Rev On The Red Line  

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7/5/2006 6:36 pm
Rev On The Red Line

Nervously, Marie walked into her Master's dungeon. She knew she was going to be disciplined for failing to follow her Master's orders regarding a red slip she had been ordered to purchase and wear for the last training session.
"Put the collar and slip on the bed," he ordered once the door to the dungeon had been shut.

"Yes, Master." She carefully placed her white choker collar and the red slip on the bed.

"Unfold the slip and spread it out on the bed." His tone reflected his impatience with her as he watched her obey. He sensed her nervousness. "Present yourself."

She immediately stood before him with her eyes lowered and her hands behind her back. She made sure
her legs were spread wide apart. She precisely presented herself to him as she had been taught. She had no desire to give her Master any more reasons to discipline her.

He walked around her and admired the beautiful creature he had collared as his personal slut. A slut he was training to be his very special whore. "You won't be needing your clothes," he simply said.

"Yes, Master." She slowly lifted her top. Since she was ordered not to wear any underwear this morning, her dark brown and erect nipples were exposed to his sight as soon as her blue top was lifted above her breasts. With a degree of embarrassment, she pulled her arms from the top, folded it up and placed it on the bed. The sound of the zipper being lowered on her pants shattered the silence of the dungeon as her Master intently watched and waited for her to remove them and stand before him completely naked except for the red garter belt and black hose. After placing her pants on the bed on top of her blouse, she once again presented herself to her Master. She felt his gaze and it unnerved her.

"I said no underwear."

"I didn't think a garter belt and hose were underwear," she offered in her defense.

"True." Taking her white leather collar, he stretched it out. He caught the faint aroma of her scent since the collar had been saturated with the juices of her pussy. Her juices that seemed to flow every time she was in his presence. That fact gave him immense satisfaction as evidence of his ownership and control of her. Taking the collar, he ran it between her legs and once again wet it with her abundant juices.

"Mmmmm," she moaned as it moved over her slit and across her clit.

"Kneel," he ordered. When she did, he fastened the collar around her neck. "Who owns you?"

"You do, Master," came the immediate and expected reply.

"I do," he confirmed. "Stand." When she did, he gently caressed her breasts and teased her long and erect nipples. "I own all of you," he said as a statement of fact that required no response.

In her heart without question, she accepted his ownership. It gave her such joy to be his. She purred as his hands moved across her ass as he continued to inspect his property. "Oh, Master," escaped from her lips when he brushed her hair aside to kiss and nibble on her neck. Moisture appeared on her inner thighs. She leaned back against him as he cupped both breasts and continued to kiss her long and elegant neck. She loved his touch so much and craved the wonderful sensations it gave her body.

"Put the slip on," he whispered in her ear before removing his hands from her breasts.

"Yes, Master." She took a deep breath. Moving over to the bed, she picked up the red slip and put it on. She loved how the silky material felt as it slid over her body and made her nipples so hard. Once in place, she looked down and saw her hard nipples outlined in and straining against the fabric. It excited her and she knew it both excited and pleased her Master when her body responded like this.

"Tell me how you disobeyed me."

"Master, I forgot to tell you how much the slip cost so you could pay me for it."

"Yes, I did want to buy this slip for you. I wanted it to be a gift from me so that every time you wore it or saw it you would be reminded of me. Even when you wore it for your husband."

"I know, Sir. I am sorry. But you have given me so much lately."

"I enjoy giving you things. That is my choice to do. You are only to obey me and you didn't."

"I know, Master. I am sorry."

"I know. But I still must discipline you. I need to impress upon you that I must be obeyed without
question. Understand?"

"I do, Master. And I will accept your decision and whatever discipline you desire to give me."

He smiled over her response and attitude. "And you shall pay a price for your disobedience." He paused to let her think what that price might be. "First, I am not going to pay for the slip with money. But I am going to buy it in a special way. How much did it cost?"

"Nineteen dollars, Sir."

"Nineteen dollars. Very well, bend over the massage table and make sure your breasts are swinging
free," he ordered.

"Yes, Master." She assumed the position. Supporting the weight of her body on the table with her arms, she waited to find out how he was going to "buy" the slip from her. She tensed as she lifted the slip and exposed her ass.

