everyday is exactly the same  

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5/31/2006 5:51 pm
everyday is exactly the same

He lays spread-eagle on the bed. Legs and arms tied to the bedposts. She is hovering over himInitially, she had started as the dominant, but her desire has gotten the best of her. She wants him inside her more than she wants to impose her will on him. She is still in control, but barely. He stares into her eyes and her nipples harden at the desire she sees.

Untie me he states calmly.

N-no she stammers, looking away.

He continues to stareUntie me, he repeats Or you wont get what you want.

Her glance at his erection gives her awayShe has had him in her mouth and now she wants to feel him between her legs, inside her, but she wants to complete what she startedTo make him beg her.

P-pleaseLet me finish she begs.

No, his answer leaves her no choice, Untie me.

With shaking hands she moves to untie him, first his hands then his feet. He lays calmly while she goes about releasing him. When she is done, she sits quietly on the bed head bowed

He gets off the bed and she watches him as he walks across the room, his erection still rigid, the head of his penis swollen and firm on the end of the stem. He sits down in an armchair and she waits for him to tell her what to do

Bring a pillow and come here, he states calmly.

She quickly grabs a pillow off the bed and moves to stand in front of him.

He takes the pillow from her and places it between his feet, directly in front of the chair.

Kneel here and lace your fingers together behind your neck, he says quietly.

She kneels and places her hands behind her neck, taking care to lace her fingers together as he has instructed. The position accents her breasts, tilting them up and making the nipples stand out.

You need to learn to be patient, he says quietly, and reaching out he softly strokes her face.

Youre way too impatient, arent you? he says as his hands find their way under her chin and softly stroke her neck and upper chest.

She nods her agreement, knowing that he is correct.Her nipples begin to erect themselves as he continues to stroke her face, neck and shoulders.

See? he says smiling as he watches her nipples, Already you want to cum, dont you?

Yes, she whispers.

His fingers find their way to her breasts and trace around the aureolae, which crinkle at the contact and make her nipples stand higher, reaching for contact. Her breathing increases with a sharp intake.

Now, now, he whispers, Take you timeLet it come slowly.

She closes her eyes and nods her agreement, but the sensations are so strong She shifts on her knees hoping that he will hurry, but all of his movements are slow and his touches very light.

Finally, he takes both nipples between his fingers and lightly pinches them, rolling the paps between his fingers...

A-a-a-h-hO-oh, g-god she whispers closing her eyes at the exquisite sensations.

He is very familiar with her predilection to cum with nipple stimulation only and continues the stimulation until he sees her begin to rock in the beginning of an orgasmAt that he releases her nipples.

O-oh, n-n-o-o-o, she groans in frustration. P-please p-pinch them again! she begs.

Patience, patience, he whispers, smiling.

His hands continue to move down her body, stroking her ribcage, her belly and then between her legs. She moves her knees apart so he can reach her center and his hands trace the insides of her thighs, brushing the hair on her pussy, but not really touching her. The spreading of her knees has also spread her nether lips and as a result, her clit is exposed as well. Slowly his fingers move about her pussy, grazing the lips, circling her clit until she is frantic with the need to cum

Stand up he says when she begins to sob with desire.

She scrambles to her feet and stands, nipples erect, clit throbbing, looking down at him.

He leans back in the chair and taking one hand lifts his erect penis until it is standing straight up.

Come here, he commands Straddle your legs over the chair and put me inside you.

She quickly moves to one side of the chair and lifts one leg over as if getting on a bicycle. The chair is so wide that when her knees are over the arms pieces they are spread to the point that the large tendons stand out at the juncture of her thighsShe grasps his shoulders and lifts herselfThen the head of his penis is at her core.

O-oh y-yes, p-please she groans at the contact.

Go slow he commands between gasps of pleasure as she slowly, oh so very slowly slides down on him.

U-u-n-n-n-g-g-h! O-oh, p-please, oh god! she breaths as he fills her and she settles into his lap.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her to him, holding her still, stroking her, letting her settle, letting her breathe, feeling the sensation of the warmth of her breath on his neck. The he turns and their lips meet, tongues thrash, and he feels her orgasm begin

Oh, yes. Oh, g-god y-y-y-e-e-s-s-s! she moans into his mouth.

And he holds her as she enters that wonderful world.

Gradually, her orgasms subsides, yet he continues to cradle her in his arms, stroking her back and hips until her breathing settlesThe he shifts and flexes his hips, thrusting up into her, grinding the base of his penis into her clit.

U-n-n-n-u-u-g-h! she groans as she sits up her eyes staring into his in surprise.

She could easily cum again, yet he doesnt make the final movement that will bring her to her crisis.

Slowly he strokes her face, neck and shoulders, calming yet exciting her simultaneously. She is a gentle soul and although he is clearly dominant, he has no desire to hurt her. Her need is to be taken care of.

Again his fingers find her nipples and begin their insistent stroking and pinching..

A-h-h-h-h, y-y-yes! she whispers as the sensations rocket through her body.

She closes he eyes and throws her head back in ecstasy and her second orgasm crashes through her body. She grinds her pussy into his pelvis again and again, trying to get him deeper inside her.

