everytime we say goodbye  

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everytime we say goodbye

It had been an awful few weeks the boat was so over crowded, there was no room for anyone hundreds of us packed into this tiny little space no air, no light, and no sun, hardly ever let on the deck for some exercise. Mid summer and the heat was searing the smell from all the human waste was over powering but still we could do nothing I sat in my little corner near the door and watched people die on that journey, die from malnutrition die from heat exhaustion and disease which ran riot through the ship the dead left there for days their bodies decaying and the smell emanating around this small enclosed space the rats taking what they could of the dead and occasionally of the living if you managed to fall asleep.

When the boat docked it was such a relief, as we were filed off the boat still in our shackles I saw some amazing sights, of course I had seen white people before but never so many of them all at once, the noise, the huge buildings I had imagined many different things but none that I could come up with in my subconscious had even come close to sight I now beheld before me.

The market place was busy people pushing and shoving. Beautiful ladies in amazingly pretty dresses, horses and carriages of such grand gesture I could never have imagined it.

But as I looked around I noticed that my chains where the same as everyone else who's skin was the same colour as mine and we were being herded into a big stall like cattle as the white people came round and seemed to inspect us pulling at our heads and our teeth.

Myself along with a few other girls where taken into a stable near the back by some rather big robust looking men I was shaking in horror at the thought of what they were going to do but to my surprise they grabbed us one by one and forced us over a barrel and proceeded to check us inside they inserted only their finger and it was inserted very gently. I learned later that this was the procedure used to check whether a female has been untouched by male hands hence a virgin. And if she was she was worth more than the ones who were not.
My arm was grabbed and I was pushed into a corner were I waited for the rest to go through this most indecent and humiliating act then those of us who were, were taken to a specific seller but as we left we could hear the screams of the girls who where not as the large men who had inspected us where now taking what they wished from the girls. I shivered through my body at the thought of some of what some of those girls where going through then it struck me that there could be much worse things in store for me and started to shake my eyes started to well up and I cried silently as I was hustled into a stable type stall with a few others. We were thrown some bread and cheese just measly little portions but I was hungry I didn't care it had been days since my last meal.

I didn't have to wait long before the big doors opened and a group of gentlemen came through they walked down the stable stalls viewing us all beckoning us to come forward occasionally for a better view and to inspect our mouths some where rough with us some weren't but none tried to do anything more. Then a very large podgy man came through the doors and the others gathered round him discussing prices for us all. One by one we were sold to the highest bidder.

Once the money had exchanged and I was taken by this tall gentleman and taken to this carriage, the carriage was driven by another dark skinned man and after my long journey I was so tired and fell asleep in the carriage on the long journey.

I was awoken with a start as the horses were pulled to a halt and the man pulled on my shackles to awaken me and dragged me out.

I was taken into the large stately house and small children ran to the man and cuddled him and he produced toys for then they followed us to this large lounge area and I was seated in a small chair in the corner.
The children were ordered to go and have their tea and the man pulled me to my feet and dragged me to his desk.

"Very nice, Hmm" he mumbled as he inspected my face.

"What is your name" he asked.

"Its summer sir" I replied shyly my hands trembling at his touch my palms sweating profusely and my knees where going weak.

"Do you speak English well summer" he asked me

"Yes sir I was taught by the parishners who came to our village when I was young" I looked at him shyly and he could see my fear of him.

"very well for a while you will be looking after the children until their governess comes back and at that time I will found you a position in the kitchen or in the gardens are you capable of looking after the children?" he looked at me solemnly

"Yes sir, I used to teach at my village" I looked at him things running through my mind "Where's the Mother of these children"? Why was the governess not here? What did this man want with me?

"very well but first you must change I will not have you present in my children's company dressed as you are there are some clothes in the governess bedroom you may borrow some of those for now and we will have to sort you some cloth out , you do know how to make your own clothes I assume?" he said

" yes sir, thank you sir" I never looked up at him always kept my head to the floor I dare not to look into his eyes I might have seen something I did not like.

I made my way up the large staircase the cook showing me the way and I was taken to the bedroom and I had to choose some clothes not a hard task seems as all the governess had was black dresses then I was shown to what was to be my bedroom a small pokey little room at the end of the corridor but still it had a nice soft bed and had space for clothes.

