Innocent Man  

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5/22/2006 5:57 pm
Innocent Man

The door was left unlocked, at precisely 8:45 I entered into the dimly lit hallway which lead upstairs to the small one bedroom apartment that was now occupied by the Dom and his submissive. I slipped out of my blue denim dress and stood naked at the foot of the stairs as instructed and looked around at the personal items belonging to the man who summoned me here tonite. His shoes were lined neatly at the left side the railing and there where boxes stacked against the wall. Every so quietly, I inched my way up the stairs, like me, his sub was a novice and her he had lead her to think there might be a possibility of another submissive arriving here tonite. He teased and taunted her with the thought that she may be "watched" by another pair of eyes besides his.

I had reached the top the stairs, entered the living room where I stood silently. As I waited to the Dom, I looked around the room, curiously. I saw the computer that he first contacted me with, I smiled as I remembered how we planned tonite's scene. I could feel my excitement grow as I heard the soft moans coming from the bedroom. He was smacking the sub's inner thighs with a small leather strap, her moans becoming loader as he move it to her pussy. Lucky winch, I thought to myself.

A few moments later, the Dom entered the room where I stood with my back to the bedroom door. He reached out and placed his large hands on my shoulders running them down along the curves of my hips and stopping at cheeks of my ass, he gave them a hard squeeze and bent his head to whisper softly into my ear that he was glad that I followed his instructions so perfectly. Now, turn around and let me get a look at those long nipples you told me about he ordered as he slowly turned me to face him. Very nice, he told me as he rolled my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I sighed has he squeezed them a bit harder, I could feel the excitement rise within my body with each turn and I caught my breath a bit too loudly as he gave each nipple a hard pull. It's alight he told me, since I was concerned about the other sub hearing me. She is listening to music with a set of earphone on and can't hear us, he told me. Stand here while I check on Jenny, he said.

I could hear him asking her if she could still hear the music and if her blindfold was on securely. She said that all was well and asked him if you could please cum now. No! He told her flatly. Her moan of dissappointment sent shivers down me, I could feel my wetness and I ached to get a closer look at the helpless girl. Smack! Smack! the leather strap sounded as it landed on her breasts, please, let me cum I hear her beg him, but to no avail.

Returning to where I stood, the Dom told me to lift my arms while he warped a thick white nylon rope around my the cheeks of my bottom and up around top of my breasts and back down around my bottom and back across the bottom of my breasts, so that they stood out nicely, he then tied the ends of the rope around the front of my waist. Very nice he said as he stood back to admire his work. Present me your wrists he ordered, I obeyed at once. The brown leather cuffs felt wonderful against my skin. I was lead to stand
beneath the bedroom door frame, attaching clips from the chain to the cuffs, my arms were raised above my head and attached to a hook in the door's frame, I hung there, my feet barely able to touch the floor. My eyes follow as he reaches over to pick up a pair of small aqua colored hair clamps. Pulling first my right nipple tautly, then the left, he gently placed the clip onto my now swollen nipples. MY pussy dripped even more as the clamps bite into my soft flesh, I moaned in sheer delight. Very nice, very nice indeed, he said
as he stepped back towards Jenny, bringing his large hand down hard on her exposed bottom. "Ohhhhhh" she moaned, her juices glisten in the candlelight. My body tried instinctively to moved towards her wetness.

I was left to hang there a prisoner of the chains. I locking my lips as I imagined my tongue between her quivering legs, lapping up her sweet juices, nibbling on that swollen rosebud. Her outcry of pain brought me back to reality. I stared in shock as I saw him shoving a huge dildo deep into Jenny's up turned ass. She cried out again but that only made him shove it in even deeper. I couldn't believe how much of that thing was up in her, I knew I should feel pity for her but I found myself silently begging him to fill her with every last inch of that massive thing! I watched in amazement as Jenny struggled to move herself even closer to the hand that was ripping her ass apart. She loved it! What a little slut, I thought, a knowing smile spreading across my lips.

You like what you see Eternity? The Dom asks me. I nodded my head, but he grabs me by my hair I blink at him, wondering why he has hurt me when I realized that I had been disrespectful to him. "Oh, Yes Sir, I whisper. Little one he says as he release his grip on my hair. I see that you are in need of some training. Later you will have to pay for your lack of respect my pet, he informs me, a twinkle dancing in those dark brown eyes of his. My whole body shakes with fear and excitement.