"I am going to buy your slip twice. You will receive nineteen swats with the slapper and nineteen strikes with the flogger," he informed as he ran his hand over her ass. "First, I need to warm you up a bit."

She slowly breathed in and out as he used his hands to warm up her ass. She felt his need to discipline her and braced herself to accept her fate.

"There you are all warmed up and ready," he advised her. He ran the smooth side of the slapper over her ass. "You will count the swats. And you will count like this. "One dollar. Two dollars. And so forth. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."


"One dollar," Marie said as the first swat hit home. The sound of the slapper and the intensity of the first swat indicated just how displeased her Master was with her. "Two dollars. Three dollars. Four dollars. Five dollars. Six dollars."

He paused to reach between her legs and rub her clit. He kissed the red marks that appeared on her ass as he played with her pussy.

"Oh. Thank you, Master."

Turning the slapper over, he prepared to use the raw leather side of the slapper to continue to pay for the red slip. He knew this side would sting more. He smiled sadistically.

"Ouch!" she said. "Seven dollars," she remembered to add. "Eight dollars. Nine dollars. Ten dollars." Tears formed in her eyes.

He continued to forcefully strike his disobedient slut. He paused again at eighteen dollars so he could once again fondle her clit. "You are so wet."

"Yes, Master," she agreed. "Nineteen dollars!" she voiced as the final and most forceful swat took her by surprise as her Master was probing deep inside of her pussy with three fingers. She bit her lip and waited for the pain to go away. She was thankful for his probing fingers as her pain melted into the pleasure she was receiving.

"I own half the slip." he mused. He knew she would wear the marks of the slapper for a few days. A nice reminder of the cost of disobedience, he further mused. Offering his saturated fingers to her lips, he watched as she sucked them into her mouth and removed her juices from them. "Very good." He removed his fingers from her mouth.

She tensed when she felt the fall of the flogger slowly move across her red and hot ass. She clenched her teeth and prepared for the final payment of the slip. "Damn!" she murmured as the flogger was used for the first time. "One dollar." She bit her lip again. I deserve this, she told herself in an attempt to help her accept the discipline. "Two dollars." She welcomed his gentle kneading and pulling on her nipples at the ten dollar mark. "Yes, Master," she purred as her nipples became so hard to his touch.

He admired the marks of the slapper and flogger as she said, "Eighteen dollars." He pulled the fall of the flogger tight and prepared to make final payment of the slip.

Tears filled her eyes, a small welt appeared on her ass and her voice indicated her pain. "Nineteen dollars."

"I have paid for the slip in full,"

"Yes, Sir," she agreed. She was glad the final installment had been made. She vowed never to disobey him again.

"And whenever you wear or see it, you will remember that you belong to Me. I own you."

"I will, Master."

"Good. Get on your knees and thank your Master for taking the time to discipline you and for buying you such a nice slip."

"Yes, Master." Turning around, she discovered that sometime during her discipline her Master had stripped. She saw his hard cock and was pleased that her service to him and his discipline of her had such an effect on him. She knelt and before him. She didn't need to be told how to thank him. Immediately, she took his hard cock into her mouth. She moaned as she felt and enjoyed the sensation of his shaft sliding over her lips. She tasted his precome; it tasted so good. She moved back and forth on his cock as she eagerly thanked him. In her efforts to please her Master, the pain of her discipline quickly diminished in comparison to the pleasure she received from serving him in this way.

"Deep throat me," he ordered. He moaned as she obeyed and he felt the tip of his cock pass through the last point of resistance and go deep into her throat. "Do it again," he insisted as she came up for air. "Yes, do it again and again," he breathed as she eagerly demonstrated just how proficient she had become at performing deep throat from his training. Holding her head and forcing it against his crotch, he kept his hard cock deep in her throat. "I own you, slut," he stated. "And I own this mouth." Finally, he removed his cock from her mouth.

"Yes, you own me, Master," Marie confirmed after taking a deep breath.

Tilting her head so he could look in her eyes, he said, "I own all of you. Get on the massage table and put your pussy right on the edge."

"Yes, Master." Carefully positioning her pussy right on the edge of the table, she laid back on the table. With his encouragement, she placed the heels of her feet on the edge of the table, spread her knees and exposed her dripping pussy to him. She moaned as he leaned forward to kiss and taste her pussy. "That feels so good, Master."