P-please, she gasps as the tremors in her body subside, I need for you to fuck meI want you moving inside me!

The pleading in her eyes pierces his heartHis feelings for her are so strong He so wants her to be happy, to have what she wantsYet, he shakes his head side to side

Not yet he says Youre not ready yet

B-but I a-am r-reaA-h-h-h-h, my god! she stammers as her sentence in interrupted by another flex of his sphincter and thrust of his hips Stretching the lips of her pussy tight around the base of his penis, punishing her clit.Again his fingers lightly twist her nipples and she falls into his arms thrashing in another orgasm.This one lasts for what seems like foreverShe has trouble catching her breath and is afraid to move when he thrusts again and sends her over the edge a fourth time.

P-please she pleads in a whisper, her lips barely moving on his shoulder.

She feels him shift, and then stand and grasp her ass with his hands and she wraps her legs around his back as he walks to the bed, still inside her Each footstep causes a jolt that rubs her clit against the base of his penis She is about to cum again when he bends and lowers her to the bedWithout leaving her he gets on his hands and knees and with he legs locked around him, he moves until she is centered in the bed. Each movement has caused her to gasp in pleasure and she is again on the verge of cumming

He raises up on his hands and knees and pulls her legs around so that he holds them in to crook of his arms Then the thrusting begins.It is slow, yet incessant, never pausing, he pushes into her to the root of his penis then pulls out until only the head remains inside her..On the fifth stroke she is cumming again, yet this time he doesnt stop stroking.Soon she crying out in a combination of lust and need for respiteHis strokes slow,
then stopHe is in her to the hilt, his balls resting on her upturned ass

Want to finish doggy style? he asked with a grin, already knowing the answer

Still panting from her orgasms, she can only nod her head.She groans in disappointment as he withdraws from her, but scrambles onto her hands and knees

He knee-walks between her legs and presses her shoulders until she lowers them to the bedHe taps her knees and she spreads them apart and then he pauses to look at her. Her hair spread over her shoulders, her breasts pressed into the sheets, her thighs spread and the tendons stretched between them, the pink slit of her pussy and her ass wide spread, vulnerable, waiting. She is panting in need.

He leans forward and the turgid head of his penis slips between the slick pouted lips of her pussy and slides easily into her until she is filled. She knows what is coming.Slowly he draws his penis out, pauses and then.

O-o-o-h-h-h-h g-g-o-o-o-o-d! she cries as his hips crash into her ass, his balls slapping her clit at the force of the stroke.Her hands scrabble across the covers and finally gather the sheets into fists clenched in the absolute panic and loss of control of her orgasmhe continues fucking into her until she is lost in sensation, babbling in passion, her eyes open but seeing nothing, her mouth making sounds but saying nothingThen she feels the change in tempo and hears him gasp in recognition of his impending orgasmHis pace quickens and she calls his name, desperate to have him cum in herThen he is thereOne final crashing stroke into her and he hold her ass tightly to his pelvis as he spurts over and over.She is up on her hands and knees again, pushing back against him, wanting every inch of him inside her and sobbing in passion.

Their heartbeats slow and he bends over her, still inside hercareful to stay inside her, he rolls her with him onto their sides and cuddles her into the shape of his bodyHe reaches around her to cradle her breast, thumb and forefinger lightly pinching her nipple and she shudders in one final small orgasm before they sleep.

He awakes with her still cuddled against his bodyShe was sleeping soundly, her ribs moving against his body with each breathHe had slipped out of her as they slept, but recognizes the familiar feeling of arousal as he watched her sleep. Still laying on his side, he raises up on one elbow and carefully rolls her onto her belly.She groaned a soft protest, but gatheres her pillow under her shoulders and settles back into her sleep. He reaches over and strokes the roundness of her hip, being careful to touch very softly and move very slowlyHis caress is as if he were softly smoothing sand, his entire hand rubbing softly and slowly over her hips and down the upper back portion of her thighsShe whimpers as his fingers traces over the inside of her thighs, and involuntarily draws one knee up to allow him better access. He is careful to move slowly, touching every part of her skin, yet gradually the movement of his hand is focused on her pussy.He carefully stts up and cupping his hand on the lower part of her buttocks, begins caressing her between her legsHis fingers slip between her legs separated on either side of her slit and massaging the puffy, slick lips of her pussy, yet avoided dipping between themGradually awakening to the arousal that is coursing through her body she slides both knees apart, and pushes her ass into the air, his heart beats with excitement as he looks at her. She wants him again and is clearly offering her most tender parts to him. Carefully he moves between her legs, his erection bobbing, dripping precum as he does so She gasps in recognition that more than fingering is about to happen.And groans in pleasure as she feels his penis brush against her leg. He pauses as he looks at her. She is slowly bucking her hips in need and invitation. He leans forward and places the head of his penis between the slick, pink lips of her pussy. She gasps at the contact. Then he slowly pushes into her. Both groan at the never ending surprise of how wonderful that first stroke feelsShe gasps as his balls scrape her clit and closes her eyes as he begins to withdraw. It is going to be wonderful. The second time is always slower, somehow more delicious.More like desertA-h-h-h-h-h! Again his balls crack against her clit and her orgasm is on her.O-o-oh, g-g-god! P-p-please.

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