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sexyasianangel70 39F
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5/23/2006 5:56 pm
go 'head

All the candles in the living room are lit, white ones and deep red burgundy. Laid out on the sofa are a 6 tailed cat, the taws, Your canes, soft silk rope, clamps, soft spongy ball gag, riding crop and a bowl of ice. Tonight is special because i am going to offer You myself completely, total control of every facet of my life. A night of total trust and power exchange, showing You what i want more than anything in the world. You have told me to wear my long black velour nightgown and thigh highs and my black ankle strap heels, nothing else. And You have told me when You arrive i am to be laying on the floor face down, arms above my head, eyes covered. You come through the door, and i smell You immediately. I feel You walk around me and i feel Your eyes moving over me. You tell me to sit up and uncover my eyes. Your face is so stern i have never seen You look so intense before. My eyes lower and i hear You ask me if there is anything i would like to talk to You about. And i reply, “yes Master i want to give You my submission, totally, no limits, unquestioning” You ask me seriously and calmly… “Do you understand what i expect from my slave? That she must be willing to do anything i require without question or argument. That she will serve me totally and live up to all my expectations?” And i reply with a simple “Yes Master i understand”

You tell me to pull my nightgown up over my hips and kneel forward with my face to the floor, ass in the air. I do this quickly, feeling Your hand run over my ass slowly. You feel Your cunt already soaked and You bring Your fingers to my mouth and rub the cum all over my lips and tell me what a slut i am for You and how i am just dying to feel your cock, but not yet. First You are going to show me who i am. And i feel Your hand first steadily smacking my ass first one side then the other. You notice it does not take long to make my ass red. You take the cat and i feel the pliable straps make my ass tingle and all i can think about is the aching in Your cunt and how bad it needs her Master. Soon there is this rhythm and i start to feel the flow of the sensation, and then it stops. You ask me who’s bitch i am, as i answer, “i am Your bitch Master” i hear a whipping noise first and then i feel the sting of your cane… I whince, and You ask me again, and i answer with each stroke this happens again and again, and again, till i am unable to speak almost, and i hear the sound the cane makes but i am unable to feel the pain anymore. I am shocked at the look in Your eyes, the fire there, the darkness and it frightens me a bit yet i trust You completely because that is what tonight is all about.

Then i hear You lay down the cane, and pick up something and You tell me to kiss it. It is the taws and You know i hate the taws. I begin to whimper and You take Your hand again and run it over Your cunt. Completely saturated and swollen now and stinging a little from the flogger hitting the outer lips as it struck me. You know that i am scared half out of my mind yet i have not moved one inch knowing if i did that would be the end, You have made it clear i may get up at anytime and leave, no questions. Yet i am there for a reason to show You my love and devotion to being Your collared, and You tell me to beg You for the taws. I clear my throat, and i ask softly “Master please make me Your slave, please give me the taws, i need to know who i am Sir… “ i no sooner get that out as the 5 inch blade crashes down on my ass and i scream a bit in pain and say “thank You Master” with each blow, i begin to finally feel it, still thanking You , yet not consciously, tears streaming down my face as i feel that total release of power i had waited for. The words thank You Master , took on a whole meaning and the mood changed completely. Then i feel You right on top of me from behind , full weight of Your body on my back , and Your cock right over Your cunt and You ask me how bad i need Your cock, and start going mad, begging You for Your hard cock , and Your slave needs Masters cock so bad, and i feel the stinging from the welts on my ass as You lay over them, when i feel Your cock ram right into Your wet aching cunt and start to fuck it sooooooooo hard……… i hear You with Your face in my ear, telling me what a good slut i am , and i feel You biting my neck and shoulders, Your cock going so deep and hard into Your cunt now, feeling Your arms over mine holding them over my head and i feel the sweat from Your body.

I begin to beg You to let me cum and You say no not yet , still ramming now faster Your cock is soooooooooo hard inside Your cunt it is stinging now and feels soooooooo good, You tell me to cum and i feel You behind me pulsating and cumming as well …… total release… and then You have me get up and clean off Your cock , tasting Our cum mixed together. Kissing Your sweet cock so softly as the heat recedes and i look up at You lovingly and You tell me You love Your slave, and i simply reply , that i love my Master ……..

zorgnot2 61M

5/23/2006 8:11 pm

Mmmmm....such very nice reading! Thank you.

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