She Ain't Worth It  

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7/5/2006 6:02 pm
She Ain't Worth It

Holding his hard cock in her hand, Mistress Ivory looked into Mark’s dark blue eyes with her light green ones. The intensity of her stare only reinforced her dominance over him and the fact that he was indeed her property. “I own this cock, don’t I?”
Being gagged with a pink rubber ball, he could only nod his agreement.

“Yes, I do own your cock and your balls,” she said while continuing to stare intently and intensely at her submissive. She smiled upon seeing his submission to her reflected in his eyes. “Yes, you do know that I own you.”

He jumped and uttered a muffled moan as the black leather glove covering her hand stroked his diamond hard cock. He loved the feel of leather against his skin whether it was her gloved hand or the sting of her favorite flogger. He jumped again when she wiped the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He watched in fascination as she licked his pre-cum from the index finger of her leather glove.

“So tasty,” she offered. Watching his hard cock pulsate as it hovered just above his abdomen and pointed towards his chin, she added, “And so needy.” Taking his hard cock back into her gloved hand, she slowly stroked it while holding it loosely. Seeing his response, she said, “I bet you would love to cum for me.”

Mark eagerly nodded “yes” in agreement to her observation. He arched his body and moaned softly as he begged in the only way he could for his Mistress to let him cum.

“Not now, my pet.” Mistress Ivory continued to softly stroke his cock while looking at his bound balls. She could feel his hot cock pulsating in her hand as she skillfully kept him right on the edge of getting off.

In frustration, he continued to convey his urgent need for release by arching his body, flexing his cock and moaning as loudly as the ball gag would allow. He jumped as she once again wiped off his pre-cum. His gaze fell on her black leather bustier and the wonderful amount of cleavage it created as it supported and pressed her breasts together.

“Yes, you are so needy and your balls are about to burst,” she surmised. She was well aware of his eyes focusing on her breasts. She licked his pre-cum from the fingertips of the leather glove.

“True, Mistress,” he wanted to shout before begging her to let him cum. And if it weren’t for the gag, he would beg like the slut she had trained him to be. He would beg unabatedly and shamelessly. He strained against the bonds that held his naked body spread eagle on the bed while Mistress Ivory stroked his cock and made more and more pre-cum ooze from the tip.

While sitting on the edge of the bed, she leaned over and took his cock into her warm soft lips. With her lips around the tip, she squeezed the shaft and extracted all of the pre-cum she could from him. She enjoyed the taste almost as much as she enjoyed how he squirmed in reaction to her oral talents. She knew she could make him climax in an instant and thus treat herself to his wonderful tasting cum. She resisted the temptation. Letting his cock slip out of her mouth, she licked her lips.

He recoiled when she touched his balls. They were so sensitive after she had used a leather strap to tightly encircle the top of his scrotum and then separate his balls so that each one was visible beneath the surface of the skin of the scrotum and totally exposed for her use and pleasure. He moaned when she squeezed the left one and gave him a mild jolt of pain.

“My balls need some special attention,” she matter-of-factly informed him. She squeezed the left ball again to reinforce the fact that she owned it.

He watched as she left to get whatever she needed to give her balls some special attention. He loved how the black leather panties appeared to be molded to her luscious curves and how long and sleek the black high heels and black thigh top hose made her awesome legs appear. His eyes widened when he saw the riding crop and the electric fly swatter. Shit.

Slowly and deliberately, she moved the flap of the riding crop over his balls. She let his anticipation build. Then suddenly and without warming, she applied a sharp swat to his right ball.

Mark voiced his reaction as the pain moved from his ball to a place deep inside of him just behind his pubic bone. It hurt like hell. He so wanted to massage his ball and make it feel at least a little better. He jerked when the other ball was struck. Tears filled his eyes from the pain. He now wanted to beg her to stop, but couldn’t. His cock was becoming flaccid. He jerked as each ball was struck again.

She waited for him to recover. Then holding the flyswatter in front of his face, she let him hear her activate the switch. She saw the fear in his eyes. “I do enjoy using this so much,” she commented.

He realized that she was holding the button down and thus increasing the intensity of the jolt of electricity he would feel. Damn.

The arc of electricity moved from the flyswatter to his bound left ball with a sharp snapping sound. He bit into the ball gag as an intense jolt of electricity assaulted his jewels. Damn! Damn! He closed his eyes when he heard her activated the switch again. He waited for his cock and ball torture to continue. He didn’t have to wait too long. He strained against his bonds as the arc of electricity jumped from the flyswatter to his other ball. Ouch! Fuck me!

“I do own your cock and balls, don’t I?” Mistress Ivory questioned again.

Mark nodded his agreement. He waited for the pain to subside while she gently massaged his balls. He moaned his approval as a way of thanking his Mistress for the small amount of relief she was giving him.

“Yes, this feels so much better,” she said.

His cock started to become erect again and indicated his agreement with her assessment. He tensed when he heard the flyswatter being activated.

While stroking his now rock hard cock, she looked at his clamped nipples. Then touching the flyswatter to the tip of the crushed nipple, she continued his education. She smiled when he moaned over and recoiled to the shot of pain. By the time he had settled down, she had activated the flyswatter once again and immediately gave the right nipple a powerful jolt of electricity. “Equal treatment,” she informed him as he bit into the ball gag and strained again the leather cuffs that held him firmly to the bed.

“Please no more, Mistress,” he wanted to voice. He hoped the tears in his eyes would convey that message.

“I own these tits, too.” She smiled when he nodded his agreement. Then moving her fingers over the symbol of her ownership, his black leather collar, she added, “And I own you, my precious slut, all of you.”

He didn’t hesitate to nod his complete agreement. They had just celebrated their second anniversary of his being her collared submissive. He jerked in reaction to the pain as she made sure his butt plug was still full inserted into his ass.

“I own all of your holes. And all of your holes and all of you will be serving me and my guests tonight.” She gave him a wicked smile.

He looked into her green eyes with a look that told her that would indeed willingly serve her and her guests. He had made the promise to his Mistress in his collaring ceremony to serve her in any way she desired and he would keep that promise.

“Well, I think I have demonstrated that I do own you and all of your holes,” she stated.

Considering his training this afternoon with its mix of pain, pleasure and absolute control, he nodded his total agreement. He moaned when she pressed the butt plug into him while stroking his cock.

“I will control everything that you feel and experience." She skillfully coaxed his cock into a raging hard-on. “You are so hard and so needy," she observed with a sense of satisfaction.

His moans and his body language once again agreed with her assessment.

Deliberately, she stroked his cock and slowly brought him to the point of climaxing. Sensing his need, she ordered, “Cum for me. Cum, my slut.” She increased the speed with which she was stroking his pulsating and rock hard cock.

