christmas surprise  

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6/1/2006 5:53 pm
christmas surprise

The sun is streaming through the trees. I peered through my 'hiding' place looking out at him. Sigh, he's so strong, so handsome, so sweet. There he is, my lover, my teacher, my master... I can feel myself getting wet, just by looking at him, thinking of his lovely big cork.. hmm. I want to eat him right now. I just want to... but "stop it girl! you're got things to do right now, " I thought to myself, as I moved towards him making sure that
there was absolutely no one around us. It was a rather secluded area, but just to be sure.
He's sitting there by the river, water flowing so quietly, lapping at the rocks. I crept up behind him, marveling at his strong, strong muscles, I can't wait to put my hands around him. I can't wait to feel his strong hands
on me. I reached behind him and put my hands over his eyes, whilst putting my lips against his ears. 'Merry Christmas sir... " I cooed softly into his ears whilst I pressed my naked body against him. He could feel my breast squashed against his back. He smiled his thanks to me. I brought out the silk hanky I had with it and tied it around sir's eyes... a pity, 'coz he has such beautiful eyes. He kept his hands by his sides, as per our
agreement. Today, I had full control. Sir agreed that I could do anything to him, and to prove my love for him, I wanted to ensure that he had the best present ever given to him. I wanted to bring him to the apex of pleasure.

I held his face in my warm hands, letting my hands wander all over his face, running my fingers stroke his cheeks, down his nose... I licked my finger, and then let it trail the outline of his lips. Softly, I lifted my face next to his, drinking in the smell of him. First I placed soft kisses all over his face, his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, just stopping at his mouth. I wanted to savor the moment when I could kiss his lips. I moved to his ear, softly blowing into his ears, and then nibbling at his lobes. I know he loves it. I allow my tongue to flicker ever so lightly, out to give his inner ear just a tiny little lick. Just to tease sir. I moved back to his face, sticking out my tongue, I run it lightly across his face, to the other side and treated his other ear the same way. Nibble, nibble, nibble. I moved down his strong neck, kissing and licking at every nook. I moved my wet
tongue down and across. My nimble fingers swiftly moved to the buttons on his shirt and then slide his shirt off. I brushed my lips against his nipples before taking it into my mouth...sucking at it. I have his whole
nipple deep in my mouth, and then using just the tip of my tongue, brushed lightly back and forth against the tip of his nipple. Then alternating between sucking and licking. I moved onto the next nipple.

I moved my hands down his strong abs... oh what a beautiful body he has. Again, the buttons were in the way again. I stood him up so that I can release him from his pants. Ahhh, at last, his big gorgeous cock springs out to view. I had to muster all my strength not to touch it. I so wanted to...I gently laid Sir down on the bank, the hot sun shining warmly onto our bodies. Silently, I took the sponge I had with me, and dipped it into the
river, soaking it with the cool water. Raising it high over Sir's body, I let the first drop dripped down, waiting for his first involuntary reaction. As soon as the cold water dropped onto his nipple, I covered it with my warm
mouth, sucking it gently. I continued to do this, dripping the cool water all over his body, but avoiding his cock.

But I couldn't stay away any longer. And with the quivering of his cock, I could see that Sir was straining for some attention there. I knelt down between his legs first kissing his thighs moving slowly towards him. With a
big sigh of relief, I bent down and took his right ball into my mouth first. Savoring the taste of him. I licked his balls thoroughly wetting it. Hmmm, Sir's cock is so hard, it pointed straight out. It is so big. I ran my tongue up the stem of his prick, feeling the bursting veins against my stiffen tongue. I ensured my tongue was very wet. I stopped to nibble at the underside of his head. Gawd, I'm so wet. His cock is so delicious. I moved
away for a second so that I can take in the beautiful sight. I then positioned it directly above his cock, and forming a big "O", I moved it directly down his cock in my smooth move, until his head bumped against the
back of my throat. I moved slowly up again, making sure that my mouth is wet and warm. I moved it down again, but this time, I relaxed the back of my throat, and then I swallowed him, I had the whole of his cock in me. There, I twirled my tongue around his base. I continued to do that for a few strokes. I also constricted my throat muscles when I had him whole in me, so that it felt like I was 'clamping' down onto his penis. With my fingers, I moved to slowly massage with balls. I wanted to lick at his balls again, so I moved downwards, but not before my fingers took over my mouth, and began to pump Sir's pulsating cock. I concentrated on rubbing just the tip of his head. And then I hear that all familiar sound, with the stirring of his balls. I knew he was going to come, I pumped even harder, whilst using my tongue to lick and suck hard on just the tip of the head, and occasionally sliding his whole cock into my mouth, fucking it hard. Soon, I was rewarded, Sir came in my mouth. He came and came, and I swallowed it all, not spilling a single drop.

Part 2

I let You recover and then slowly led you back to the house, where your next surprise awaited. You are still blindfolded and I carefully lead you to the bedroom. I laid you down onto the bed, and with the restrains that I had already placed there before, I tied your hands up. "relax, Sir, plse" I whispered into your ears. I went into the bathroom where I prepared the basin of warm water, placing a few drops of lavender oil into it, and brought both the basin and oil out together with a sponge. You felt the warm sponge run all over the body, whilst I washed you down. Then you heard me pour some oil onto my hands and then you feel me rubbing my hands all over your body, kneading your muscles... but what's this? You feel another pair of hands? Yes, sir... your other surprise.. Another girl to service you. With our oily hands, we covered your whole body with the aromatic oil, kneading your tired muscles. After we had completely massaged you, we sat you up and then removed your blindfold, so that you can see what we have in store for you.

