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a fantasy

Sunday. Such a slow lazy day, cricket on, braai out on the lawn, sun shinning. I sit here thinking about what I want to do today, a bit of shopping, defiantly want to see if I can find my way to the gym again, steam bath and so on. Agg I know who I’d love to spend some time with. I fire off an sms, I wonder if you’ll reply. My phone vibrates in my jeans minutes later and I smile as you say “I cant wait to meet you, lets go for coffee I’m free all day”

I finish at the gym, the cardio work out, leavening me hot, so I slip into a steam shower. Sitting there I imagine you here. You slim perfect body, naked but obscured by the steam. I stand and walk through the mists till I find you, your nipples hard in excitement as I slowly bend and take your right nipple in my mouth. Its harder than a nut, yet yields slightly as I use my soft full lips to gently pull on your nipple. Then you feel my tongue flicking in circles at the tip of your nipple, my mouth slowly sucking it deep into my hot soft mouth. I imagine running my hands up your naked inner thighs, feel them part slightly as I put pressure on your thighs, my hands tentatively brushing over your pussy.

Suddenly I hear the door open, my eyes springing open as another guy enters the steam room. I can feel the hardness of my cock between my knees, the images in my minds eye so real I can almost imagine you there. I cover with a towel and go cool off in a shower, still amazed at how well I can picture your body.

I meet you at your car. The forth level of the parking lot, quiet and dark, but I can still make out the slim perfect outline of your body as you walk towards me. I’m surprised at how tall you are, the photo of you lying down not giving me the impression of your height, nore your beauty for that matter. In turn you are surprised at my height, shorter than you expected, but I’m used to that. People often see me as larger because of my personality, bubbly and confident. Besides we are all the same height when I lie you down We kiss lightly and slowly walk to the lifts. As you enter I glance at your perfectly fitting bum in your jeans, the swing of your hips as hypnotic as watching a lion stalk. We head to a restaurant and start to chat. Oh such easy chatter. Lots about you, which suits me fine, what its like to be so perfect in front of lenses, when I strive for perfection from behind a lens. All the time I can catch glimpses of your body. The lift of your shirt as you stretch, showing a flat perfect tummy, the slow opening of your lips as you elegantly smoke. I can imagine slowly slipping my tongue between your full perfect lips. Imagine the feel of your lips opening slowly and slipping down over my cock. I can feel the tightness of my jeans stretch as I get harder, thinking thoughts I know are also running through your mind. Time is limited and we soon have to go, but the attraction was there. The chemistry and desire to explore each other in better surroundings.

Beep beep, my mobile chirps as an sms comes through. “I don’t have to be home for ages and if you can give me a lift to jhb, I’m yours for the afternoon.” I almost skid to a halt as I do a three point turn, the motorist behind me swearing at the maneuver as I head back towards you.

The drive is torture. I can feel you besides me in the car. We get to my house, walk through the little garden gate and to the big sliding glass doors. I slide the key in the lock and before I turn it I see you in the reflection, standing slightly back, your lips slightly parted and I just have to kiss you. I turn and walk up to you, the kiss slow at first, uncertain and taking you by surprise. I feel you lean forward slightly, feel your lips part as I slowly slip my tongue into your mouth, my full warm soft lips melting into yours. I feel you tongue dart out and dance with mine, your arms come up around my shoulders. I hold your hips, pull them close and hard against mine, my hard cock pressed to you as I hear you moan deep in your throat. I slide my hands up under your top, lightly caressing your lower back as we turn our mouth slightly, kissing frantically, lips open and hot, tongues dancing together. I open my eyes to see the expression of your face, the lust and desire. The joy and happiness of feeling my hands and body working over yours.

The kiss breaks and you say “lets go inside, where’s the bed room’. I push you back slightly into a chair around the outside table, saying nothing. I lean forward and kiss you again, reaching forward to undo your white top, battling with the side buttons which wrap around to your hip. You chuckle, stand up and push me back into a chair.

“Watch this” you say.

I sit my cock hard and tight in my jeans as I watch you slowly seductively start to strip. A beautiful woman in perfect control of teasing and seducing me. I watch you take your top off, revealing your perfect body. Your breast half held by a white lace wonder bra, your cleavage brought together in perfect curves that only wonder bra can create. I notice that its only a half cup, showing the darker skin of your nipples. They are hard, proud and aching to be touched. I lean forward and slide my hands around your bum, pulling you towards me so your knees rest on the chair next to me and I slowly start to kiss your breasts. I flick my tongue through the lacey material of your bra and feel you shudder, your nipples sensitive to my touch. I open my mouth and suck your nipple through the bra, I feel more than see your head thrown back as you gasp, the sensations seem directly connected to your wet pussy, still hidden in your jeans. I feel you reach behind your body and un clasp your bra, your breasts free as we slide it quickly off your body. I move to hold and massage your breast, both hands cupping them as I kiss and lick each nipple, teasing it by flicking my tongue and then sucking them deep into my mouth.