Her command, the butt plug and the wonderful touch of leather made it easy for him to obey. With curled toes, loud moans and straining against his bonds, Mark spewed forth an abundant amount of thick, rich, white and hot cum. He felt it landing on his abdomen as seven powerful and so satisfying ejaculations shook his body with an intensity of pleasure that only his Mistress could provide.

She continued to stroke his cock to make him squirm with pleasure. “Yes, your balls were about to burst,” she offered when she observed the abundance of his ejaculation. “I don’t want to waste a drop,” she said before leaning forward and lapping up his precious gift to her.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he tried to voice. He enjoyed her attentions. He moaned and jumped when she finally took his cock into her mouth and finished savoring the final drops of his cum. He continued to moan until she was finished. When she removed his gag, he said, “Thank you, Mistress. Thank you.”

“You will thank me, my pet,” she advised him while removing the leather strap from his balls.

“Anything you desire, Mistress.” He patiently waited for her to release him from his bonds. When his legs were freed, he flexed the knees and then stretched them out.

“My guests will be here in two hours,” she advised him while releasing his wrists. “I will expect you to be squeaky clean, properly dressed and prepared to serve all of their needs at that time.”

He massaged his wrists. “Yes, Mistress.” He paused, sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. “Properly dressed, Mistress?”

“Yes. I have laid out the items I want you to wear tonight. You will find them in your bedroom. And I expect you to pay careful attention to every detail in getting dressed just like I have trained you. I will not tolerate any sloppiness on your part. My guests deserve the best and they will get it.”

He noted the warning in her voice. “Yes, Mistress. I won’t disappoint you,” he promised.

“I have no doubt about that. Now, get moving. You’ll need the two hours to make yourself fully ready to serve me and my guests.” She watched as he left the dungeon. A smile appeared on her face as she considered her success in training him to be such a submissive slut. She knew that today's session had taken him into a very deep submissive mindset. "And when he finishes with his preparations, he'll be even more submissive and ready to serve me," she commented to herself. Then realizing what time it was, she added, “I have plenty to do myself."

* * * * *

Sitting in the tub filled with bubble bath and the aroma of lavender, Mark ran the razor over his legs before making sure his cock and balls were also shaved for his Mistress. Ever since being collared, he had been required to keep his armpits and everything below his waist shaved. Because he had no chest hair, it wasn't necessary to require that he shave his chest. "Perfect," he said while running his hand over his balls. He took a moment to enjoy the warmth of his bath before standing up and toweling off. As he looked into the mirror across from the tub, he admired his athletic body. Stepping out of the tub, he turned and placed his right foot on the edge of the tub. Taking a liberal amount of moisturizing cream, he massaged it into his leg. When he had finished with the left leg, he walked naked into the bedroom that he occupied when he was required to stay at his Mistress' house.

He gazed at the items he would wear that evening. Picking up the medium pink panties, he stepped into them. The cool sensation of the silky material felt good against his warm skin. He positioned his breasts with their pierced nipples in the cups of the pink pushup bra before returning to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, he smiled over the small amount cleavage the bra gave him. "So she wants Marcia to serve her tonight," he told the image in the mirror.

Marcia was Mark's feminine persona, a persona his Mistress had worked hard in developing and drawing out of him. He recalled how embarrassed and humiliated he had been the first time he was feminized by his Mistress. Over time, he had grown to appreciate expressing this side of himself. But it still embarrassed and humiliated him to do so. After all, he was a dominant force at work and quite the athlete at the gym. And tonight others would witness this very private side of who he was.

Taking care, he applied his makeup exactly as his Mistress had taught him to. When finished, he carefully examined himself in the mirror. His eyes were accented with black mascara and light blue eye shadow, the foundation hid the evidence of his beard as it covered up other flaws in his complexion and his lips were ruby red. After correcting a small flaw in the application of his lipstick, he turned sideways to the mirror to look at his figure. "Not bad." Locating the dark brown wig, he put it on and adjusted it for the proper fit. The soft hair of the wig reached half way down his back. As it caressed his back, it sent a shiver of erotic pleasure through him. He looked into the mirror and took pleasure from seeing the transformation from Mark to Marcia.

Returning to the bedroom, he put on black thigh high stockings over his well-developed and smooth legs. He purred as he ran his hands over his legs and the silky material of the stockings. He paused to enjoy the erotic sensation of the short pink silk slip as he lowered it over his body. After making sure the bodice fit perfectly over the cups of his bra, he put on the sheer pink satin blouse and buttoned up the back. Depending on your perspective, the hem of the black leather skirt was either half up or half down his thighs. Putting on the spiked black leather heels, he returned to the bathroom to make finally adjustments to his appearance. Carefully, he examined all aspects of his transformation. "Marcia, you are gorgeous," he finally told the image in the mirror when he was satisfied that every detail was perfect. Glancing at the clock, he realized that he had five minutes to spare. He returned to the bedroom and waited for his Mistress.

* * * * *

Mistress Ivory greeted her two guests dressed in a white leather bustier that accentuated her tan and fabulous looking breasts. A long white rayon skirt with a pleat cut almost to the top of her thigh allowed a seductive glimpse of her legs as she walked. The skirt also concealed her white leather thong. She carried herself with the grace and elegance of the perfect hostess. "Good evening."

"It's a perfect evening," shared Mistress Victoria, a long time friend of Mistress Ivory.

"I'll second that," shared Mistress Anne who was being mentored by Mistress Ivory. "I brought my submissive Jennifer with me just in case we need some additional entertainment."

Mistress Ivory looked at the college-aged red head that stood behind Mistress Anne with her eyes lowered. "Great." She smiled an evil smile.

"You look great," Mistress Anne offered as she looked at Mistress Ivory's assets while making her way into the house. She had Jennifer in tow with a leash attached to her collar.

"And so do you," replied Mistress Ivory.

"Kneel," Mistress Anne ordered.

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer immediately knelt at the feet of her Mistress. Her large, thick and hard nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her red blouse. With her knees spread, her short black skirt rode up and revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"She's my newest addition," announced Mistress Anne.

"Very nice," Mistress Ivory said.

After pinching Jennifer's nipples and eliciting a small moan of discomfort, Mistress Victoria said, "Yes, she is very nice. I'm glad you brought her." She stood up and smiled at Mistress Anne.

Mistress Anne smiled back. "She is here to serve," came the simple reply.

"Let’s go in to the living room and get comfortable," Mistress Ivory suggested. Since her guest knew the way, she purposely followed them into the living room so she could get a good look at Jennifer's ass as Jennifer followed Mistress Anne into the living room on all fours. She wasn't disappointed with the view. With the short skirt riding high on Jennifer's ass, she was able to appreciate how firm of an ass Jennifer had and enjoy a delightful view of the hairy slit between Jennifer's legs. Mistress Ivory smiled when she sensed an erotic feeling move through her as she watched the full lips of Jennifer's pussy move back and forth as Jennifer crawled behind her Mistress. She, too, was glad that Mistress Anne decided to bring Jennifer tonight. And she knew that Jennifer would indeed serve her later.

