I Write Sins Not Tragedies  

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5/19/2006 7:02 pm
I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Its funny how things sometimes work out! A few months ago my friend Mary asked me if I could take her to a class at night school as her car was in the shop for repairs. When I went back to pick her up later that evening she told me how much she enjoyed the class and that she had met a nice girl named Debbie. A few weeks passed and the next time I visited Mary she told me that Debbie was going to stop over also. Before Debbie arrived, Mary was telling me that she found out that Debbie was a lesbian, and because Mary never knew a lesbian or at least talked at length with one, she found Debbie to be quite interesting and liked her very much, especially for her frankness in their chats. I have known Mary for a long time and she knew of my involvement in D's as a Dom. Once Debbie arrived we all seemed to hit it off well and after an hour or so the conversation turned sexual. Mary is a medium built, blue-eyed blond and Debbie has dark hair, dark eyes, and a slight build, but very toned body from her heavy involvement in sports. As we all started to talk about our sexual lifestyles I could tell that both girls were getting a bit turned on, Hell! so was I. Debbie told us that she was a bit of a submissive, but always with women, she said she often wondered what it would be like with a man, jokingly, (not really), I told her that I would love to give her a demonstration. Mary spoke up and said Bob you can start with me right now if you want! That was all I had to hear. I looked at Debbie and asked, are you game also? Debbie smiled a big smile and said sure. I told Debbie to come sit next to me on the sofa and told Mary strip and get on her knees in front of me. As Mary was stripping Debbie was getting so turned on that she unzipped her shorts and started to put her hand down into her crotch to massage her wet pussy, I grabbed her hand and told her that she will only do what I tell her to, when I tell her to, she nodded and put her hands to her sides. By this time Mary was naked and kneeling in front of me, I asked her if she was horny and she replied yes very much, I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock and she said yes please, that brought a smile to my face. I told Mary to finger her pussy and make it nice and wet, which she immediately did. I could hear Debbie breathing harder and she was wiggling her ass on the sofa to try and rub her aching pussy. I told Debbie to undo the front of my jeans and take my dick out, her eyes grew wide but she did as she was told. My cock was hard as hell and I told her to start to stroke it up and down, I think she was amazed at just how hard I was. After a few minutes when we were all very, very aroused, I told Mary to take my cock in her mouth and let Debbie feed it to her! Mary swallowed my cock and moaned as her head bobbed up and down my shaft. Poor Debbie was now gyrating her cunt on the edge of the couch, I asked her if her pussy was nice and wet, she managed to answer in a weak voice yes it is, I told her that her reply should be, "yes sir it is" to which she immediately relied, "yes sir my cunt is very wet". I told Debbie to strip and sit back down on the edge of the sofa, she practically ripped her cloths off. Now I know that Mary always kept her pussy shaved and I was surprised to see how nice and smooth Debbie's crotch was also. When Debbie sat down she immediately spread her legs and started to rub her snatch! I asked her, "Did you ask permission? She said no sir and with a very sad face stopped. By this time when I looked down at Mary, her face was soaked, as was my cock, her pussy was so wet that the juice was running down her thighs. Mary I want you to finger Debbie's pussy, which was by now also very wet. When Debbie heard that, she threw her legs as wide open as she could, and Mary reached over and inserted two fingers into Debbie's now aching pussy! A loud moan came out of Debbie and I could see those big blue eyes of Mary trained on the cunt she was now fingering. Debbie's hips were thrusting wildly and I knew that she was very close to climax. I let Mary bring Debbie as close to orgasm as she could before cumming and then I told Mary to stop! Debbie half whimpering, begged me to have Mary continue, but I said in due time dear, in due time. I told Debbie, poor Mary has been working so hard on my dick I think you should take over for a while, again her eyes grew wide as she shook her head and answered "yes sir". I took Debbie by the back of the hair and guided my cock into her mouth! She gagged a bit at first but quickly started sucking like a pro. I removed my hand from Debbie's hair and told Mary to replace my hand with hers, Mary I want you to jerk me off by moving Debbie's head up and down on my cock, Mary answered "yes sir" and started to move Debbie's head up and down on my shaft. I told Mary that when I say, "now" I wanted you to shove Debbie's head as far down on my dick as she could, Mary shook her head yes. After a minute or so I told Mary "NOW" and as instructed, she jammed Debbie's mouth down over my cock, after a brief moment of choking on my shaft I said that's enough and Mary resumed jerking me off. I reached down and started to rub Debbie's clit while Mary was busy with her head. I told Mary that she could use her free hand to masturbate herself, which she quickly started to do. We all enjoyed this mutual stimulation of each other for a while when both Mary and Debbie started to beg to let them cum! Of course it was a bit hard for Debbie to beg with my cock down her throat but I knew what she wanted. After teasing them for a few moments by asking, are you sure you want to cum! I finally said cum girls and all hell broke loose! After twitching moaning and screaming we all fell into a heap on the floor, covered in sweat. We lay there for a few minutes and all of a sudden Debbie starts to laugh out loud! We all were still a bit high from all that stimulation and Mary and I found ourselves joining in the laughter even though we did not know what the hell was so funny! When we settled down Debbie said that she never in a million years had experience anything close to that and told us she was sorry she waited so long find it out. Mary got up and told us she was going to get as something to drink, as she walked away naked, wigging that wonderful ass, Debbie looked at me and said, of course I love that also! We both started to laugh and I said, well lets come up for some air and then we will see what happens.

