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5/23/2006 5:43 pm
crazy in love

I have been with Master Andrew for 3 years and I have loved him since the first time I met him. He was kind and gentle even when giving me the harshest of whippings. He always talked and teased me in a way that would make me challenge myself to endure anything for him.

I had been invited to a party with friends when I accepted I felt as if there was a big secret and I was the only person that wasn't in on the joke, but of course I went anyway. As we entered the party I felt uneasy in the clothes Sheila had asked me to wear, I was not really a leather skirt and stockings kind of girl, but at Sheila's request I had done my best to look like a slut. Upon entering the basement of this massive house I gasped at the view I saw. Sheila assured me it was all in fun as she patted my rear and gave me her best Cheshire cat grin. She told me to walk around and check out some of the scenery and HAVE FUN!!!

As I was walking around gazing at what seemed to be couples and groups involved in some kind of a ritual. I could not understand at that moment why I felt as if I was alone in a room of about 20 people. I could not understand why my loins felt shaky and my private parts felt wet and ticklish. Beautiful women of all dimensions were tied to crosses with their hands above their heads, some with blind folds, some with just their eyes shut, but all seemed to be in a world of their own fantasies. Some of the women were being whipped and tormented in ways I had never thought of before. At first I wanted to leave and go back to my safe little life I had been in before I told Sheila about my fantasies of bondage, but I certainly could not leave… The room gave me a feeling of safety I had never felt before…

As I walked around I began to admire the women for their strength and beauty and the men for their determination and strength.

As I watched the beautiful bodies of the women trash and writhe from their tormenters I felt pangs of jealousy that I had never felt before. The jealousy came from the freedom I could see they had and I did not…

I was in my own world as a hand touch my shoulder and whispered in my ear "you are the most beautiful slave in the room this evening". As I turned to see the person that had just sent shivers down my spine straight to the spot between my thighs and had referred to me as a "slave" he gently asked me to look ahead and watch the scene before me, without question I watched…

The women was tied on a cross with her legs spread slightly, eyes shut. As I watched her body trembled in desire and anticipation of what lay ahead, I could tell she was at the place she desired most, I could see her nipples had hardened and her breath was short and excited. As the man behind her talked to her and told her how beautiful she was, her head fell back to reach for his loving words. With a whip in hand he went and kissed her wanting mouth while he glided the whip across her back and over her shoulder. He then began to gently whip the inside of her thighs up towards her waiting pussy. As she breathed her breasts heaved in the anticipation and excitement of the moment.The man began to whip her softly as he talked to her she moaned and whimpered. At that moment I could not hear what he said, but I wanted to be her…

I had all but forgotten about the stranger with his hand on my shoulder when he said, I want to do that for you, I can see you want it, as your quickness of breathe has given you away. I could not speak my words had betrayed me and my mind was spinning from his words. He told me I should watch as the slave gets what she desires and deserves…

The man began to whip the girl harder on her lovely rear as he did she moaned and almost growl with acceptance of the abyss she was entering. Her rear was turning from pink to crimson, as he continued, I shivered in admiration and lust to be her.

The stranger behind me must have felt my shiver as he laughed and touched my hair. I moved my head to meet his touch and he tightened his grip on my hair and whispered "your next my dear". I lost my breath and wet my pants…After every couple of whips the man stopped and wait for her to arch her back and stick out her rear for him to whip again, as if she knew what he wanted and she did as she had been trained to do… As the beautiful creature howled the man whipped her again alternating hitting her thighs, rear and between her legs to catch her pussy unaware. As he struck her pussy she would growl and throw her head back in ecstasy.

He dropped the whip and moved towards her putting his hands around her body and moving them down to her pussy. As he touched her swollen clit she gasped with delight and began to orgasm immediately. As her orgasm subsided she began to cry from the release he had given her.

