hi all. random chat......  

sexy_trickster2 31M
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5/8/2006 12:55 pm
hi all. random chat......

Ok this Blog is going to be for anything...... anything at all, ( thats me in the pic )

so for starters i got to say i am dead work up late working on an assignment, so i am dead today. tempted to post a pic of me looking completely fucked from lack of sleep....na. lol. having a house party thurs as well after my exam so that should be good, so if u in the sunderland area look me up lol and come and join in. def looking forward to passing out.

Blogs are sure good for reliving that little bit of stress on builds up. anything else i wanna get off my chest........

right i got a question to ask, when u are not single all the girls fall over them selves after you, then when u are single the well seems to dry up. i wanna know why........ is it cause, u are unavailbe and women want what they cant have, or that u project an image of being really kool and not bothered when u got a mrs, i am not saying this is happening to me right now but i was wondering as it has happened in the past.

bye all


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