Sitting down on the sofa, Mistress Victoria crossed her long legs and adjusted the pleat of the long lavender leather skirt so as to offer the best view of her firm and black hose covered legs. "I'm looking forward to a great evening."

"And it will be," Mistress Ivory said. "It's going to be an awesome evening."

"Good," Mistress Victoria replied. She relaxed back into the sofa. With her black blouse unbuttoned to her navel, her silicon enhanced breasts were visible and overflowing the cups of her black leather bra.

"You have my attention," Mistress Anne said while indicating to Jennifer that she should sit at her feet.

"Make yourselves comfortable and I'll be right back," Mistress Ivory said.

"We will," shared Mistress Anne. She pulled her tight short black skirt down before settling back in the chair. Her firm, athletic legs were covered with dark black hose. Her Columbian blue blouse was buttoned to the neck, but it couldn't hide the fact that she possessed a fantastic pair of "D" cup breasts. She stroked Jennifer's hair and smiled as Mistress Ivory left the room.

"How new is Jennifer?" asked Mistress Victoria.

"She's been in training for eight months and I collared her last week," shared Mistress Anne.

"I see. And has she been used by others?"

"Not yet." Mistress Anne paused and considered the unspoken request. "Stand and present yourself to Mistress Victoria," Mistress Anne ordered.

"Yes, Ma'am."

Mistress Victoria watched as Jennifer with a great deal of poise moved from sitting at her Mistress' feet to a standing position. She noted Jennifer's nervousness as she moved to present herself to her.

Stopping in front of Mistress Victoria, Jennifer presented herself by spreading her legs and clasping her hands behind her back. She tensed slightly as Mistress Victoria leaned forward and ran her hand over her ass.

"The first time is always the most stressful," Mistress Victoria shared.

"For sure, Ma'am," agreed Jennifer. Knowing what her Mistress expected in terms of obedience, she nervously continued to offer herself to Mistress Victoria.

"Nice tight ass," commented Mistress Victoria.

"I like it a lot," shared Mistress Anne. She smiled as Mistress Victoria continued to examine Jennifer.

"Yes, I bet you do," commented Mistress Anne while her hand moved between Jennifer's legs. "Nice and taut thighs."

"Thank you, Mistress," Jennifer replied. Her heart was beating fast. She lightly bit her lip when Mistress Victoria's hand moved up her thigh, under her skirt and touched her sex. She moaned when Mistress Victoria pressed her fingers against her pussy and separated her vaginal lips.

"So wet," observed Mistress Victoria as her middle finger penetrated into Jennifer's hole.

"She never lacks lubrication," interjected Mistress Anne while she enjoyed watching another Domme use her submissive.

Jennifer licked her lips, closed her eyes and softly sighed as Mistress Victoria probed her pussy. "Yes." She spread her legs wider when Mistress Victoria inserted a second finger into her. Her level of arousal dramatically increased. She was surprised over how needy she was becoming at the hand of a stranger. She felt herself relax slightly.

"She is very responsive," Mistress Victoria shared when Jennifer begin to work her pussy on her fingers. "I bet she cums easily."

"Yes. And she's multi-orgasmic. I find that very helpful when I'm training her."

"I bet you do," answered Mistress Victoria while continuing to probe Jennifer's pussy. Skillfully, she used her knowledge of the female anatomy to move Jennifer towards an incredible need to climax.

While Mistress Victoria explored Jennifer's anatomy, Mistress Ivory inspected every detail of Mark's preparations to serve her and her guests. "I am pleased, Marcia," she finally commented as she continued to fine tune Mark's mindset that tonight he was going to express his feminine persona and only his feminine persona.

"I’m glad, Mistress." Even his voice had taken on a definite feminine quality, a quality his Mistress had worked hard at helping him develop.

"Yes, I am very pleased." Stepping behind Marcia, Mistress Ivory cupped her breasts.

Marcia felt her Mistress' breasts press into her back. She closed her eyes and enjoyed Mistress Ivory's soft touch as she gently kneaded her pierced nipples. "Thank you, Mistress," she whispered.

Using the nipple rings, Mistress Ivory twisted Marcia's nipples until she felt Marcia respond to the pain. "And who owns you, slut?"

"You do, Mistress."

Twisting the nipple rings even more, Mistress Ivory continued, "Yes, I do own all of you. And I will expect you to take care of all of my guests' needs tonight, no matter what they are. Understand?"

"I understand, Mistress." Marcia winced when Mistress Ivory twisted her nipple rings a little more to emphasis her expectations.


Marcia took a deep breath when Mistress Ivory released the nipple rings. As the stinging in her nipples disappeared, she wondered who the guests were and what needs they might have. She mentally prepared herself to serve her Mistress and her guests with unquestioned obedience. As her Mistress desired, she found herself progressing into an even deeper submissive mindset.

"My guests are waiting," Mistress Ivory said. "Follow me."

"Yes, Mistress." Marcia took a deep breath as she smoothed down the front of her blouse. Submissively, she followed her Mistress taking short steps in her high heels. She was pleased that she had practiced walking in her heels a lot lately. When she followed Mistress Ivory into the living room, she heard Jennifer begging to cum. When Mistress Ivory stopped to watch, Marcia stopped and glanced at the guests. She recognized Mistress Victoria but not the attractive woman she was being finger fucked or the other Domme.

"Please, Mistress, let me cum. Please," begged Jennifer. Her eyes became soft as her need to cum dominated her very being. "Please, Mistress," she continued while working her pussy on Mistress Victoria's fingers.

Marcia felt her cock twinge in the crotch of her panties. She identified with the urgency in Jennifer's voice. Her Mistress had often created inside of her that same intense feeling to cum. She watched in anticipation.

"Oh, Mistress, I need to cum. Please." As Jennifer looked into Mistress Victoria's eyes, her eyes pleaded for release too.

"Such a needy little slut," Mistress Victoria said. With four fingers pumping in and out of Jennifer's pussy, she reached up and found one of Jennifer's hard, thick nipples.

"Very needy, Mistress. Please, may I cum for you?"

Pinching the nipple and making the end turn white, Mistress Victoria commanded, "Cum for me, whore."

"Ohhhhh!" Jennifer said in reaction to the pain. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" she exclaimed as the shot of pain hurled her over the edge. With weak knees and incredible sensations of pleasure, she convulsed in the ecstasy of the climax she had been begging for. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssssssss!"

Mistress Victoria kept pinching Jennifer's nipples and thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy until Jennifer's body indicated its climatic spasms were totally spent. Offering her drenched fingers to Jennifer's lips, Mistress Victoria watched as Jennifer licked them clean. From the way Jennifer sucked on her fingers and used her tongue, Mistress Victoria surmised that Jennifer was very gifted in an oral sense. Maybe she would find out just how gifted Jennifer was, later.

