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5/31/2006 5:34 pm
hanging around

It's dark, pitch black dark, we have just come in from the rain. You were shivering and afraid because this has been a new twist for you...it's your first time. We have talked about it and I have instructed you as to what I expect from you but up until now it's has been nothing more than a dream. A silken fantasy laced with whiffs of a rose, the saltiness of sweat and the painful jerks and the quivering of flesh that you know are coming.

I say nothing to you but leave you standing in the center of the room; you can feel me circle you. You shiver now not because you are cold but from excitement and anticipation you can feel my warm breath on the back of your neck and you tremble. I take my hands and place them ever so lightly on you waist. I slide my hand slowly up your waist and gently cup you breast and flick your nipples with my thumbs so softly they are like whispers. You try to move back against me, to feel me and for the first time since we have entered the room I speak to you and say "Don't move" you freeze. I ask you "did you bring the things I requested"? And you say "Yes Sir." I have made it a point that you not call me Sir until you were sure that this, that I was what you wanted. You tell me that they are in the bag that I took from you and dropped on the floor as soon as we entered the room. They contain clothes, your gonna need them! I reach around and placed padded cuffs on your wrist and locked them together. I lift your arms and attach the cuffs to a length of chain that's hanging from the ceiling. You are amazed that I can find anything in this room since it is so dark. You hear a faint metal click that you think is the sound of a knife opening and your right. I have moved in front you and begin to cut the buttons off your blouse you start to tremble and mutter a faint "please no Sir" and I move close to you with my lips barely brushing yours and tell you "Quiet, do not make another sound...remember trust"! I move behind you and slide the knife down from the collar down your back cutting the back open. I take the knife and cut open your left sleeve and then your right and you feel your blouse fall to the floor. I take the knife and slide down the front of your skirt and it falls to the floor. Your scared I can feel you tremble I can almost hear your heart beat, your breathing is shallow and quick. Your body springs to life when you feel the tip of my tongue traces your lips, then a soft kiss that grows more passionate. I end the embrace of our lips with quick but painful bite to you bottom lip. I tell you that I love you and kiss you softly on your cheek and whisper to you "we are going to start now," I can feel you nod your head and you tell me "yes Sir I love you" and in that instant you have made me proud.

I move from you and quickly return and place my hand on your stomach and move you backward one small step so that now your arms are supporting most of your weight and your ass is sticking out. You jump when you feel the soft braided leather trace down from your shoulder blades, down your back to your ass, down your ass to the back of your thighs, down your calf to your ankles. I let the momentum of the weight of the braids rock back and forth and tap your ass and your sex ever so gently. You let out a muted scream when you feel the riding crop strike home hard on your ass but you still can't forget the gentle tickle of the braided leather on your ass. Again I strike and again, the pain is searing but you do no more than jump and grunt. Fifteen hard strokes on both cheeks and you have not screamed. I put down the crop and the braided leather. I light a small candle, it is the first light you have seen for the past half hour and your eye's try to adjust so you can make out what's in the room until you feel that first drop of hot wax fall in between your shoulder blades you let out a loud ahhh and I remind you "quiet"! I drip the wax down your spine and you try to straighten up and I slap you hard on your ass and I remind you "Don't move" and you relax back into your semi hanging position I continue the trail of the wax down to your cheeks down to the spots that you were thankful a few second ago had just begun to stop stinging from the crop and you gasp! Drip...drip...drip on your ass, that once again seems like it is on fire. I can hear you begin to sob.

I put the candle down and move directly behind you, I take my cock and place the head just at the opening and I stop, you are so very wet. I ask you "Is this what you want"? And you say "Sir yes, please, please yes"! You try to move back to get my cock inside you but because the way you are, the way I have your arms shacked it just slips out. I put it back at the opening and this time you don't move. I ask you again "Is this what you want"? And with a tone that almost sounds like you are dreaming I hear you plea "Please Sir, ohhh...yes, Please"! Not being one to disappoint, I grab you around your waist and slowly slide in, your breathing has become labored as I reach the very depth of your insides. I can go no father but I continue to push. I can feel you clutch for me trying to suck me in deeper but it's not time, not yet and I slowly pull out, for a second it seem like you don't understand what just happened. You try to move back to find me but I have moved in front of you.