"Whose pussy it is this?" he asked while two of his fingers were inserted deep into her.

"Yours, Master. All yours." She closed her eyes and accepted the pleasure he offered her.

"Yes, it is all mine. I control it just like I control you." He moved between her legs and let the tip of his cock move over her slip. Spreading her pussy lips wide, he made her moan as he moved his cock over her clit. As he started to penetrate her, he said, "And I want my pussy to cum on my cock."

"It will, Master," she softly breathed. She continued to moan as he pumped in and out of her slippery and so needy hole. "I need you so much, Master."

"And I need you to cum. Cum for your Master, you needy slut."

"Yes, Master." Her need was so great and his cock felt so wonderful that she found herself quickly on the edge of exploding. "Fuck me, Master," she pleaded as her climax started. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed as she obeyed his demand to cum.

He watched as she withered in ecstasy while impaled on his hard and throbbing cock. He was pleased
with her obedience. "Get on your knees and suck my cock."

When he withdrew, she knelt before him and savored her juices that saturated his cock. After cleaning him off, she once again proved her deep throating skills.

"Very good," he admitted as he watched his whole cock disappear from view into her mouth. He enjoyed her efforts to please for a few moments. Handing her a condom, he said, "Put this on."

"Yes, Master." She unwrapped and then rolled the condom over his shaft.

"Now stand and bend over the massage table," ordered.

"Oh," she softly moaned as cool lubricant was applied to her anus and his finger slipped into it.

"I own all of you and all of your holes," he said as his cock pressed against her.

"I am your slut, Master." She moved back against him and encouraged him to fuck her in the ass. "Oh," she moaned as she experienced a little pain as his cock stretched her open and began to entered her. She took a deep breath and waited for him to fully penetrate her. "Fuck me deep, Master," she begged as she enjoyed the sensation of his long shaft doing just that.

"Yes, you are my slut and my whore," he agreed as he fucked her hard and deep. Holding her hips, he
drove his hard cock deep into her as his thighs banged against her beautiful white ass which still bore the red marks of her discipline.

"Fuck your whore, Master." She closed her eyes and enjoyed stroke after stroke of his cock sliding
in and out of her ass. She felt his fingers grip her more tightly and knew he was about to cum. "Cum in me," she begged.

"Yes, I'm going to cum in my whore," he admitted. He closed his eyes and banged her fast and hard.
"Yessssssssss!" he exclaimed as he filled the condom with hot, sticky, white cum with several ejaculations of extreme pleasure.

"Use me, Master," she encouraged him as she felt his release in many ways. Supporting herself on the table with her arms, she waited as he took as much pleasure as he could from his ownership of her and her holes. "I am your slut, Master."

"Yes, my slut," he agreed as he forced his cock deep into her and held it there. "And I do own you and will use you as I see fit." He leaned over and cupped her dangling breasts and pressed them hard into her body.

"Your slut, Master."

After a short pause, he ordered, "I want you on the table face up."

She waited for him to withdraw before climbing on the table. She laid there with spread legs and waited for him to remove the condom from his cock. She hoped he would offer the contents of the condom to her lips. She wanted to taste him so badly and swallow his cum. She wanted to prove her obedience and her worthiness to be his collared submissive in any way she could.

"Clean off my cock," he ordered.

"Yes, Master," she eagerly replied. Turning her head, she tasted his cum as she licked his shaft before taking the glans into her mouth.

He looked at his obedient slut and smiled. Dipping his finger into the condom, he saturated them with is cum. Taking his cock from her mouth, he ordered, "Part your lips."

Seeing the condom and his cum-coated fingers, she immediately obeyed. She loved how he tasted.

After coating her lips with his cum, he told her, "Don't lick your lips."

Her eyes reflected her disappointment. She fought the strong urges to disobey. He didn't understand just how much she craved his cum. Or did he? She flinched slightly as he applied cum to her nipples. She moaned as he leaned over and sucked her nipples and drew the whole tit into his hungry and powerful mouth.

"I do taste so good," he teased her when he finished nursing. He looked deep into her eyes as she patiently waited for his next instruction. "You may lick your lips, slut."

Her tongue immediately darted out and removed his juices from her lips. "Thank you, Master," she
finally replied. "Yes, you do taste so good."