As we sat there having our drinks and talking about the parts of out little adventure we each liked best, well, we started to get horny again. Of course me being the man the girls noticed my cock stiffening again and both said they were ready for round two! So without further adieu I told Mary to lay on her back with her head towards the couch, I sat with my ass on the edge of the cushion so my balls were hanging down in Mary's face and my cock was lying on her lips. I told Mary to keep her arms straight out to her sides and then I grabbed her ankles and pulled them back towards me so that her asshole and pussy were completely exposed for our pleasure. I then told Debbie to get between Mary's wide open legs and start to lick the inside of her thighs, but not to touch Mary's pussy with her tongue. Debbie practically flew down on her hands and knees and started to do as I instructed, running her tongue in long licks up and down Mary's wide-open thighs. Mary's head was tossing from side to side every time that tongue would come near to her snatch, she would lift her ass clear off the rug hoping to get Debbie's tongue to lick her pussy. After we tormented Mary long enough I told Debbie to take long licks from below Mary's asshole, up over it, and then deep into Mary's pussy! On the first pass of Debbie's tongue, Mary's body shook violently and she yelled, "Oh God" at the top of her lungs. It wasn't long before Debbie's face was covered in Mary's pussy juice! After Debbie's tongue had made 20 passes or so I stopped her and told her to take hold of Mary's ankles and push them back while I took Mary's pussy lips between my fingers and pulled her cunt wide open exposing her swollen clit! Debbie I want you to just flick your tongue over the end of Mary's clit, do it over and over until I say "NOW" then I want you to suck on her clit as hard as you can, Debbie smiled a wide smile, said "yes sir" and started her delightful task. Debbie's tongue flicked the tip of Mary's clit like a snake, every time her tongue touched Mary's clit it was like a jolt of electricity running through her body. Mary's moans grew louder and louder, I knew she was getting very close to climaxing! Once the moans grew to a yell I shouted "NOW" and Debbie plunged her lips over Mary's clit and started to suck like no tomorrow, it was not long before Mary yelled "pleeeeeeeeease sir may I cum" and when I said, Yes you may, Mary let out a blood curdling scream! Pussy juice soaked the floor, Debbie's face and hair, and at the same time I shot a load of cum all over Mary's face, which she promptly licked off like a kid with an ice cream cone! Before we could even catch our breath I told Debbie to stand up and turn around to face Mary's feet, then squat over her face so Mary could return the pussy licking to her, Debbie lowered her pussy down so Mary's tongue dove deep into her wet snatch! Debbie almost immediately started to moan and rub her pussy on Mary's face, needles to say I was hard again and positioned myself between Mary's open legs, I pushed Mary's legs back again and told Debbie to take hold of Mary's ankles and pull them back and wide apart for me. I slowly inserted my cock deep into her pussy, Mary yelled something but it was muffled but Debbie's pussy! As I pounded my cock into Mary's pussy I reached forward to take Debbie's hard little nipples between my fingers and pinch and roll them around while all the time Debbie screamed "yes sir please twist my nipples, pull my nipples". It was not long before all three of us were covered with sweat and pussy juice. We were all building toward orgasm and when I thought that we were very close, I said "don't you cunts dare cum until I say so". Closer and closer we got to orgasm and the girls both started to beg to cum, hold it, hold it, hold it, and when I knew it was impossible to hold it one more second I yelled, CUM! We all yelled, thrust, licked and convulsed at the same time until we fell in a hot wet heap on the floor, still twitching from our unbelievable experience. After a brief rest we got cleaned up an Debbie said that it was getting late so she had better start heading home, but wanted to tell us before she left how much she enjoyed her first D's session! I started to laugh and told her, dear, tonight was a lot of fun and very hot, but it was far from a session. You have to be kidding Bob! This was the hottest sexual exploit I ever had! I can hardly imagine anything better. I told Debbie that if she really wanted to see what a D's session is like, I would need to have time to get my stuff together and organize a scene for us, would you like to try it I asked? Absolutely was Debbie's reply and I looked at Mary and said, well are you game also! Mary smiled and said hell yes. I told the girls that we should plan on getting together on the following Wednesday at my house, they both excitedly agreed! Ok then its settled, next Wednesday 7 o'clock at my place. We all kissed and hugged and said goodnight.

Well Wednesday finally arrived and I had set up an area in my shop where we could play for the evening. I had sessioned subs there before so I already had hooks in the ceiling and floor, and a bondage bench that I had made years earlier. At ten minutes to seven the doorbell rang and it was Mary, she had on a leather vest that was laced in the front so it was obvious that she was braless, and a pair of skintight black stretch pants. We hugged and kissed in the doorway and I ran my hand up between her legs, which she kindly spread apart for me. The warmth of her crotch told me that she was more then ready for the night's activities. Bob I have been so excited all week thinking about tonight! My pussy has been wet for five days! We no sooner sat down in the living room, than the doorbell rang again, it was Debbie and she was right on time. Before we started I wanted to explain a few things about sceneing to Debbie. I got us all a glass of wine and started to tell the girls what was going to happen and what they were going to experience. Debbie do you remember when Mary was eating your pussy and I was twisting and pulling your nipples! She smiled and said, My God, that felt so good, the pain of you pinching my nipples coupled with the shear pleasure of Mary's tongue was the most unbelievable sensation I ever experienced. Well Debbie that's what the D's experience is all about, a balance of pain and pleasure to stimulate your body's physical sensations to the max. Also, as before, I have only one rule, that is no cumming until I give permission, is that understood, both girls nodded yes. Well lets finish our drinks and get started, both girl said they could hardly wait!

