Photo Shoot  

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5/21/2006 4:46 pm
Photo Shoot

Hi there ! Her name is Kelli. Thats Kelli with an i 'cos thats more distinctive and you need some of that name-recognition shit if you're a model like me. Look at Nayomi or Naomee or whats-her-face. Everyone remembers her name even if they can't spell it. Anyway the thing is that my agent says I need to branch out a little and show the public my intellectual side. She says I'm nearly 19 and I haven't even published my autobiograpy yet like all the other models, so I need to get my ass in gear or I'll be yesterdays news by the time I'm 20. Anyway, I think I'll kind of ease myself into this literary shit by starting off with a little story about what happened to me the other day when I was on this photo-shoot. People think models are dumb, but my agent says we are really highly versatile and creative people who are at the cutting edge of art. Yeah !! What she said !! Thats what I think too !!

So this day I go to Guy's studio as requested at the crack of dawn (around noon actually) and he's pissed because I'm a teeny bit late. Right off he hussles me into this little black top and skirt and stands me up against this brutal chain-link fence. "Contrasts baby", he says,"Function and femininity". Guy is really a sweetie even if he does talk bollocks, and I want to get him in a good mood again, so I don't mind when he wants to see a little bit of body. He's like.."Show me those terrific tits Kelli" .. FLASH....the camera flash popping like crazy..."Pull your skirt up a little bit"...FLASH....I'm just cruising on auto-pilot, going with the flow, and my skirt is around my waist before I remember I'm not wearing any panties. Oh well...what can you do ? I'm a professional. So I just pretend like I do this every day.

To tell the truth I'm a bit of an exhibitionist but then lets face it, you would be too if you looked like me. Some days when I see myself naked in the mirror at home I get *so* turned on. I mean, who else that you know has a bod this good ? So there was Guy hopping around like a demented flash-goblin..."give me sultry"..FLASH ... "give me that 'just been fucked by Brad Pitt' look" ...FLASH.. It was about a hundred degrees under the studio lights and there was a big mirror across the studio where I could see my reflection. I looked so fucking sexy! If was a guy I'd sure love to fuck me. I watched my reflection as I started to touch my body... teasing my nipples erect...gently rubbing my bare pussy until i was shamefully and thoroughly wet..."yeah Kelli baby .. give me horny" .. FLASH.... I am !!

Right about then this other girl comes in through a side-door. Little dark-haired girl in a black dress. Not as pretty as me, but not bad in a Wynona Ryder'ish, waif-like kinda way. She comes up to me and doesn't say a word. Just puts her arms around me and looks into my eyes with this soft 'please-fuck-me' expression. You know the one I mean. Guy is almost going into hyper-drive now..."give me erotic girls"...FLASH ..."let me see some action now"...FLASH ... and thats fine and dandy by me. I'm peeling that little black dress off mystery-girls shoulders and rubbing her perfect little tits. Her hot little hands are all over me, squeezing my bare ass and slipping boldly between my legs. She is *such* a horny little bitch. This wasn't in my contact you know, but I guess you could call it fringe benefits

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