give it to me  

sexyasianangel70 39F
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5/23/2006 5:57 pm
give it to me

The look in His eyes sets my heart ablaze. The darkness hidden in the warmth of His love as He begins to take me on this most welcome journey to the center of our souls. I can feel the strength of His desire surround my spirit, and i know that surrender is not far off. My body reacts as it always does to His dominance, my posture transforms without a word. The surface of my skin tingles in anticipation of the events that will inevitably transpire. My mind begins to wander off as He begins His dance. My limbs succumb to His direction as they are bound. Without hesitation, my body a simple puppet, and instrument He will play, the notes will be etched in my flesh. What greater love is there than to lay down ones life for another? And how much greater is the sensation of love when it is pure, and heartfelt. He is the composer of my fantasies, the navigator to the dark places that exist between Us, intertwined by love. He takes His time, the choreography precise. Always calculating and waiting for the perfect moment. He reads my body like a compass, it tells him where to go next without a word uttered. The tools of His seductive dance lay out before Him, and the sounds that escape my mouth, the pace of my breathing is music to His ears. The sounds of His loving torment pouring out, and the evidence of His effectiveness, send Him into the rhythmical trance He craves. The place where HE is finally free without fear to release the intense sensations that have built up in Him. Yes my only desire is to feel the strokes of His sweet cane given with every ounce of His desire on me. To allow Him the freedom to let go of His worries of harming me, because no harm ever comes out of pure love. No pain will i feel, when it is given from His heart. And We become one, lost in a moment so unexplainable, impossible to say in words. A moment too sacred when He shares His language with His slave, and i feel the explosions, and eruptions, of two melting into one, by the heat of the fire that consumes Our souls. His dance is not done, oh no. He masterfully strokes, and caresses the footprints of His love, and slowly takes my hand and brings Us to a quiet calm, neither wanting to leave this place, where everything is perfect. His dance, the dance of the Sadist, is the dance of my soul. I cannot wait to take that dance with Him.

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