1-16 The Only Way To Love Me  

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6/8/2006 5:01 pm
1-16 The Only Way To Love Me

I knew from the start of this plan he really hated it. That only made me want it more. It was time to open some new doors in this relationship and see where they lead. He and I had started earlier in the day. Nothing unusual. He was tied to the bed and had already serviced me 3 or four times, I tend to lose track and not count. I had just untied him to assume the position for his flogging when we heard the car door slam. We were not surprised, we expected her! She on the other hand had no idea what was in her future.

He had planned to get her to the bedroom by making her think there was something wrong with his leg, with his history, it should work. What a fool she would feel like when all she sees are the cane marks on the back of them from earlier. He yelled to her, no answer. He called a second time, this time a reluctant "What?" spoken as a half groan returned. He then called to her "Come help me, I think I blew my knee out" You could hear her stir, but still get in no hurry.

She walked in the room, looked around suspiciously, he rushed her and put the pillow case over her head. "What the hell is going on? Stop fooling around" she said. She wasnt taking him seriously. He wrapped her hands behind her back and quickly handcuffed them. "Bill, this is a bad joke, it aint funny" She said louder. "Would you SHUT UP you little slut" I said loudly, but not quite yelling as I stuffed part of the pillow case in her mouth to form a gag. "There, at least that way I dont have to hear her". You could tell by her body language she was confused and a little frightened. "Tie her up tight, we don't want the little bitch to get away." She started to struggle and I could see in your eyes that you were taking no pleasure in this, but you knew better than to disobey me. Her ankles were tied and she was shoved onto the bed. I was wearing my Black Mini Skirt and one of your White button up Shirts, not buttoned, but tied in a knot just below my breast. Black Silk stocking and black high heeled shoes. You could never say no to me, especially when I was dressed like this.

"Get her clothes off and take the pillow case off, but shove her panties in her mouth. I Don't feel like hearing her bitch and whine. You have to listen to it, but I don't." You are carefully taking her clothes off, when I walk up with scissors and start cutting. "She does not need these anymore, bitch puppies don't wear any clothes." You are also naked save for your pink thong and pink collar. Now I will have my pussy and my puppy!!!!

"Tie her spreadeagle to the bed! The little slut needs some lessons in pleasing a man, and in pleasing a woman!!!!!"

You tie her up as instructed and again have this sick look in your eyes. She is trying to talk and cant for the gag. When you remove the pillow case and try to stuff her panties in your mouth she starts asking questions again. "Shut her up already" I demand as you stuff her panties in her mouth to gag her. She has now started crying. I am not sure she realizes who I am yet, but I know that when she does, she will cry even harder.

While she cries, I am in need of some pleasure. Seeing her and you together has made me so wet the juices are running down my leg. I sit in the chair where she can see and tell you to kneel. First you kiss and suck each toe. The smell of me is drawing you further and further up my leg. "Eat me, you pussy, make me cum in front of the little puppy." I see her look of horror as you run your tongue around my clit. It is not taking me long at this point. I am anxious and grab your head and bury you face as deep in me as it will go. You can barely breathe and you feel as if you are drowning in me. I start to convulse. I pull you away and your face is glistening. "Go kiss your little puppy wife" You walk to the bed and remove the panties, she starts to talk, but you put your mouth on her lips hard, Not really kissing her so much as covering her mouth. Not sure if you are protecting her, or yourself. "You can stop" I demand. I am beside you now. She starts to let out a scream, I slap her face. "Do not speak unless spoken to" she tried to fight, I slap her again and shove the panties back in. Guess we will have to find a way to keep her mouth shut.

"Kneel over her" I command. You do and I take your now extremely hard dick out of you thong and start to rub it lightly. "Put it in her mouth, she needs to learn how to suck properly" I pull the panties out and help you shove your dick in her mouth.

"Fuck her mouth. Shove that down her throat", She starts to gag some, but you are trying hard to keep her from throwing up on you."Keep fucking, I want you to come in her mouth" I get beside you on the bed and start to fondle her DDs. Tears are rolling out of her eyes and she looks at you for help, looks at me with hatred and at the same time, jealousy, While you are fucking her mouth over and over, I start to pull and twist her nipples. My hand slides down her stomach and finds her very wet. "I think my little pussy likes sucking dick. Lets see if she finds it tasty. She tries to turn her head away and I tell you to cum. As usual, you do. She has tried to bite down and is trying to spit out your cum as fast as it comes in. "STOP" I command. "HOLD HER MOUTH OPEN" You do and I lick the cum off her face and take the cum from the tip of tongue and put in her mouth. She relaxes slightly and I find us locked in a kiss. At first, it seems awkward, I'm not sure if she's trying to lure me in or actually starting to comply. Then as the kiss progresses, I know she is starting to comply.