Moving so he could stand at her head, he ordered, "Play with your pussy and make it nice and wet. I want it really wet."

"It already is," she informed him as her hands obeyed his request.

"I know. But I want it really wet." He watched. "Perhaps this will help,:" he said as he offered the contents of the condom to her lips.

"It will, Master."

"Open wide." He slowly poured the contents of the condom into her mouth as she played with herself.
Turning the condom inside out, he further ordered, "Lick all of my cum off."

She lifted her head slightly and sucked the condom into her mouth. Using her tongue, she gleaned every drop of his fluids. She savored his taste as her fingers probed her pussy and circled her clit.

"And is your pussy nice and wet?" He removed the condom from her mouth

"Yes, Master." She watched as he pulled a latex glove over his hand.

"I hope so." Sitting on the table at her feet, he ordered, "Now spread those legs and let me prove who owns this pussy." When she obeyed, he inserted one and then two fingers into her. "Yes, nice and wet. But not wet enough."

"Sorry, Master." She watched as he applied a liberal amount of lubricant to his hand.

"Just relax," he suggested as he started to probe her pussy with two and then three fingers. "I'm going to find out just how much my pussy can handle."

She moaned as four fingers found their way deep into her pussy. Then she felt the thumb added. "Oh," she moaned as he pressed his hand firmly into her pussy. She felt herself being stretched wider than she had ever been stretched before. "It hurts."

"Yes, I can tell. Do you want me to stop?" he asked as he demonstrated his caring side.

"No. I want to please you, Master," she said as he continued to work his hand in and out of her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip when he once again pressed firmly against her and attempted to get his entire fist into her.

"Just a little tight," he observed as he felt her resistance. "How does it feel?"

"Different, Master." she replied as his intensified efforts to fist her caused her to involuntarily move away from his hand.


"A little, Sir."

"Perhaps enough for today."

"Try one more time, Master. Please," she begged. She did want to please him and she did want to
experience being fisted. She took a deep breath and focused on relaxing. "Ohhhhhh!" she softly moaned as he once again demanded entrance. She was determined to accept the pain no matter what.

"All the way in," he announced to her relief. He formed a fist and filled her like she had never been filled before.

"Yes, Master." She closed her eyes and accepted the pain. She was pleased that she could serve her
Master in this way. She accepted the strange sensation that being fisted caused. Looking down, she saw her pussy surrounding his wrist. It was an interesting and even erotic sight.

"Interesting," he commented as he felt her reactions to his penetration and as he felt her organs. "I do own you, slut," he added to reinforce the reason for her being fisted.

"All of me, Master," she admitted.

"Enough for the first time." He slowly removed his hand.

"Thank you, Master," she said as his fist came free.

"I didn't think I was going to get my fist inside of you, Marie."

"Neither did I. But I am glad you did."

"So am I." He removed the latex glove and set it aside. After securing leather wrist restraints to each of her wrists, he ordered, "On your knees and thank your Master." He moaned as her lips once again made his cock rock hard. He looked down and smiled at his slut as she lovingly and appropriately thanked him for training her. He let her bring him to the edge of a climax and built up the anticipation that she would soon be tasting his cum. "Enough."

She looked up at him while holding his cock just a few centimeters from her lips. Her eyes pleaded with him to let her continue.


Her eyes quickly reflected her disappointed as she accepted his decision. She continued to hold his
cock and stared at it with lustful eyes.

"Stand." When she did, he fastened the strap-on harness around her waist. "My cock has demonstrated that I own all of your holes, hasn't it?"

"It has, Master."

"Now, I'm going to show you in another way that I own them." He started to insert the dildo. which was attached to the leather strap of the strap-on harness that was designed to run between her legs.

"Yes, Master," she moaned.

When the dildo was half way in, he begin to insert the butt plug attached to the same leather strap. Firmly he pressed it against her anus until it yielded to his demand. As it slowly slid into to her, he made sure the dildo was also fully inserted into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned as she accepted the intruders into her holes.

"Tight enough?" he asked as he secured the strap running between her legs to the strap encircling her waist.

"Tighter, Sir."


"Yes, Sir." She felt the dildo and butt plug being pressing firmly into their respective holes. She knew without a doubt he owned her holes along with the rest of her. "Thank you, Master." She silently waited as he fondled her breasts and sensed he was thinking of the next step in her education. She stared into his eyes and telegraphed her approval as he pulled her nipples out from her body. She purred softly as he continued to play with her nipples. His touch sent shock waves of pleasure through her body and made her pussy drip with desire.

