and like an angel flew down into my world  

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6/1/2006 5:35 pm
and like an angel flew down into my world

The decision to stay at the Goodwood Park was a great idea. You return in the late afternoon and find me sitting in the open window over looking the garden. The expression on your face warns me you have to spend the evening with business again. Kissing me hello you go the mini bar and drag out a can of Tiger. You look hot and tired. Unbuttoning your shirt you grimace slightly as you realise the air conditioning is off. Apologetically I close the window and press the button to re start it again.
Moving to stand behind you as you sit down on the chair next to the desk after shrugging off your shirt. My fingers rest gently on your shoulders, increasing the pressure slowly. Moving my hands with gentle movements I begin to slowly massage your neck and shoulders. The soft groan of pleasure you give makes my insides turn over. I let the rush from that slowly bleed through me and feel the dragging weight slow time for us.

You pull back regretfully and shake your head.

“I have to go out,” you say quietly.

My disappointment must show for you hug me close and then chuckling you say “I still have to shower, you could scrub my back?” you say in such an innocent voice.

Dragging me by the hand you go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. What the hell, anything is better than nothing I decide and follow you unresistingly. You strip and step under the spray, turning and smiling. As I move to unbutton the thin cotton dress you stop me. You grab my hand and haul me under, dress and all.

Gasping and laughing at the same time I put my face into the water and let it run over me. You kiss me as the cotton melts against my body under the warm spray, reaching for the buttons and opening it. Letting the weight of the water drag it off my body to fall unnoticed at our feet.

“Wash me slave,” you whisper as you lift your lips off mine.

Reaching for the body wash I squeeze some of the gel into my hand and begin to rub it over your skin, your chest and shoulders.

Your belly that moves as I splay my fingers and move the thickening foam over you in circles. Lazy circles, hypnotised now by my task. As I begin to reach lower you turn, laughing slightly at my frustrated giggling growl. My hands trace the foam over your back, massaging and rubbing up onto your nape so your head moves back. Your wet hair, down again over your ass, your thighs. Lowering myself to scrub your thighs and calves. You turn and we both stop.

I reach for you, you stop me with your hand and draw me up into your arms. Kissing me hungrily now. I know this will be quick, it has to be. Hands reaching for me, grasping and holding. Fingers, stroking, caressing, probing until I am breathless. Your mouth on my breasts and throat. Both of us intent on release.

You enter me, thrusting hard, fast. Driving the air from my lungs as I feel myself opening and closing around you. Moaning as I feel your fingers at my ass. Slick with the foam, entering, probing.

A fast racking orgasm, intense. I feel and hear you coming as the water continues to stream over us.
Now I do wash you and follow you in a towel back into the bedroom. You ask if I will go out now that you have to go out with your colleagues. Shaking my head I say no, I am going to sit and watch some Cantonese soap operas and just chill out for this evening. You pause while buttoning your shirt and smile slowly.
“Or..?” you pause, smile widening further.

You tie the ropes with such care, two loops in my pussy. Tight. The rope bra. Then carefully you tie my wrists behind and join them to my ankles. Not as tightly as a hogtie but tight enough to restrict movement. You turn on the television and smile

“Cantonese soap opera?”

Then you go to your briefcase and take out the ring gag and kiss me once, hard and deep before gagging me.
You switch off the lights and take the do not disturb sign in your hand. There is a knock at the door, your colleagues.

“Coming,” you call.

Only I hear the whispered addition before you close the door

“And you will baby, later,”

Hours will pass, you will be a little drunk when you get back, drunk and happy. Happy at the thought perhaps of coming back to the bound and helplessly waiting slave……

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