I move you back up to your standing position and kiss you, your face your neck your chest all the while you give me these soft delicious little moans. I move down to your breast and flick them lightly with my tongue. You have such beautiful nipples. I begin to suck them and massage them, your glorious breast. I spread your legs wide enough so that once again your arms are supporting most of your weight. I ask you "Do your arms hurt"? And you reply "Yes Sir they are killing me" and I make you a deal, I tell you "If after 5 Minutes if the pain is to much we will stop" You don't speak you just nod your head yes. I continue the kisses, on your breast and down your stomach and I kneel in front of you. I spread you legs a little wider till your
almost hanging. I reach into the pocket of my pants that are on the floor and pull out two nipple clamps and place them on your nipples. You toss your head back in pain grit your teeth and groan. I place my hands on your waist to steady you and in one flowing move I begin to suck your clit. I take my tongue and make small circles around it, slowly at first then quicker and quicker you rock back and forth trying to fuck my tongue. Your clit is so hard I can feel the muscles in your stomach contract as you get ready to cum and just before you do, I stop and blow right on your clit. You yell, partly out pain, partly out of frustration. I move just far enough away from you that your clit can only reach the tip of my tongue. I move in and give one deep hard suck to your clit and move away and ask you "5 minutes are up, do you want to stop"? I look up at you and you shake your head and mumble "No Sir." I stand up and pull your legs a little closer together to give your arms some relief. I press in close to you, so that we are pubic bone to pubic bone and the base of the top of my cock is pressed against your clit. I reach around you with my left hand not only for balance but also so I can control the pressure of my cock against your clit with my hand. I begin with my right hand to lightly thump the nipple clamps. You wince then scream all the while trying to hump me furiously I grab your face and tell you that I love you. A tear rolls down your face and I kiss it away. You look almost delirious, sweat pouring off you, hair matted to your face but at this second, this moment in time, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I step away from you and release your arms from the chains; you collapse into my arms panting. I lie you down, I remove your nipple clamps, and I remove the cuffs. I blow on your nipples and you jump. I place one in my mouth to soothe your pain I suck it so softly, I move to the other one and I alternate between the two, gentle blows on them and light sucking, your writing on the floor. I place my cock at your opening and slowly enter you. You lift your legs to accommodate me and I begin to stroke. Long deep strokes, nothing to fast and we melt into each other. You grab me around my back and move you hips to meet me faster, faster we move to each other. I feel you pussy throbbing, clutching. You gurgle, then mutter something, it's like you are outside of yourself. Your teeth clench, your body tightens and then I feel
it, I feel your insides grab me. You bite me on the neck and then you scream. "Ahhhhh...ahhhhh.... Ahhh..." Your body convulses and I slam into you and you jerk your head back. I am cumming, we are cumming! Your pussy grabs me as I grind into you. As our convulsion subside, I stroke the hair out of your face and smile at you and tell you I love. I roll you over on top of me and stroke your hair. We stay there enjoying each for I don't know how long.

I finally get up and light some more candles, then I walk out of the room. I go into the bathroom and light some candles there. I come back in the room and pick you up and take you to the bathroom where there is a cool bath running for you. I peel most of the cold wax off you and help you into the tub. I leave and come back with a glass of wine for each of us and some cheese and crackers. I get into the tub with you and begin to wash your back and gently massage you. You lean into me and tell me "Thank you Sir" and I say "No need to thank me yet, the nights just started"!

"I explained to you in the beginning, that I would teach you everything you needed to know and in return, I needed, expected no, demanded everything from you when the time came. My only clause was that you had to be sure because once there, there would be no turning back. Tonight is that night or more accurately, tonight is the start because I am sure we will be well into the day when I might decide to stop"!