Moving back to where Jenny lies, the dido still inside her, do not cum he tells her as he gives it one final shove with the palm of his hand, she cries out with such wantonness, she begs and begs him for release. Not just yet, my lovely slut, Master has other plans for you, he says as he strokes her long blond hair. Her need to cum is so great that I can smell it permeate the air. Reaching into a black duffle bag the Dom brings out some nipple clamps and puts them on Jenny's large brown nipples. She again cries out as he adjusts
them to the tightest setting. Her head rolls back and for, she is almost in deep sub space now. I envied her and wished I wasn't just an observer in this whole thing. My whole body screamed to feel what she was feeling, but that wasn't part of the agreement. I moaned in disappointment, the sound wasn't lost to the Dom, he looked at me grinning. I quickly looked away from his all knowing eyes, my cheeks aglow with crimson as I feel my juices run down my legs.

What sweet sounds escape from the helpless girl as her ass is fucked slowly with that massive dildo and her aching nipples are kissed over and over again with the tip of the crop that her Master is welding! I cry out,
"please take me, use me as you do her," I begged as tears run down my cheeks. He ignores my pleas and continues to insert the oversized rubber penis in Jenny's ass, moving faster with each stroke until she is unable to control herself, once again she begs for release and this time he gives her permission. I can hear the whole bed shake with the force of her cunning, as he pulls both the dildo and nipples clamps in one quick jerk, my ears ring as she screams "I'm cumming Master! I'm cumming for You!" As he rubs her breasts
and nipples, I can hear him tell her how pleasing she was to him and how she had met his every exceptions. He kissed her gently on her still quivering lips and smoothes the sweat drenched hair from around her face. He releases her from the ropes that held her by pulleys and massaged her aching muscles and told her to give into the sleep that was calling out to her. Jenny smiled up at her Master with love filled eyes and obeyed him instantly. He laid next to her for a while, reassuring himself that she was safe and sleeping soundly. Raising from the bed, he walked passed me as if I wasn't there, I felt a sharp pang in my heart. I struggles to turn my head to see where he was going but was unable to. I hung there for what seemed liked hours but was really only fifteen minutes as I wonder what I had done to make this man angry.

Deep in thought I almost didn't noticed as the gag as placed into my mouth. I started to cry out but the sound was cut short by the ball that was attached to the gag. You are dripping wet with cum my dear, the man tells me as I feel his hand sliding down my legs rubbing the wetness there into my inner thighs. Slowly he runs his hand back up my leg and inserts two fingers into my hot pussy, my legs go weak from his touch. "So you like to watch my little one," he says as he slips two more of his fingers inside of me. I moan with pleasure as he begins to pump all four of them in and out of my hot, aching womanhood. Faster and faster, I feel those big wonderful fingers fill me until I'm ready to explode Don't even think about cumming, you don't deserve that pleasure, cunt. he hisses into my right ear. I told you earlier that you will have to pay for your disrespect towards me and now is that time. Fear consumes my whole being as I try to free myself from my bonds.
There is no escape my pet, he assures me as he places a blindfold over my eyes. I shake my head left to right, unable to believe what is happening to me, I try to beg him to stop, but my cries are muffled by the gag.

Did you not agree to obey me and be respectful t me if I allowed you to watch this evening he asked me. I couldn't think, fear had it's grip on my mind. Answer me cunt, he said as I felt my head being yanked back, his massive hands were pulling at my hair. Yes, I nodded. Did you not fail to answer me with proper respect earlier and did you speak out when you were told to keep quite while the session was going on? Again I nodded yes. Do you think I should let you get away with that, he asked. Tears filled my eyes as I knew that was indeed deserving of punishment. No, I nodded. Very good, he said as he placed a finger below the blindfold to catch a falling tear. Your tears taste sweet my love he whispers softly to me.

Reaching down once more to my pussy, he checks to see if I,' still wet and is pleased to note that I am. He walks back into the bed room and retrieves the nipples clamps that gave Jenny so much pleasure, leaning over her, he see that she is still fast asleep, he places a soft kiss upon her cheek and returns to stand in front of me. He removes the aqua colored hair clamps from my now beet red and aching nipples. Taking them between his thumb and forefinger he pinches then and is very please to see me winch in pain but didn't try to escape his grasp. I'm pleased to see that you enjoy nipple torture, Littleone, I'm told.

As he places the new clamps onto my nipples and attaches a clamp to it from one that he had placed onto the rope that was tied around my waist at the back, he warms me that if I woke Jenny up that he promises me that I wouldn't recover from the pain I would be made to endure for at least two weeks. Had I not have been already suspended by the overhead chains, I was certain I would have collapsed right there and then.

