On An Island  

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5/22/2006 5:56 pm
On An Island

The room was cool, a few lights on the walls light the room dimly. The smell of honeysuckle fill the room. A
fire is burning in the fireplace. A huge four post walnut bed with red and black satin sheets is in the corner of the room. The lovely blond haired slave is secured to a large wooden X in the middle of the room. Her legs spread wide a clit clamp on her swollen clit and alligator clamps on her nipples. Cum is still dripping from her cunt and ass. A blindfold of black silk covers her emerald green eyes and a red ball gag in her mouth. A feeling of contentment and fear in her heart. Fear of the unknown parts of this new lifestyle and contentment of belonging to her Master.

She hears footsteps. Several set of footsteps are very distinctive. She feels hands grasping the nipple clamps and the pull on the. Gasping from the pain her body tensing from the pain. She feels a firm yank as the clit clamp is yanked off her tender clit. She cums from the pleasure of the pain she received. Hands touching, fingers pushing deep inside of her cunt and ass. So many hands fucking her, pleasuring her. As she cums again she feels a smack to her tits crying out as best she can, she feels several swats to her body. Her
tits, her clit, her stomach, and her ass. Her mind starts wondering why He is allowing her this pleasure
of pain, the pleasure of cumming. She pushed the thoughts from her mind as she starts cumming. Than she
feels it. A huge cock being rammed in her ass. She shakes her head trying to scream. This is not the
pleasurable pain she felt with Master. This cock was bigger, thicker she knew he would tear her but she had
no way to tell anyone, no way to make him stop. Hands undo the gag. She gasps for air and screams out. All she hears is laughter. They want to hear her screams, her moans, her begging for them to stop, her desperate crying. She feels the yanking on the nipple clamps, the cock ramming in and out of her ass, fingers squeezing her clit and fingers moving in and out of her cunt. She feels it building a huge wave of pleasure. As she cums hard she feels Him shoot deep inside of her ass. Her muscles clinch the cock and milk him. She hears his moans, the moans of pleasure and she is reminded this is not her Master.

Where was He why was He letting this happen, was He watching, enjoying what He was seeing? She screamed His name as she came "Master!!!!!!" She felt a breath on her neck as a voice spoke to her, "quiet whore I am here". She sighed as she realized it was Him, her Master, her owner the one that completed her. Her body shaking as she finished cumming. He whispers softly in her ear, "from this point on not a word and remember to ask my precious slut for permission to cum. If you fuck up cunt the pain will not be pleasurable for you bitch. Do you understand?" She nods her head in agreement. She feels a hand connect hard across her face. Her head flies to the side. The familiar taste of blood returns to her mouth. He speaks to her in a
low growl, "When I speak to you you fucking bitch you had better answer me" "Yes Master", she utters softly.
"Good little slut" he tells her. The sting of the swats to her body still burning the redness from them glowing tears come to her eyes as the swats become harder and come faster. The pain increasing, the red of the swats turning crimson as welts come to her delicate body. A tongue starts caressing her clit as she feels something huge being pushed into her. Her memory tell her that once again a fist is being shoved into her ass. Biting her lip hard as to not scream. Now there are 4 fingers going in and out of her wet cunt. Screaming, crying out as tears once again came to her eyes. The blindfold as wet as her cunt. The fist moving slowly in and out of her ass. Four fingers moving in and out of her cunt she screams out louder as a hand slaps her hard her face and a flogger across her tits hard. She screams again crying hard the flogger hits her tits again but harder and a voice whispering in her ear, "Shut the fuck up bitch or you'll be gagged and caned do you understand whore?". A tiny voice replies, "yes Master" the tears continue to come to her eyes. The fist moving in and out of her ass and finger in her cunt moving faster and faster, fingers pulling the clamps on her nipples the teeth on the clamps digging in hard on her tender hard nipples. The pain exhilarating she gasps begging "please Master may I cum?" "No slave not yet. I have one more wonderful pain for you to feel and when you feel it you can cum than slave." Whimpering she feels the fist in her ass and fingers in her cunt speed up and the yanking on the clamps becomes more intense. She hears the clanging of metal and the sounds of footsteps approaching her. All she can concentrate on is not cumming than she feels it on her thigh. Hot metal. The smell of burning flesh fills her nose. She screams and clinches the muscles in her cunt and ass as she cums harder than she has ever before. The pain horrible. The worse pain she has ever felt. The most wonderful pain. The clamps are ripped from her nipples as she continues to cum.

He reaches up and removes the blindfold so she can see the branding iron still on her ivory thigh. He looks
into her eyes and smiles at her. His beautiful slave. His pain slut. The iron is removed at the same time as
the fist and fingers. He leans in and kisses her tenderly. She whimpers, her body still shaking. Looking around she see 5 men as they untie her. One of them lifts her and carries her to the bed. He gently places her on the bed. She looks down and sees the brand the one her Master placed on her to mark her for all to see on her thigh. The pain from the brand horrible still her Master places fresh aloe vera on the brand so it will heal and ease her pain. He covers her torso with a beautiful soft blue silk material and lies next to her. Taking her in His arms her brushes her hair out of her face and wipes away her tears. Kissing her passionately He peaks to her, "you have made Me very proud of you My little slave. I love you and will always protect, guide and give you what you need and deserve as long as you remember who you belong to my pet." she whispers softly, her throat raw from screaming and crying, "yes Master"

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