I move away from her and look her in the eye "Do I need to gag you again or are you going to be a good puppy?" She still has tears rolling down the side of her face but nods her head yes. "Now lets show her how a real woman fucks her man, shall we" I say turning to you. "Get my strapon, who knows, maybe I'll fuck her too." He fumbled around in the bag looking for it.

"Hurry up already, I dont want to wait all day". You quickly found it and the lubricant and hand them across to me. "Why dont you lay on the bed with your bitch puppy, maybe use her for a pillow" You lay down with your head in her lap but face up. I move to the foot of the bed below you, command you to lift your legs, and grease you up a bit before I get started.

At first, I tease you a bit, then once your lubricated a bit, I start thrusting harder, your cock is now ragingly hard again as I thrust and the harness is rubbing me in places that are making me very wet. I am so turned on looking up at her face as she looks on in astonishment, that I'm thrusting harder and faster with each passing second. I'm beginning to think I may cum when I hear you ask permission "No, absolutely not" I reply and quit ramming you.

"Move out of my way, I'm gonna fuck her for awhile." You move off the bed and I move up to her and shove two lubed fingers up her ass and twist them to get her good and wet. Her pussy is so wet it is dripping on my hand as I lube her ass. "Puppy likes it I see". I quickly cover the dildo with lube and begin teasing her ass with it just as I had yours. I start thrusting the dildo in her and can see the pain on her face. Then with each thrust, I see less pain and more excitement. As for myself, I'm beginning to feel pretty good too. The finger on the back of the dildo is rubbing my clit and beginning to move me toward orgasm again. "Hey, slut puppy likes it" I call as I start ramming her harder. She is trying to break free of her ropes but cant as I ram the dildo as far as possible up her ass. Her pussy is dripping on the dildo as I fuck her ass. "Hey pussy, pitch me a vibrator here, I think puppy needs it too". You find one and hand it to me. "Not some little one, get a real one already" and with that you hand me a larger one. I turn the vibrator on full power and shove it in her soaked pussy. She almost screams from the sensation. With each stroke, it now rams the vibrator deep in her pussy as I fuck her ass with the dildo. She is going to cum all over, I can see it in her face and I can feel it. I stop fucking her, remove the vibrator and tell her, "Oh no, its your turn to do without".

"Pussy, get over here and fuck me like that". I lay on the end of the bed legs spread and insert the vibrator still running at full speed while you play with my ass with your tongue and then with your fingers before fucking me. You are trying to be slow and gentle and as usual, I have to tell you "Would you fuck me already, none of this make nice shit, FUCK ME!" You start thrusting a little harder but still not as hard as I want. "Damn you, your bitch puppy could probably fuck me harder than this, Now get on with it" "Yes, Donna" you answer. at that moment, bitch puppy blurts out "Donna, thats who you are?"

I reach over and shove the panties back in her mouth. "Thats right and NO TALKING" I reply. I turn my head back to you, "Hey keep fucking, who said you could stop". You do as your told and soon the sensation of the vibrator in my now soaking pussy and your cock deep in my ass are making me extremely horny. "Finger my clit, maybe I can get one that way" I command.

You reach down and begin rolling my clit between your fingers as you continue to thrust. I know you have to be getting close again and I am really getting close to having a huge orgasm myself so I command you to cum. You thrust as hard as you can and it is forcing the vibrator against my g-spot and making me immensely horny. I can feel the orgasm building in me as I feel you begin to jerk as your orgasm hits. My orgasm follows immediately and is huge. Having all the different stimuli has almost overloaded my senses. After I finish. I decide its time to put bitch puppy to work again so I move to sit over her face "You didnt like cum last time, lets see if you like it any better this way" I say as I let it drip from my ass onto her face. I reach down and remove the gag, "I think you'll learn to like it". I slowly lower myself onto her face and tell her to make sure she gets it all off of me and if she's a good puppy, maybe next time, I'll let her cum.

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6/11/2006 4:25 am

Hi Sexy,
you're certainly one very hot lady, would love to play switch with you, if we're ever in the same area

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She probably wouldn't care. I'm sure your pleasure is what she lives for anyway.

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looks like she needed it anyway lol!
You look like an angel and your very hot too!

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7/5/2006 1:05 pm

Nice blog.. bondage, hard anal and strapon my favorites

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I like this; I’m hard as a rock.

Ladies, my dick his ALWAYS available, let me know when YOU want it for a good ride.

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