On our own  

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7/5/2006 5:35 pm
On our own

She took a deep breath, felt the tingle below. She squeezed her thighs together and tried to fight off a slight tremor. She stood perfectly still and waited with indescribable anticipation.

"How did I get here so quickly?" A little more time to "collect" her thoughts would have been nice. That's what she kept thinking as she stood there... dressed as she had been told. Black stockings and a garter belt... a short skirt... heels, black and dressy. A white button down blouse... pearls, everything elegant yet simple. No bra of course and no panties. She held a small handbag, its contents damning, humiliating. She was standing at the curb, outside the terminal. No bags, just her.

"Behave, I could embarrass you in public or simply pick you up. You never know", she remembered His words from a phone call hours before she left for the plane. Now she was terrified, horny, and happy peering into each car as it approached for His face.

It had been 3 years of teasing, then chatting and then "getting to know" each other. This time she knew she was ready to meet him. She wanted to please Him. But, was she ready to surrender so thoroughly? She clasped the handbag in with two hands, squeezing and releasing.

It carried 3 items. A driver's license, a signed slave contract/consent form, and a series of pictures she had taken of herself in humiliating poses doing outrageously naughty acts just as she had been directed to by Him the previous week. The photos and the addresses of her boss and her closest family members were rubber banded to together tightly. But it didn't matter that no one in the airport could see the pictures... they burned in her little purse, she imagined others around her seeing the smoke seeping from the hands.

Suddenly it was Him, smiling through the windshield at her. Within moments she was nervously stepping toward the passenger side door. She fiddled with the handle but the door didn't open. Two, three times she tried it... then looked up to see Him smiling at her and saying, "no".

"Lift your skirt and show me, then ask please!" he barked. So he WAS going to embarrass her after all. She flushed with warmth from her face to her thighs and felt her left hand take the bag and her right take the hem of her skirt slowly above the edge of her now throbbing clit. Head bowed, she did as she was told and the door lock snapped up electronically. She jumped into the car almost giddy that the first ordeal was over and leaned over to kiss Him - not thinking in the least about surrender, submission or what extreme games were to follow.

"Spread your legs and keep the skirt around your waist", he barked. And she did so... her eyes could not move from the floor of the car, though she wanted to stare at Him so badly.
She subtly glanced from her pumps to His side of the car to see He had on the black 501 button-fly jeans He had described so many times. He tossed a set of shiny handcuffs in her lap and she knew right away to put them on...

"Be-HIND your back, slave.", he reminded her. After that the car ride was very quiet but short. Only a few times did His hand travel over to feel her, pinch or explore her exposed flesh. What a tease! The first stop a parking lot near a baseball diamond. No one around but deliciously so. He parked the car and walked around to her side... and pulled her from the vehicle by the hair, unlocking the handcuffs sort of helped as well.

"Get out here and kneel... keep your skirt UP... display your clit.", these commands came rapid fire and she was obedient in everything. He walked around her, inspecting every inch. Next He pulled her to her feet by her hair, and pushed her naked ass back against the cool metal of the fender. His hand deftly found her wetness and pinched her clit gently, rolling it, teasing it. She gasped a breathless, "thank you, Sir." But then he pinched harder and she squealed.

"That's what I wanted to hear.", he said softly. She felt Him tug her head back by the hair and then they kissed. "We have a lot to do, lil one.", he whispered and tapped her nose.

"yes, Sir... anything you wish.", she managed to eek out a nervous smile too.

"First things first", he said. "Let's have your handbag", his hand reaching out as he spoke.

She quickly leaned down and grabbed her last connection to her old identity wondering if at any point if she would hesitate. But she didn't. It was much later in His dungeon playroom that he would open the bag. And seal her fate.


Later He went to check on her progress. He had left her with written instructions.


I am so pleased you are finally here in my dungeon and ready to submit. As I have said to you before - there is much to do. Follow these instructions carefully - you will be punished severely for any mistakes.

1) you are to read these instructions to the end then follow them step by step.

2) you will type a description of your actions, and feelings as well as a devotional note to me, surrendering yourself.

3) you should place your slave contract and your blackmail insurance photos and addresses in the lock box on the table and close it... it will lock automatically. you know of course once the box is locked that you are owned and there will be no escape from your servitude that does not include the mailing of your photos (humiliating as they are) to your employer and family.

4) you will use the equipment and toys to fill each hole (mouth, ass and cunt) and then add bondage that will keep everything in place. leave the keys where I can get them and you can't.

5) I plan to humiliate, photograph and record you in each extreme thing I put you through. any resistance will be met with caning, marking, tattooing, as well as many other training methods.

6) before you I send you home next week you will be pierced... Nipples, labia and clit hood will be ringed.

7) a tattoo of "Sir's" will be place above your clit (size to be determined) and a large "J" will be tattooed on your left upper thigh/hip.

Finally tonight we will create the ritual you will endure each month as my slave. forced, prolonged... extreme

One thing he wanted to preserve was their fun... not losing the idea of communicating in their usual way. So, he left a computer set up in the play room for her to type on. He set up a journal and other special shortcuts. And then left her alone... to see how obedient she would be on her own. With a simple link to the dungeon computer ...and the security cam on it was all he expected and more. He watched from upstairs for a while then spent time on a shower and a shave. When he returned his computer screen flashed her pink font and he was all smiles as he read.

as I type, Sir... i am kneeling on the floor, wearing my black heels, hose, hair up in a pony tail, red ball gag, silver cross necklace, clothespins on my nipples, (and ahhhh, they hurt right now for You). Four additional clothespins placed on my breasts, smiling wishing you were here. As directed, I have bound myself with tight rope at the knees and ankles... put Your handcuffs on, placed the ice cube with the frozen handcuff key on a string in it... in my ass for you. Next, as you desired i shoved the black butt plug in my ass, and finally the chastity belt you had laid out. This was locked on and the key for the belt is in my shoe where I can no longer reach it Oh, and of course the ice cube... it melted long ago and I am very wet with anticipation and desire. I hope you will arrive soon to turn use me as you see fit.

She was impressive. Each of his instructions had been carried out and she had typed a short description and devotion to Him. It was time to use her.

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I like this.

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