Crooked Teeth  

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5/19/2006 7:00 pm
Crooked Teeth

Lynden McDaniel was awake all night from terrible cramps in her abdomen. At 6:00 a.m. her alarm went off and that meant it was time for work. Lynden groan, she scarcely had 2 hours of sleep and she still wasn't feeling 100%. Lynden called her boss and explained her situation and informed her that she wouldn't be able to make it in to the office today. Lynden's boss was very sympathetic but she insisted that Lynden see a doctor before returning to work. Lynden assured her boss that she was feeling better and she just needed some rest, but her boss wouldn't take no for an answer. In fact, her boss insisted to take care of the details for her. Apparently, her doctor was willing to make house calls and she would be willing to call him and make arrangements for him to come to Lynden's home and give her a check-up. Lynden tried to decline the offer but by the time she hung up the phone, she somehow had agreed. Lynden didn't want to rock the boat with her boat besides it probably couldn't hurt to have a doctor look at her just to ensure that everything was alright. Lynden grabbed a pillow and blanket and wondered into the living room to lie on the couch and get some rest until the doctor arrived. Lynden dozed off for what must have been several hours before she was awoke by the sound of the doorbell. Lynden sluggishly walked to the door. She opened it and greeted a friendly doctor who appeared to be in his early 40's. He was ruggedly handsome and made Lynden feel slightly girlish when he smiled at her. Lynden let the doctor in and he introduced himself as Dr. Camdon. "It's awfully nice of you to make time to see me on such short notice," Lynden told the doctor. "Oh, it's no trouble at all," Dr. Camdon assured her, "I'm out to see your boss April almost on a monthly basis." She is a very valued patient of mine and it was no trouble at all doing a favor for her, by checking up on you." Lynden smiled at him and offered him a seat on the couch. "Actually Lynden, can we do the exam in your bedroom," he inquired? "That way you can lay back and I can be more accurate with the exam," he explained. "Of course, said Lynden leading the way to her bedroom. "Excellent, said Dr. Harper opening his medical bag and pulling out a flimsy gown, "now please go into the bathroom and put on this gown please." Lynden took the gown a little confused. "Dr. I was under the impression that this was going to be just a regular check-up." Dr. Camdon chuckled, "Lynden, your discomfort was of a female nature weren't they?" "Well," stammered Lynden I suppose they were, but I really don't think a gynecological exam is necessary." "Lynden, a woman's health is very delicate and fragile. It is important take care of yourself in that department and that means being examined by a doctor," he lectured her. Lynden could see his point and was starting to feel a bit like a drama queen for questioning his authority. She took the gown and went into the bathroom to put it on. When she came back out the doctor had laid out paper for her to lay on and was wearing latex gloves. He patted the paper signaling her to come lay down on it. Lynden held the flimsy gown at the back so she wouldn't expose her bottom to the doctor, and climbed onto the bed and laid back on the paper. The doctor winked at her, "Don't worry honey, we'll get this over as quick as possible." Doctor Camdon walked to the front of her bed and reached down to untie the gown from around her neck. "I am going to start with a breast examination," he explained as he began gently squeezing and rubbing her breast. Lyden squirmed under his touch. Lynden was getting aroused from his touch. In fact, she always found herself aroused during gynecological visits, and that is exactly why she avoided them. When the doctor's fingers reached her nipples she took a deep breath so she wouldn't cry out. He gently traced her nipple with his fingers and then gave it a little tug. Lynden's nipple stiffened and stood erect. Dr. Camdon performed the same technique on her other breast and provoked the same response from her other breast. Lynden was now fully aroused and felt her juices oozing down her slit. "Lynden, I am a bit concerned with the amount of time your nipples took to respond to stimuli," the doctor informed her." "Really, Lynden asked, alarmed by this information." "I would like to test your nipples orally and compare the response, if your comfortable with that." "You mean......," Lynden began when the doctor cut her off. "Yes," he explained, "I would attempt to stimulate your nipple orally with my mouth, but only if you understand it's of a professional nature, and you are comfortable with that. Lynden was very turned on by the thought. "OK," she agreed. Dr. Camdon leaned down and began tracing his tongue around her nipple imitating the technique he used with his fingers earlier. Next, he brought her nipple into his mouth and began sucking. Lynden let out a moan. "Very good Lynden, you responded much quicker to the oral stimulus. Now lets check your response on your other nipple." Dr. Camdon performed his magic on her other nipple and recieved the same quick reaction. "I'm very satisfied with your reaction to oral stimuli," he told her, "so let's move on to the next part of the exam. Lynden gulped. She knew what was coming next and the very thought of it excited her. "I need you to bring your knees up and spread them as