are exchanged with the smiling faces a load voice booms, "Go to your Stallion!"

Nancy could not bear it no longer and burst into a triad of abuse to the bemused audience.

Not surprised by the outburst the officer in charge decided to provide the audience with extra entertainment value.

Nancy was quickly subdued and lead to her Stallion, the officer pointed to its padded saddle and she was wrestled down eventually to lie on her stomach, her flaying feet were clamped to simple stirrups near to the floor on either side.

Like the others would later be her arms were drawn up and back and secured.

The eighteen year old Nancy was to be forced now to endure a tongue clamp. The device on a short thin wire was lowered in front of her face.

Her nose was pinched shut and a few jolts with a cattle prod encouraged her to stick her tongue out like a naughty schoolgirl, while the clamp was tightened on her loose tongue.

The chain was slowly drawn up until Nancy's head was forced up and backwards her hair pulled painfully whilst her tongue pointed at the ceiling grotesquely.

The audience enjoyed every moment of the extra humiliation, every groan of pain, every muffled scream.

Nancy's ride was now going to be even more uncomfortable especially as she would be unable to use her mouth.....

The assistant spread Nancy's lush pubic hair and slipped her easily onto both dildo's.

Her long blonde hair was held high so it wouldn't hide her face from the audience during her ordeal.

Then the assistant gave her lubricated breasts to the safe keeping of the milking teats.

Meanwhile, another officer re-programmed her Stallion (SATAN) with a particularly unpleasant
program of movements. Nancy would later regret her outburst!

Slowly at first then with some urgency as riding crops lashed randomly across their backs, the other naked inmates rushed back and forth looking at the large brass name plates eagerly trying locate their personal machine.

Within seconds most girls have found their machine. Each stands awkwardly facing her Stallion her legs three feet apart her feet on painted foot print symbols on the floor.

One of the prisoners however, a 'confused' Yasmin Patel, had great difficulty finding her machine, no allowance had been made for her poor English.

Yasmin was last to position herself and intelligently took up station on the only remaining Stallion copying the posture adopted by the others, but not before she received a good bit of extra encouragement from the attendant guards!

Some of the girls stare unbelieving at the two upstanding dildo's still glistening from the stick bodily fluids of their previous occupants.

Some girls are in hysteria and begging to be forgiven and for mercy other girls have avoided looking and stare sobbing at the floor between their feet.

Stacie and Tammy Doyle scream pitifully to their mother, but Samantha Doyle, positioned between them stares unblinking into open space unable to comprehend what is about to take place.

The twenty naked bodies are eagerly eyed by the excited audience as they wait for their next instructions.
As the prisoners stand alongside the machine that will drive her sexually insane during the next eight hours a number of Shizuka Yabuki's 'clients' hurl obscene, humiliating and threatening suggestions at her.

At ten minutes to eight, all prisoners have to be mounted, ready for the prompt eight o'clock start of the morning session.

Over the raucous banter the presiding officer announces clearly in turn each prisoners name, age and sexual experience to the audience.

Roars of enthusiastic approval echo around the mirrored room as one by one Susan James, Stacie & Tammy Doyle, Yasmin Patel, Mary King, Carly Morgan, Carly Morgan, Bethan Stevens and last but not least Carol O'Breen sexual inexperience is announced.

Sarcastic hoots of derision accompany the declaration of Joanne Mills's particular preferences.

The announcement of the certainty of Pam Andrews virginity but the uncertainty of her sexual preference was greeted by shouts of, "She'll soon find out though !"

With the formalities over with the officer turning to the prisoners generously instructs the trembling girls to, "Lube Up!"

Fully briefed and fully aware of the consequences, each inmate takes from a tray under the saddle of the Stallion in front of her a finger full of medicated lubricating lotion.

The clear grease serves two purposes; one to lubricate both passages before their natural lubrication kicks in and two to prevent infection in the common event of skin breakage.

Eagerly ignoring their shame, they quickly and carefully rub and smear as much as possible on the insides of their tender upper thighs.

Everyone in the room knows this grease eventually has to find it way into and between the lips of their until now private vulvas and anus's.

With time ticking away and with squat bent legs splayed at the knee, all eventually come to the inevitable.

Each prisoner 'genitally' pokes slowly and carefully then as quickly as possible copious amounts of grease into her until now innocent unstretched holes.

Every girl knows full well that to turn down this 'generous' concession will result in a very unpleasant rough ride indeed.

If they were old fashioned cowgirls they would of course be wearing chaps to avoid the inevitable friction burns that an eight hours of horse ride would give.
One by one each of the girls discover a little secret about the grease, a secret which was not explained on their briefing tape. The grease contains a strong heat rub liniment.

Soon each of the girls are fratically crossing and uncrossing their legs trying to obtain relief from the unwelcome burning sensation.