"I have wonderful things planned for my little slut," he said. He took her breasts into his hands. "These belong to me."

"Yes, they are yours, Master." She flinched as she slapped the left one on the side and then the right one.

"I own all of you, slut." He slapped her breasts again.

"I know, Sir." She felt the sting of his attentions.

Using the slapper, he again demonstrated that he owned her breasts. He struck them both twice with
sufficient force to get her undivided attention. Picking up a length of rope, he showed it to her before centering it on the back of her neck. He positioned the two equal lengths of rope between her breasts. "Bend over at the waist."

When she did, she felt and saw her breasts hanging from her chest and pointing to the floor. She knew what to expect. She took a deep breath as he tightly wound the rope around her right breast and then around the left one.

"Stand up." When she did, he used the ends of the rope to pull her tits together. "More or less separation?" he asked.

"Less, Sir." She wanted her breasts to be bound tightly today. She clenched her teeth as he gave her a lot less separation.

"So nice," he commented as the rope made her breasts stand out from her chest and swell slightly.

Marie glanced down and agreed with his assessment. She moaned as he lightly moved his hands over
her globes. She couldn't believe how sensitive her breasts became when they were bound. She wasn't
complaining in the least at this point in her training.

"I also own your mouth." Holding a pink ball gag, he ordered, "Open."

She accepted the ball gag. As he secured it with a leather strap and buckle, she felt it being forced deeper into her mouth. The sensation of having something in all of her holes which had just serviced her Master's cock only served to remind her that she was owned and would be used like the slut he was training her to be. She had to admit to herself that it was also creating some very erotic feelings inside of her. I wish his cock was in one of my holes, she admitted to herself.

Taking her hands, he placed them behind her neck and hooked the restraints together with a snap hook. "I want you over by the door." When she obeyed, he attached her wrists to a rope hanging from the top of the door with another snap hook. The height of the rope hanging from the door made her stand on her tiptoes to help her Master secure her in the position he desired.

She squirmed over the pleasure she received when he licked then gently sucked on her nipples. Her nipples were so sensitive and his touch so erotic. If she could have spoke, she would have begged him to let her cum. Due to the dildos, gag and being bound, her body was ready to explode sexually and may have with just his command to cum. She watched him suck her tits and enjoyed the wonderful sensation as she willed him to let her climax right now. She continued to squirm and then moaned her displeasure when he stopped.

"I need to blindfold you. I do want you to focus on all of the sensations you are receiving and the new ones I'll be giving you." He smiled at her as he placed the black satin blindfold over her eyes.

She looked into his eyes until the blindfold prevented her from doing so. In the darkness, she focused on the sensations she was receiving from the rope and the dildos. When he touched her breasts again and pulled and twisted her nipples, wonderful sensations of pleasure radiated into her breasts.

From the sight of his submissive, his cock became rock hard and oozed precome. He placed nipple clamps on her nipples and gentle pulled on the chain that connected the clamps.

She took a deep breath as she accepted the pain he wanted her to experience. It seemed to amplify the sensations of pleasure she was already enjoying. She felt light headed.

"I'm going to fuck your navel," he told her as he placed the tip of his cock in it. He gently pushed his cock in an out of her navel. He watched as his movement smeared his precome into her navel. He felt between her legs and pressed against the dildo in her pussy.

She gasped as the dildo massaged her clit. When he pressed his chest against her so sensitive nipples and she felt the warmth of his body, his soft kiss on her neck and his control, she found herself take flight. She moved her head slowly back and forth as she completely let go. She felt no fear only trust and complete confidence in his care, protection and love for her. She soared to new heights of submission.

He stepped back and watched the change in the body language of his slut. Using the flogger, he struck her breasts time and time again. Her reactions or lack of normal reactions to the flogger told him that she was indeed in subspace. He lightly pressed against her and held her as he offered reassurance to her that he would indeed protect her. "Fly, my sweet Marie." He carefully monitored her flight. He reached up to release her hands and she offered no help. The Flight of the Eagles played on the CD player and he knew she was soaring with the eagles. He let her hang there for the moment.