Suddenly I feel you push away, standing above me as I look up at your semi naked body, your lips slightly parted, your tongue just wetting the edges.

“I said watch….not play!” you almost laugh as I move to make space for my cock. I feel your hands cover the hard bulge, see your eyes widen as you feel the hardness, girth and size of it. “ Hmmm you are short but definitely not small,” you smile at me.

Slowly you walk away from me slightly as I move my chair back to give you space, I face towards the still closed sliding doors, locked from when we first got here. I watch as you turn to face them, place both hands on them and push you ass back at me, bending at the waist and opening your legs. You are displaying your perfect body, hidden by layers of clothing I just want to rip from your body. I move to hold your ass cupped in my hand and you straighten, turn to me and say “ this is my game, my rules…I said watch. Do it or I stop!”
“Stop what? Teasing me, I cant take much more anyway!”
“ oh but you can, stay there.”
I see you move to the same position and I can see your perfect reflection in the glass. I see you watching me too as you run one hand up between your thighs, up over your pussy and see you press hard against the material. I know you are wet, know you are burning with desires as much as I am and love the naughty look on your face in the reflection. Slowly you step out your shoes, easy white slip on, and undo the button of your jeans. You stop, watching me in the reflection and smile as I realize I am supposed to do the same. Slowly I run my hand over my cock, move it so it has more space, the bulge obvious as I slowly, very slowly slip the button off. With my left hand I lift the zip and one tooth of the zip at a time I take it down, watching as you do the same, one, one ,one slow slow slow. I’m not wearing underwear and the tip of my cock is in your view. You watch mesmerized as I run my thumb over the tip, catching pre-cum and spreading it slowly over the head, silvery in the afternoon light. Slowly you start to wriggle your hips, pealing your jeans off down your bum. The beginnings of a sexy skimpy g-string visible as the blue material gives way to delectable flesh. We watch each others expressions as I slowly pull my pants down, yours sliding down the back of your thighs too. After what feels like ages I am naked, my hard thick cock straining and proud in the open light. You still have the slightest little white g-string on. It covers your pussy as you lean forward and open your legs, a hand cupping over your pussy as you rub your pussy. I know you want me to join you so I stand and saunter over to you. I watch you put both hands on the glass in front of you, see you looking at me with half closed eyes as I kneel behind you. I am staring up into you and know u want to be teased. Half of me knows you would love me just to fuck you right now…and that’s what I want, but I also know the delicious pain of prolonged foreplay and making you cum with my tongue sounds so fun. I slide both my hands, palms inwards up your inner thighs, slowly massaging your legs as I run very closer to your pussy. I feel you shift your stance trying to get my hands to touch you, but I move back down again. I sit up on my legs, kneeling straight up and start to lick my hot tongue over the small of your arched back, down your bum. I use just the hot tip and lick over the curve of your ass just where it meets your thighs, then slowly up towards your pussy. I hear you moan, your legs bend slightly to give me better access and I run my tongue over your panties. I feel the hard erect button of your clit on my tongue and press hard onto you. Its like I have just shocked you, you jump away, shuddering at the feel and then suddenly press back down on my mouth. Now open wide and breathing hot air over your still covered pussy. I slide two fingers up and move the soaked material aside and finally I can see the full effect of my fantasies for so long. The perfect pink inner lips open to my lips as I use my fingers and start to lick over your pussy. Slowly but hard, shallow licking over your lips, from the bottom to the top, find your clit and circle it with my tongue and flick it hard with the tip. I use the flat part of my tongue to cover your pussy and move down your pussy. Now I slide two firm fingers into you, sitting back so I can again look at you. Your reflection in the mirror shows how your eyes are closed tight, your mouth open and your breathing shallow. I can see your breast heave with your chest as I find the spongy spot I was looking for. Feel my fingers deep in you, twisting and turning as I really start to play with your pussy. In and out, turn them around and then press them up. Find your clit with my thumb and press onto her, hard and fast. I see you shake, your thighs almost collapsing and know the time is perfect. I take my hand and turn it so my fingers are on your g-spot. Then I start to lick your clit. Not like before, not to tease, but with purpose and deliberate intention of making you cum. Cum on my tongue. I want to feel your pussy spasm over my fast flicking tongue and deep searching fingers…..