I had the girls stand in front of me and told them I wanted them to remove each others clothes, Mary you remove Debbie's first, but take your time. Mary slowly unbuttoned Debbie's shirt and let it fall to the floor, Debbie's tiny nipples were hard as rocks and I told Mary that she could suck on them if she liked, she put Debbie's left nipple in her mouth and started to gently suck on it while rolling Debbie's other nipple between her fingers. In seconds Debbie was purring like a kitten and Mary's hands went to the front of Debbie's jeans and undid the button and zipper and let them drop to the floor, Debbie had no underwear on at all, no bra, no panties, and was now completely naked. I said ok Debbie now strip Mary! First she undid the laces on Mary's vest and pulled it over Mary's head, then she pulled down Mary's stretch pants to reveal a tiny pair of black thong panties, which Debbie quickly removed. As they both stood naked, facing each other, I told them to take there left hand and put it on the other girls right shoulder, which they promptly did. Now both of you spread your feet wide apart, they did this also, now take the fingers on your right hand and insert them into the other girls pussy! Both ladies let out sighs as their fingers probed each other's hot wet cunts. You may kiss each other if you like, and both girls at the same time locked their lips on each other. As I sat on the sofa watching this incredibly hot moment I could not restrain myself from removing my jeans and stroking my now rock hard cock. I smiled and thought to myself, dam this is so frig'in hot and we have not even started our session. After several minutes of watching the girls thrust their cunts at each other, and hearing them moaning, I said that's enough girls, stop now! Which they both reluctantly did. I stood up from the couch with my cock sticking straight out in front of me and said, "Ok, let the games begin". I took each ones hand, and with both of their legs still a bit wobbly, I led them naked to my makeshift dungeon. Debbie's eyes widened as she saw the ropes hanging from the hooks in the ceiling. Because Mary and I had played a little before I thought it best that she be the one to receive the attention first. I handed Mary a blindfold and told her to put it on, then I handed Debbie some ankle cuffs and told her to place them on Mary. I took some cuffs and placed them on Mary's wrists and attached the ropes that were hanging from the ceiling to them. Slowly I pulled the ropes and raised Mary's arms far over her head and tied the ends off so she was held in that position. I handed Debbie another rope and told her to attach the clip on the end of the rope to the ring on Mary's right ankle cuff, while Debbie did that I connected the rope to her other ankle cuff, once both ropes were attached we pulled the ropes through the eyes in the floor and forced Mary's legs to open wide. Mary was now standing before us spread wide and ready for her treatment. I handed Debbie a powerful Hitachi vibrator and told her to sit on the floor between Mary's stretched out legs and insert the ball of the vibrator hard up into Mary's now soaking cunt. Once Debbie was in position I took my favorite flogger and walked just to the side of Mary. Debbie I will tell you when to turn the vibrator on and off and she was to do it immediately when I commanded her, she said yes, she understood. "On" I commanded, and with that the Hitachi came to life. In seconds Mary was moaning and thrusting her cunt back and forth trying to force the vibrator even harder into her pussy. Once Mary was in a state of total ecstasy I lashed her ass with my flogger, the sound of the flogger hitting Mary's ass, and the little yelp that Mary let out, took Debbie by surprise but she kept the vibrator pushed up hard into Mary's cunt. After about 15 swats of the flogger I told Debbie "off" and she switched the massager off, Mary kept right on moaning and gyrating her body. Tell me Mary I asked, are you enjoying your torture? Oh fuck yes sir, very much, would you like us to continue I asked, yes please sir, please I want more, please torture me some more! I told Debbie to get to her feet and take the flogger and stand behind Mary, when I say "start" you flog her ass! Again Debbie nodded and said yes sir! As Mary hung there by her wrist cuffs with sweat rolling down her chest and stomach I reached down and inserted my fingers into her dripping wet pussy and started to rub her clit, she immediately started to moan and twitch. I told Debbie start and she reluctantly gave Mary a very light swat on the ass with the flogger, again I told Debbie and this time I want to hear that thing snap! This time the flogger hit with a bit more zest, and Mary responded by growling out "oh fuck yes". I started to kiss Mary deeply and stuck my tongue down her throat as far as I could, and she reciprocated with her tongue. I stopped kissing her on the mouth and bent over to run my tongue right up the front of her body, First I pulled her cunt lips open to expose her rock hard clit, then I inserted my tongue into her wet snatch and licked straight up though her pussy, over her clit, up over her stomach and right to her hard little nipple, that I bit ever so lightly. AGAIN! I said to Debbie and this time keep it up till I say stop! The flogger came down again and again on Mary's now bright red ass as I continued to bite her nipples and finger her pussy. Before long Mary mumbled in a trembling voice "please sir may I cum" are you sure you want to do that now I asked, Mary shook her head violently yes. Yes you may cum! and with that Mary let out a scream of "oh fuck yes sir thank you sir". After a few moments of wild spasms her body hung limp and I knew that she had one hell of an orgasm. Debbie and I undid the ropes and sat Mary down on the bench to rest a few minutes with Debbie kneeling on the floor in front of her. I went to get Mary a glass of water and when I came back Debbie and her were kissing passionately and running their hands over each other's bodies. I have your water Mary and she stopped kissing and reached out for the large glass, I pulled the glass back and said, would you like cool drink also Debbie, she answered Yes Sir! Well lets see I have one glass and two mouths, Mary move your ass forward to the edge of the bench, she obediently did as I asked, now spread your legs wide open and lean back, which she did also. Now Debbie I want you to pull Mary's cunt lips apart and stick your tongue way up into her, but do not move it! Debbie also did exactly as I instructed. Mary lay your head back and I am going to pour the water into your mouth, and Debbie the water that runs down Mary body you may lap up, she nodded her head yes. I slowly poured the water into Mary's mouth and kept it up till the overflow spilled out from her lips and down her body, between her tits, over her stomach and down to her pussy where Debbie's mouth was waiting in anticipation! Once the whole glass had been emptied I said, that's enough girls we need to get back to business.