"Thank you, Mistress," Jennifer finally uttered after thoroughly cleaning Mistress Victoria's fingers.

"I'm finished with you," Mistress Victoria indicated.

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer knelt and kissed Mistress Victoria's feet before crawling back to Mistress Anne.

"She is well-trained," Mistress Victoria commented.

"She has much more to learn, but she's doing well so far." Mistress Anne stroked Jennifer's hair to indicate her approval of her service to Mistress Victoria.

"Don't they all have so much more to learn," Mistress Victoria suggested with just a hint of sarcasm.

"Yes, they do," responded Mistress Ivory as she made her way to the loveseat.

Marcia wasn't surprised by Mistress Victoria's comment. From past experiences, she had learned that she was indeed very demanding. Taking a deep breath, she waited to find out what the evening held for her. Following her Mistress, Marcia caught the eye of Jennifer and gave her a slight smile. When her Mistress was seated, Marcia knelt at her feet and assumed the proper submissive position with her eyes lowered and knees spread wide.

Jennifer smiled back. Surveying Marcia's body, she wondered if playing with her was going to be part of the evening activities. Since she liked lean athletic bodies, she hoped so.

"Drinks?" asked Mistress Ivory after taking time to adjust the pleat of her skirt and thus seductively expose her great legs.

"White wine," answered Mistress Victoria.

"Same for me," replied Mistress Anne.

"Marcia, get my guests their drinks and I'll have some white zin."

"Yes, Ma'am." Marcia gracefully stood and left to get their drinks.

"She's looking very good tonight," Mistress Victoria commented. "I can't wait to get my hands on her," she added knowing full well what was tucked away in her panties.

Mistress Ivory smiled. "I know she is anxious to serve my guests and not just wine."

"That's music to my ears," indicated Mistress Anne. "And my little slut is also anxious to serve."

"And she will have her chance," voiced Mistress Ivory as she lustfully looked over Jennifer's body.

Marcia returned and knelt in front of Mistress Victoria. "Your drink, Ma'am."

"Thank you." She lifted the glass from the sterling silver tray. "When you are finished serving, I want you to return and kneel at my feet."

"Yes, Mistress." Kneeling in front of Mistress Anne, Marcia offered her a glass of wine. Furtively, she stole a glance of Jennifer's breasts. Their dark areola and hard nipples were readily visible through the sheer fabric of her blouse.

"Thank you, slut."

"Ma'am, your zin," Marcia said after kneeling before her Mistress. When the glass was removed from the tray, she stood up and set the tray aside before kneeling once again in front of Mistress Victoria. With her knees spread wide, hands behind her back and eyes lowered, Marcia offered herself to Mistress Victoria.

Mistress Victoria sipped her wine. Knowing Mistress Ivory wanted to expand Mark's feminine persona, she said, "You are a beautiful woman."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

After running her finger over Marcia's lips, Mistress Victoria leaned forward and kissed her lightly. After moving her tongue over Marcia's lips, she pressed her mouth firmly against Marcia's and probed her mouth with her tongue.

For Marcia, it felt like a small arc of electricity had passed between them. She felt her nipples and cock begin to stiffen. For her, it was a wonderful erotic feeling.

"Stand, my pet," Mistress Victoria ordered after she finished kissing her. When Marcia obeyed, she moved her hands over her legs. "Nice and firm," she commented.

Marcia moaned when she felt Mistress Victoria's hand move higher up her leg and under the hem of her skirt. "Oh," she breathed when Mistress Victoria felt her sex.

Feeling the wetness on Marcia's panties and her semi-erect cock, Mistress Victoria smiled. "So needy," she added while lightly moving her fingers over her cock and making Marcia shiver.

"Yes, Mistress," Marcia agreed.

Jennifer licked her lips and felt her hard nipples get even harder just from watching Mistress Victoria play with Marcia. Her actions didn't go unnoticed by Mistress Ivory.

"Come here," Mistress Ivory ordered.

Jennifer looked at her Mistress. When Mistress Anne nodded and gave her permission, she crawled over to Mistress Ivory. She submissively offered herself to her. She closed her eyes and sighed when Mistress Ivory cupped her breasts.

"Why are you here?" Mistress Ivory asked while enjoying the sensation of Jennifer's hard nipples pressing into the palms of her hands.'

"To serve you, Ma'am."

"And you will." Mistress Ivory squeezed Jennifer's hard, thick nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. She slowly increased the pressure until Jennifer gasped in reaction to the pain. She squeezed harder until Jennifer flinched. She let Jennifer enjoy the pain for several seconds.

Standing up, Mistress Victoria moved behind Marcia and started to unbutton her blouse. When the blouse was half way unbuttoned, she reached around, cupped Marcia's breasts, and pulled her back against herself. "I'm going to fuck you hard and deep," she whispered into Marcia's ear. Finding Marcia's nipples beneath her bra, Mistress Victoria used the nipple rings to give them a sharp twist to emphasize her dominance and the truth of her words. Knowing Marcia had received the message, she finished unbuttoning her blouse. "Take it off."

Marcia removed her blouse. Folding it neatly, she laid it on the coffee table.

"Bend over and grab your ankles," Mistress Victoria ordered Marcia.

With anticipation, Mistress Anne watched the two other Mistresses. She took a sip of wine as she thought of how she was going to use Marcia herself.

When Marcia obeyed, Mistress Victoria pushed Marcia's skirt and slip up and exposed the pink panties that covered her ass. "Very nice," she said while moving her hand slowly over the silky material of the panties.

"Take your blouse off," Mistress Ivory ordered Jennifer.

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer quickly undid the buttons and shed the garment. She glanced at Marcia and appreciated just how long her legs were and how great her ass looked. With her breasts fully exposed and her nipples fully erect, she waited to find out how she would serve Mistress Ivory.

Kneeling behind Marcia, Mistress Victoria began to use her hands to warm up Marcia's ass. Smack. Smack. Smack. Pulling Marcia's panties into the crack between her butt cheeks, Mistress Victoria exposed Marcia's ass. "She's already turning pink," she shared before striking the bare flesh several more times.

Marcia felt the warmth generated by Mistress Victoria's attention to her ass. She softly moaned when Mistress Victoria caressed her ass after spanking her and changing the color from light pink to light red.

"It seems your nipples are begging for attention," Mistress Ivory told Jennifer. "And I have just what they need," she added.

Jennifer looked at the triple tweezer-style nipple clamps that Mistress Ivory held in her hand. "Yes, Mistress, it seems that you do," she agreed. Sensing the inevitable, she sat up straight and offered her nipples to her. Her actions made both her Mistress and Mistress Ivory smile.