I wanted to continue to watch, but the stranger from behind beckon me towards my own ecstasy with just a hand on my back he steer me to a cross of my own. I wanted to see his face, but I knew that was not going to happen at this moment. He told me he would be right back and to stay put…

At once there was a beautiful girl in front of me without asking she began to unzip my vest. After she laid my vest down she pinched my nipple in her finger and then bent down and bit at my nipples, I gasped and fell into her mouth wanting more and without looking up at me she abruptly told me to steady myself. She then went around me and tugged at my nipples from behind making my me lean into to her again this time she told me to relax and breath as she pinch harder and harder until I gasped and whimpered.

She began to unzip me skirt and remove it in the same slow fashion she had removed my vest. She laid my skirt on top of my vest and came over to me again from behind she explored between my thighs, "oh, aren't we a wet little slut" she said as she played with my engorge clit. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for being so wet, but she seemed to enjoy my embarrassment and proceeded to harass me with her fingers. As I felt my breath get faster she stopped and said, "not yet you little slut".

She moved me on to the cross and tied my hands slightly above my shoulders and my legs parted. As she left me she said, "enjoy, Master Andrew is the best".

Andrew! His name is Andrew I thought.

I was think about the name Andrew as I felt his hands grip my hair and pull my head back to his mouth, "I'm going to make you cry for me as you saw the other slave cry for her Master".

He put his hands on my breasts and pinched my hardened nipple, I gasped at his touch. I could hear his breathing in my ear and I wanted to kiss him…

At that moment I knew I would give everything to My Master Andrew…

His hand moved down over my belly to my mound of black silk hair and down to my swollen, wet clit," Mmmmmm, we are ready aren't we"? I whimpered from embarrassment and excitement, and with that he kissed my head, laughed and walked away.

The whip began with just a slight sting, but began to slap harder very quickly. He whipped both cheeks with earnest; I was not able to keep my feet on the floor for very long. I began to swing my hips as to alleviate the
blows of the whip, but my legs were tied and I could not get away from the sting. As the pain began to turn into pleasure I was unable to control my moans and growls as the whip slapped my tender flesh.

He stopped only for a moment and came behind me and said, "I want you to put your bottom out for me and if you don't there will be no need for us to go any further. Do you understand"? "Yes ", I was able to mutter. "I am your Master and that is how you will answer me"! "Yes Master", I whimpered.

The whipping began without fail. I tried hard to keep my rear out, but it was hard to do when the slaps came so fast and furious. When he would stop I would stick it out again for him.

As he came to me again, before he said anything I said, "I'm trying please don't stop Master". "Good girl" he said as he squeezed my tender rump.

This time the whip wrapped around my sides and tugged and my breasts and bit at my nipples, making me whine with pleasure! The whip hit same place again and again until I was growling with delight!

Again, he came to me and put his arms around me and hugged me hard, pinching my sore nipples and making me cry out with the pleasure of the pain.

"This is going to hurt badly, but you must only endure 10 at this time, so you can count and know when you are done. I want you to be good for me, ok"?

"Yes, Master".

"Oowwwww" the first strike of the cane brought me to my toes and the second made me scream……

As the third strike hit I lost my breath and cried out "OOwwwww"."OOWwwwww" "OOWWwwww"

My legs were weak and I was glad to be tied to the cross as six and seven struck my sore, tender thighs." "PLEASE" I begged…

I began to cry and tears ran down my cheeks, it was a never-ending stream flowing down my cheeks, over my lips, into my mouth. I almost choked on my screams, "OOWWWWW" the sear in my loins was unbearable, I want to scream and beg for mercy, but I could not allow myself to shame My Master!

"OOWWWWWW" Please, Please, Please!!!!"Crack", "OOWWWWWWWWWW!!

I couldn't breath, I couldn't think!!!!

He was behind my again, I cried as he touched my swollen, wanting, needing clit and I came with a moan that was heard throughout the world….

After I had been untied, he held me in his arms as I cried.

I whimpered softly, Thank You Master, Thank You…

He pulled my face up to look at him and as I looked into his mesmerizing hazel eyes I knew I belonged to Master Andrew.

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