Something In Common  

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7/5/2006 6:05 pm
Something In Common

There was a knock at the apartment door. Leah opened the door to find a tall, tanned man standing there, wearing overalls and carrying a tool-bag.
"I come to fix light", he said with a definite Spanish accent.

"Oh", said Leah, remembering the broken kitchen light and opening the door wide. "Come in".

He smiled at her as he entered the apartment, closing the door behind him.

"It's just through here", pointed Leah, leading the way.

The man followed her to the kitchen area, then he lunged forward and clamped his hand over her mouth from behind. Leah tried to call out, but the hand was tight against her face so her voice couldn't be heard. She clawed at the hand covering her mouth but he was very strong and didn't budge.

He spoke softly but firmly into her ear, "You no make a sound".

Leah continued trying to fight the man as he walked her forward and pushed her against the kitchen table, setting his tool-bag down on a nearby chair. He kicked her feet apart so her legs were spread and pinned her to the table using his body, his hand still covering her mouth. He ran his free hand up her thigh to her panties, lifting her dress as he went. Leah could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against her backside. She tried to push him away from her, tried to cover herself again with her dress, but she couldn't.

He trailed his hand back down her thigh, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a flick-knife. Leah heard the click as the blade was revealed and she froze in fear. He scraped the knife up her thigh, pushing it under the side of the waistband of her panties when he reached them. With one quick movement he sliced through the thin material, exposing part of her ass. She squealed as he cut her panties, and he pushed her harder against the table, angrily growling, "No sound!". He moved the knife to the other side of the waistband, cut the material and roughly pulled the ruined panties through her legs. Leah moaned and then blushed, embarrassed that the sensation had turned her on.

He placed the knife back in his pocket but kept the panties in his hand, raising them to his nose and inhaling her womanly scent. In a very swift movement he removed his hand from her mouth, grabbed hold of her hair and sharply pulled her head back. While he did this he brought the panties up close to her face, and when she opened her mouth in shock at her head being pulled back he shoved the tattered panties deep inside.

Leah was horrified that he had gagged her with her own panties, she tried to remove them but he was too quick and had replaced his hand over her mouth in a flash. He now moved her slightly so that he could reach into his tool-bag for a roll of sticky tape. He managed to pull some of the tape from the roll, which he stuck to her face before moving his hand and wrapping the tape across her mouth and several times around her head. Leah tried to pull the tape off her mouth, but there was so much of it that she didn't have a chance.

Satisfied that he had silenced her, he grabbed her wrists and held them behind her while he pondered how to restrain her arms effectively. She struggled wildly as she knew that she would be completely helpless without the use of her hands, but he was much stronger than her and held her with ease.

He pushed her over the table and pinned her wrists against her back with one hand while he rummaged in his tool-bag with the other, eventually producing a length of rope which he used to bind her wrists behind her. He relaxed a little now as he had the use of both his hands while she had none free to try and attack him with. Her muffled whimpers conveyed the helplessness she felt at the hands of this beast of a man.

His hands began to explore her body further while she was in such a vulnerable position. He felt from her knees up to her thighs, lifting her dress and tucking it up past her hands, safely out of the way. He roughly squeezed her pale ass cheeks, then reached a hand through her legs to find her clitoris. She tried to verbalise her disagreement and fought frantically to escape the invasion of her private area. He gave her ass a few hard slaps, the loud sound echoing around the apartment. Leah got the message and stilled herself, her ass now
warm and stinging.

He replaced his hand between her legs and located her little nub of pleasure. Leah moaned now in arousal as he slowly rubbed her clit. He pushed a finger through the moist folds of her sex and chuckled when he discovered how wet she was. Leah felt ashamed at becoming excited by the way she was being treated,
and humiliated that he knew how much her juices were flowing.

He continued to work on her pussy with one hand, his other hand now unzipping his trousers to release his hard cock. Removing his hand from between her legs, he placed one hand on her back while using the other to guide his rigid manhood into her sopping wet hole.