I was called to dinner where I was to help prepare things for the meal the cook and I ate in the kitchen but I was called to his presence after the meal to be introduced to the children and was shown the school room and what I must teach them.

I ate what I could then I went to bed. it was a cold room and I was all alone, dreaming of my village I had left behind and the family I was torn away from, then the nightmare began about the boat trip, the people dieing all around me the rats scurrying around everywhere and I woke with a jump.

I got my self dressed into the clothes he had told me to and went down stairs to help with the breakfast.
"So my dear, did you sleep well then" cook asked

"I'm afraid not demons haunt my dreams demons from the not so distant past" I said looking at her.

"Ah the boat trip yes had them myself for months, you speak like they do how comes" she said

"I was brought up by parishners who had travelled to our village when my mother died- they taught me everything I know" I answered

"well summer is it, I'm grace but they just call me cook, now come on don't look so sad it could have been a lot worse there are much worse masters out there than Sir but I warn you to be good and don't cheek him mind what you say and you will get on well with him."

"That I intend to grace believe me I do" I answered

I started my day and did as I was told until it was 5.00 and the children's bed time once they were all tucked up I was summand to the masters room.

"Come now child don't look so scared I have paid a hefty sum for you and would like to have a look at my goods" he looked at me like a hungry man looks at food a sly grin upon his face.

"I am here sir" I said a little confused he could see me.

"Don't be so shy remove your clothing "He looked at me expecting me to obey

"Excuse me sir" I said scared and naive I did not wish to do as he had requested and if it could be avoided would not do it either.

"I have asked you to do something, when I ask you to do something I expect it to be done without question, slave you are my property you belong to me and I may do with you as I wish" he looked at me his eyes growing more and more impatient.

I backed away from him looking at the floor thinking what to do.

He lurched forward and grabbed my arm twisting it till it felt like it was going to break from the pressure he applied he bent me over his desk and I started to struggle to cry then started to lash out and I struck him across his face, I went to run out of the door but he grabbed my dress and pulled me back, he twisted his hand up in my long black hair so he had a good grip forced me to the ground then dragged me down the corridor kicking and screaming outside to his work shed.

He dragged me over to his bench and got some rope and tied me very tightly to the wall. Bent over the desk my arms tightly secured to the wall he tore my dress right off my back with his bare hands stroking my body with his rough hands I started to kick out with my feet begging him to let me go he walked over to where the rope was on the desk and grabbed another piece then walked slowly towards me.

"I like a women with spirit but when I want to inspect my goods I will and when I want to do things with my goods I will so there is no point fighting me do you understand" he looked at me as he approached me with more rope in his hands.

"please sir just let me go please I'm a person like you are I have feelings too" I started to cry tears streaming down my face I couldn't control it but I needed to tell him I was also a person who felt he didn't seem to understand.

"you are a slave and as such will be treated how I wish if I want to kill you I can do you not understand this are you that stupid slave I had no intention of hurting you if you would have done as I had bid but you leave me no other choice you need to be taught a lesson" he looked at me with a sly grin on his face I stood there in my underwear frightened trembling.

He reached behind me and grabbed hold of my legs and wrapped the rope around them and tied each of my legs to a leg on the table. Then he went over and got a pair of large scissors and cut my underwear open at the back down to my crotch then bent down and inserted his fingers inside me like the men did before to check my hymen was still intact I wriggled and squirmed as this procedure was done to me crying and pleading with him begging him to leave me alone he was laughing to himself proud of the power he had over me as I stood there half naked and totally exposed.

Satisfied that I was as sold untouched he walked away out of the room and left me there.

For hours I stood there my legs growing weaker by the minute and the harsh course rope cutting into my ankles and wrists I was sobbing pitifully millions of thoughts running through my head was this my punishment how could he do this why was he doing this I was so scared and frightened

It was a long time and there were no facilities for me to use for a bath room I held on as long as I could when I needed to wee but I just couldn't do it and just I was about to let out a long stream of urine the door opened and I clamed up he came over and looked me.

He did not look pleased at all as he inspected me and he pulled up a chair and sat down with a large riding crop in his hand tapping the arm of the chair with it every now and again. By now my bladder was bursting and hurting me,

"Please sir may I go to the toilet" I asked him as nicely as I could .He just looked at me and laughed

"No you may not you will do it where you stand as I watch" he said in a meaning full voice.

