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4/8/2005 2:21 pm

How about you and a bi male fucking, with you on all fours, and your sissy husband underneath both of us, licking your clit and my dick and balls. He would be right there and ready for immediate clean up!

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4/8/2005 3:35 pm

how about me fuckin sissys hubby then u


4/9/2005 2:02 pm

I would be happy to be wherever you wanted me to be, for as long as you needed me there!!

rm_Tasteme469 62M
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4/9/2005 5:37 pm

sexy...I'd love to have you make your sissy hubby suck on my cock right in front of you. You could tell him to do that while you straddle my head and I take your clit between my lips and I eat you. I love a tight ass...mmmm...never did a man, but there is always a first time.

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/13/2005 4:27 pm

I'm a bi experienced man. Why don't you lay back on the bed and have your man's cock up by your face. I could slide my cock into you, and then suck his cock while you lick his balls.

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/17/2005 3:31 pm

mmmm... That sounds good! You're so wet that I can taste your nectar on his sack as I play with is balls with my tongue. Going back and forth from his balls to your clit while he pumps your sloppy pussy doggie-style above me is fantastic. I love the feel of your tits as they graze my stomach moving back and forth with the motion of the sex above me. I slide one hand forward to play with your fantastic breasts, and the other back to tease his asshole.

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/18/2005 10:36 am

With me underneath you both, my rock hard cock is right in front of your face as he takes you from behind. it would feel so good for you to suck it, but you only tease.

I lick and suck your clit with a vengence hoping that if I press that little button well enough with my tongue that you will suck me. My cock aches to be sucked!

I love the taste of you both. I tell him to do long thrusts so that the tip almost comes out of you. While he does I lick at the underside of his shaft. I like the feel of his ass as it clenches to push back inside of you. When his cock is all the way in, I slide my hungry mouth up to your clit. When his cock comes back, I slurp on his magnificent pole. Back and forth. In and out. You are so wet that you are dripping on me, but that only makes it hotter!

Suddenly you grab my cock and...

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/20/2005 7:06 pm

You like to watch him suck my cock don't you? You know you do. It makes you all wet between your legs, doesn't it? I can see how wet you are. Your lips are getting more and more swollen as you watch him gobble my thick shaft.

I grab you and pull you over to us as he takes all of my meat into his throat. I put your hand on the back of his head and have you control his trusts onto my dick. Meanwhile, I push three fingers into your steaming pussy. Your knees almost give way at my assault, but your eyes are glued to your husband's mouth on my cock and you can't move.

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/21/2005 5:28 pm

I lay back on the bed while he continues to lick and suck my rod. I pull you on top of me, so your clit is right over my face and you're facing your hubby so you can watch him work my schlong in and out of his mouth.

You ARE wet. You cover my face with wetness as I bury it in your sweetness. While I lick and suck your clit, I put three fingers inside you to rub your G-spot. Then I slick my pinkie with your wetness and slide it into your ass while my other fingers continue to play with your pussy. All the time my lips and tongue are making your clit sing with pleasure.

How long can you hold out? I know that if your hubby keeps doing such a good job on my cock, I'm going to erupt soon! Don't worry, even after I cum, this is so hot that my cock will still be rock hard and ready for more! Do you want me to cum in his mouth? Do you want him to point my hose at you so that my cum sprays all hot and sticky on your tits and stomach for him to lick off?

Speaking of licking: MMmmmm your pussy tastes GOOD! Yummy!

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/23/2005 4:13 am

MMmmmmmm, yeah! Let's 69 while he pushes his hard rod into you. It's so hot to watch it go in and out of your pink kitty. It makes me ravage your clit with my tongue while he fills you with his meat. You're so wet, and you can't help but moan around my cock in your mouth. We all are. Moaning, and talking dirty to each other while we fuck for all we're worth! By the sounds of things, I think we're all going to cum at the same time!

ProFotoFreak 47M

4/29/2005 7:01 pm

I'm so hot, I just have to grab your ass while he's fucking you. I want to feel his dick as it goes inside of you so I get a finger all wet with your love juice and slide it into your asshole.

Your reaction on my cock tells me you like it, and I love feeling his manhood penetrate you over and over. It makes me go after your clit with a vengence! I tell him that I want his cock in my mouth all covered with your sweetness, so he plunges it deep into my throat. He's so hard, and tastes so good with his precum and your honey all over his hard rod. Yummy!

He wants more pussy though, and goes back to ramming you for all he's worth.

In the meantime you are giving a command performance on my johnson. Your licking, sucking and mouth fucking are driving me wild! I can hardly contain myself -- especially with the scent of your combined sexes right above me!