Mistress Ivory leaned forward and pulled on Jennifer's right nipple. Carefully selecting the area that would provide the most pain when the nipple clamp was firmly attached, she moved the sliding ring up and tighten the clamp just enough to hold it in place before doing the same thing to Jennifer's left nipple. "Now I need to adjust them for the proper fit."

"Yes, Ma'am." Jennifer watched as Mistress Ivory pushed the adjusting slide of the clamp attached to right nipple up. She felt the tightness of the clamp increase.

When Jennifer's body language indicated her discomfort, Mistress Ivory asked, "Tight enough?"

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer took a deep breath as she realized that Mistress Ivory had indeed selected the best position for the clamp in order to offer her the most pain.

"If you think it's tight enough, it's not." With an evil smile, Mistress Ivory increased the pressure of the clamp on Jennifer's nipple.

"Oh, Mistress, that hurts," moaned Jennifer. She flinched in pain as small tears formed in her eyes.

"Good." Mistress Ivory prepared to adjust the other clamp.

"May I check out your dungeon?" asked Mistress Anne.

"Yes. We'll join you there in a few minutes," Mistress Ivory said.

"Okay. I want to check on some items that I want to practice using." Mistress Anne set down her glass of wine and left.

"I never leave home without this," Mistress Victoria shared while she straightened out the fall of the lavender leather flogger she extracted from the traveling bag she had brought with her.

"Very nice," Mistress Ivory said when she saw the flogger. She paused to watch Mistress Victoria demonstrate her skills in using the instrument of torture.

Marcia tensed when she felt the cool sensation of the leather fall moving over the warmth of her ass. In the past, she had been trained by Mistress Victoria and knew first hand that Mistress Victoria could be intense in her training techniques. Biting her lower lips, Marcia waited to find out just how intense.

Using a figure eight motion, Mistress Victoria further warmed Marcia's ass. As Marcia's ass became more and more red, she continued to increase the force of the strikes. Stopping, she examined Marcia's ass. Satisfied that it was well warmed up, she took careful aim with the flogger. A sharp sound of leather on flesh struck the ears of everyone as a stinging application of the flogger told Marcia that Mistress Victoria was going to be very intense tonight.

"Ohhhhh!" Marcia moaned. She gripped her ankles tighter and waited for Mistress Victoria to continue.

"I need to finish," Mistress Ivory told Jennifer.

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer bit her lower lip as the other clamp was tightened to the satisfaction of Mistress Ivory. Closing her eyes, she focused on accepting the pain. Hearing the sharp application of the flogger to Marcia's ass, she knew things could be worse.

"Ow!" wailed Marcia as Mistress Victoria moved from intense to high intensity in her use of the flogger. Her ass was now hot and certainly bearing the marks of the flogger. "Mistress, please stop," she begged when her pain limit was reached.

"Soon," Mistress Victoria informed Marcia. She still had some stress she intended to release before she was finished. Using the flogger, she lightly struck the cock tucked into the crotch of the pink panties. Mistress Victoria smiled when the new object of her attention with the flogger made Marcia jump.

"This ends works great on the clit," Mistress Ivory informed Jennifer as she held and showed her the third clamp.

"If you say so, Mistress," Jennifer replied with apprehension in her voice.

"Stand up and I'll show you," Mistress Ivory informed her.

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer gracefully moved to a standing position.

"Take off your skirt," Mistress Ivory ordered. She watched as Jennifer reached behind her back to unbutton and unzip her skirt.

While Jennifer removed her skirt, Mistress Victoria reduced her stress by using the flogger to take Marcia's ass from red to a deep red.

And while Marcia's ass was made nice and red, Mistress Anne removed her Columbian blue blouse. The black leather studded bra pushed her large globes together and gave them an incredible amount of cleavage. After removing her skirt and leather panties, she slipped into her new double-headed strap-on. With one end of the strap-on buried deep inside of her pussy, she adjusted the strap-on harness for the perfect fit that would allow her to feel the pleasure of the ribbed surface stimulating her clit when she used the other end of the strap-on to fuck one of the submissives now being used by Mistresses Ivory and Victoria. She stroked her strap-on in anticipation.

"Ouch!" whimpered Marcia as the flogger marked her ass. "No more. Please," she begged.

"Enough for now," Mistress Victoria shared to Marcia's relief. She paused and massaged Marcia's ass while watching Jennifer's clit being clamped.

Jennifer moaned when Mistress Ivory located her clit between the folds of her vaginal lips. Her clit was so sensitive and so swollen. She continued to moan as Mistress Ivory exposed her clit and adeptly placed the clamp around it.

"Perfect," Mistress Ivory commented as she slid the slide up to make sure the imprisoned clit was securely held in the jaws of the clamp.

'Ohhhhhhh!" voiced Jennifer as the pressure of the clamp was adjusted to Mistress Ivory's satisfaction. She focused on accepting the new dimension of pain she was being introduced to.

"I like how that looks," shared Mistress Victoria. "I'll need to try that on my own slut and soon."

"It does get their attention," Mistress Ivory indicated. After making sure the clamps were all securely in place, she said, "I think Mistress Anne is waiting for us."

"Yes. And I am curious about what new toys she wants to use." Mistress Victoria lowered Marcia's slip and skirt. "You can stand up."

"Thank you, Mistress," Marcia said after standing up. She resisted the urge to massage her ass. Instead, she assumed her submissive stance and waited for instructions.

"Follow us," ordered Mistress Ivory. She turned, and with Jennifer and Marcia following, she and Mistress Victoria led the way to the dungeon. She smiled when she entered the dungeon and saw Mistress Anne wearing her strap-on and holding taws. "I see you found what you were looking for."

"I did," agreed Mistress Anne.

Marcia didn't smile, but her heart skipped a beat when she saw the taws in Mistress Anne's hand. Jennifer drew in a deep breath and secretly hoped that when her Mistress saw the clamps and realized the pain she was already in that her Mistress would not use the taws on her. She knew it was long shot. Although like Marcia, she wouldn't mind being fucked with the strap-on.

"Marcia, come over here," ordered Mistress Anne.

"Yes, Ma'am." Marcia, with trepidation, presented herself to Mistress Anne.

When Marcia stood in front of her, Mistress Anne ordered, "Strip. I want everything off except your panties and bra and hose."

"Yes, Mistress." With everyone watching, Marcia stripped as ordered.

Jennifer received a mild erotic jolt as she saw Marcia's athletic body being unveiled. Even though Marcia was flat chested, she still wanted to suck on her breasts. She loved being able to take the whole breast into her mouth and suck on it as hard as she could.

Using the taws, Mistress Anne indicated that she wanted Marcia to spread her legs even wider. When Marcia responded, she lightly slapped her inner thighs. Moving around behind her, she said, "I see Mistress Victoria has warmed you up for me."

"Yes, Mistress." Marcia answered. She tensed as the taws were moved over her ass. She enjoyed the contrast of the coolness of the taws with the warmth of her ass.

