Tales From The South  

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7/5/2006 6:28 pm
Tales From The South

I wasn't expecting my personal slave boy to be late, I had distinctly told him seven. I wanted Nick to be dressed and ready, looking deliciously seductive by seven thirty. It was five of seven now. Phil would be here for his very first session with me at seven thirty sharp. I had only teased Phil the night before in the bar, rubbing him between his legs with my Sharp, Stiletto Heels. I made him cum in his pants while all his friends watched! It was fun for me, and for Phil, and for everyone else watching. I controlled him with High Spiked Heels and he obeyed my evey wish. He was twenty seven, with a High Heel fetish he couldn't ignore.. A rather nice young man who was very submissive in nature. However, he had no idea what games I had in store for him tonight! He would be no newbie to the submissive world when I was done with him!
He had to be fantisizing about tonight. Hmmm, I'll have to ask him what he thinks is going to happen to him, when he arrives. First and foremost, when he sees me his heart will lodge in his throat. I know how to make first impressions! His first sight of me in full fetish gear and make up, will make his cock hard instantly. The thought of a tent comes to mind. This developes a desire to serve me in any fashion I desire. Control is instantaneous. I'll make him beg and plead for his punishment and teasing. His begging will be responded to at my leisure, when I see fit! After all, a man with a High Heel fetish can be made to do anything. Keep showing him your sexy Stiletto Heels. Keep asking him, "Do you like my High Heels, slave? Do you think they make my legs look sexy?" When you see his excitement, ask him this question twice. The first time: "Do you think my Heels will make men's cocks hard?" His will certainly be! Then he'll say, "Yes Mistress!" Then you add just one little word to that question. "Do you think they'll make men's cocks REALLY hard?" That's when I begin to rub a Spiked Heel slowly and sensually, like I was gently stroking a hard penis. Up and down the heel I slide my fingers, moaning to myself, while telling the sub how much it feels like a dripping, deliciously hard cock. I tell him how I penetrate myself with the Heel sometimes, then call for my foot boy to finish me. How my foot boy does that, remains Mistresse's inner secret.

Chimes! It was the doorbell. It's my slave boy at one minute to seven. When he's late, he enjoys the discipline I give him a little too much. That is the only reason that I worry about him being late. His name is Nick, or Nicki, when we play out our fetish games with people. Twenty two years old and dedicated to the submissive lifestyle he's chosen and loves. He absolutely worships me and does everything I demand of him. You will understand more about Nicki as my story continues.

"It's a special night for you, Nicki dear. You will be a Dominant Female this evening. A beautiful, sexy, high heeled bitch, that will make my new sub do things he never imagined. Pretend you're me, Nicki. You like it when I tell you to do that, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress, it excites me a lot, I worship you and the power you have over men." Nicki's smiling now. "May I wear your knee high boots, Mistress? The black ones with the thin sexy Heels?"

"You may wear anything of mine you wish, Nicki darling, just make yourself as irresistable as you can."

"I'll do more than that," he answered, then Nicki disappeared into my eloquent dressing room. It only took him twenty minutes, at the most, before he came out and posed for me. "Will this be all right?" He was stunningly sexy. Any lesbian would have drool on her chin at the sight of him!

"Yes, yes indeed Nicki, that's great! You look like a vixen in heat. Your make up is perfect, dear, just don't let your red lips fade. Apply the lipstick in friont of him, make him watch as he plays with himself. That short red leather skirt makes your ass irresistable. The black garters and fishnets will do the trick on him honey, nothing missing there. Those knee high boots of mine make you Dominant, and use the heels on him dear, he'll love it! Oh, and don't forget to tape your dick back underneath you. No, wait! I'll do it for you, I'll tape it back tight and hard, just the way you like me to do it. I don't want him to suspect a thing until I'm ready to make him cum."