At five minutes to eight o'clock, ten strong male guards enter the auditorium and take up position behind the cowering squirming girls.

Working swiftly and in pairs and with practiced precision they roughly lift each inmate onto her waiting Stallion.

Ignoring the pleading, tears and the thrashing legs and arms of the terrified ladies.

Like little china dolls the helpless girls are easily lifted spread and positioned on top the machines.

Immediately the victim's wrists are cuffed in leather bands to a steel bar behind her head forcing the victims shoulders back and breasts forward.

Next a special wire clamp developed by SmCyber is then drawn through the hair on the back of the victim's head and locked into place.

This hair clamp forces the inmates face upwards and forward presenting each humiliated face perfectly for inspection.

Next the victim's legs are spread wider and pulled back forcing the arched pubic area over a small leather saddle block.

The saddle which supports the victim's weight also embraces the clitoral horns mechanism.

The prisoner's ankles are then firmly cuffed to the lower pedals and the four elliptical bars arranged between the prisoner's toes.

Reaching behind and easily spreading each pair of labia in turn the pre-prepared clitoral horns under the saddles are rotated upwards and rested against the prisoner's now defenseless clitoris.

The girls labia are stroked, separated, pulled and clipped to the red spring loaded arms two inches
from the horns tip.

Next a large black inflatable catheter is roughly inserted deep into the women's urethra's and inflated.

No amount of wriggling on the poor girls part can now dislodge these particularly nasty tormentors!

Waiting, grinning patiently for the last of the naked female prisoners to be immobilized, an old guard whistles to himself happily as he works his way along the eye level line of presented breasts with a small pot of cream and brush.

Cradling with one hand each presented breast in turn, he paints a small amount of vacuum-assist cream around the base of the girls nipples.

Of all the presented breasts none failed to respond to the attention and all the nipples engorged.

Each of the humiliated ladies look down and watch in horror as in turn their breasts are prepared for the next stage of their mounting.

After applying and spreading forty small dollops of the cream with the pot and brush, the old guard returned to the start of the line of machines and revisited each girl's breasts in turn.

He roughly manually massaged the clear cream into the delicate skin surrounding the nipples,
tweaking every nipple repeatedly until it responded and became even more engorged with blood. When he has finished this stage of the preparation, forty hardened nipples of various shades of pink through to brown stand firmly on the puckered aureoles of the ladies.

Each nipple has been prepared, points and awaits its own personal mechanical tormentor.

Red rubber tubes with stainless steel couplings are connected to the vacuum connectors on each Stallion, on the other end of each tube are transparent plastic milking cups.

After the prisoner's nipples have been lubricated and teased, these special milking cups are popped onto each of the presented nipples.

As soon as each cup come into contact with a lubricated breast the seal is complete and the aureole and nipples are sucked firmly forward, partially filling the surrounding milking teat.

The reaction is unsurprising!

As nipples are firmly drawn into the cups the prisoner's faces contort with discomfort, more often then not resulting in urgent pleas for them to be taken off.

All of the younger girls inexperienced with breast feeding are soon forced to tears.

Under closer inspection it can be clearly seen by the girls and that each cup has inside it a pea-sized black mechanical rubber ribbed ball.

Under the force of the vacuum, each nipple is pressed firmly upward against the side of the ball.

When activated, the balls rotate inside the cups, their purpose to continually roll, tweak and massage the victim's defenseless nipples in every possible direction and with varying degrees of pressure from light strokes through to painful pinches.

The level of vacuum each Stallion produces is constantly varied by its computer program.

Sometimes the vacuum insists in creating a painful, pinching sensation.

Sometimes merely a firm almost pleasant milking action.

Each teat tormentor is independently computer controlled and its action random.

One teat may be, for instance, be strongly sucked and lightly stroked whilst her 'sister' nipple may be tightly pinched but with little suction visa versa and versa visa.

Not a pleasant thought or sensation for the girls who will experience this milking action for the full eight hour session.

When all the girls had been mounted on their Stallions and connected to their milking machines, each is given an intravenous stimulant injection into her arm.

This stimulant is a powerful drug designed to fully sensitize and enhance the victim's awareness of her predicament and hoplessness.

The mind expanding drug delivered is quick acting and every single sensation, humiliation, pain and pleasure is magnified tenfold in the victims mind.

Finally, limp uncut black penis-shaped comforters made of the same plastic as the dildo's are lowered from the ceiling swinging freely against the horrified restrained faces of the restrained prisoners.

Each prisoner had seen and heard on the demonstration tape the advantage and reward of enthusiastically orally manipulating these plastic penises.

The reason quite simple each comforter had installed within it suction, temperature and movement sensors which are monitored through sophisticated artificial intelligence software.

The enthusiasm and sophistication of its sucker's mouth is constanly measured.

