Do you remember......??  

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4/20/2005 1:16 am

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Do you remember......??

Here is an interesting set of "do you remember your first...." of your sexual experiences. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys reply. Some are very very easy and some are not so easy. Throw in a story of how one of your "firsts" happened and as detailed as possible. So, without further chatter. Do you remember your first:

-First Kiss
-First Porno Movie
-First Blow Job/Cunniling
-First hand job either giving or receiving.
-What you thought when you penetrated or were penetrated for the very first time.
-First time/any time you've been caught masturbating or having sex.
-First time your penis was/you had a penis between a pair of/your breasts.
-First Orgasm

Now of course I can't expect everyone to answer without my answering first so here goes. I'll answer one since half of these at least happend when I was under 18 and I think they won't post this if I'm talking about experiences when I was "under aged".

-First time penetrating: It was with a girl I had met at the end of my freshman year in college and we started dating for a while. Things got hot and heavy quick and I was at her appartment that fateful night and we were in her bed. We used the standard missionary position and as I was slidding, arching my back and feeling the most increadible feeling I had fantasized about so much, I remember thinking "oh my gosh this is actually happening!"

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