Girl next door  

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7/5/2006 5:19 pm
Girl next door

I felt a tingle when my swollen & erected nipples brushed against the surface of the towel. I lifted my fingers and touched gently on my right nipple, it was so hard that it hurted. Thinking to myself, this meant that I
was going to do it. Now, what exactly was "it"?
You see, I am a 22 years old Asian girl and on the surface, I looked not a least bit like a slut. But I guess you can't judge a book by its covers. I am aware of an inner secret desire, one filled with lust, though I really don't know why I am feeling like this. Since a few years ago, I started to fantasize about and gangbangs. Most importantly, I knew it was only a fantasy.

But as time goes by, thoughts could not satisfy my desire. I started to think about ways I could tease men without getting myself into trouble. After all, it was nice to fantasize about being in gangbangs but in
reality I know I would never want it to happen. My dark side was never known to my boyfriend of 2 years, as I always appeared like the little angel in front of him. Afterall, it was the Asian culture that framed all women
as the submissive women who held fidelity & virginity as virtues.

But constantly in my thoughts were the sensual teasing and playing with many men. In my fantasies, I knew that I'd like to pretend to resist the men and put up a fight. All because I knew that it would arouse them more and they would punish me even more. That is the slut in me. I am proud of my sexy body with dangerous curves, standing at 1.63m and weighing 46kg. Though I am petite, my 34C breasts are large for my frame, filling my bra tightly with easily aroused nipples. My nipples are large and often are the culprits to set me in the horny mood where I start to touch myself wantonly.

Oh yes, as I said earlier, I decided that I need to move from just thoughts to some real actions. Just thinking about it makes my cunt wet and my nipples swollen. I have planned for "it". "It" is going to write a new
chapter in my dark side.. it's a virgin event for me. Well you see, a few months ago, I plucked up the courage to stand in front of the window naked, playing sensually with myself for passer-bys to see. But I knew the
arousal was mild, because I didn't dare to stand there long enough. I was afraid that many would see. It's weird how my logics is fighting off the thoughts of a whore in me.

Therefore, I wanted to try something more daring. My targets naturally became the 3 tenants who rented the rooms from my parents. The three of them were colleagues and were all a few years older than me. One of
the reasons I chose them was because they looked so hunky and I could imagine how big their erections would be when they see the "show" I planned for them. Today was perfect, I knew my parents would be out of the country for a business trip. I knew that the three of them would be around at this time, watching TV in the living room.

A while ago, I walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. And here I am, water still dripping from my hot anticipating body. I wrapped the towel around myself, made it not too tight so that it became flimsy. I was
just waiting for my courage (or rather lustful thoughts) to take control of me to walk into the living room. I would pretend I didn't know that they were around.

Taking a deep breath, I pinched my right nipple through the cloth hard and a lingering sensation shot through my whole trembling body. I flipped my shoulder-length rebonded hair to the side and whispered to myself
"Slut, it's time to tease some cock". I opened the door and walked slowly towards the living room. Every step I took was registered with the increasing wetness I could feel forming at the top of my thighs.

I rehearsed mentally in my mind what I wanted to do - That is to walk a step into the living room and "accidentally" drop my towel. Then I will look embarassed and shocked and pretend to stand there as if I don't
know what to do, like a reward for their lustful eyes. I would next bend down to pick up the towel and rushed back into my room. And in my room, I can slowly recall the scenes and get aroused over and over again. Smiling to myself, this was going to be so fun.

Taking a step into the living room, I let my towel dropped as planned but only to let out a soft scream of shock when I saw at least 7 men in the living room. They were all topless (probably due to the hot weather) and in
their boxers, their gazes fixed on the various vital parts of my body. I swear at that moment, all my lust were exchanged with a strong sense of fear I felt helpless being exposed fully to so many men. Their initial
expression of shock were slowly changing to a tint of lust in their eyes. My nipples were betraying my fear by standing hard, red and visibly swollen.

One of my tenants, Stan, spoke in a stammering manner, unable to contain his excitement, "We didn't know... you were... friends.. came over watch...a soccer match..." He took so long to finish his
sentence that the other guys were enjoying the ample sight of me. I bent down to pick up my towel in a swift motion, heart racing as fast as the gushing of the wetness in my cunt.

I ran quickly to my room, banging it hard and threw myself on my bed. I was panting, heartbeats pounding in my ears. I could hear some muffled noise outside that sounds like a discussion. "It" backfired on me, the
sight of so many men made me feel so scared and helpless. My thoughts were in a mess when I heard the knocking on my room door. Then the voice came,

"Erm, are you alright? Can you open the door slightly? We want to apologise. Really."

Maybe I was still in a daze but I pulled myself, still naked, to the door and peep out slightly. Stan was standing just outside and looked into my eyes. His hands were resting on the door knob, and brushed hard across my
tits accidentally.

"Yes?" I asked, nervously.

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3/28/2009 10:59 pm

I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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