I looked at Debbie and asked her, dear are you ready for your turn? "Yes Sir" was her answer, I can hardly wait! We removed the blindfold and cuffs from Mary and put them on Debbie. I laid Debbie on her back on the bondage bench and clipped her wrist cuffs together, then I pulled her arms way back over her head so that the upper part of her arms were on each side of her head, and secured them there. I then connected a belt around Debbie's waist and around the bench so that her body was held fast to the bench. We attached ropes to her ankle cuffs and pulled her legs back so that her feet were within a foot of her face, this position raised Debbie's ass a few inches into the air and really had her complete bottom fully accessible. Debbie I did not blindfold you because seeing that this is your first time in a session I wanted you to view what's going on, you don't mind do you? No sir was Debbie's reply. Debbie have you ever had any anal play? No sir I don't think I could ever handle anything like that, well dear I think you can and with that I picked up a small vibrating butt plug and handed Mary a tube of lubricant. Mary spread some lube on this plug and then spread some over Debbie's asshole, Yes Sir she answered and with that she squeezed some lube into her hand and then applied a coating to the plug, she then squeezed out some more and coated Debbie's tiny asshole with it. Sir I don't thi------ and before she could finish her sentence I started to slide the vibrator into her tight little butt. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she yelled as the plug found its way deep into her ass. Mary, take this controller and I will tell you when to turn the plug on and off, "yes sir" she replied with a devious smile on her face. I took the large Hitachi vibrator and spreading Debbie's cunt apart with my fingers I placed the head right up against her clit. I clicked the Hitachi on and Debbie immediately cried out, "OH GOD" at the top of her lungs, I liked that. Slowly I moved the head of the Hitachi back and forth over her now swollen clit, Debbie was moaning and trying to move, but the ropes that bound her held her fast. "Now Mary" I said, and Mary turned the plug on, Debbie let out a howl even louder then before! Looking down into Debbie's eyes I asked her, tell me dear are you a horny little slut! Oh God sir I am so fucking horny! Are you enjoying that plug in your ass dear? ooooooooh fuck sir it's wonderful! I just looked at her and smiled. After stimulating her like this for a few minutes Debbie shouted, please sir may I cum! How close are you my dear? Very close sir, please, please Sir! Well you may not cum I ordered her and with that I removed the Hitachi from her now drenched pussy. Oh sir, please don't stop, please sir I beg you! Dear I think you need a little pain to offset all this pleasure, with that I took a wooden paddle out of my case and with the plug still buzzing in Debbie's asshole I gave her ass a good swat with the paddle, "oh yes sir she cried out" as I brought the paddle down on her nicely tanned little butt. Whack, whack, whack the paddle came down a total of 20 times and Debbie's ass was now a beautiful shade of crimson. "off" I commanded! And Mary turned the plug in Debbie's Butt off. With Debbie tied and spread on the bench like a Thanksgiving turkey I turned to Mary and told her to spread her legs for me, which she obediently did. I reached down and insert may fingers into her very wet cunt and started to run my finger over her clit, Mary responded by moaning and pumping her pussy back and forth on my hand. Mary I think that pussy of yours needs some attention also, Mary nodded her head in agreement. I walked Mary around to the end of the bench that Debbie was tied to and told her to straddle the bench and Debbie's face. Spreading her legs as if trying to mount a horse she positioned herself so that her cunt was an inch over Debbie's face. Now Debbie, when I tell Mary to lower her pussy onto your face I expect you to give her a good licking, do you understand! Yes Sir, was her muffled answer. Turn the plug on Mary, and as she did, Debbie's ass again started to gyrate. Ok Mary you may sit on Debbie's face! Mary lowered her crotch to Debbie's waiting tongue! Mary closed her eyes and was slowly moving her pussy back and forth over Debbie's lapping tongue, soft moans flowed from her lips. I again inserted the head of the Hitachi into Debbie's hot wet pussy and turned it on, I smiled as a muffled scream came from between Mary's quivering thighs. The sound of Debbie's tongue lapping at Mary's crotch sounded like waves lapping a shoreline. After a few minutes of this stimulation I could tell by the intensity of Mary and Debbie's reactions that they both were getting close to orgasm. While using the Hitachi with my left hand on Debbie's throbbing cunt I picked up the paddle again and resumed paddling her bottom, this time instead of reducing some of her pleasure it only intensified it. Debbie's body was straining at her bonds, and her head was flailing around between Mary's legs, I could see that Debbie's face was drenched with Mary's cunt juice. Mary take hold of this Hitachi and hold it in place for me, with that she bent over slightly to grab the vibrator, being careful not to move her crotch away from Debbie's pleasuring tongue. I walked behind Mary and picked up my flogger again, swinging the flogger with a little more vigor this time, it hit Mary's ass with a loud snap, Mary screamed out "Oh thank you Sir". When the flogger came down on the tenth blow Mary whimpered, "Please sir may I cum" I did not give her a reply, and instantly she screamed out "Please sir, please I can not hold out any longer" with that I said yes you both may cum! Both girls, their bodies covered in sweat, twitching and gyrating as if they were possessed, screamed out at the same time, Mary fell back into my arms and when I looked down at Debbie, her tongue was flailing the air as if it was still seeking out Mary cunt! Debbie's face and hair were drenched with Mary's pussy juice! In a weakened voice Mary looked at me and said, my God Bob that was absolutely the most intense orgasm I have ever had! Debbie had calmed down a bit and managed to inject, fuck yes that was awesome, I never thought sex could be so frig'ing unbelievable! Mary looked down at my rock hard cock and said, well looks like Debbie and I have a little work to do, with that she took my cock into her hand and led me over to the bench. Mary started to rub my dick over Debbie's face and Debbie eagerly lapped at my cock. Even though Debbie was still securely tied to the bench, she managed to capture my cock in her mouth and suck on it like a mad women. Mary was now kneeling bedside the bench feeding her friend my very hard member, every now and then Mary would pop my cock out of Debbie's mouth and thrust it into her own mouth, taking it deep down her throat. Mary could tell by my moaning that I was getting very close to blowing my load, Sir where would you like to shoot your load of cum? My voice was a little wavering but I manage to tell her I wanted to cum all over Debbie's face and have you lick it off! Well it did not take long and Mary removed my cock from Debbie's sucking mouth and started to jerk me off right over Debbie's face. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I shouted as the hot cum shot out of my cock and covered Debbie's face, Mary wasted no time, and she put her tongue to use immediately. It was so fucking hot watching Mary lick my thick white cum from Debbie's face and all the while Debbie's tongue was lapping at Mary's busy lips. Every few seconds Mary would stop licking and start deeply kissing Debbie, kindly sharing my hot cum with her new friend. While Mary finished cleaning my cum off Debbie's face I busied myself with removing the bonds that held Debbie to the bench. First I removed the vibrator from her ass and as it slipped out of her tight little butt hole I heard a soft moan come from her, I then released her legs and arms. After we all gained our composer again I led the girls and myself to my shower room where we washed and dried each other. I started a fire in the fireplace and we just sat around half naked enjoying a glass of wine and talking about the wonderful 2 hours we had just spent. The girls both left my house around midnight and when I laid my head back on my pillow I just could not stop smiling and thinking how frig'in lucky I am. The thoughts of what had transpired earlier in the evening kept running through my head and I drifted off into a wonderful, magical, restful sleep.

A few days passed and Mary called me on the phone, she told me that she had been talking with Debbie earlier and they both were telling each other what a terrific time they had. Do you think we can do that again soon? Mary Laughed and told her, are you kidding! Bob loves to play like that and I am sure we can get him to plan another fun evening for us, I will give him a call when we get off the phone. Well I am so happy to hear that you girls had a great time and yes we need to get together soon, I must admit I needed a day or two to get my strength back but I am ready to go again. Lets plan on Saturday, same time, same place! Mary said that would be perfect and said she will call Debbie right away with the good news.

It seemed like forever but Saturday evening finally arrived, both girls showed up on time and we went out onto my back deck to visit for a while before the fun started. Debbie did you bring the tens unit like I asked? Yes I did, but I honestly do not understand what the heck you are going to do with it, oh you will find out dear, believe me. Mary asked if she could go into my hot tub and before I could answer yes she was naked and getting into it. Debbie quickly followed her and before I knew it we were all in it. It was a beautiful evening and after a few glasses of wine and reminiscing about what had happened just a few days before, things started to heat up. After kissing and fondling each other I said, I don't know about you girls but I am ready to do some Domming! They both looked at each other at the same time and answered, "YES SIR" and started to laugh. As we walked back to my workshop, slash dungeon, the girls asked me what I had in store for them, oh you will soon find out my dears! Once we walked into the room the girls were surprised to see that the whole place was lit with candles, which gave my makeshift dungeon a sexual, ominous look. Well Mary seeing that you were the first one in the barrel last time I think it only fair that Debbie be first up this time, Mary shook her head and answered, Yes Sir. Mary helped me put the cuffs on Debbie's wrists and ankles and this time I also put a blindfold on her. We attached the ropes to her cuffs and pulled her arms up over her head and her legs wide apart. Mary could not stop herself from running her hands over Debbie's tits, stomach and pussy, as she did Debbie started to purr like a kitten. I walked behind Debbie and kissed her neck and shoulders, I had my wooden paddle in my hand and when Debbie started moaning from all the fondling, I gave her ass a slight smack with the paddle. At first the sting of the paddle made her jump but as she got more and more turned on she hardly flinched when the paddle landed on her now red little ass. When I walked to the front of Debbie, Mary was kissing her hard on the mouth, and all the while had her fingers in Debbie's now very wet pussy. I pulled Mary from Debbie and had her sit on the floor between Debbie's spread open legs. I handed Mary the Hitachi vibrator and told her to insert it up into Debbie's pussy so the head was right against her clit. Once Mary had it in place I told her to turn it on, Mary slid the switch to the low position and Debbie shouted out, "OH FUCK" and started to slowly move her cunt back and forth on the head of the Hitachi. I smiled when I looked down at Mary and she was holding the vibrator up into Debbie's pussy with one hand, and with the other she was fingering her own cunt. What wonderful little nipples Debbie has, don't you think Mary, she shook her head and answered, Yes Sir! I think they could use a little stretching, don't you? Mary again answered yes. I took out two small suction devices and placed the cylinder of one over Debbie's hard tiny right nipple. I drew the plunger back and it sucked and stretched Debbie's nipple up into the tube making it twice the size it was. I did the same to her left nipple and at this point Debbie was so hot that she said, "I am going to cum" Debbie did you forget the rule? Oh Sir please I am so close, "YOU MAY NOT CUM" was my answer and with that I told Mary to turn off the vibrator. Debbie was hanging by her wrists sobbing "oh please Sir I need to cum" over and over, I will let you cum after I give your ass a little attention with my flogger, will that be ok with you my dear I asked her! Yes Sir please flog my ass as much as you want! With that I took my flogger and cracked it across her tiny red ass, Debbie jumped and shouted "Yes Sir please flog me more" on the second blow I told Mary to turn on the vibrator, and Debbie started to scream at the top of her lungs "Oh fuck yeah, flog me hard Sir" It was not long and Debbie was thrusting and twitching her body madly against her bonds, "Please Sir I beg you, Please let me cum" she screamed, and when I knew that she could not hold out for a second longer, I told Mary, switch the vibrator to high! Ok Debbie you may cum now! Debbie was thrashing wildly at her bonds and screaming at the top of her lungs, "oh fuck, oh fuck, thank you sir, thank you". After many seconds of orgasm after orgasm Debbie fell limp in her bonds, I had Mary switch off the vibrator and remove it. The insides of Debbie's thighs were soaked and the juice from her cunt created a puddle on the floor below her. I had Mary remove the blindfold from Debbie and I removed the suction devices from her nipples. Once I removed them Debbie's tiny nipples were stretched to three times there size and she looked at them in disbelief. Beautiful aren't they Mary? She nodded her head yes, and you know what else Mary, they are extremely sensitive now, please give them a lick. As Mary ran her tongue over each nipple Debbie let out a long moan, and mumbled "oh God", that made me smile!