I could hold on no longer I lent far forward and my face redden with sheer humiliation as I urinated on the floor and it dribbled down my leg. He just sat there smiling to himself pleased with what he was doing.

Then he stood up came over to me and said

"You will learn your place slave and you will learn to pleasure your master anyway he sees fit do you understand"

"Yes sir I do" I said meaningfully I had decided that I was going to do as he asked in future no matter what it was.

"Good then stop crying and look down" he asked

I did as I was told my legs trembling & my mind running away with me at the thoughts of what he was going to do.

My head dropped suddenly and the searing pain of the first lash of the crop hit my back over and over again I screamed out for him to stop begging him to give me mercy then he did.

"when I whip you to teach you a punishment I don't want you to beg me or cry I want you to thank me for doing it I want you to say thank you sir to show me that you appreciate what I am doing for you in showing you the right way to please your master is that clear" he looked at me my back aching and bleeding from the lashes of the crop my legs weak from the amount of time I had been tied there like that.

"Yes sir" I managed to say under all the sobs and gasps for breaths

"Well then" he asked

"Sorry sir "I said looking at him. Not good enough slave I told you I want you to thank me.

"Thank you sir" I tried to spurt out but it was too late the crop came hammering down again onto my back this time it was much harder like he was putting all his force into doing this and was really getting into it. My head hung low and I gritted my teeth as each stroke felt like it was cutting my very body into two I dared not to cry instead kept my crying inside at he rendered his entire strength onto my bare skin.

"Thank you sir" I whimpered when he taken his last final brutal blow to my back he came to me and held me close to him stroking the wounds on my back

"Wed better get you seen too haven't we slave" he said.

H felt so caring as he stroked me and untied me from the wall and carried me to his quarters so powerful and yet so soft.

He lay me down onto his bed face down and went to fetch some water to bathe my cuts, which he did with extreme care.

Then he sent me to my bedroom.

I lay awake all night in agony from the beating and in confusion as to how he had treated me with such contempt but yet with so much affection and care at any time he could have me took me for his own and he didn't this I couldn't understand why had he been so hurtful when he could have been a lot worse I could have been a lot worse it did not matter as I had made my mind up to try and obey him without question whether or not it happened was another thing as I had always had the curse of speaking my mind which is what had got me into all this trouble in the first place.

The following morning I was stiff and aching and sore but nether the less went to the Governesses room and got my self some new clothes to change into (as mine had been ripped the previous night) and went downstairs to help with the breakfast as usual.

"morning summer sleep well" cook had a funny look in her eye like she knew what had happened maybe it was me being paranoid we were well away from the house when it took place so she couldn't have herd but maybe she had been through the same thing?.

I decided it was silly to think such things and in any case it was none of my affair.

Strangely I found my self wanting to be called by the master again that day I wanted to see him and I had no idea why I did but all day I waited and all night I waited too and I was not summoned to his presence.

It was three days before the master summoned me again and like before it was when the children where all tucked up in bed and cook had taken leave to go and see her family.

I walked down the long corridor to his room my mind racing again my palms where wet with sweat by the time I got to his door and knocked on it and my knees felt like they had turned to jelly.

"I take it you are going to behave tonight" he asked as he looked at me with a grim look on his face one which I knew I must obey.

"Yes sir I have every intention of doing as you bid sir" I couldn't understand why that came out I just wanted to say yes sir that was all.

"Well then get undressed then slave" he demanded

"yes sir " I said this time and did as I was bid although I did it slowly I had never been totally naked in front of a man before and it felt strange humiliating too to have to obey every order.

I stood there completely naked and exposed for his pleasure and he just looked at me with a smile on his face.

He came over to me and reached into his draw and pulled out that dreaded pair of shackles those which I had come over on the boat on wearing and he placed them round my hands.

"I do not intend to go anywhere sir there is no need for them" I said as he looked at me sternly.

"I thought you had learnt your lesson to do as I ask and not to open your mouth unnecessarily you really are a stupid slave" he said

"Not at all sir I was just saying I wasn't going to run from you and there was no need to tie me up I will do as you ask without the need for the shackles that was all sir" I hastily added.

"Are you going to continuously misbehave yourself slave I thought you would have learnt your lesson by now it seems you have not" he looked at me with a scowl.