I rubbed my bright lips all around Nicki's penis before taping it back. It had my red lipstick all over it, then I pulled and taped it back as tightly as it could be taped. Nicki yelled out just a little, but he loved it. The harder I pulled it back, the harder his penis became. I taped it while it was still hard, to give him a some room after the swelling died down. I was ready now, Nicki looked fabulous, and Phil would be here any minute. Phil knocked on the door lightly. I had Nicki open it and escort him in. I could tell from across the room, sitting behind a hanging veil, that Nicki had already excited him! Phil kept staring at Nicki's legs and boots from the couch where Nicki had him sit. Nicki sat in a chair directly opposite him, turning his ankles from side to side so that Phil could watch his hard thin Heels. They did not go unnoticed. Phil was absolutely lost in his own lust and passion. Good! That, was just the way I wanted him....

It was at that very moment I walked into the room and kissed Nicki firmly on the lips. Bright red to bright red. Then I put my hand down between Nicki's legs, as he began to rub my black leathered breast. Then we stopped. I looked back at Phil and locked my eyes on him. He could not believe what he was seeing, and he could not believe how sexually alluring I was in my Fetish Gear. Nicki retreated to the floor, by my side. He continued rubbing his fingers between his legs in anticipation. As if he were a female masturbating, while watching our interplay.

"You look beautiful and sexy Mistress," Phil said to me. "And why do you say that Phil?" I lit a cigarette and placing it between my moist, red lips. "Is it my black leather skirt, Phil, is that what it is?" I was toying with him now. "Yes," he answered indirectly. "Is it my sexy, shiny leather corset, with my hard nippled tits sticking out at you? Is that what it is Phil?"

"Yes, that too," he answered. "That leather corset makes your tits look so incredibly sexy"

"Would you like to suck on them? My nipples are sooo hard, because you made them excited Phil"

"Oh, Yes. I would love it! Now?"

"No, not right now. First I want you to do a little favor for me, it won't take too long and you'll love it! Your cock will feel like exploding, then I'll get my chance to watch you. You know, Phil, like you watched my girlfriend and I kissing and rubbing each other?" Phil was so hot now, he could have cum a thousand times.

"First thing I want you to do, Phil, is to take off all your clothes and sit here on the floor in front of me. Lay your cock out across your open hand but don't you dare grab it! Keep your open hand up against it at all times, until I give you permission to squeeze it. Do you understand me Phil?" He shook his head. "Good Boy Philip, you listen well. Now Do It!"

Within seconds, Phil was sitting on the floor at my feet. He was naked with his hard cock in his hand. It was very hard and leaking. I was wearing my long leather gloves, black of course, holding a lit cigarette between the fingers of my left hand. My eyes were heavy with black liner, and my purple eye shadow made me look like a wild animal. Bright red lipstick is a constant turn on to men. I always wear it and apply it frequently. Black garters with long silk stockings made my legs look irresistable. More alluring than they are already! I had purposely left my Spiked fetish Heels in the closet. Later, I would make Phil clean them for me with his tongue. Only then would I allow him to slide them on my beautiful feet, one Heel at a time.

With Phil sitting on the floor in front of me, cock in hand, Nicki came over to him and started rubbing his hand lightly up and down Phils overly excited cock. He would rub it until Phil would almost cum. Then he'd stop. Nicki would lick the cum off the tip of Phil's penis with his tongue and red lips. As he did this for the third time, Nicki slipped a lubricated finger in Phil's ass and began to move it in and out very slowly. Phil was lost in absolute joy, he loved it! Nicki kept licking his cock with his expert tongue and fucking Phil's ass with his finger.

"Stop! That's enough," I shouted. Nicki went back to a chair in the far end of the room. He wanted to do more to him.

"Now Phil, I want you to go over to the closet and bring me my Stiletto Heels, NOW! "Yes Mistress, right away." He came back with my six inch Heels in seconds. "You love it when I wear these Phil, I know it. The Heels are like very hard cocks, don't you think so? When I rub my fingers up and down them, like this, it gets me so horny and wet, Phil. You know, I really shouldn't be telling you all this, it's kind of personal."

"Yes, you should, you can trust me! I love to listen to you when you tell me sexy secrets. I love watching High Heels on your feet," he answered. "I could watch your beautiful legs and Erotic Heels forever, and never grow tired of it."

"Now," I ordered, " slide them slowly off my feet, one at a time, then clean them both with your tongue in every part and opening. Make sure you don't miss the very dirty soles. I walk on the streets in them. If you fail to clean them thoroughly I will whip you as hard as possible!"