I feel you stiffen against the word might and begin to tremble and I stroke your hair and whisper in your ear "Everything will be OK" I get out of the tub and take you by your hand and help you out of the tub. I take a towel and begin to dry you off; first your feet then up your legs then your stomach, then your breast and your back. Your face is next then your hair. I have neglected drying your pussy intentionally because I will use a special device for that, my tongue! I whip you around and lean you up against the sink I get behind you on my knees and spread your cheeks apart and stick my tongue directly on your asshole and push. You jump and let out a groan and I twist your nipple hard and tell you "NO talking at ALL"! I commence to swirl my tongue on your ass and push it in. I begin to slap you on your ass lightly at first and then more demandingly as my tongue probes your ass deeper. I lick it, suck it, bite it and kiss it. I place my hand on the small of your back
and push down in order to get you to prop your ass higher in the air to make yourself or more accurately to make the body that a few hours ago belonged to you more accessible to me. " I own you!" I whisper to you "I fucking own you, when I am finished with you, you may do as you please." "You may leave or stay but for now, while we are together I will do as I please". You moan a soft delicious little moan. My tongue moves from your ass to your sex, it swirls between your lips and I suck your lips. You are so wet and I am so thirsty. I push my tongue inside you while simultaneously inserting my thumb in your ass, you gasp and I take my other thumb and use it to manipulate your clit. Your moans turn into grunts that turn into screams, You are so close, your legs are visibly shaking, and your chest is heaving. I shove my thumb deep into your ass and just as quickly remove it and I withdraw my thumb and my tongue. You fall to the floor humping air and you look at me confused and baffled I can see the question in your eye's " Why did I stop?" I smile at you and don't answer. I help you up and take you back to the room where we first started. You seem wandering, like you're in some sort of dream but very soon you will see exactly how real this is.

I take you to the center of the room and affix the cuffs back on your wrists. Leaving you there I go to my bag and return with a gag. You look shocked and I tell you to, "Be patient I will explain", a single tear rolls down your face as I place the gag in your mouth and you shut your eyes like you are in pain as I fasten it. I go to the bag again and I can feel your eye's follow me. You seem even more afraid when you see I have returned with a collar. It is a beautiful black calf skin collar, with three sterling silver "D" rings attached to it. One "D" ring on each side of the collar and one in the center. I place the collar around your neck and fasten it; your body becomes rigid. I attach one of the cuffs to one of the "D" rings in the collar and the other cuff to the other "D" ring. I attach a length of chain that is hanging from the ceiling to the last "D" ring. You must stay exactly centered in the room or you will choke yourself. I walk away from you again and go to the bag, this time returning with a blind fold. I love the look is your eye's, the anticipation, the fear, the unknowing, the yearning, I tell you " for what I am about to do to you, you don't need to see" as I slip the blind fold over your eye's. I caress your breast and speak softly in your ear. I say to you "Now I will explain what has brought you to this form of discipline you are about to incur". "I had requested that you make no noise and when I say no noise I mean no noise". "Since you prefer to listen to you more than to me, I am going to accommodate you". "You will be able to hear your own screams and I won't"! "I am not one to scream or a yell. I am not inclined to call you bitch because that is not what you are, nor are you a slut, you are my lover, my friend and even though you are submissive you are my equal"! "This is why I love you".

I step away from you and when I return your first indication I have returned is when you feel the flogger sweep across your stomach. You jump trying to move away from what you perceive is the next blow to your stomach but the next one comes on your ass. The next one across your breast. I see you have learned quickly not to move, for when the first time you tried to, you choked yourself. The next one comes across your shoulder, the next across along your side. I have been slow methodical and exact but know it's time to quicken the pace, breast, stomach ass, thighs, calves, shoulders, feet. I hear you're muffled cries your strained scream against the gag. Thirty in all, I grab you and release you from your bonds you collapse into my arms, I lower you to the floor you try to lie down but I will not have that. I remove that gag from your mouth and you suck air like it is you first time into the world. I move your hands behind your back and connect the cuffs together I place another set of cuffs on your ankles as you try to catch your breath. I attach your wrist cuffs to your ankles and reach around you to explore your body with my hands. You lovely firm breast, your smooth belly, your sexy shoulder, you're your tight ass and that delectable pussy of yours. I leave and return shortly and resume my position behind you. I know you body is hot from the lashes so I must cool it with ice. I trace the ice over your mouth then down your chest over your breast down your stomach to your sex. Next are your back and your
arms your thighs and your ass and the bottom of your feet. You jump but do not utter a sound I see you have learned your lesson and for that you must be rewarded.