Sitting down on the bondage chair, Mistress Ivory moved the pleat of her skirt and slid the crotch of her white leather thong to one side. "Eat me," she ordered Jennifer.

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer knelt between Mistress Ivory's gorgeous legs, kissed her firm thighs as she slowly moved towards her pussy.

"That feels so good," Mistress Ivory murmured. She tensed and moaned when Jennifer kissed her slit for the first time. "Yes, eat me."

As Jennifer tasted Mistress Ivory for the first time, Marcia tasted the taws. She winced as Mistress Anne used her already sore ass to develop a feel for the taws and experiment with how to use it. "Damn!" she exclaimed when she received a vicious application of the wide leather taws.

"This is an interesting tool," Mistress Anne said after taking a few more practice swats.

"It is," agreed Mistress Victoria who often used the taws in training her stable of submissives. Taking a position behind Jennifer, she prepared to use the one and a half inch slapper on Jennifer's beautiful ass.

"Stand still," Mistress Anne reminded Marcia as she prepared to continue to develop her skills in the use of the taws.

"Yes, Mistress." The pain and fear was evident in Marcia's voice.

With Mistress Ivory's encouragement, Jennifer buried her mouth into her pussy. She loved how Mistress Ivory tasted. Using enough pressure, she separated the lips of Mistress Ivory's pussy and exposed the clit. She made Mistress Ivory moan even more as she ran her tongue over and around her clit. She wiggled her ass as Mistress Victoria ran the slapper over it.

"More," encouraged Mistress Ivory as she enjoyed the oral skills of Jennifer.

"Ouch!" yelped Marcia as the taws firmly connected with the center of her ass. She took a deep breath and hoped that Mistress Anne would stop practicing and soon. .

"Please no more, Mistress," begged Marcia after two more direct and forceful swats with the taws. "I've had enough," she admitted.

"Yes, I can tell," answered Mistress Anne. She ran the taws over Marcia's ass and slightly soothed the pain.

Jennifer flinched and pressed harder against Mistress Ivory's pubic bone when Mistress Victoria supplied her with the first swat of the slapper. She lapped up the great tasting juices that were flowing from Mistress Ivory's pussy as she anticipated the next assault on her ass.

Mistress Ivory held Jennifer's head tight and ground her pussy against her mouth and her rapidly moving tongue. "Eat me, whore," she demanded.

Using the slapper, Mistress Anne encouraged Jennifer to obey. "Eat her, whore." She smiled when she left imprint after imprint of the slapper on Jennifer's white ass.

Even with her mouth full of great tasting pussy, Jennifer moaned over the combined pain of the clamps and the slapper. She felt the need in the intensity of how Mistress Ivory was grinding her pussy against her mouth. Jennifer knew that Mistress Ivory was about to cum. She focused on making that happen while Mistress Victoria focused on encouraging her and marking her ass with the slapper.

Holding Jennifer's head firmly against her pussy, Mistress Ivory exploded in a most amazing climax. "Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" she exclaimed as spasm after climatic spasm raced through her body. "Yesssssssssssss!" she continued until she was completely spent. She opened her eyes and smiled as Jennifer continued to give her pleasure as she lapped the copious amount of fluids flowing from her pussy.

"Shit" Jennifer said after Mistress Victoria gave her one more mark with the slapper. She quickly returned to lapping up Mistress Ivory's juices.

Examining the marks on Jennifer's ass, Mistress Victoria looked at Mistress Anne and said, "I hope you don't mind."

"No, she needs a reminder of what she is," Mistress Anne said. "My personal whore and slut." She gave Mistress Victoria a wicked smile.

"Glad I could help," Mistress Victoria replied before slowly moving her hand over Jennifer's ass and feeling the marks she had left.

"Thank you, Mistress," murmured Jennifer.

"Kneel," Mistress Anne ordered Marcia. "Suck my cock," she further ordered once Marcia was on her knees.

"Yes, Mistress." Marcia kissed the tip of the strap-on and licked it before taking it into her mouth.

"Yes, suck it like the whore you are." Mistress Anne enjoyed the slight movement of the ribs of the strap-on as they stimulated her clit while Marcia proved that she was a very capable cocksucker. She watched as more and more of the strap-on disappeared into Marcia's mouth. Finally, she held Marcia's head. "Take it all," she demanded as she forced the full length of the strap-on into her mouth and down her throat.

"I like how that looks," shared Mistress Victoria.

"So do I,” agreed Mistress Anne. She removed the strap-on from Marcia's throat and then forced it down her throat again.

Mistress Ivory, Mistress Victoria and Jennifer watched as Mistress Anne furthered Marcia's training in the art of deep throating. Even though she had received a good deal of training from her Mistress, Jennifer found herself wanting to gag as Mistress Anne fucked Marcia's mouth and forced her strap-on repeatedly down her throat. She also felt a desire to have Marcia demonstrate her oral skills on her own pussy. Mistress Victoria felt herself wanting to join in on the fun. And Mistress Ivory felt the urge to use Jennifer for her own special needs.

"She is a good cocksucking whore," Mistress Anne shared while holding Marcia's head to keep her strap-on deep in her throat.

"Thanks to my training, I have developed her oral skills to be way above average," shared Mistress Ivory with a sense of pride.

"Your training has certainly paid off," continued Mistress Anne. Releasing her hold on Marcia's head and removing the strap-on from her mouth, Mistress Anne let Marcia breath. Looking into Marcia's eyes, she added, "Don’t you agree my little cocksucking slut?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Marcia kissed the tip of the strap-on.

"I think your pussy needs to be fucked," said Mistress Victoria.

"Yes, Mistress,” Marcia replied.

Mistress Victoria unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She adjusted her breasts within her leather bra. Then with practiced grace, she unzipped and stepped out of her lavender leather skirt. She smiled as Marcia focused on the black leather thong she was wearing. “You are going to love what I have under here,” she said before slowly lowering the thong and letting everyone see her neatly trimmed pudendum.

“Awesome, Mistress,” Marcia said.

Mistress Victoria ran her hand over her sex. “Yes, it is,” she agreed. Handing Marcia her thick nine-inch strap-on, she ordered, "Put this on me and we'll see if you can handle this one."

Marcia took the strap-on and harness from Mistress Victoria and helped her put it on. She eyed the size of the strap-on with some concern. She hoped Mistress Victoria would be gentle since it was going to stretch her pussy so wide.

While Marcia helped Mistress Victoria with her strap-on, Mistress Ivory started to remove Jennifer's nipple clamps. "This can really hurt," she shared.

"I know, Mistress." Jennifer prepared herself for the pain caused by the blood rushing back into her crushed nipples. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as the first clamp was released. "Thank you, Mistress," she added when Mistress Ivory massaged her hurting nipple. "Oh, shit!" The release of the second nipple gave her an even more intense sensation of pain. She breathed rapidly to help herself accept the pain. "Yes, Mistress," she breathed when Mistress Ivory sucked on her aching nipples. "Thank you."