We freed Debbie from her bonds and took a break for refreshments. We sat around naked having a glass of wine and discussing just how wonderful this form of sexuality is, how much more erotic and stimulating it is compared to what most people think of as normal sex. Debbie said, Bob, I cannot believe how you use the combination between pleasure and pain to generate such unbelievable orgasms. Mary told us that from the very first time I sessioned her, she never in her life, even after 20 years of marriage, experienced such intense and gratifying sexual pleasure. Mary also said, besides the combination of pain and pleasure, she also found extreme excitement in not knowing what was going to happen to her, the anticipation and imagination that her mind goes through greatly enhances sexual appetite during a session. Well, speaking of the unknown, Debbie asked? Bob, why the hell did you have me bring that Tens Unit with me tonight? I laughed and said, well dear you are about to find out. Back in my makeshift dungeon Debbie and I put the cuffs on Mary's wrists and ankles I also placed the blindfold on her. I laid Mary back on my bondage bench and connected her ankles together with a single clip attached to a rope, I then fed the rope through a eye that was in the middle of the bench and under where Mary was laying. I looped the rope around the bench and back to the eyes in her ankle cuffs, as I pulled the rope up tightly Mary's feet where pulled towards her chest, which in turn forced her knees wide apart, fully exposing her cunt and asshole. I caught Debbie gazing at Mary's obviously very wet pussy and said to her, Debbie I want you to start licking Mary's pussy for me, Debbie nodded and replied, yes sir! With that Debbie fell to her knees between Mary's wide-open legs and started to give long, deep penetrating licks to Mary's hot wet pussy. I clipped Mary's wrists together so that her hands were under the bench below her waist, I ran the rope through a hook in the floor exactly below the middle of the bench, when I drew this rope up tight, it pulled Mary's arms straight down, which pulled her shoulders back and thus forced her chest and tits to be pushed out. With every lick of Debbie's hot little tongue Mary moaned and shook her head from side to side. I then took a pair of small rope nooses and attached them to Mary's hard nipples, first the left nipple then the right nipple, I tied the noose ends to a rope clip and after running the rope through a eye in the ceiling above Mary's chest I pulled the rope so that it lifted her tits straight up, by her now stretched nipples. I stepped back to observe the erotic scene that was unfolding before my eyes, both girls bodies illuminated by the soft candle light, Mary tied helplessly to the bench and Debbie on her knees with her head buried between Mary's wide open thighs, I noticed that my cock was standing straight out and it was in dire need of attention. I walked to the end of the bench where Mary's head was flailing from side to side, I straddled her head so that my balls were hanging above her eyes and my cock was lying across her lips. In an instant Mary threw her head back and took my cock deep into her mouth. I had all I could do to keep from shooting my load of cum immediately down her throat. When I was so close to cumming that I thought I could not hold out anymore, I pulled my cock out of Mary's hard sucking mouth with a loud pop. I looked down at Mary's face, it was covered with the wetness from my soaked dick, which I was now sliding back and forth over her face. Please Bob, I mean please sir, please stick your cock in my mouth! as much as I wanted to do just that, I said, no dear, not quite yet! I walked around to where Debbie was kneeling and grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, I pulled her away from her busy task and turned her head so my cock was touching her wet lips, using her hair as a handle I pushed my cock into her wet warm mouth. Holding my cock deep in her mouth I asked her if she was ready to see what the ten unit does, she shook her head yes, Debbie, when I ask you a question I expect you to answer it with words, now I will ask you again, are you ready to see what the tens unit does? With my cock pushed to the back of her throat she managed to half mumble, half gag out a "Yes Sir". I removed my cock from Debbie's mouth and lifted her to her feet, I reached down between her legs and inserted two fingers into her wet little pussy while at the same time kissing her softly on her mouth. I could taste Mary's pussy juice that covered her lips and face. Ok dear hand me the tens unit! Debbie picked up the unit and the two wire leads that were connected to it. I bent down between Mary's legs and attached one lead to her left cunt lip and the other to her right. Now Debbie I want you to notice the controls on this unit, this is the on off switch and this dial with numbers from one to ten determine how much voltage is used, Debbie shook her head yes that she understood. Before we start I want to use that vibrating butt plug in Mary's ass, please get it for me. Debbie again went to the table and got the plug and lube for me, please coat the plug and Mary's asshole for me dear, "yes Sir". Debbie squeeze some lube onto the plug and applied a thick coat over it, she then squeezed out more lube and smeared it over Mary's tight little butt hole. Ok Debbie now insert it into Mary! As Debbie started to slowly work the tapered head of the plug into Mary's ass, Mary shouted, please sir it's to big! Now dear its not to big and you will be thanking me for it in a few minutes, continue Debbie! Again Debbie started to work the plug into Mary's tight little hole, please sir, please she begged but Debbie did as she was told and kept slowly working it in until finally Mary's asshole closed around the smaller part of the plug which held it in place. Turn the plug on, I ordered Debbie, and when she did, Mary raised her ass clear off the bench and yelled out "oh fuck" Now Debbie I want you to take the tens control unit and with the switch in the off position, turn the dial to number 2, again Debbie did as she was told. Ok Debbie turn the switch on, once Debbie turned the tens unit on, Mary let out a blood curling scream as the current passed from one electrode to the other and right through Mary's clit! Fuck! Oh God! Fuck! Fuck! Mary screamed as she raised her ass a foot off the bench. Please Sir, Please may I cum, NO dear, first I want you to thank me for that plug you have in your ass, "oh thank you sir! I love it" was Mary's reply, and again she immediately started to beg for me to let her cum. I need you to hold out just a few seconds longer can you do that? No sir she said in a trembling