Knowing that you can't move, Sue and I moved towards each other. Our hands exploring each other. I was so hot from handling you that I needed someone, anyone! to touch me. I wished it were you, but that wasn't to be anytime soon yet. I kissed Sue hard, sticking my tongue in hers whilst seeking hers desperately. She understood my needs and pushed right back. Then she stopped and turned me so that I faced you. Stretching my hands and legs out she quickly tied them to the rings that were placed strategically so that I was spread out like an X in front of you. She rubbed her hands with the oil, and, then standing behind me, proceed to coat my whole body with it. Making sure, my large breast were so well oiled that it glistened. She knew where
and how to touch me. Teasing me. She made me look into your eyes... so you can see the emotions that run within me... the love that I have for you, my desire to have you so much, the pleasures and pain that she will force upon me. She ran her hands across my bare pussy. I was so so very wet. She knew, but yet, did not give me what I want yet. She brushed against my clit once, and ran her fingers lightly against the lips of my cunt, just to check how wet I was. She stuck her finger right up, bringing a sharp gasp of surprise and relief from me.. but that was short lived, 'coz she withdrew. She just wanted to show you how wet I was.... She went round to you, lightly wiped her wet finger across the head of your cock...teasing you, rubbing your head
with the wetness from me. She bent down to lick off the mixture of me and your pre-cum from your little slit, giving you a tiny suck too.

She took up the belt, your belt and walked behind me. With a quick snap of her wrists, she brought the belt across my bum. "Crrraaaaaaaaack". Ohhhhhh, I started a bit, but the restrains held me. I stared straight into your eyes, allowing you to drink in the pain and also the pleasure that is apparent on my face. I opened my mouth to let my breath rush out, as the next strap fell. A few more times, it fell on me. When my bum was well striped, she released me of my bonds, and bent me over the bed, so that my face was at your crotch. I needed no further encouragement, and took you once again in my mouth, relishing at having you again, being able to touch you again. Sue continued to spank me some more. As you're still sitting up, you had a great view of my upturned bum, and what Sue was doing to me... she spread my legs wide and began to touch me. Oh yeeeesss it feels so good. She flicked at my clit and spread my lips, marvelling at my wet, drenched pussy and the heat from the spanking. She buried her face into my pussy, drinking my juices. I moaned loudly, despite have your huge cock in my mouth. Oh, I'm so hot. I pumped my mouth up and down your cock furiously. I rocked my hips, oh Sir, she's pumping me with three of her fingers whilst sucking at my clit. Oh yes, hmmmmmmm I'm going to cum. She sensed it and moved her left hand to my anus, and slipped her thumb in. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sirr. My first orgasm ran through me so strongly, but I did not let go of you.

Sue stopped after my orgasm died down. I would have protested, but I did not want to stop sucking your cock. I needed you so much. Sue came up and joined me. At first, I didn't want to share you with her, she moved down to your balls and licked at them whilst I had every inch of you deep in my throat. Using her fingers, she spread your thighs wider, so that she could get to your little anus. She rimmed you with that perky little tongue of hers, whilst I alternate sucking gently and then harder, using my mouth to create a vacuum. She moved up and I had to share you. We licked up and down your strong trunk. I sucked on your head whilst she concentrated on your stem. You moaned your appreciation. We spent a long time pleasing you; 2 mouths
and 4 hands, enjoying the taste of you.

But after a while, I just needed you inside of me. I left her at your cock and moved up, looking you in your eyes. I knew you felt the same way too. I kissed you on your lips, desperate to feel you. I released your bonds and immediately you drew me in your arms and held me tight against your chest. You lifted me up and brought me just above your erect, wet cock. I looked at you and said "yes, sir, yes plse, I want you so much.' With that, you drove right into me in one swift move. I screamed my delight. Oh you feel so so good inside of me. I missed you so much. Sue had moved down and continued to lick and suck us, especially your heavy balls. You pounded into me, driving me towards my orgasm. Oh gawd, Sue's spreading my cheeks apart, I can't see what she's doing.... Hmmmmmm can you feel my pussy getting tighter? That's 'coz she's just pushed a vibrator up my anus. Can you feel it through the thin wall that separates my pussy and rectum? Oh I'm so filled up, yes yes, I'm going to cum again, pound harder into meeeee. Oh... thank you sir.

After my orgasm subsided, we switched places. We laid Sue on her back so that you can enter her. She spread her beautiful long legs wide, and I guided your big cock into her tight pussy. I rubbed her erect clit, making her squirm with delight. With you pounding hard at her and me stimulating her clit, she came quickly! She was thrashing about the bed. I climbed up and sat on her face, facing you. I do so love her tongue. Oh yes, she's really good. I watched you watching her, eating my pussy, her tongue licking at my clit, and then thrusting deep into my hot wet pussy. I kneaded her huge beautiful breast. You joined me, grabbing her breasts with your fingers. I reached over to touch you, I pulled you to me, to kiss you. Your tongue explored my mouth hungrily. Oh that sweet girl, she's coming again..... you could hear her screaming into my pussy... that set all of us off. I knew you were going to come very very soon. I quickly got off her. I want you to come in our mouths. You pulled out of Sue and we both reached for you immediately. We pumped you hard, I sucked at your head whilst Sue was at your balls. You exploded, your cum spurting all over our faces and mouths.

Merry Christmas, Sir... I love you so much....

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