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6/5/2006 5:09 pm
as time goes by

Mistress Nancy occasionally bound and blindfolded me, always made me drink her urine during our sessions, but no one else's. Again, Nancy's urine had a flavor all of its own. Just as Mistress Nan was obsessed with having her feet serviced, Nancy was obsessed having all her urine ingested. She once told me that since she was a teenager she never flushed her urine down a toilet. She would either have a slave drink it on the spot or she would save it. More than once she would hand me a glass of her urine just as I entered her house and have me drink it. Her husband usually drank her urine between sessions but sometimes he could not handle it all. Mistress Nancy's urine also had a very sweet taste. Another of Mistress Nancy's fetishes were her ankles. She loved to have her ankles and heels sucked and licked. Mistress Nancy also had her husband make videos of many of our sessions, which she sold. Videos always included other male and female slaves and Mistresses. The first adult cock I ever sucked was forced upon me by Nancy. I also experienced my first encounter with black male and female slaves, and black Mistresses and Masters.

Almost every session ended the same way. I would lie on my back while Nancy sat on my face facing my feet. She would then have a slave suck me off giving specific instructions on how to hold and lick and suck my penis. I never saw who did it but I am sure it often was her husband because once she gave me a double sized shot glass full of a liquid she told me was her husband's cum and that turn about was fair play. She had told me to savor and appreciate the taste because it took her husband two weeks to fill the eight-ounce glass. She had me hold the last mouth full for about fifteen minutes before I was to swallow. Nancy always got very excited sitting on my face while watching someone suck me off. Nancy was obsessed with cum. Eventually she would only see her slaves if they collected a 6 oz container of cum. Depending on her mood the slave would have to drink anywhere from nothing to as much as a full eight ounce glass of cum. She once showed me her cum collection which she kept in the freezer. She said she also spreads it on her face to give herself smooth skin. She did have the smoothest skin I have ever felt. She said her goal was to have a cum drinking contest and see how long it would take a slave to drink a quart of cum.

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