voice, "WHAT DID YOU SAY" I mean yes sir I will try, that's much better I answered. Turn off the tens unit, I told Debbie, and when she did Mary's ass settled back down to the bench, now turn the dial up to 4, Oh no sir please I can not take that please, please! Listen to me Mary, when I have Debbie turn the switch on again you may at that time cum, do you understand, Mary weakly nodded her head and said "yes sir". Ok Debbie, turn it on! And when she did, Mary yelled out again, and this time her ass flailed the air as if someone had lit a fire under her, I'mmmmm cummmmmmmming Mary screamed as she madly pulled against her bonds. Mary's orgasm was so intense that the juice from her pussy was running out her cunt and spraying the air from the violent thrusting of her bottom. Debbie and myself both felt the hot juice hitting the front of our bodies, Mary came over and over until she fell back down on the bench, her body covered in sweat and glimmering in the candle light. Turn it off Debbie and she did as she was told.

Debbie and I removed the butt plug from Mary's ass and the nooses from her nipples, we then released her from her bonds. Mary lay on the bench covered in sweat and smiling a huge smile, Oh My God! That was the most awesome orgasm I have ever had Mary exclaimed! Debbie and I sat Mary up and gave her something to drink, Debbie wiped Mary's face, shoulder, chest and stomach with a cool damp towel as Mary proceeded to tell us that never in her life has she experienced anything like that, Debbie you have to let Bob show you how awesome this is. Oh Mary the night is still young and I have a few more things planned for you two, and after all, if it was not for Debbie bringing the tens unit tonight we could not have enjoyed it. After Mary had rested for a while I told her to have a seat in a chair while I busied myself getting Debbie ready for her fun. This time I did not use the blindfold on Debbie because I wanted her to see everything that was going on. I put the restraints on Debbie's wrists and ankles, I clipped ropes to her wrists and pulled her arms up over her head and secured them there. I then clipped ropes to her ankle cuffs and pulled her legs so that her feet were maybe two feet apart, I then tied rope around each of her legs just above her knees and attached the rope ends to eye hooks on each side of the room. I pulled the ropes so that Debbie's knees were pulled out to her sides, which forced her into a squatting position that really opened up her bottom and especially her cunt. I sat down on the floor between Debbie's legs and proceeded to attach a clamp to each of her pussy lips. Using duct tape I secured each clamp to her thighs, this pulled her pussy wide open exposing her wonderfully hard little clit! I then took the tens unit and as I did with Mary I attached an electrical lead to each lip. I then tied a rope around Debbie's waist and ran the loose end down between her ass cheeks, I took the Hitachi Vibrator and pushed it up into her cunt so it was hard against her clit. After wrapping the rope around the head of the vibrator I pulled the rope up over her stomach and tied it to the front of her, this held the ball of the vibrator hard up into Debbie's pussy. Ok Mary, now you will do to Debbie as I had her do to you. After explaining the controls to Mary I had her set the power at two on the dial and told her I will tell you when to turn the switch on, Mary said "yes sir" with a big smile. Now we were ready to start on Debbie, I switched the vibrator on low and immediately Debbie started to react to the wonderful stimulation on her clit. Once she was purring, I walked over to the table and picked up my flogger, Debbie's Eyes grew wide with anticipation. I first ran my hand over the roundness of her tiny ass and gently squeezed Deb's tiny, rock hard nipples, she was moaning much louder now, she was ready for sure. With a medium blow, I gave her the first swat to her ass, she hardly even acknowledged it! Debbie was already in the thralls of ecstasy, her eyes closed and her crotch was pumping back and forth on the Hitachi between her legs. Now I started to deliver blow after blow to that tiny ass, now Deb was starting to respond to the sting of my flogger. "Oh sir" I am getting close to cumming, she shouted in a voice that indicated her excitement status. You do remember my rule dear! She nervously nodded her head and answered, "Yes Sir". I stopped the flogging and turned off the vibrator. Oh please sir, I am so close she mumbled in a whimpering voice, please let me cum! You will not only cum my dear when I give permission, but you will cum over and over. When I looked down at Mary sitting in the chair she had the tens unit in one hand and was fingering her pussy with the other, are you enjoying yourself I asked her? Oh yes Sir, very much, good I answered. Mary I think Deb needs something to take her mind off her stimulated pussy, get two clothespins off the table. Mary picked up two of the clothespins and brought them to me, as she went to hand them to me I said, no dear I want you to clamp one on each of her nipples, Debs nipples were hard as rocks and Mary smiled as she clipped one then the other nipple, Deb let out a moan and I turned the vibrator back on. I had Mary sit back down and we both watched as Deb started to pump her pussy back and forth again and started to shout "Oh God, Oh God" over and over. Ok Mary turn on the tens! Mary switched on the unit and immediately Debs voice went to a scream! Now she was twisting and trashing around hanging by her restraints, "Oh Sir Please let me cum" she cried over and over. Hold on a few more seconds my dear and I told Mary turn the tens up to 4, when she did, Debs cries were now ear piercing! YOU MAY CUM MY DEAR! I told her and with that Deb let out a long loud AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and her tiny body twitched and thrashed uncontrollably. I turned the vibrator up to high and Deb screamed, again sir, I am cumming again! Go right ahead dear was my answer. Now the scene was so erotic, Deb thrashing around hanging by her wrists, her body soaked in sweat, and the whole thing illuminated by the soft candlelight. I looked down at Mary who was masturbating herself in a frenzy, the seat of the chair she was sitting on was drenched with her pussy juice and I know that she was cumming also, her head was back, her eyes closed and she also was moaning. I took the tens unit from Mary and turned it off, then turned off the vibrator, and removed the clamps from Debs nipples. What a scene, Deb was now hanging limp from her restraints, and Mary was on the chair, head back, legs spread, and the puddle on the seat was now dripping onto the floor, That made me smile!