I stand up, my hard aching cock pressed to the entrance of your pussy. I feel you press back, the teasing over its now time to fuck. I push forward, your pussy wet with your juices and my saliva as my cock stretches your pussy and pushes deep into you. I go slowly, mm by mm of my thick cock inches into you as I hold your hips as you lean hard on the glass doors. Suddenly you push back, forcing my cock hard up in to you, buried as my balls slap against you and we start to fuck. In and out, a fast rhythm of deep hard fucking. My hands guiding your hips back hard onto my cock as I start to try different things. I rotate my hips upwards, hard against the roof of your pussy, then straighten them again as I thrust into you, so deep you gasp as it feels like my cock is in your lower tummy. Again and again the rhythm works into you, your recently spasmed pussy clamping on my cock as I change the rhythm and depth again. Now its very fast but very shallow. Just the head inside you, sliding half way down my cock and then I pull back…fast shallow and teasing. Suddenly you feel my strong firm hands pull your hips back onto me as I thrust deep again, the contrast of shallow then deep driving your breath out your lungs in a deep slow moan. “My god, fuck me deeper,” you pant.

I pull out, lean forward and cup your breasts. I pull you back and make you stand straight up. As I turn you to face me I grab your right leg and lift it over my hips, as I sway slightly to the right., A strange movement which almost makes you fall over, just as I had intended. You pussy comes down hard on my cock, its slides in perfectly, designed to get deep into you. I start to take your weight on my hips as I fall backwards against a wall, thrusting faster and faster into you again. I hook your leg around my hips and then feel you press your left leg onto me aswell. I’m holding you, with my cock buried in you and your feet are a meter off the ground. Every thrust of my thighs and strong hips pushes you away as gravity causes you to fall down deep on my cock again.

We start to kiss. Mouths open, deep and tongues dancing. I hold still a moment and settle you deep on my cock, our mouths still kissing open and frantic as the pleasures of our joined bodies takes control. Then I start a new rhythm…always a variety, different in small ways, hitting new nerves and feelings deep in your pussy. I grind my hips and cock around in a circular motion again finding new deeper sensations for you. Your arms are wrapped around my neck and shoulders and I feel you slip your right hand down between our bodies. I feel your fingers sneak down and press onto your clitt. Feel you building the sensations of my cock and your fingers concentrating all the feelings onto the joining of our bodies. I thrust in as deep as I can, your full weight on my cock and I feel you press down hard with your hips, getting every mm into you as I slide my hands between your shoulder blades. I feel you lean back, my arms rippling as I take your weight on my arms as well. This opens a small gap and you fingers press onto your clit. I am mesmerized watching your fingers digging and playing as I suddenly feel you cum. Sweet wet spasms gripping my cock as you scream out loud, head thrown back, your neck stretched tight and mouth a perfect circle. I see your tight breast upward pointing and the nipples hard as nuts.

My body is almost collapsing as you lower your legs down to the ground. I walk to the door and open it, inviting you inside. I watch you walk in, grab a cushion from the couch and thrown it on the floor. You kneel on it, call me closer with your index finger. Perfect red nail varnish glinting in the light as I walk towards you with my glistening cock. I cant wait to feel you blow me, To feel your mouth hot and warm over my cock, replacing your pussy. I love the sight of your mouth stretched and open as you slide down my head. The helmet slipping under your lips and I watch your hands hold it to the perfect angle. My eyes close as the sensations start to take over. I can feel every bump on the roof of your mouth as you suck me in. No teeth just soft warm tongue. I feel my cock get to the back of your mouth and feel your throat constrict involuntarily. I pull back slightly, giving you time to get used to my cock and then suddenly I feel your hands on my butt. I clench my butt just as you pull my hips closer to you, sliding my cock to the base as you deep throat me. I cant believe the feelings, from your hot perfect tight pussy to this torture as I try to hold out and prolong the pleasure of the most perfect head I have ever felt. I feel you pull back and really get to work. You hair bouncing and falling all over as you really pump my cock up and down. I hold your head guiding my cock in and out. I hold your head still, my hands so strong either side of your head, not hurting you but holding you tight. Then I start to mouth fuck you, Thrusting in and out as I have been with your pussy. My balls are starting to contract, my eyes tight closed and I can hear in the distant background the groans from deep in my chest as the sensations take over. I feel you move up to the head, kissing, sucking. One hand jerking me off and suddenly I burst. Hard thick cum bursting into your mouth, coating your tongue as I finally open my eyes. I can see your mouth, open, cum on your cheek, the rest thick and white over your pink tongue. I watch as your big eyes look at me and you slowly seductively pull your tongue into your mouth and swallow my cum.

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Welcome to blogville!!! Very good story! Waiting for the next one!

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