far apart as you can," he instructed her. Lynden did as she was asked, now exposing her pussy to the doctor. Doctor Camdon pushed her gown all the way up around her waste. At this point all of the doctor's moves were turning her on. The thought that she was spread open and exposed and that he could see every nook and cranny of her cunt made her extremely horny. Doctor Camdon stared down at Lynden's pussy. He was pleased to see that she was shaved smooth. He also noted that her pussy lips were quite plump, just the way he enjoyed them. Doctor Camdon reached in his bag and pulled out his rubber gloves and put them on. "You've had pelvic exams before Lynden, so there really is no need for me to explain the procedure. Basically, I am going to thoroughly examine you internally and externally. So, please lay back, keep your legs spread widely, and try to relax. Also I am going to do a few vaginal stimuli tests just to make sure everything is in order in the sexual department." Lynden shuddered at the thought. Doctor Camdon brought his fingers to her bare pubic mound and began applying pressure and inspecting her with circular motions. Lynden was becoming wet. The doctor's fingers traveled further south. They bypassed her clit and moved down to her pussy lips. Lynden squirmed knowing that this wasn't the part of the exam that was acceptable for her to feel pleasure from. Doctor Camdon thoroughly examined her fat lips. He ran his fingers over every crevice of them, which was driving Lynden mad. Then his fingers made their way back up to her clit. Lynden held her breath while he gently pinched and squeezed her swollen nub. Next Dr. Camdon trailed one finger from her clit down into her slit. Then he entered her with two fingers and felt around. Lynden was a little embarrassed by the fact that she was probably soaking his fingers, but he didn't seem to notice. He removed his fingers from her to once again dig in his bag. He brought out a shiny metal speculum and a tube of KY. She watched as he squirted a large amount of jelly onto his glove. Then he began coating her vagina with the jelly. His hand felt so good sliding all over her cunt. Dr. Camdon parted her lips and squeezed a glob of jelly into her cunt. He then entered his fingers inside her and coated her inside walls with the jelly, to prepare her for the tool that would spread her and invade her. Lynden braced herself as she felt the cold speculum at her lips. Lynden lifted her hips off the bed as he entered her with the tool. It was quite large and her pussy was resisting it. "It's too large doctor, please pull it out she begged." He ignored her and gave it one firm push. Lynden screamed as it penetrated her. Now the doctor began opening the clamp and spreading her. Lynden liked the sensation. It was a little painful but being opened wider and wider by the doctor made her horny. While the speculum was inside her, he performed a pap smear. After he was finished he removed the speculum and took off his gloves. "OK, Lynden we are all finished with the pelvic exam. Everything looks good, so I am going to move on to the next part. I want you to try and forget that this is a professional test and let the awkwardness subside. Ultimately I would like to have you orgasm for me. That way I will know that you are perfectly healthy sexually. I am going to use some very erotic techniques, so please stop me at any time if you want me to stop. Dint be afraid to let yourself go Lynden just because I'm your doctor. It's all very healthy and normal." Lynden nodded her head unable to speak. Dr. Camdon began by entering two fingers into her already very lubrictated cunt. He worked his fingers in and out of her. Lynden closed her eyes and laid her head back enjoying the sensation. The doctor slid a third finger into her and pushed deep inside her. "Oh doctor," she moaned. Lynden was coming closer to orgasm with every thrust of his fingers, but then he removed them and began digging in his damn bag again. Lynden couldn't see what he had pulled out of his bag but soon found a smooth round tip at her opening. Once the item was pushed into her she knew it was a dildo. A very big dildo that filled her up. The doctor began fucking her with the dildo. He would slowly pull it out of her and then slam it back inside. "Oh doctor, I want to cum. Fuck me harder, she begged." Dr. Camdon was very turned on by her response. He loved the sight of her pussy wrapped tight around the dildo. He began fucking her rapidly with the tool. He fucked her with it until she was screaming and he was right on the verge of cummingand then he removed it. "Please, Lynden cried, just let me come!" The doctor smiled, and leaned down to kiss her cunt. He greedily lapped up her cum and fucked her with his tongue. Lynden pushed his face into her throbbing pussy. She aggressively humped his face. "I want your dick inside me she moaned. Fuck me. I want you inside me." Dr. Camdon, unzipped his pants and plunged into her. They fucked animalistiaclly. He roughly pumped in and out of her and she thrust her hips to meet him each time until they came at the same time. After re cooperating, the doctor gathered his things and gave Lynden a clean bill of health and a doctor's excuse that would allow her to return to work. Now Lynden knew why her boss was so insistent on her seeing Dr. Camdon and she was glad that she did. She had a feeling that Dr. Camdon would be making a lot more house calls.

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