He came forward with such a speed and grabbed my hair again dragging me down the stairs and outside to the shed again banging me against things as he went my head was sore where my hair had been pulled and my shins hurt from all the blows this time I was dragged around completely naked as I had undressed but moments before.

"assume the position" he demanded I looked at him horrified I knew what he meant but still my body wouldn't move the thought of another beating like the one three nights ago sent shivers down my spine and I froze in terror.

"I thought I told you assume the position did you not say earlier on tonight that you where willing to do whatever I asked with out question well three times you have already failed to do so" with those words he lent forward and pushed me to the table chaining my hands up again and then my legs I started to wriggle and struggle to no avail but it only served to anger him all the more and he became more and more rough with me.
He went to his chair and fetched his crop again this time as I was neatly bent over the chair he started on my buttocks hard and searing flashes of pain ran through my body then he moved upwards to my back and mercilessly beat me harder than before with more vigour and then he moved the crop down to the back of my legs and struck with the most force I had ever felt onto the bare skin cutting the skin so the blood ran freely I lost all feeling in my legs and fell the rope cutting into my wrists as I went.

"hmm, I thought that you would have learned your lesson quickly more quicker than this anyway never mind you will learn in time now what do you say" he asked evilly laughing.

"Thank you sir" I humbly mumbled

Crack the whip came down again onto the back of the other leg so I fell again and the ropes in my wrists cut deeper

"Not good enough" he said

"Thank you sir" I said as loud and as clear as I could

"good girl now lets get you sorted out" again he picked me up, carried me to the bedroom and tended my wounds this was the time I looked him in the eye and realised that even though he has done all this to me he could be kind and thoughtfully too and even though I hated myself for thinking it I might even have feelings for this brute, was it me ,was I sick to think such a thing about a man who has beat me twice now so bad that I couldn't walk I couldn't rationalise the feelings that were running through me and I didn't want to they scared me but he was so tender as he bathed my wounds and stroked my bare cut flesh that I couldn't help thinking it I couldn't help feeling either.

He picked me up in his strong masculine arms and held me tightly as he carried me to my bedroom and helped me to put my night clothes on then tucked me up in bed.

Again it was almost a week before I was called to see him again I think he was so considerate he gave me time to heal before each visit either that or to give me time to reflect on how I was going to react next time he saw me or asked me to do something I'm not sure and will probably never know the answer to this.

I opened the door to his room and stood there in my long black dress and watched his eyes follow my every move as I went closer to his desk slowly and as gracefully as I could manage the last two times I was here I had received severe beatings I did not want it to be the case this time.

"and so summer you come as always, are you ready and willing to serve your master now?" he looked at me with slight question in his eyes.

"Yes sir I am and I come willing" I answered my mouth just had this habit of running away with me sometimes.

"Well then slut what are you waiting for get undressed" he demanded

"Yes sir" I said I had expected this to be his first request and did not want to disappoint him so as I was told and I did it quite quickly.

"Now I want you to face the other way and bend over right over so I can get a good look at you"

I did as I was told I did not want to upset this man he did have the power the total control over me I could do nothing but to obey him.

"I want you to ask me. No beg me to you beg me to hurt you and to take away your innocence" I just stared at him again my body had totally frozen I stood there staring at him for a while till he made a move to stand up I was so over come with fright at the thought of another beating I muttered..

"Yes sir, please sir, I want you to me, I want you have me to make me your own"

I could see him smiling but he could also see that my face was far from filled with sincerity,

"Now slave I want you to say it again and mean it, put some effort into it and I will make you happy, if you please me enough" he looked at me with such deep thought in his eyes, I turned my head so I could face him while I said it my hands clasped around my ankles (still being in the bent over position) and said quiet convincingly I might add,

"Oh please sir I want you to me I want you free from my innocence and show me how to please you" as I said it tears began to well up in my eyes but I managed to hold them back so they didn't fall down my cheeks.

I watched as he undressed him self then stood still like a statue as he felt my body all over as his fingers ran over my whole entirety I was inside screaming out wanting to hit him wanting to run from him yet also compelled to stay.

