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6/4/2006 6:06 pm

As I knelt in front of Mistress, I trembled with excitement, anticipating the events to come. Mistress had her special glass in her hand and I knew Mistress would soon be filling it with her golden nectar. Mistress stood and told me to stay put. As she disappeared into the bathroom, I strained to hear the sound of the liquid leaving Mistress and filling the glass. God, I do so love tasting her sweet champagne.

Mistress returns and says, "Since you were such a good girl, you may drink My Champagne." "Thank you Mistress, you are so good to me", I reply. Taking the glass in my hands, I hold it like the precious gift it is, inhaling its scent, an intoxicating bouquet. Mistress drinks lots of water, and it is almost clear, but smells sweet and tangy. As I put the glass to my lips, I feel my surrender to her. She is a Goddess and I lover her more than life itself. As the liquid passes my lips and crosses my tongue, I grow thirsty for every drop. I cannot get enough of it. Today, it is sweet almost like a clear, tea. She has not had her wine yet, I can tell.

I drink every drop savoring its scent; it's flavor and the knowledge that it has come from Mistress herself. It is like the elixir of life for me. I am proud and honored to drink from her. Some times she will drink wine spritzer, and when she allows me to sample her Champagne, it will have a slightly tangy taste. Once, I thought I was getting a slight high from residual alcohol. Yet, I am sure it was just the knowledge of what I was drinking and where it came from. I find that my favorite time to sample Mistress's offering, is in the morning after her coffee. At these times, her Champagne tastes stronger and has a delightfully strong scent. I long for the day I am honored with receiving her gift directly from her body and allowed to clean her properly with my tongue. There has been no other single act in my lifestyle experience, which captivates and thrills me more. It is, the ultimate act of surrender and something that fills me with love and pride for Mistress each time.

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