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5/19/2006 7:28 pm

Sitting at her kitchen table, the rain hitting the window distracted her from her thoughts for just a moment. With a heavy sigh, she realized she had been thinking about Him again. Again, hardly the right word to use when describing how often her thoughts were of Him. How about "every waking moment", be more apt.

She had tried to resist Him. She knew it would be dangerous for her to continue before it had really gotten started. To try to have a casual affair with this One was not possible. Before they even met face to face, His demands were expected to be met. His commands to be obeyed without question. To inevitable have total control over her mind, body and soul was the only acceptable outcome, as far as He was concerned.

This was a Master used to power and control. Complete devotion and loyalty from His slaves were His in return for His love and the life He provided them. No matter how good the life or how deep the love, she would not allow herself to submit to Him.

His claim of ownership of her, remembering His words that she was His property, were just words...spoken lightly while on the phone. Spoken so easily, the memory of them becoming a reality. The words that were once said in playful flirtation had led Him to find her. Still able to resist Him, His promise to return and claim what was His had been kept, as she feared inside it would.

He used her and used her well..She was punished and welcomed the release of the guilt for her initial denial of what became her destiny. Yes, her destiny was with Him. She, to be kneeling at His feet,naked, obeying, serving and pleasing her Master. To love Him and be loved by Him...her destiny had been realized. There would no longer be any need for longer would she fear the unknown, She was His...His and His alone...forever and always!

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