"Go to my desk and bend over it, "He asked

"Yes sir" with a sigh of slight relief I walked over to the desk and spread my legs slightly as I leaned over it.
"now hands over the other side and go into the draw at the bottom and hand to me what ever is in there" he looked at me with a slight grin on his face, he had got me curious so I did as I was told, I opened the draw and felt inside and produced sturdy cane which looked like it had had some use the fear and dread of the beatings began to flow through me.

"Hand to me whatever you have found please" he asked quiet politely

I did as I was bid the horror of it all running through my mind I had though if I do as he wanted he wouldn't beat me I was wrong oh so wrong and this hit home as the first lash of the cane hit my thighs I fell to the floor whimpering.

"Get up slave and stay still, do I have to remind you of what will happen if you do not?" he looked so sincere so I did as I was bid and held on tight and gritted my teeth as he gave me 10 lashes with the cane each one cutting into my buttocks and stinging my bare skin the pain rushed through my entire body touching every part inside me and my eyes could hold back no longer and I cried and sobbed but never once uttered a word until he was done then remembering what he had said before I managed to utter the required thank you sir and he looked pleased that I had.

My backside red and sore admittedly not as bad as it had been the first two times though I was bid to stay where I was as he came up behind me and inserted his large throbbing penis inside me the caning had obviously got him in the mood for this my entire body began to twist up as I felt him thrust deeper inside me then with a large hefty blow I felt him break through my hymen and I could feel the blood trickle down my leg as he carried on each stroke becoming more and more painful until he had done his business and released himself inside of me I fell to the floor in tears sobbing and gasping for air my insides felt like they had been churned up and the sharp pain had stayed with me gradually fading a touch but I felt so sick and violated I just wanted to physically vomit and when he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to look him in the eye I did I regurgitated all down my own face and it dribbled down my neck, he laughed at me I could se he was enjoying this and that he had every intention to make things much worse for me.

"From now on every night I want you to come to my room and strip off for me at this time then I want you to kneel naked in the corner for if and when I feel ready to use you, do you understand" he asked

"yes sir " I managed to say what I really wanted to do was fight him all the way but I dare not he was much stronger than me and the penalty for a run away slave was death so I had to do as I was told ,even if it was as degrading and humiliating as this. I guessed there was much worse I could have been sold to a farmer to work me to death because it was cheaper to replace slaves every 3 weeks than it was to pay people to do it and to pay to feed them.

And so it began every night I would attend his presence strip naked as he watched me or not depending on his mood then kneel before him in the corner and not mutter a single word all night sometimes he caned me to get himself in the mood sometimes he would sit me out till I urinated on the floor then make me lap it up and sometimes he would drag me to the desk and my backside just for the hell of it I would always hate that I could feel every vein on his penis when he did it and he always liked to shove his fingers inside there afterward.

Some times he would spend the whole night tying me up and torturing me but it was never as hard as when he beat me for not obeying him.

One night in the autumn I went to him as usual and strip naked and knelt before him like I had become accustomed to doing he had a large fire going even though it was still warm,

"Slave come and lye face down over my desk "He demanded

I cringed he had never requested that before but I did as I was told and lay there as I watched him tie my legs and arms to the legs of the table so I was wide open and securely tied.

"you have been a good slave I would like to make you my own make it official would you like that slave?" he asked, I had become used to answering every question with yes sir as he would always be mad and beat me for saying no or not doing as he said before.

"Yes sir I would like that" I replied.

I watched him as he walked over to the fire and from it pull out a large branding iron that was used on the livestock the end was gleaming red and in the shape of a half moon crescent like on the families coat of arms.
I felt his strong arms hold me down then the searing intense pain as he held the iron onto my bare backside and the smell of burning skin, the pain over powered me I screamed out begging to be released crying it was very intense but he held me fast until I fainted, sprawled across the table naked this big moon crescent burned into my rear end.

For days I was unable to sit down or do my duties he had already foreseen this and had made arrangements for my replacement while I was in my room he tended the burn every night with cool water and soothing oils until it had healed over and the branding was complete.

I had been at the house for little over three months when he had done this and I had noticed that my monthly cycle had stopped I dreaded to think of carrying this mans offspring but there was nothing I could about it I just hoped it would go away but by the time I was 4 months pregnant kneeled in his office it was difficult to hide.

"Slave I have noticed you have got yourself into a rather awkward situation with the stable boy no doubt "He said as he looked at me he knew this was not true and that it was his child I was carrying but he never did admit it.

