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5/19/2006 7:23 pm

My hands where quivering as I reached the door, legs like jelly as I heard the footsteps coming closer, I was so scared.

I had never done this before, meet someone off the net, but I knew I needed this.

I had gone into the bdsm chat rooms to find people who were like me, I was amazed there were so many, then I met this guy Marik Lodziak, he said he was an experienced Dom we became quiet close id always call him sir and he called me his cum sub, he listened and was understanding of my needs and told me hed done this for women before and his services where mine, after a while I decided that's what I wanted so I decided to meet him, everything had already been discussed safe words exc,, all I had to do now was knock and wait.
He looked just like in his pictures, A tall oldish gentleman with a kind face, I had done as we arranged and wore what he asked of me a short skirt and a white top.

There was no pleasantries I knew that, and he was true to his word he took me by my arm and led me masterfully to his back room, without wasting any time he turned me round and lent me against the wall and he proceeded to pull my panties down quite roughly.

He wasted no time and immediately started to examine every bit of my soft thighs and my already wet sticky pussy, he slipped my panties off my feet and went to check out the piercing he had requested I had done a few weeks earlier before the meet.

He took a step back and ordered me to put my panties back on but to place them just underneath my buttocks, my face went red with humiliation as I reached timidly to the floor and picked up my damp panties and gingerly slipped them back on as he stood and watched a smirk across his face.

"In the corner over there I want you to go fetch me the cane" he said in a demanding and masterful tone.

Dumb struck I stood there I could feel my face redden as the blood surged through me, he came forward grabbed my hair and dragged me to a chair sitting me down hard,

"When I ask you to do something I expect you to do it women" he said holding my hair back so my neck was straining, he reached and took a large paddle down which was hanging up behind him and held it firmly up against my throat.

"What do I expect from you" he boomed at me,

"For me to do as you say" I said rather meekly,

"The correct answer to my question women is total obedience whilst you are in my custody, and to end every sentence giving me the respect I deserve" I looked at him feeling really afraid at this point I had given this man who I didn't know complete control over me, and we had never even met.

"Yes sir sorry sir" I said and watched his face for a hint that I had done correctly I so wanted to please him I wanted to be the best slave sub he had ever had.

"What do I expect from you women" he said again with no change to his temperament or posture.

"Total obedience and compliance sir" I said, looking at him I could see this made him happy.

He looked at me curiously, like he was weighing me up,

"Why are you here" he asked me,

I could see the expectation in his face and I wanted him to own me, I wanted him to be my master, to show me how to please him , I was willing to do anything, serve him as a pet would if needs be.

"I exist only to serve and please you sir" I said and bowed my head in respect as I spoke.

"You learn fast women, I shall take you as my slave but first you need reprimanding for your former misbehavior or you shall never learn" he looked at me and I lowered my head in shame.

He put down the leather paddle with studs and fetched the wooden one which hung up beside it,

"Stand, slave" I smiled as he now recognized me as his slave it was such a warm feeling and instantly I obeyed.

He sat on the chair and ordered me over his knee, at this I felt a little embarrassed to be treated like a child but I knew I had to learn to serve my master as he would wish and did as he said.

I was expecting a light tap with the paddle and screamed out in pain when the first blow hit my bare buttocks.
Again and again the paddle came crashing down and the pain worsened, I knew my safe word but I wasn't going to use it I didn't want to displease him, the pain was intense as the blows came in a continuous stream, I flinched slightly to move away, he grasped my arm and twisted it behind my back so I couldn't move,
"Keep still slave" he growled and held me fast.

The blows from the paddle seared through me, but it also felt nice in a tingly sort of way, I could no longer move or wriggle so I stayed still on his knee and excepted my punishment.

I must admit I was sobbing slightly when he had done, and my bum was also sore he ordered me to my feet and dragged me back to my original position where I was bent over.

"Fetch me the cane in the corner" he demanded I immediately stood this time and fetched him the cane, feeling the tell tale signs of humiliation as I walked slowly across the room and back again with my skirt half lifted and my panties lowered below my redden stinging backside.

I gingerly handed him the cane "resume position slave" he said in his low ordered tone, this I did and closed my eyes.

I stood and waited gritting my teeth, and I started to feel the cold wood of cane feeling the insides of my legs trailing from my ankles to my knees so softly, then back down again. The contrast of the warmth of his hands as the then followed the same path, lightly I could feel the cane tapping the back of my shins just ever so slightly I could barley feel it.

Shivers ran down my spine in anticipation of the unknown, as the cool wooden cane lightly tapped first my thighs then my knees then I could feel the knots in the wood as he rolled down my legs, I was suspended in anticipation but it also felt so erotic and sensual, then it stopped. I waited a while then I turned my head to see what he was doing, immediately the cane came to my face not hitting me but pressing on my freckled skin.

"if I want you to move I will ask you" he looked at me and the disappointment on his face cut me deeply.

"Yes sir, sorry sir" I said ashamed, I didn't want to disappoint him I wanted nothing but to please him.

He moved the cane away from my face and I lowered my head and closed my eyes as before waiting for the cool sensuous feeling of the knotted wood lightly against my fair skin, this time I screamed out as the cane lashed the back of my thighs so harshly my legs felt they were going to crumple beneath me.

I turned my head towards him and looked into his eyes, and again the cane came crashing down on my now immensely sore purple bottom, I could feel the burning sensation raising through my back, as at regular intervals the cane harshly and cruelly slashed at me, I could the feel the power of his entire being going into each and every controlled stroke.

I gritted my teeth and lowered my head awaiting the next blow but as soon as my head was down the blows stopped, and the cool soothing wood again ran softly down my buttocks and legs.

After a few minutes he stopped and helped me kindly to my feet.

He softly ran his fingers over my bottom and pulled up my panties then he kissed my cheek ever so slightly.

"You are naive, and young, I shall have fun training you, your willingness to learn does not disappoint and your eagerness to please ensures me that given time you will make an excellent slave" his words filled me with joy and I felt like a baby in his arms as he led me to the door and handed me my coat.

"Same time next week sir" I asked eagerly smiling at him

"That would please me" he said as he opened the door and let me out.

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5/19/2006 8:50 pm

nice ass props on that 1

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