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5/23/2006 5:58 pm
dope girl

Robbing me of sweet sleep like a thief, You have stolen into my dreams.Not unwelcome, because it is your touch that I crave. To hear Your voice, Commanding me to kneel at Your feet I might as well be in heaven. There is nothing else I could want more.

Your power over me is like a drug.The sweetest potion, allowing my will to be given up as on offering for the pleasures of us both. The touch of your cane sets us both ablaze, frenzied as my body arches to feel the fullness of Your love. More control ! Yearning for more of your touch.

I am held captive only by my imagination , at how sweet it will be to be Yours to use. No words can describe how badly I need Your firm hand to guide me through the path of Your fulfillment. Allow me the opportunity to serve You.Give me the chance to be free to be open , and love You only in the way as a true slave can . One who has been taken by Your strength.

I have only been able to imagine how venerable and safe I will be locked in Your bonds, and how You will choose to use me. My heart races as my mind starts to wander to days not far off. When i will truly become Yours. If only for a few short hours. Yet time will stand still as my mouth is forced around your stiff arousal, and juices flow like a river showing You how deep i am under Your spell. A trance brought on by the overwhelming stimulation of you controlling each of my senses all at the same time.

I am not certain how long I can wait till my body and my soul explode. All these words are only making me with each passing day more and more Your little slut. My cunt doesn’t feel like it belongs to me anymore. It has Your name engraved on it . I am going to need you more in the days to come to help me in your wisdom to release some of this energy, you are building up inside me.

Come and steal into my dreams for now Dark and wonderful stranger. Show me the things You have planned for me. Then hold me in the arms of Your will until the morning when I wake to find that I am one day closer to having this hunger fed by Your Power.

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