"I'm not sure sir" I replied daring not to say yes to either the fact I could be pregnant or who's it was as he was the only man who had ever been near me like that and he knew it.

"Come here slave "He demanded, I walked to him my head down looking at the bulge which was now really rather visible on my front.

"You have disappointed me slave" he said as he looked at my belly then he touched me and started to stroke my belly.

"I am sorry sir" I said still watching his hand stroke my belly

"You will still be required to do your duties every night slave but your day duties will cease as I do not want you mixing with other members of the household whilst in that state do you understand" he looked at me.
"Yes sir and what do you suppose I do instead then sir" I asked not knowing why he wanted me away from everyone.

"you will stay in your room all day I will have food bought to you every day but you may not leave your room until this time when your duties lye with me" he told me quiet sincerely.

"And what do you propose I use for a bathroom if I am not allowed to leave my room then sir" I asked unsure of his answer I thought he would permit me to go to the bathroom.

"I will have a bucket put in the corner of the room for you and to make sure you do not leave your room you will be chained to the wall I will come for you when I want you I will have the key now follow me". He led me to another room at the foot of the stairs next to his bedroom and opened the door and led me in was a large room quiet nicely decorated he went over to the wall and pulled back a decorative rug which was hanging there and there were shackles nailed deep into the wall in a chain I could see he had used this room before for his purposes.

I walked slowly into the room he fetched the shackles still chained to the wall and locked them around my wrists.

"That will be the last time you leave this room until you have given birth" he said as he looked at me helplessly naked and chained to the wall unable to protest or do anything to assist my situation.

"Yes sir I understand" then he turned and walked out.

I shrank to the floor and sobbed continually for hours I could do nothing but cry at my pitiful situation and once again memories of my village flooded back, and it started me thinking if this was my village and even if I had been if I became pregnant I would have been cast out if I was not married or if my husband suspected the child was not his so maybe this was a better situation to be in than being at home in the same one, still it would never have happened if I wasn't made to come over here.

I was made to do my business in a bucket and was constantly chained to the wall for the remaining months but the master still visited me he caned me regularly and me at least once a week even when I was at my heaviest.

My belly grew and grew like there was no stopping it I could feel this thing moving inside of me I was constantly chained to the wall with just enough chain to get to bed and get to sleep it was uncomfortable and the chains would cut into the skin on my wrists. I grew grotesquely large but he still came although his beatings got fewer and less harsh the got deeper and more elaborate he would regularly pull my chain in so I could go nowhere and make me suck his cock using his fingers in the corner of my mouth me hard till I would be sick and gag continuously, he also liked to bend me over the bed so my lump was supported and ram his penis inside my arsehole till I bled and screamed out as loud as I could.

Just before the baby was due he came to my room and told me to lie down on the bed.

"I never really punished you for doing this did I slave?" he asked me, I wanted to scream to him isn't this enough haven't I suffered enough under your hands but I knew that that was not a wise thing to say so instead I answered.

"no sir you have not" and looked down at him as he began to rope my limbs to each of the four posts on the bed making sure my knees where bent up enough and tying them apart so I couldn't move, he left the room to return quickly with a large tray with things on it when I looked I could see what looked like a scalpel and a small ceramic cup like an egg cup.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the little knife and I started screaming begging him not to hurt me or the baby,

"now ,now slave I am going to do no such thing as hurt the baby but I must teach you a lesson otherwise I would not be a very good master would I now put your head up I want you to witness this" he placed a pillow under my head an I saw him take the knife from off the tray then with the other and he opened my virginal flaps and caressed my clit with his thumb rubbing it lightly over and over again I start to feel the most wonderful tingling feeling building up inside me as he caressed my clit he would place his fingers just inside my vagina and stroked me I felt like I was going to just burst with an explosive wonderful sensation,,,

"are you watching " he asked me I bought my head forward to see what he was doing, he took the knife and put it to my clitoris and I felt a searing pain as he began to cut off the hood to my clitoris (female circumcision) I howled as loud as I could and tried to wriggle free as he took his time over doing it, taking the hood off me piece by piece he relished in his task and took a good hour over it I was crying bitterly and had been pleading with him. all he said throughout was "remember I am punishing you" when he had done he looked at me writhing on the bed "well slave nothing to say" he said looking at me.

