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girl from indonesia

It was a lovely summer's day and I was impatient to get going. It was Saturday, and my Master had promised to take me shopping today. He didn't usually like shopping and got bored easily but he had relented this week and agreed to take me. There was a new mall that I was eager to visit. Unlike my Master, I loved shopping and loved to shop till I dropped. He appeared to be in a good mood this morning and I had cooked him a delicious breakfast as a thank you for taking me. Now I was keen to get out the door and go.

He took his time getting ready, dressing in black jeans and black tee shirt. I had been dressed for ages in a short floral dress and pretty white bra and panties. He was nearly ready now and I was beginning to lose patience with him. Why did he have to be so slow. Finally, he scooped up his car keys and wallet and said "Let's go". We went outside and locked the front door. The car was parked nearby and we both got in. He put the car in gear and we moved off. The mall wa some distance out of town and we settled down for the journey. He put the radio on, on of those oldies stations that he liked and he hummed along with the tunes. We drove along for quite a while, when we came to the junction where we turned off. We made our exit and came out to a large roundabout. We took the second turning off the roundabout and found ourselves on the road leading to the mall. Suddenly there it was up ahead of us, shinning like a glass cathedral in the sun. I grinned to myself.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we would find a place to park easily, we headed towards the car park. Luck was with us today and we found a spot almost immediately. He quickly parked the car amd we got out and stretched our legs. Remembering to get a parking ticket, we displayed it in the car window, and made our way to the centre. We came out on the top floor and could see the other floors below us. There was a glass lift that we could take down or we could go on the moving staircase. I opted for the glass lift and we got in and traveled down to the ground floor. When we got there, it was truly beautiful. There were trees set into the concrete and fountains and marble benches to sit on if we grew tired. I was in heaven.

I dragged him from shop to shop, wanting his opinion on the clothes I tried on. After a couple of hours I could see he was beginning to wilt although I was just getting started. I should have noticed the hard glint in his eye as I handed him yet another bag to carry. "I think I have had enough" he said but I refused to leave and begged for a little more time. Another hour passed and he said to me very firmly "I think we should go now". I was having such fun I didn't want to stop. After all what was the worst he would do to me. Punish me when we got home? Well I was willing to risk it. "So you don't want to go home yet"? he asked. "well at least let me sit down for a while". I reluctantly agreed and we headed for one of the marble benches near one of the fountains.

He carefully placed all my shopping on the ground and sat down with a sigh of relief. I sat down next to him. The next thing I knew, he had pulled me across his knee, pushed up my dress and pulled down my panties. There were people all around us and I was mortified. All these strange people could see my ass. "You always have to push it too far" he said as he began spanking my bare ass. He spanked me hard until I began to cry. I was aware of a crowd forming round us and catcalls and murmurs of approval. One or two people applauded. I had never been so embarrassed in my life and yet the spanking went on despite the audience. He smacked my ass until it felt like it was on fire. The spanking was bad enough, one of the hardest he had ever given me, but the crowd made it worse. The crowd seemed to encourage him and he rained slap after slap across my already sore bottom. Finally he stopped and let me up. I quickly pulled up my panties and pulled down my dress but I knew I had given the crowd quite a show. I wanted the ground to swallow me up but he said quietly "Now do you think it's time to go"? I nodded my face as red as my ass.

He gathered up the parcels and said "Come on". I got up to jeers and whistles and meekly followed him back to the car park. He opened the door of the car and put the parcels in the back. He then turned to me. "Bend over the bonnet of the car" he scowled at me. I did as I was told. I felt him lift my dress and pull down my panties again. I felt his cock, big and throbbing, enter me. I was already wet as he had known I would be. He thrust in and out of me, causing me to cry out with pleasure. I hoped no one passed by but was soon beyond caring. He fucked me hard and long. He brought his hand between my legs and stroked my clit with his thumb. I was ready to explode by this time and the feel of his fingers tweaking my clit sent me over the edge. I heard him give a loud grunt and we both came together. The waves of pleasure washed over me as I felt his hot seed spurt inside me. He pulled my panties up and my dress down and told me to get into the car. I did as he told me and sat quietly on the journey home.

We soon reached home and he asked me "Did you enjoy your shopping trip dear"? I replied "Yes I did" my ass still throbbing from the spanking he had given me. However, I vowed never to ask him to take me shopping again.

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6/6/2006 4:16 am

Wow...what and instantly hardening read that the pic as well.

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tres belle photos

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6/6/2006 1:26 pm

Well, as they say... "when the going gets tough, the tough get shopping". *wink*
A warm welcome to blogging, sexyasianangel. *smiling* write very well.

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6/6/2006 3:41 pm

cumming together nice!!!

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