I Like The Way  

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5/19/2006 6:57 pm
I Like The Way

Maggie didn't know why she had let her friend Alyssa drag her out to the club tonight. All Alyssa did the entire night was make out with every guy that she danced with. At the end of the night Alyssa found a guy named Chris that she wanted to go home with and since Alyssa drove, Maggie was dragged along for the ride. When they arrived at Chris's apartment, Chris showed Maggie to the room she would be sleeping in. He explained that he and his sister are roommates and that this was her room. she was out for the night and it would be fine for Maggie to sleep in her bed. Chris left Maggie alone in the room and led Alyssa next door to his room. Maggie sat down on the bed and rolled her eyes when she heard Alyssa giggling. She didn't know why Alyssa had to be such a slut. Maggie and Alyssa were both 19 and Alyssa had slept with over 20 men and Maggie was still a virgin. Maggie eyed a bottle of vodka that was sitting on the dresser. "Why not, thought Maggie, "I need something to get me through this night." She opened the bottle and took a big chug. Maggie held the bottle in her hand and every time she heard Alyssa sigh or giggle she took another chug until she was very drunk. Maggie sat the bottle down and swaggered over to the door that separates the room she was in from Chris's room. The crack in the door was actually quite large and Maggie could get a good view of Chris and Alyssa. Chris was kneeling at the end of his bed in between Alyssa's legs. Her skirt was hiked up around her waste and her panties were around her ankles. Chris's face was buried in Alyssa's pussy and he was furiously eating her out. Alyssa was whispering his name and ramming his face into her twat. Maggie was very turned on by the sight of them together. Maggie was so aroused that she lifted her own skirt and slid her hand into her panties and began masturbating. Maggie was so caught up in pleasuring herself she didn't notice the girl standing in the middle of the room. The girl cleared her throat to get Maggie's attention and Maggie nearly screamed. Quickly Maggie withdrew her hand from her panties and pulled down her skirt. "I'm so sorry," Maggie apologized. "My friend is um staying the night with your brother and he said you wouldn't be home for the night, so it would be alright for me to sleep in your room," Maggie explained. The tall, slender, sexy redhead smirked at Maggie. "Did he also give you permission to drink my vodka and masturbate in my room," she asked? Humiliated, Maggie just stared at the floor. The girl laughed, "My name is Sage," she introduced herself. Maggie shyly told Sage her name. "So," asked Sage, "You like to watch a good show do you?" Maggie blushed and looked away from Sage. "It's alright," said Sage, "So do I." "I think I have something that we would both enjoy," Sage told her. She reached for Sage's hand and pulled her to the bed. Maggie sat down on the bed while Sage popped in a dvd, shut off the lights, and sat down next to her. When the movie started Maggie realized it was porn. A gorgeous naked blond was laying naked on a couch with her legs spread exposing her cunt. A sexy brunette was positioned in between her legs. The brunette was rubbing the girls pussy and then began sliding 3 fingers in and out of her hole. Maggie thought that she must really be drunk because the sight of the women together was really making her wet and she had always thought the idea of two women together was so strange. Maggie unconsciously parted her legs when the brunette began licking the blonde's pussy. Sage looked at Maggie and smiled. She could tell Maggie was getting worked up. Sage reached over and began unbuttoning Maggie's blouse. Maggie started to protest but Sage quieted her by pressing the vodka to Maggie's lips. Maggie took a big drink and closed her eyes as the vodka warmed her belly. Sage pealed the shirt off Maggie and tossed it to the floor. Maggie was wearing a black silk bra that clung snuggly to her small breasts. Sage unsnapped the bra and slid it off her also tossing it to the floor. Maggie's mind was fuzzy and she felt so warm and content. Sage brought the vodka to Maggie's lips again and Maggie took another big drink. She felt so good. Sage brought her hands to Maggie's breasts and began caressing them. "Mmmmmm," Maggie moaned. Sage found Maggie's nipples and rolled them in her fingers. Maggie slipped her fingers into her panties again started rubbing her clit. Sage brought her mouth down to Maggie's right nipple and began licking and sucking. Next, sage pushed Maggie onto her back. Then she pushed her skirt around her waste. Sage pulled Maggie's hands out of her panties and brought them to Maggie's breasts. Maggie fondled her breasts while Sage pushed Maggie's panties to the side. Sage was pleased to see that Maggie was smooth shaven. Sage pressed her thumb into Maggie's slit and smeared her wetness all over her lips and pussy region. By this point Maggie was moaning loudly. Sage entered Maggie with a finger. She twisted and turned the finger inside of Maggie's twat. Sage pushed two more fingers into Maggie's hole and worked them all around inside her. Maggie was squirming furiously making it difficult for Sage to steadily finger fuck her. Sage removed her fingers from Maggie's dripping cunt and brought her hand down hard slapping Maggie's cunt. Maggie cried out. "Stop squirming around so much Sage ordered Maggie," giving her cunt another stinging slap. Maggie winced in pain and pleasure and laid her hips still. Sage resumed fucking her with her fingers and began licking her clit. Sage licked Maggie from her clit to her lips. She withdrew her fingers and replaced them with her mouth. She stuck her tongue deep in Maggie's hole and licked her and nipped at her until Maggie was once again rocking her hips. Sage stopped eating her, "Didn't I tell you to keep still," Sage demanded? Maggie nodded her head yes. Sage roughly grabbed Maggie by the ankles and pulled them over her head, exposing her bottom. Sage brought an open hand across Maggie's cheeks. Maggie cried out in pain. Sage brought down a harsh hand on Maggie's bottom five more times. Maggie was crying in pain. "Now," said Sage, bringing Maggie's legs back down and spreading them open wide, "be a good girl and obey me or I will make you pay." Maggie nodded obediently. "Close your eyes," Sage ordered Maggie. "I need to retrieve some items that I will be using to pleasure you." Maggie did as she was told and closed her eyes tightly. While her eyes were closed she heard Sage rummaging around the room. After a few moments Sage returned to the end of the bed. She told Maggie to keep her eyes shut for she would describe what was being done to her. "I'm entering the handle of my hairbrush inside you." sage coated the handle in KY jelly and brought it to Maggie's opening. Sage gently slid the tool into her cunt. Maggie moaned loudly. Sage twirled the handle inside Maggie's vaginal walls. She steadily fucked her with the handle. Maggie was in ecstasy. Maggie's breathing was ragged and her body was convulsing. Right on the brink of orgasm, Sage removed the brush handle and brought something bigger and thicker to Maggie's opening. "I am wearing a strap on dildo and I am going to rob you of your innocence," Sage informed Maggie. Maggie in such a state of warm drunkenness and complete ecstasy just made a groaning noise as her response. Sage started pushing the dildo inside of Maggie's tight hole. Maggie whimpered in discomfort. Sage continued pushing the dildo inside Maggie. Maggie was extremely tight and small. Sage gave one hard thrust and entered Maggie completely. Maggie screamed out in agony. Sage slowly and tenderly fucked Maggie. Maggie's whimpers slowly turned into moans. Sage fucked Maggie harder and harder until they were both screaming and cumming. Sage collapsed on top of Maggie. Sage softy massaged and caressed Maggie's breasts. "After we rest some, you'll get your first taste of pussy," Sage whispered in Maggie's ear. Maggie smiled. "All and all the night hadn't turned out so bad after all," Maggie thought to herself.

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