She floated and felt so free. It was an awesome experience. A touch or a sensation of pain - she didn't know which - brought her flight to an end. She slowly came back to earth. She felt him releasing her hands and made no effort to help him. She was dizzy and disorientated. She moaned softly as he massaged her wrists along with the marks the restraints had left on them. She blinked and slowly opened her eyes when the blindfold was removed. She focused on her Master's face and smiled at him. She felt limp and so at peace. She moved her jaw up and down when the gag was removed.

"Welcome back."

Her response was delayed as she came back to reality. "Thank you, Master." She waited as he removed nipple clamps. She reacted to the pain of their release and the pleasure of his mouth as he sucked on each one to help make them feel better. She watched as her breasts were released from their bondage and as he traced the marks the ropes left on them. Spreading her legs, she sighed as the dildos were removed. She accepted his hug and hugged him back.

He sat on the massage table. "Thank your Master." He lifted his cock and offered it to her.

"Yes, Master." She leaned over and took him into her mouth.

He leaned back on the table and watched his obedient slut suck on his rock hard cock. He moaned his
pleasure over the sight and the feeling of her soft, eager, hot, moist mouth thanking him. She was the best oral slut he had trained so far. "Yes, thank your Master," he encouraged her as she took him deep into her throat.

She paused when her told her to. She waited for him to lay on his back on the massage table before
continuing her efforts to properly thank him. She closed her eyes as she went down on him and savored the taste of his precome and the sensations of his shaft moving over her lips.

"Put a condom on."

"Yes, Master." She carefully rolled the condom over his shaft.

"I want it deep in your ass," he told her.

"Yes, Master." She climbed up on the massage table. After straddling him, she guided his cock into her ass. She closed her eyes and slowly slid down the entire length of his cock. As she sat there fully impaled on his magnificent cock, she looked into his eyes. Her eyes conveyed her deep desire to serve him and to please him by being the best submissive he had ever owned.

"That does feel so good," he said as her warm tight hole surrounded him. "Fuck me."

"I will, Master." She lifted up and made long and deliberate strokes on his cock. She enjoyed the sensation of being fucked in the ass just as much as knowing that he enjoyed being fucked in this fashion. She was incredibly horny. "May I cum?" she finally asked with an undeniable tone of need in her voice.

"You are a horny little whore, aren't you?"

"Yes. You make me that way, Master."

He arched up and started to pump her ass with more forceful strokes. He loved the expression of
satisfaction in her eyes. "Yes, cum for me like the slut whore you are."

"Thank you, Master." She timed her movements with his. She took him deep and hard into her ass. She moved faster and faster and until she exclaimed, "I'm cumming, Master. I am cumming for you."

"Cum, you little slut," he encouraged her as he demonstrated his ownership and control.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she wailed as she got off on his cock and his control.

He continued to pump her ass. Finally, he ordered, "Get off."

"Aren't you going to cum in me?"

"Not now." He waited for her to get off. "Take the condom off and suck my cock."

"Yes, Master." She went down on him as soon as the condom was removed. She hoped he would cum in her mouth and give her the protein she desired.

"Yes, suck your Master." he moaned. He fucked her mouth and brought himself very close to a climax.
"Enough," he said. He sat up and ordered, "I want you on the table face up."

When he got off the massage table, she got back on. She looked lustfully at his full erection as he stood next to her. She softly moaned as he fondled her pussy and then pinched her nipples. "Oh, Master."

"I have special plans for you." he said.

"What, Master?" She watched as he retrieved leather restraints and brought them back to the massage

"You will find out," he simply said and placed the leather restraints around he thighs. Using snap hooks, he secured her wrist restraints to the thigh cuffs.

Feeling his control, she patiently waited to find out what he had in mind. She lifted her head when he showed her the spandex hood. She bit her lip as he pulled it over her head and once again plunged her into a world of darkness. "Oh," she moaned as he kissed, licked and then sucked her nipples into his mouth.

"Now accept the pain," he offered as he pulled out the right nipple and attached the Japanese clover
clamp to it.

She quietly waited for the second clamp to be attached. She felt herself easily and eagerly yielded and surrendering to her Master. She felt a wonderful kind of peace once again coming over her.