The pain that racked first my tender nipples then my whole body as I jerked foreword when the first blow of the crop fell across the virgin flesh of my bottom took my breath away. As the second blow came I nderstood that if I was to survive this punishment I must stand very still. Even though my screams were muffled by the gag I was afraid that I would awaken Jenny. Determination spurred on by this fear enabled me to endure twenty more blows. I was near passing out when I felt the man's soft gentle hand caressing the whelps that had formed on the bottom with the ice cubes that he had prepared ahead of time. The mixture of pain heat with the coldness of the ice cubes sent waves after wave of relief over my aching, tortured bottom. I moaned in sheer pleasure, shocked to feel my juices again dripping out of my every wet pussy down my legs.

Have you learned how important is to show a Master due respect the man asked me. Yes, I weakly nodded. That pleasing me very much, he tells me as he releases me from my bonds and I collapse into his powerful arms. He lifts me effortfully and places me gently on my tummy beside the still sleeping Jenny. He pours on salve onto the palms of his hands and lovingly rubs it into my sore and red backside. Soon the pain subsides enough to allow me to enjoy the spreading of my ass cheeks that allows Masters tongue entrance to my inter most parts. A shudder flows down my entire body as his tongue is inserted into my anus. My head is dizzy with the wonderful sensations that are feeling it. I moan with pure pleasure as he slips first two than three fingers into my wet, wet pussy. I lift my ass up to meet his every stroke, I hunger to feel him inside of me as I have for no other man. Please, Please, Master I beg. Take me now, own all of me now, my voice is filled with the same wantonness that had filled Jenny's an hour before.

Come sit on top of my hard cock he tells me, I jump to obey, eager to be filled with this man's cock. The walls of my pussy is stretched wide to accommodate his huge size. But this pain fills me with only sheer delight, I rode him like the slut that I was, I didn't even notice that Jenny had awaken. I thought the hands that slipped the cuff onto both my wrist was his, it was too late when I realized that these hands were smaller and softer that any mans. I was held helpless once again to hooks on the wall above the bed. Jenny moved around behind me, placing her hands onto my tender bottom, pushing me forward to rest across the Master's chest as she began to kiss and lick at the whelps that covered my bottom. I moaned with pleasure as she
spread wide my ass cheeks and began to lick at the swollen brown bud. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have a hard cock filling my pussy and a woman's tongue filling my ass. But that was nothing to the feeling I experiences when she slipped first one than tow than three fingers into my ass! Again I almost passed out with pure pleasure. Jenny's fingers were opening me up, I wondered why, then it hit me as I heard her tell Master she is ready Sir. No!!! I cried, please don't, I begged. Struggled to moved away from the object that was trying to be pushed into my virgin ass. Master, please don't let her put that thing in me I wailed, the fear filling my whole being again. He whispered into my ear, Remember what I said would happen if you awaken Jenny? Yes, I sobbed. Well, Eternity, I give you the choice, either allow Jenny the pleasure of fucking you with her dildo or suffer my punishment again but as I stated earlier, it will take two weeks for you to
recover from it. My mind raced as I tried to decide which would hurt the least. A whimper escapes my lips as I relaxed my body and lifted up my ass in surrender to Jenny's dildo.

I felt the Masters cock grow and harden as I cried out in pain as I felt my ass being ripped as the dildo's head entered me. Master's large hand held the cheeks of my ass tightly as inch by inch, Jenny pushed it further and further into to me. Just when I thought I could take anymore, a flood of lust overcame me and I found my self begging for more. Yes, Yes, fuck my ass, shove it all the way in I screamed as I rode the Masters cock faster and faster, I was a wild animal, in full heat! I could feel my heat rising from the bottom of my feet to the top on my head, my need to cum was so great but just as I started to cum I remembered to at ask for Master's permission. Yes, you may cum on your Master's cock Eternity he bids me. My whole body
shuddered and screamed as it exploded on him when I felt Jenny remove the dildo from my ass and I felt his hot cum shooting onto the walls of my even hotter pussy.

When I had recovered enough, Master laying between Jenny and me kissed us both, told me how pleased I had made him and he then told Jenny to welcome her new Sister into the family. I was deeply touched as she bent over to gently place a kiss on my lips and said, Welcome dear Sister, I know that you will be as happy here with Master as I am. We both rested our heads on the Master's chest and felling very safe and secure wrapped in loving his arms.

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