Combined with positive feedback loops, the artificial penis respond to the stimulation as a real penis would. An experienced mouth could soon find out what the artificial penis likes.

However, no complacency is accepted.

The artificial penises the girls have to work on have been programmed with hundreds of penile profiles.

Each profile reflecting the likes and dislikes of a man taken from full cross section of different men.

When or if the sucker is lucky, the penis profile she is currently working on will be that of a virile young man with no staying power.

If she is moderately lucky it will be the profile of an experienced middle aged man who responds to persistence or that of a with a liking for something unusual!

If the sucking prisoner is unlucky she could be dealt a penis with a impotent profile!!

Hard work with very little reward on these ones.

The ball is in her court, so to speak. To earn the reward, she has to find out what gets to the penis quickest.

Continued stimulation rewards the prisoner with a generous jerking ejaculation of synthetic semen, which, if carefully but firmly drained, suspends all vaginal and anus dildo movement, clitoral horn and milking cups pressure for TEN blissful minutes.

During these well earned respites small laser projectors rise from the front of the successful prisoner's Stallion and perverse, (even by Felicity standards) pornographic scenes are projected directly onto the prisoner's retinas, her view of the room totally obliterated.

Detectors in the lasers constantly monitor for eye closure and blinks.

More than six blinks per running minute reactivates the dormant Stallion and all the prisoner's excellent mouth work is undone.

Seconds after ejaculation, the artificial penis or comforters are automatically deflated and reprogrammed by the computer with the likes and desires of a different penis.

The prisoners can if they choose use their free time in porno TV land to find out what best the new program likes in the tongue lip and jaw department.

By the end of the eight hour session each of the prisoners mouths will have experienced and entertained on average sixty different jaw-aching blow job programs.

As eight o'clock arrives, (the cutoff time for a prayed for pardon), Felicity's commanding officer, Colonel Hardman, quietly enters the room to start today's session.

Quietly closing the door and taking up station to the right of the machines Colonel Hardman watches the final checks.

Once the women's bonds and attachments have been checked, Col. Hardman blew a shrill whistle and walked to the center front of the room.

Turning his back on the straining prisoners Col. Hardman addressed today's audience.

"Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for attending this mornings punishment session. " he announced.

"For those of you who have not attended a Stallion session before I should give you some brief introductions."

Pointing to a large wall clock behind the Stallions he explained "Today's session will start shortly and last eight hours."

Turning his gaze to the machines, "The twenty ladies we have here today have all been sentenced to receive punishment."

"This punishment will be delivered by the machines obviously." he said smiling.

"Some of you will know one or two of the prisoners?" he asked looking around the room.

Acknowledging a number of affirmative nod's he pointed to the machine at the center.

On BRUTUS we have Kaylee Smith, aged 19, a computer operator I believe.

"Above her machine you will notice a red light which as you see is currently illuminated.
When the light is illuminated please refrain from talking to or touching the prisoner on that machine.

"If you wish to know more about any prisoner or program please ask."

"Their 'full' personal records are available for your inspection!" he stressed.

Pausing for a moment watching Kaylee squirm with embarrassment as she was momentarily the center of attention.

"Eight hours is a long time and I have other duties to attend to" he explained .

"However I will be calling in throughout the day if you want to speak to me." he added.

"If you require any refreshments or......." coughing slightly hum 'relief' please push the
hostess button on your chair. " he smiled, pointing to an illuminated button set in the arm of the seat nearest him.

"The prisoners will be getting a 'special' calorie free diet today and plenty to drink." he added grinning widely.

An appreciative murmur ran around the room.

Finished with his introduction Col. Hardman turned his attention to the mounted prisoners his manner and tone changed immediately.

Before him twenty terrified young women, all naked as the day they were born, were now tightly secured to their respective Stallion machines.

Their alluring nude bodies were open, strained, vulnerable and utterly exposed to everyone watching.

He could see the absolute fear and shame in each of the women's eyes....and he loved it!

With his voice dripping with sarcasm, he spoke.

"Greetings, ladies. Welcome to Felicity Camp. I'm Col. Hardman, the entertainment director for today's activities..."

As he spoke, he began walking around the room, stopping occasionally before one of the naked women to tighten a strap, adjust a fitting on the Stallion machines or merely to freely run his hands over the exposed flesh of his trembling female captives.

Gazing at the expanse of exposed flesh on the twenty nude women, he continued, "I see you all received the memo on the dress code for today and that you're all appropriately attired.

Informal attire IS the order of the day....."

"Well we have a delightful day planned for you lovely ladies and I know you're going to enjoy yourselves ever so much."

Pointing upwards to the four corners and a central gantry Col. Hardman pointed out video cameras..

"Ladies you might notice the video cameras around the room." stepping closer he taped the lens of the facial camera mounted on the Stallion nearest to him.