My moans are getting louder... I pump at your mouth involuntarily, and you can feel my balls start to clench up while you play with them. I'm playing with his balls too while I finger-fuck your ass. I can tell he's close too. I scream out "I'm going to cccuuuuummmmm!!!!"


4/30/2005 6:51 pm


rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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4/30/2005 9:50 pm

I wish I could qualify! I can Imagine the possibilties! Yummy

ProFotoFreak 47M

5/1/2005 4:55 pm

Sexi_loverbabe69: It is so hot to think that what we were writing got you steamy. I'm getting hard here just thinking about you sitting there with your fingers playing with your pussy! MMmmmmm...

The credit has to go to sexyLINYBIlady. She's super freaky and I love it as a fellow super freak. She gets me going with her kinky ideas and everything just flows (and flows, and flows *wink*)

You know I love to watch while you sit in the corner and play with yourself while the three of us fuck, but you don't have to stay over there. (gestures for sexi to join the group)

mud4ufun 49M

5/3/2005 9:09 pm


ProFotoFreak 47M

5/5/2005 6:07 pm


I have to say that I'm jumping out of my skin laying here tied to the headboard. It drives me crazy to watch you and loverbabe exploring each other's mouths at the end of the bed. You're both so hot in your own right, but the way you're touching each other all over while you kiss is phenominal.

I can tell you're both into it, because your nipples are beyond hard. The areole around them are swollen too. I think BIlady about fell over when loverbabe began kissing her neck and cupping her breasts.

I know I'm plenty turned on! My stomach is a mess from my cock leaking all over it. I love being tied up, but I so want to touch both of you. BIlady's hubby is next to the bed wearing (almost) a black leather miniskirt. It's slit so far up the sides that he's having no trouble stroking his cock underneath it. I tell him that I want to suck his monster, but he can't obstruct my view of the Sexies.

I watch loverbabe start to lick down the middle of BIlady's chest out of the corner of my eye as her sissy-whore hubby happily obliges me with his hot meat. He has plenty of tasty pre-cum on his dick too, and I gobble him down as he trusts towards me. Loverbabe has reached BIlady's nipples now. She's also got her hands all over the rest of her: touching, caressing, pinching, teasing. All the while her tongue is busy on BIlady's swollen nipples. First one, and then the other.

While my throat keeps receiveing deeper and deeper thrusts from my pretty TV slut, BIlady grabs loverbabe by the hair and arches her back as her pussy squirts all over her inner thighs and the end of the bed from between her parted, shaking legs. Damn loverbabe! You made her cum already and you haven't even touched her pussy yet!

This is going to be good!

ProFotoFreak 47M

5/6/2005 4:20 pm

I love it when BiLady 69's with me while hubby fucks her. It gets me so hot! Yes! I especially love the feel of her dangling tits as they sway back and forth on my stomach while she's getting fucked right above my face!

I have the added bonus that loverbabe's slinky legs are over mine and I can feel her wet pussy shoved up against my balls drenching them with her sweetness. I like to look down between BiLady's tits and watch while she switches between my cock and loverbabe's pussy. It's hard to see, but I can feel her chin on my sack while she's eating that delicious pussy.

Alas I have work to do! I can't touch anyone, because I'm still tied to the headboard. Your TV Slut has straddled my arms to fuck you, and I have a nice view up his skirt. He has it pulled up over your ass while he strokes your dripping wet pussy. I can't quit reach to lick his shaft while he pumps you, so I concentrate solely on your sex button. Fortunately I love sucking your clit!

By the way you're grinding your pelvis on my face, you like what my lips and tongue are doing for you while you're filled with she-male dick. I definately love what you're doing to my cock with yours! I hear a vibrator turn on between my legs and can feel the pulses in my balls as someone places it on loverbabe's clit.

Everyone is moaning so loud! Sounds like everyone is having as good a time as I am!


5/8/2005 5:55 pm

I'm defintly interested. I'll what ever it takes to get you off.Even let your sissy boy husband take my virgin ass. If you get this 5/08/05 I'm available to broaden my sexual horizons.I'll try anything once.


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5/18/2005 8:30 am

sextLINYBllady, If you lived near me, I would show you and your Hubby what a licking and sucking was about. Especially You, while Hubby was busy on me.
You make it HARD to be at work.

ProFotoFreak 47M

5/18/2005 3:56 pm

sexyLINYBIlady, are you done with me? Where are you?

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5/31/2005 2:13 am

Hi anyone wanna sex..?

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6/7/2005 9:38 am

that sounds hot... im getting hony rite now, just the thought of humping and grinding

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6/7/2005 9:40 am

that sounds hot... im getting horny rite now, just the thought of humping and grinding

longislandbtm 60M
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7/7/2005 7:47 am

I'm a totaly bi male who would love to fuck you and your hubby all night long.

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