Waiting for it to be right  

sexpistols1960 57M/58F
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6/1/2006 3:30 am
Waiting for it to be right

THE OTHER NIGHT DID NOT TURN OUT AS i HAD PLANNED BUT SHE MADE ANOTHER STEP INTO INVITING ANOTHER TO HAVE SEX WITH US. Tom watched us fuck and suck in every postion while at one point Jacking off as he watched her ride me from behind. I wanted her to do us both but Donna again held out on making the last step. It was still the most intense sex we had ever had. I do not want to push her but she is driving me crazy with not making it with myself and another man in a 3-sum. She and I both know how much she would enjoy doing two at once. Its torture for sure but soon I WILL receive the satisfaction of her taking the last step and then look out people.

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