"Thank you sir" I said between pitiful sobs. He took some water and bathed me then he placed the cup over my clitoris to protect it from the labia tied my legs closed together and left me there.

For nights I lay there doing my business on the bed he would come in and change the sheets beneath me every day. How humiliated I felt tied and bound this huge lump peering up at me as I lay there having to urinate and empty my bowels on the bed in which I was made to lie in all day.

A week later he came to me and untied my legs and inspected my clitoris and he must have liked what he saw, but again he bade me stay where I was and he began tying me to the bed again same position as before my legs tied so my knees where bent, then he crawled on top of me and slapped my face really hard which stunned me he had never hit my face like that before. Then he placed his cock inside me and me as rough as he possibly could pounding me harder and deeper with each stroke getting as far inside me as he possibly could then he rammed it inside my ass as he came.

I felt a stabbing pain in my side and a crushing feeling in my stomach I didn't realise I was in labour yet but I knew something was happening.

Harshly and forcefully he rammed his entire large male hand inside my virgina I felt him feel around then he rammed me as hard as he could over and over again I was screaming each thrust feeling like it was going to tear me in two.

I just cried and sobbed and begged him but I knew by now he wasn't going to stop till he wanted too.

He finally pulled out his hand when he knew I was going into labour and he felt the contractions coming as it was my first it was long and slow and he knew it was going to be.

As soon as he had pulled his hand out he untied me and pulled me over to the wall where he tied my hands above my head I was turned to face the wall and my legs tied apart my contractions were coming hard though irregular he held my stomach and placed his fist inside me again then he bought out the crop which by now I had got used to seeing and lashed me with all his strength cutting my skin that coupled with the contractions made me scream out in excruciating pain and anguish he did this for over an hour every part of my body ached then he shoved his hand inside me again I guess to see how far along I had got.

He dragged me back over to the bed and tied me as before with my knees wide apart and again thrust his hand inside me.

Then he left the room left me in labour tied up to the bed I could do nothing.

For hours I lay there in pain and anguish as the contractions started to come thick and fast now I could do nothing not move or anything to ease the pain it felt like my whole body was squeezing the life out of me. When he returned he had some water and a tray of tea and biscuits I was so hungry but he sat in his chair watching me occasionally putting his fist inside me to see how far along I was then he would slump back down to his tea watching me saying nothing just enjoying watching me he enjoyed seeing me writhing in agony.

My belly was starting to contract really hard I felt as if my back would cave in and the urge to push came over me I started to scream and he came up and checked me again smirking to himself he untied my legs then proceeded to wrap the rope around my legs tying them closed I screamed and writhed begging him to release me begging him to let me get this out of me but he kept on roping my legs tight shut.

My whole body was in agony every inch of me was hurting I wanted this baby out of me so bad but no matter how hard I pushed or how strong the contractions came I couldn't rid my self of it I was exhausted and in so much pain, more pain than I had ever before felt in my life I was writhing around the bed trying to free my self for over an hour until he finally laughed as he untied me and strapped my legs back up.

"lets get it over with then slave" he said smiling I was so relived I pushed and pushed as hard as I could with every contraction the pain was unbearable and my strength was dwindling he placed his hand inside me and cupped the babies head as I pushed and pushed until finally the head was out I lay back with a sigh of relief thinking it was all over but he just slapped my face and said "well come on then" the next contraction came so hard and strong it forced me to bear down as hard as I could and the baby slid out and I heard it crying.
He took the scissors clamped and cut the cord then wrapped it in a towel and took it away. I never even knew the colour of its skin or what sex it was.

I lay there still tied to the bed blood dripping and the contractions where still coming I didn't know anything about afterbirth or anything and thought I was going again but I had to push and bear down just as hard as with the baby until it finally slid out of me.

Unable to do anything else I lay there in sheer exhaustion and pain the afterbirth between my legs as I couldn't do anything tied as I was and fell asleep through sheer exhaustion.

When I awoke I was cleaned up and sorted out the baby was no where to be seen and master was there,
"now you may resume your normal activities and teach the children and be in my office at the time requested naked kneeling in front of me and try not to disappoint me again slave" this he said with a funny smirk on his face he had every intention of doing this to me again as I later found out but that would be repetitive.

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