don't be cruel  

sexyasianangel70 39F
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7/5/2006 5:29 pm
don't be cruel

An expensive Davidoff 5000 cigar between her lips, Shana rubbed against Trent Benson.
"Light up?" she teased.


As she inhaled, Shana unzipped Benson's fly, ginger hands withdrawing a head-heavy cock. Shana puffed on the Davidoff as she fondled Benson's thick member.

Basked in a smoke-laden halo, Trent flailed in an overstuffed chair until his loins tightened. As he ejaculated, Shana blew smoke into his face. He gagged, his cock spurting more ash-covered jiz.

Licking the Davidoff, Shana pulled down her panties, exposing a cock of her own.

"Now that's a cigar," Benson noted as he prepared to light up.

Acampbelllongman 31M
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4/3/2009 1:18 pm


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