As Phil slid them slowly off my feet, he became more excited than even I could believe! "Quick Nicki," I ordered, "come over here and tie up his cock so he won't cum before I'm finished with him." Nicki took a thick elastic band and criss crossed it around Phil's balls, then double looped it tightly around the base of his cock. "There, that problem is over," I said. "Thank you Nicki." With Phil's cock and balls tied, I could now tease him as much as I wanted, with no possibility of him cumming to soon. Then, before I allowed him to begin cleaning my Spikes, I snapped nipple clamps on him and he loved them. "Now, Phil, clean my Heels!"

He licked and kissed them, and cleaned their soles impeccibly. He was running his tongue up and down the shiny Heels when I made him stop. "Now Phil, slide the Heels back on my feet, slowly." He did just as he was told. "I want you bent over, worshipping at my feet. Do not stop licking and kissing my feet and Heels at any time. Nicki will play with you while you're doing this for me. You are to allow Nicki to do anything to you, do you understand me Phil?"
"Yes, I want to worship at your Heels, and you can have Nicki do whatever she wants to me, I'll love it."

Nicki came over as Phil licked my Heels, and began rubbing the hard stems of his boot heels against Phil's cock. I was now whipping Phil's ass with my riding crop. His ass began to grow red as I continued the whippings. The more I lashed him with my crop, the harder Nicki rubbed him with his Boot Heels, the harder Phil would be licking and sucking on my Six Inch Stilettos!

I looked over at Nicki and nodded. While Phil's eyes remained glued to my Heels, as was his tongue, Nicki slid the hollow strapon dildoe over his own cock and proceeded to rub gobs of lubricant on it where Phil could see him. Nicki was stroking it slowly for Phil, who still thought Nicki was a very sexy girl! Nicki went behind Phil and penetrated his ass, pushing the dildoe slowly in. In went in so easily! In only a few moments, Nicki was fucking Phil up the ass, in and out, faster and faster, and pushing it in deeply with each thrust of his hips. Phil was literally consuming my High Heels now, as excited as he has ever been in his life. I jabbed, and nearly embedded a Heel into Phil's stomach, as Nicki reached under him and unwrapped Phil's cock. Now Phil had my permission to masturbate all over my Spiked Heel. He began to jerk on his cock furiously over my Heel. Nicki had taken off the dildoe, replacing that with his own cock now deep inside Phil's ass. Phil felt the difference, and he moaned with pleasure. The faster Nicki kept thrusting his cock in and out, the harder Phil would be rubbing his own. Then Nicki pushed hard into Phil's ass, filling him up completely with a huge load of cum. Some was still dripping from Phil's ass! Cum starting spurting from the head of Phil's cock, and it continued spurting all over my Spiked Heel and stockinged foot. There was cum all over my Heel and shoe! Finally, the last of it was running down the length of his own cock.

Phil was slumped over and exhausted, and Nicki was completely satisfied. God, he still looked so sexy. "Phil, I said, you're not done yet."

"Yes Mistress. What would you like from me?"

"You're to lick all of your own cum off my Heels, Shoes, and stocking feet. Every last gob of it, NOW!" Phil was licking his own cum off my Spiked Heel and foot for a good twenty minutes. I made him swallow it too. He was becoming aroused again. "No Phil, this session is over. Here Phil, wear these panties of mine for three days, then return them to me at seven thirty on the third night. Put them on now Phil. Leave your underwear here."

Phil slid my panties on over his penis and an erection occurred immediately. I knew what to do with him next. Nicki could teach him everything, about stockings, High Heels, Boots and make up. Phil would learn willingly how to make men's cocks very hard. Then he would learn what to do with them after that! On his way out, I lifted up Phil's shirt, high enough to expose his bare back. Then I kissed him on the mouth with my bright red lips, and with my right hand, I scraped him down the length of his back with one of my long sharp Heels. It hurt him, I could tell. Then he seemed pleased. "That will surely give you something to remember me by," I whispered to him. "I know THAT will still be there in three days! See you then Phil, Goodbye."

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