We'll be making a complete video record of today's festivities so you can share your memories of
the day's events with your friends and relatives.

After they witness the tapes, I know they'll all be extremely jealous that they weren't here in person to join in the fun.

But perhaps some of them, particularly the female ones, will also be able to join us here at some future date....

"Today, as the many women who have preceded you have discovered, you will be experiencing one of the finest examples of our New World Order technology the Stallion Machine.

It will be a memorable experience for you. Enjoy it, ladies. But don't worry, I assure you, you'll have many, many more opportunities during your stay with us to relive it again and again, and again....."

He stopped before 20-year old Anita Hunter, the young actress secured to Stallion MUSTANG.

He made certian that the large black penal comforter dildo was fully seated in her pretty mouth before saying to the assembled women, "My staff and I are here to serve you today. If we can assist you in any way, please feel free to call on any one of us."

"Your entertainment and enjoyment are our sole concern....." he sarcastically added sharply.

He chuckled to himself, "Well, Ladies, I don't want to keep you waiting a moment longer. My advice to you is to sit back and enjoy your rides.

Although some of you may not believe it, it will be over with before you know it. Let's begin, shall we......?

He nodded to the guard stationed at the control panel.

The young man grinned, threw a switch and 20 Stallion Machines swung smoothly into action.....

Eight hours....

Four hundred and eighty long minutes.... Twenty eight thousand, eight hundred agonizing seconds.....

That was what awaited the twenty women who this found themselves strapped to the Stallions.

As the seconds passed, each of the women experienced their own private world of anguish atop
their Stallion machine.

The one constant they all experienced was the unceasing pounding in her pussy and ass. It was brutal and completely inescapable.

But one of the unique features of the Stallions was the endless variations that could be added to each session.

No two machines ever built were the same. Indeed, two women riding adjoining machines would experience vastly different sensations and torments.

And in a single session, a girl would experience a terrifying diversity of sensations.

For example, the temperature in the room could be varied form station to station. Nearly frigid air might be blown over the shivering naked body of one woman while on the next machine a torrent of blistering hot air would wash the sweat-drenched flesh of her neighbor.

Of course the probes could be varied, as well. At times the two shafts on each machine pulsed in counterpoint one deep inside the girl's body while the other was nearly fully withdrawn.

Then the process was reversed....and then again....over and over and over.... Sometimes the thrusts were in unison twin probes stretching the girl's intimate openings completely and fully with each stroke.

The probes themselves could be varied in other ways, too. On command, the girth of each probe could be changed from the two inch wide initial size to nearly double that diameter.

The wider size was used on Helen Robinson, the twenty-four year old housewife who was riding Stallion BLID DATE and who had given birth not three weeks before her capture.

The texture of the probes could be varied, as well. The shafts might be totally smooth for a few strokes and automatically adjusted until a series of bumps and ridges appeared on its surface to painfully stimulate and torment the tender pink flesh surrounding them.

The direction of attack could be varied, as well. Sometimes the strokes were straight forward deep into the girl's body while other strokes entered at an angle to cruelly batter and bruise the side walls of the women's' vaginas and rectums.

The pace, too, would be varied from long, slow, almost sensuous strokes to a rapid, machine-gun like staccato. A woman never knew what the next stroke might bring.

The probes could produce other sensations, too. They could vary the actual temperature of the probe.

Sometimes the outer surface would be heated nearly to the point where the sensitive flesh of the women's genitals would be almost seared and blistered like being fucked with a glowing iron.

Other times the probe was chilled until it felt like the woman was being fucked by a shaft of ice. Neither sensation was all that enjoyable....

Through tiny holes on the sides of the shafts, various fluids could be injected into the girls' bodies.

Sometimes irritants were used that would produce intense burning or itching deep inside the girls cunt or ass.

If a woman had been torn open during the brutal assault she was enduring, an antiseptic disinfectant might be injected.

If the machine sensed that the probing dildo's were meeting too little resistance, it might inject an astringent to constrict and tighten the delicate tissues of her lower orifices, drying the tissues of their natural lubricant and ensuring that the continued probing would soon be as uncomfortable as possible.

Yet another insidious feature of the probes was the tiny nano syringes located inside them.

Forty-three year old teacher Nancy Fisher discovered the unpleasantness of this feature as bee's
venom was repeatedly injected directly into the tender mouth of her cervix.

Each stallion machine had a cutoff switch that, in the event of an emergency, could be used to instantly shut down the machine.

It was located just a few tantalizing inches from the bound women's hands. They could see it in the mirror before them.
Each woman knew that if they could just stretch their hand a little further, she could turn the machine off and end her humiliating torment. It was close...so very close.

Of course they would try to reach it. Their wrists would pull against the bonds the unyielding steel d

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