"Now for the fun part," Mistress Ivory indicated. Kneeling in front of Jennifer, she prepared to release the clamp from Jennifer's clit. She looked into Jennifer's eyes. "Have you ever experienced this before?"

"No, Mistress." She braced herself while watching Mistress Ivory begin to release her imprisoned clit.

"Well, it going to hurt…. a lot." She released the pressure of the clamp on Jennifer’s swollen clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" wailed Jennifer and started to dance slightly.

Mistress Ivory held on to Jennifer's hips and took Jennifer's clit into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue.

"Thank you, Mistress. Thank you," Jennifer said over the soothing attention to her clit.

"Tight enough?" Marcia asked as she adjusted the final buckle of the strap-on harness.

"Perfect." Mistress Victoria made a slight adjustment to the position of the strap-on. Then stroking her massive cock, she said, "I'm going to enjoy fucking you so much."

Seeing the intensity in her eyes and hearing it her words, Marcia knew she was going to get fucked hard and deep. Gentle was not part of Mistress Victoria's vocabulary or training technique. "So will I," she simply replied.

Looking up, Mistress Ivory ordered, "Sit in the bondage chair and keep your legs spread."

"Yes, Mistress." Jennifer sat as indicated.

"I need to enjoy your sweet tasting pussy some more," Mistress Ivory indicated.

"I don't mind," Jennifer honestly shared.

"I didn't think so." Mistress Ivory began kissing Jennifer's inner thighs while she enjoyed Jennifer's scent and watched her juices emerge from between the lips of her pussy. Slowly she worked her way towards Jennifer's pussy in anticipation of savoring her taste once again.

Moving a square table in front of Jennifer, Mistress Victoria ordered, "I want you on your back, Marcia. And make sure your pussy is right on the edge of the table."

"Yes, Mistress." Marcia carefully positioned her pussy right on the edge of the table and laid back. She spread her knees and offered herself to Mistress Victoria.

"Such a needy slut," Mistress Victoria shared as she felt Marcia's hardening cock in the crotch of her pink panties.

"Yes, Mistress, I am very needy," she agreed.

"Yes, Mistress," Jennifer moaned when Mistress Ivory finally took her dripping pussy into her mouth and found her clit.

"Suck my cock," Mistress Anne ordered. When Marcia opened her mouth, she quickly filled it with her strap-on and started to fuck it.

Marcia relaxed and let Mistress Anne plunge her strap-on in and out of her throat. She felt her cock dripping and saturating her panties. Marcia looked at Mistress Anne’s pussy while Mistress Anne used her mouth to satisfy her needs.

“Oh, this feels so good,” Mistress Anne shared as the ribs on the strap-on rubbed against her clit. In that moment, she knew her new strap-on was worth every penny she had paid for it.

“More,” moaned Jennifer to encourage Mistress Ivory to eat her pussy more vigorously.

Mistress Anne felt herself getting closer and closer to a climax. When the time was perfect, she pushed her strap-on into Marcia’s throat and ground her clit against the ribs of the strap-on. The dildo inside of her was also stimulating all of the right spots. She exploded. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me,” she exclaimed. “That was wonderful,” she shared a few moments after she had removed the strap-on from Marcia’s mouth. Holding the strap-on, she continued to grind against the strap-on and get all the pleasure she could. She smiled at Marcia. “You are such a good slut.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Marcia replied. When Mistress Victoria started to remove her panties, Marica looked down and watched.

“It’s time to fuck your pussy,” Mistress Victoria explained.

“Yes, Mistress.” Anticipation was very evident in Marcia’s voice.

When Jennifer heard the comment, she opened her eyes. She wanted to see Marcia’s pussy. She just sensed it would be awesome. Her eyes widened in disbelief when a huge fully erect cock sprang into view once the panties had been lowered enough to allow it do so. “Shit.”

Hearing Jennifer’s comment and knowing full well what elicited it, Mistress Ivory lifted her mouth from Jennifer’s pussy and asked, “Surprised?”

“Very, Mistress. You did a great job with him,” she said in awe.

“Yes, I did.” Mistress Ivory returned to eating Jennifer’s pussy.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jennifer breathed while keeping her eyes on Marcia’s massive cock. It made her mouth water with desire. She loved eating pussy, but she really loved sucking cock.

“Yes, fuck me,” begged Marcia as Mistress Victoria pressed the tip of her strap-on against her pussy. “I need to feel you deep inside of me,” she added as the strap-on started to penetrate her.

“I will,” promised Mistress Victoria. She paused and withdrew slightly before taking Marcia as deep as she could with her nine-inch strap-on.

“Yes, Mistress,” Marcia said while enjoying the sensation of the long thick shaft stretching her wide and taking her deep. “Fuck your slut.”

“You are so needy,” Mistress Victoria said when she observed her cock leaking even more pre-cum.

With eyes half closed and starting to float, Marcia softly said, “So needy, Mistress. Please fuck me.”

“I will.” Mistress Victoria kept her promise and took her hard and deep. As the strap-on stimulated her clit, she took Marcia harder and deeper and with greater intensity. She loved watching her cock slide in and out of Marcia’s pussy. She loved the soft cooing sounds Marcia made.

“May I cum?” asked Jennifer as Mistress Ivory demonstrated her proficiency in eating pussy.

“No,” Mistress Anne told her.

“Please, Mistress,” Jennifer begged as Mistress Ivory continuing eating her pussy and letting Mistress Anne take charge of her personal slut.

“No. I have other things in mind for you, my pet.”

“But I am so horny and Mistress Ivory is so good.”

“Enough, slut, or you won’t be cumming for the rest of the month,” warned Mistress Anne.

“Yes, Mistress.” Jennifer closed her eyes and accepted the pleasure Mistress Ivory’s mouth and tongue were providing while focusing on obeying her Mistress and not cumming. It was a most difficult task.

Marcia’s cock became rock hard from Mistress Victoria fucking her so hard and so deep. Continuing to float from being taken like the whore she longed to be, Marcia found her cock with her right hand and started to stroke it slowly. It was more of a reflex than a deliberate act.

Mistress Victoria understood and didn’t take Marcia’s touching herself as an act of disobedience. Using the rhythm of her fucking, she encouraged herself to get off. She pumped Marcia’s pussy faster and faster until she got what she wanted. “Yesssssssssssssssssss! Oh, yes!” She continued to pump Marcia as wave after wave of climatic release washed over her. Finally, pushing her strap-on deep into Marcia’s pussy, she paused and watched Marcia stroke her cock.

“I think we could use a cum cocktail,” suggested Mistress Anne.