I released Deb from her bonds and sat her on the bench, her legs were so wobbly that I decided I better lay her down on her back so she would not fall over. As I held her in my arms and as I was laying her down, she had this wonderful smile on her face. She softly said, Jesus, never would I have thought it possible to experience sexual pleasure like you have shown me Bob. That made me smile!

After fifteen minutes or so passed and the girls were starting to get their strength back, I said lets go back out on the deck and get in the hot tub for a while, both girls agreed that that was what they needed. After I helped both girls into the tub I brought us all a glass of wine and for the next half hour or so we just chilled out, and the girls replayed the wonderful experiences they had enjoyed this evening. Girls I hope you understand that the night is not over with just yet! Oh God Bob, I must have came six times, I don't think I could cum one more time Deb said to me, with Mary nodding her head in compliance to her statement. Well its up to you guys, either you trust that I know what I am doing or we can just call it a night. Both ladies looked at each other, smiled and then started to laugh, well Bob, Debbie said, we are not sure if you are going to kill us with sexual stimulation but hey if Mary is game so am I! Oh you girls will not be disappointed, trust me I said with a huge devious smile on my face.

Well ladies I think its time we continued our entertainment! We got out of the hot tub and walked back to my dungeon. As we walked in Mary commented on the wonderful peach fragrance that she assumed was coming from the burning candles, I just smiled. I spread out a large blanket on the floor and had the girls lay down on their backs so that Mary's head was facing one way and Debs the other. I aligned them so that each girl could reached their fingers over and into the others pussy. I rubbed baby oil on both girls tits and pussies, which, judging by the mummmmmmm sound coming from their lips, they both seemed to enjoy. Ok ladies please start fingering your friends cunt for me! Almost in unison each girl reached over an inserted fingers into the others cunt. Both of them eagerly spreading their legs to accommodate the others probing fingers. Within seconds the girls were gently moaning again. When we walked out of the dungeon before, the girls did not see me plug a small crock-pot into the wall, this pot contained a low temperature, peach fragranced, melting wax. I brought the pot over and sat it on the floor next to me as I sat down next to the girls. Both of them had their eyes closed and were completely absorbed by the other girls fingers in the cunts. I was sitting on the floor closest to Mary when I dipped a large paint brush into the wax, I then painted a coat of the melted warm wax over Mary's nipples, when she realized what I was doing she really started to purr. I then did the same to Debs nipples. Now both girls were smiling and moaning. I then applied coats of wax to each of the girls cunts, over and over I alternated between the girls tits and cunts until a buildup of warm wax covered these wonderful parts. With each girl still busy fingering the others pussy, Mary finally said, Sir I am going to cum! I said, no dear not yet, not until Debbie is also ready! Debbie stop fingering Mary I ordered, which she did. Mary continued to use her fingers in Deb and I told her to rub hard on Debs clit, as she did I could see that Deb was now really starting to get turned on. Are you getting close to cumming I asked Debbie? Yes sir! Very close. Ok now both of you girls start rubbing the others clit hard and fast! As they both started to do as they were told I could see that they were both getting towards orgasm. The girls now had their legs spread open as wide as they could and fingered each other's clit very hard. I kept applying more hot wax to their pussy's until both girls were shouting that they needed to cum! I waited until both girls were frantically screaming that they needed to cum, this was emphasized by the way they were lifting there asses off the floor and trusting their cunts up into the air. Ok Ladies, CUM! It was so wonderful, both girls screaming at the same time and both girls experiencing a huge orgasm at the same moment. Again both girls lay motionless on the floor, exhausted by the intense orgasms that they both had. After a minute or so Debbie started to laugh again and Mary again joined in. Mary said, this will be a night that I will never ever in my life forget, and Debbie added, or want too!

Well the time was now 11:30 and we had been at this for almost four hours. We all cleaned up in my huge shower and the girls got dressed, then I made coffee for us and we sat and talked for another hour or so. It was now pretty late and the girl decided they better start home. We all kissed and hugged each other at the door and both girl simultaneously said, "when can we do this again Bob?" We all started to laugh hard again and I said, we would plan on getting together again very soon, I told them that I had some other new things planned for them. They both got into their cars and drove off into the night. As I stood on the porch naked in the warm summer air, watching the girl's taillights disappear in the distance, I could not help but smile and think to myself, what a frig'in lucky guy I am! That made me smile!

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