A Fine Young Man  

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9/6/2006 10:01 am

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A Fine Young Man

He is one of my favorite boys. Still in his twenties, he is still full of vulnerability and a wide open observing view of himself as he relates to the world and the people in it. His affection is sincere and his fascade of masculine confidence, earnest --- and my delight in him is incalculable. .................... Some people wonder what I see in younger men and often mistake the desire for physical gymnastics or pure feminine middle aged vanity as my driving motivation. They would be wrong. Those things, among many, may be some of the benefits of being with younger men but what is really driving my Freudian train are the gifts they offer me from deep within. If you have the right younger man and not some cocky jackass looking for braggarts rights... he comes to you with warmth and a desire to be nurtured and accepted sexually.......(along with all of the other good stuff that comes from having an under 40 physique)............and he gives you the greatest gift of all... himself. But don't mistake the nurturing part for some incestuous emotional tangle of psyches that lead to therapist couches... it is the kind of nurturing that we all aspire to during really good sex. Sex as healing. Sex as psycho-spiritual food. Sex as joy. Acrobatic sex is entertaining but in the end, it is the person inside the skin that we are trying to connect with... the person inside the skin that takes a sexual act and turns it into a rejuvenating wellspring of life......the person inside the skin that motivates us to say, "I want to see you again because I like you and I like how you make me feel". These are the things that make sex worthwhile and the people we have good sex with - invaluable......................... I like how he makes me feel. He inspires me to be kind and generous with good words, gentle with the sensitivity that I see, playful in the freedom we have with each other....... perhaps it is all the kissing and affection that he so freely gives..... perhaps because he is too young to have learned to dislike women enough to treat them like generic porn stunt doubles for his private fantasies ...... the heart is open and even if I don't fit in the space inside, he still hasn't forbidden me from it. In his own way, he invites me in hoping that I won't dispense judgement and rejection of what I find............... It is not sex lessons that he comes to me for. Lord knows, his previous teachers have given him a PhD in sexual education and he puts many grown men to shame in his skills..... he comes to me for his own reasons of which I may never know what they really are. I willingly invite him back again and again because long after the sex is over, his memory still gives me reason to smile and believe that the world is worth redemption - if for no other reason than to give him a fair chance to have the kind of happiness he inspires in me.

DoggyYahooNoons 42M
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9/10/2006 8:15 am

wow, at long last, i have read something on >>!finder that touched me whilst reading it!!
he is a lucky guy

sexpirate19125 replies on 9/10/2006 7:11 pm:
All I can do is smile.

It's all about how we connect on the inside at the end of the day, isn't it?

FrillBootyRiper 43M
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10/12/2006 4:03 pm

Hmm, now I know why you don't need me but I am happy for you. You know I am always available for you to complement his affections.

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