Leaving Jennifer waiting more, Mistress Ivory stood up and surveyed her slut. “Yes, a cum cocktail will be perfect. I’ll get a glass.”

While Mistress Ivory located a glass, Mistress Anne exposed Marcia’s breasts. Inserting a leather thong through Marcia’s nipple rings, she drew the rings together until sufficient pain was registered in Marcia’s moans and body language. “That should help her get off with more intensity,” she offered from her experience in such things.

“Yes,” agreed Mistress Ivory who knew her slut so well. She knew that pain did give her a much more intense climax and a larger amount of cum. Holding the glass under the tip of her cock, she placed her hand over Marcia’s and helped Marcia stroke herself faster. “Cum for me.”

Marcia was still floating and the pain inflicted by Mistress Anne had taken her deeper into subspace. She moved her head from side to side as her cum erupted into the glass with some of the most intense climatic spasms she had ever experienced. She floated back from subspace. Opening her eyes, she saw the last eruption of cum flow into the glass. She smiled when she saw all three Mistresses watching her latest act of obedience. “Thank you, Ma’am,” she said barely audible. Closing her eyes, she continued to stroke herself.

“Thank you. We will enjoy this lot,” Mistress Ivory said. Holding the glass, she commented, “So much cum.” Then taking a sip, she added, “And so tasty.”

“Let me try some,” Mistress Victoria said. With her cock still deep in Marcia’s pussy, she accepted the glass, inhaled the aroma of fresh cum and took a sip. “Very tasty,” she agreed. Handing the glass to Mistress Anne, she said, “Try some.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Taking a sip, she savored the taste before swallowing it. “Yes, some of the best I’ve ever tasted.” She handed the glass back to Mistress Ivory. When Mistress Ivory took the glass, she turned to Jennifer. “Get over here and clean off her cock.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jennifer eagerly jumped up from the bondage chair and went down on Marcia. “This does taste good,” she offered after her first taste. She immediately went back for more.

Marcia moaned. When she felt the rim of the glass touch her lips, she opened her mouth

“The rest is for you, my little whore,” Mistress Ivory said while pouring the remaining contents into her mouth. She smiled as Marcia eagerly accepted the contents being poured in her mouth, savored the taste and swallowed. “I have trained you well, my pet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marcia agreed. She moaned and flinched over Jennifer’s effort to suck the last drops of cum for her cock.

“Enough for now, Jennifer,” Mistress Anne said. “I have other things in mind for you.”

Reluctantly, Jennifer let Marcia’s cock slip from her lips. She remained kneeling at Marcia’s side and looked lustfully at her still hard cock.

“You can clean the glass with your tongue,” Mistress Ivory informed Jennifer.

Jennifer accepted the glass. As she cleaned the remaining drops of cum from it, she watched as Mistress Anne placed a penis gag into Marcia’s mouth. The gag had a seven-inch dildo attached to the other side.

Marcia moaned as Mistress Victoria removed her strap-on from her pussy. She sucked on the penis gag while Mistress Anne made sure it was firmly place. Looking at the dildo, she wondered how it would be used. She didn’t have to wonder for long.

“I want this dildo in your pussy, Jennifer,” Mistress Anne said.

“Yes, Mistress.” She removed the last drop of cum from the glass and set it down. Standing up, she straddled Marcia’s face and looked into her eyes.

Marcia looked at Jennifer’s hairy slit. She wanted to rip the gag out of her mouth so she could taste her pussy and push her tongue into her hole.

When she started to lower herself onto the dildo, Mistress Anne spoke. “Turn around. I want you facing her feet.”

Without comment, Jennifer turned around. Staring at Marcia’s hard cock, she lowered herself unto the waiting dildo. “Oh,” she moaned as she slid down the entire shaft and sat on Marcia’s face. She was tempted to lean forward and suck her cock again. But wisely, she resisted the temptation.

Marcia looked at Jennifer’s firm ass and wished she could kiss it along with her slit. She inhaled her scent. It only served to keep her cock hard and once again dripping with desire.

“This time I’m going to fuck her pussy,” announced Mistress Anne.

Marcia felt Mistress Anne between her legs. She spread them wider to give her free access to her pussy. “Mmmm,” she moaned as Mistress Anne guided her new strap-on into her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck Jennifer’s ass,” shared Mistress Victoria. “Lean forward.”

Jennifer obeyed. She could have easily taken Marcia’s cock into her hungry mouth. Knowing better than to do so without permission, she leaned forward and looked at the hard cock just inches from her face. She tensed slightly as Mistress Victoria guided her long, thick strap-on into her ass. She focused on relaxing as relentlessly all nine inches were buried in her ass. She took deep, rapid breaths as her body adjusted to the size of the strap-on.

“Suck her cock,” ordered Mistress Anne as she took control of her slut.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you.” A fraction of second later, she had Marcia’s cock between her lips and proving once again that she was a cocksucking whore, a world-class cocksucking whore.

“What a great picture,” Mistress Ivory said as she viewed the foursome.

Mistress Anne smiled. Then focusing her attention on Marcia, she started to fuck her pussy.

Marcia watched the strap-on move in and out of Jennifer’s ass as Mistress Victoria took Jennifer anally. She also watched the lips of Jennifer’s pussy move up and down on the dildo of the penis gag. He loved how Jennifer’s full pussy lips moved in rhythm to Mistress Victoria’s fucking her in the ass. Marcia moaned over the wonderful sensation of Jennifer sucking her cock and Mistress Anne fucking her pussy.

“Take her deep just like I’m taking you deep,” Mistress Victoria ordered Jennifer.

Mistress Anne smiled and Marcia moaned when her cock found its way deep into Jennifer’s throat. “She is,” Mistress Anne informed Mistress Victoria.

“Good.” Mistress Victoria fucked Jennifer faster and deeper.

With Marcia’s cock deep in her throat, Jennifer enjoyed the feel of having all three holes filled and drilled. She watched as her Mistress pumped Marcia’s pussy. She became aware of her rapidly increasing need to cum. She sucked Marcia’s cock like she was a possessed cocksucker and made sure the dildo was effectively massaging her clit.

“I’m going to cum,” announced Mistress Anne. Her new strap-on was proving itself to be a wonderful addition to her store of toys. She pumped Marcia with a new intensity. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I am cumming!” she exclaimed. Selfishly, she continued to use Marcia’s pussy for her own pleasure. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Like Jennifer, Marcia found herself ready to explode again. All of the sights and sounds were quickly taking her towards another climax.

To her relief, Mistress Anne ordered, “Jennifer, make her cum and swallow all of her load.” And then, as if reading Jennifer’s mind, she added, “And you can cum with her.”

Marcia felt Mistress Victoria’s pussy dripping on her face. She arched her back slightly and let Marcia feel her first ejaculation. She felt Jennifer more intensely ride the dildo and saw that Mistress Victoria was banging Jennifer’s much more forcefully.

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