Leah whimpered as she was filled by his hardness, unable to stop the violation by this stranger. She wriggled beneath him as his member pushed further inside her, stretching her wide. He began a slow rhythm of in and out, in and out, grunting on every stroke. He reached around to find her clitoris once more and rubbed it as he pumped into her.

Leah's moans were almost constant as she was taken from behind against her will, her orgasm building steadily. He quickened the pace of his fucking of her, slamming into her pussy with a certain urgency. He began ranting in Spanish as he further increased the speed of his thrusts. Leah couldn't understand what
he was saying, but she guessed from his fevered actions that he was almost ready to cum.

His voice became louder and his thrusts became faster still, until he shouted out as he shot his creamy load into her. Feeling the man cum inside her drove Leah over the edge and she joined him in orgasm, her gag holding in her cries. She laid slumped against the table, still held in place by the man's now flaccid cock inside her.

After a few minutes recovering, when his breathing had returned to normal, he withdrew from her and replaced his manhood in his trousers. He stood for a moment considering his next move, still pressing Leah firmly down onto the table with his hand on her back.

When he had decided what to do with her next, he kicked a chair out from under the table. He took hold of her upper arms, lifted her up from the table and walked her over to the chair. Leah, still dazed by her orgasm, went without a fight and let the man guide her. He manoeuvred her arms behind the chair-back as he gently pushed her into a sitting position.

Confident that she wasn't in a fit state to go anywhere, he fetched his tool-bag from the other side of the table and set it down in front of Leah. He searched the bag for something to use to restrain her legs, finding some thick cord which he thought would do the job nicely. He tied the cord first around one ankle, then spread her legs wide and tied the other ankle in the same way, both to the rear of the chair.

Leah was more aware of her predicament now and he watched as she struggled against her bonds. He knelt in front of her and inhaled the musky scent of her womanhood, his hands reaching up to unbutton her dress. Fortunately for him, her dress had buttons all the way down the front, so access to her body would be
easy. Leah tried to pull away from him, she whimpered and whined but still he continued to undo her dress.

When he had opened her dress fully, he pushed the material to her sides and it hung across the back of the chair. She was now only clothed in a black lacy bra, and she looked down in horror as he cut through the front of it with his knife. Her breasts now hung freely, her body totally exposed to his gaze.

He squeezed her breasts roughly with his hands, pinching at her nipples and grinning as she winced in pain. He continued his assault on her nipples with one hand while the other reached down to her well-spread pussy lips, pinching and pulling at them despite her muffled protests.

He gathered some of her wetness onto his finger and now rapidly rubbed at her clit, her body shuddering due to the intense stimulation. Her breathing heavy, she groaned and whimpered her way to another orgasm, her ears ringing from its force.

Leah sat slumped in the chair, the seat now flooded with her juices. He fondled her breasts some more while she recovered from the effect of her powerful orgasm, then he pulled her chair across the apartment until it was opposite the front door. She didn't know what he had planned but she knew it wouldn't be good. She tugged at her bindings but they held her tightly in place.

Leah saw the man searching his tool-bag again and she whimpered pathetically, wondering what he had in store for her next. She looked up as he stood in front of her, a length of material clasped in his hands.

"I go now", he spoke softly, for the first time in ages. "I leave door open for someone to find you, k?".

The colour drained from Leah's face and she shook her head wildly from side to side. She would be mortified if someone else saw her like this, naked and spread on the chair. She protested as loudly as she could, and began to cry as he proceeded to blindfold her.

Robbed of her sight, Leah's sense of hearing was heightened. She heard the man pick up his tool-bag, heard his footsteps, then the door opened and his footsteps faded away. She was left exposed near the doorway, a light breeze reminding her of her nakedness as she waited to be found.

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damn you making some nice stories here ..are these actual events that happen to you or you just have a really imaginative mind that matches your body.example >> Good Enough anyways great reading once again , thanks !

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I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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