I release you completely, I remove the wrist and the ankle cuffs and the collar. You fall into my arms and we hold each other and we kiss. I ask "Are you thirsty?" and you nod your head yes. I leave you and return with a cold glass of lemonade, which you devour. I help you on your feet and lead you to the bedroom and lie you on the bed. The candles make the room seem eerie and foreboding. I turn on the CD player, the music is Gothic, moody and deep. You melt into the coolness of the silk sheets. I tie you spread eagle on the bed to the four post I pull out from under the bed a jockey whip. You bite your bottom lip and shake your head back and forth and I can see a tear squeeze itself out of your locked eyelids. You squint to see what I am doing and as I raise the whip and your body tenses and you shut your eye's again waiting for the painful stroke, the soft breeze of a feather surprises you. Because of the sensitivity of your body from your punishment the sensation is enhanced 10 fold/ You laugh, I can see by the expression on your face this has been one surprising time. I told you that I was creative and now I am going to express a little more of that creativity.

I start with slow circles between your thighs, the feather barely touching you and you squirm. "Don't make me have to chase you, that will annoy me"! You try to press yourself down into the bed to keep from moving. I think you are so cute when you bite your bottom lip. The feather moves closer to your sex, to your pelvis, up your belly the feather circles your nipples and I can tell your feeling a different kind of tickle. I sit on the edge of the bed and from the night table I retrieve two feathers. I want to work both of those beautiful nipples at the same time, soft circles and light flicks of the feather over those nipples, you arch your back trying to get me to apply more pressure to your breast but I adjust. I move my head close to your breast as if to kiss them or suck them or bite them. I just want to blow softly on them. You react violently, you strain, heave, quiver, moan, and whimper but I won't stop. Slow circles and now I glide one of the feathers down your belly and tickle your clit, you arch your pelvis to meet the feather but I will have none of that. I use the other feather to alternate between both of your breast. "Please Sir touch me!" My answer to this is "If that's what you would like." I toss both feathers and insert two fingers inside of you, I place my little finger in your ass, my thumb rubs your clit I suck you breast and with my free hand I massage your other nipple. I can see that you are in bliss and I can hear it from your moans your screams and your cries. I feel the first squeeze of your vagina around my fingers and it is strong I know that this orgasm that you are going to have, will, be a good one. I crawl over you so that I am in between your legs. I remove my fingers and push my cock deep inside you; pelvis to pelvis is how we are. Grinding pumping short deep strokes. That fucking pussy of yours is so fucking good. It sucks me in and holds me there, grabs me. You have lost control and I am right fucking there with you. I manage to release your arms and you grab me and dig your nails into my back I know you have brought blood. The squeeze, that last squeeze of that pussy of your has done it. I have never felt so close to someone it's like we are inside each other, time has stoped. This is way past cumming and to even consider what's happening between us as an orgasm is like equating the sun to a dot of light.

For a long, long time we don't or should I say we couldn't move. When I finally do move my first action is to brush the hair out of you face and kiss you. A long loving kiss and then I release your bound legs. I hold you and we both drift off to sleep.

When I awake I find you at the foot of the bed so peacefully asleep with the collar we had used previously around your neck attached to it is a length of chain and the free end of it lying on the pillow with a note under it. " My dearest I don't know what is going to happen to me tonight or if I can take what you give, so this is very frightening for me. What I do know is that I love you and I will try my best and I will be totally honest with you about it. What ever my decision will be I know I must hold to it, even that is scary to me because I don't want to loose you.

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