He lifted the hood slightly and kissed her full on the lips. He pressed hard against her mouth and stuck his tongue deep into it. He sucked on her tongue as she offered it to him. He moaned over the wonderful sensations he was receiving and the enjoyment of the connection he had with his collared submissive slut.

She kissed him back. She indicated her desire to serve him and please him. She became still as the hood was put back in place. Her senses became alert. There was no fear only a wonderful sense of expectation as to where his training would now take her. She heard his voice as he whispered in her

"I own you, Marie. You are mine."

"I am yours, Master."

Feel the pain I want you to have right now." He pulled on her nipple clamps again. "I will protect you and love you."

She wanted to reply but found herself just listening. She felt herself surrendering even more to her Master. It felt so right and so natural to do so.

He held her head and continued, "I want you to fly for me. When you feel my cock enter your pussy, you will have my permission to let go totally and fly." He paused and let her absorb his wishes. "When you come back to earth, you will be incredibly needy. When you are back, you will ask to cum." He hugged her and reassured her with this strength and power.

She felt herself starting to float. It was an awesome feeling as she started to disconnect from the real world. She felt his cock against her pussy. She was so wet that he was able to easily start to penetrate her. As soon as he parted the lips of her pussy, she was in flight. She didn't feel his cock fully penetrate her. She only felt the warm glow of his presence, his ownership, his control and his love. In short, she yielded completely, unhesitatingly and freely to her Master.

He pushed himself deep into his slut and let his hard cock fill her completely. He gently moved his cock out a half inch and then back in. He wanted just enough movement to give her some pleasure to experience along with the pain of the nipple clamps. He knew she was in flight before he had fully penetrated her warm, slippery hole. He smiled his approval over her obedience and trust. He patiently waited. His cock deep inside of her demonstrated that he owned and controlled her physically. His ability to make her fly demonstrated that he owned her mentally. "Yes, I own you, Marie. I own every inch of you inside and out," he told himself. He marveled at how still she was. He knew he was as hard as he could get and enjoyed what her obedience and her body were doing for him. The minutes passed.

"Make me cum," she softly begged. She was back and so needy.

He started with long, slow strokes of her pussy with his cock. He lifted his weight from and let her feel only his cock fucking her. He slowly increased the tempo. "Cum for me, Marie," he ordered.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss!" she exclaimed immediately as she obeyed.

"Cum on my cock."

"Yes, Master." She convulsed in a most awesome climax as every fiber of her body obeyed her Master.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed as she totally surrendered herself to him. She worked her pussy on his cock. "Thank you, Master. Cum in me."

He stroked her and satisfied her completely. "Not yet."

She didn't answer. She just enjoyed the moment of being so connected to her Master physical and mentally and even spiritually. She had never been so happy or so satisfied or so content or so at peace. It was awesome and she knew no words could describe her feelings.

He took her hood off and looked into her eyes. When he confirmed that she was back, he told her, "I am going to cum in your mouth." He sat back with his cock still buried in her slit. The sight of her undulating pussy surrounding his cock was one of the most incredibly erotic sights he had ever seen. He let Marie ride his cock for a few more moments since he wanted to impress upon Marie the joys and rewards of obedience. He knew she had flown twice today. And he knew she would do anything to fly again. He smiled smugly to himself.

After licking her juices off of his cock, she said, "Please cum in my mouth, Master." She, then, took him fully into her mouth.

"Oh!" he moaned. "That feels so good." He enjoyed her worship of his cock. "Take it all," he ordered as he permitted himself to finally cum. "Yes. Take it all," he repeated as the first powerful ejaculation erupted from his cock and into her mouth. As she moved up and down on his shaft, he continued to explode and filled her mouth with an unbelievable amount of hot cum. "Keep sucking," he told her as he greedily used his property to provide himself with one of his most awesome climaxes. "Oh," he moaned as she deep throated him once again after the last ejaculation.

"Thank you, Master," she said. Holding his cock, she placed her head on his thigh. "I love you, Master."

"I love you, Marie." He closed his eyes and reflected on the joy his ownership of this slut brought him. He smiled and licked his lips as she continued to stroke his flaccid cock. Life was good. Being a Master was great!

allnight200460 57M
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7/8/2006 1:35 pm

you should write for playboy forum or any other,your blog was exquisitely written

Acampbelllongman 31M
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3/15/2009 11:23 pm

I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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