fake profiles, meanness & frustrations  

sexloverocknroll 58M
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3/12/2006 7:56 am
fake profiles, meanness & frustrations

Sorry to appear complaining or venting, but I have been experiencing some frustration with this site.

There is a scam going on this site that involves ‘fake’ profiles. These profiles are women between 21 and 30. They have one very good photo, obviously professionally done with a high quality camera. They basically say things about the type of sex they like and how they want it. They basically want any type of sex from anyone in any manner. After a closer look, one that I had to learn to ‘see,’ those ads are just too good to be true. They are not true. Their return replies are often very vague and let's meet tonight right now. Again, too good to be true and ignorant. They provide an e-mail address. When a person writes to their e-mail the response states they have their own personal web page with all their personal information there; phone numbers, home address, all the stuff that only a fool would put on the internet. When a person goes to their site, it is a pay porn site with no personal information. They say free membership and free access, but a person has to give a credit card to “verify age” and is charged $30 and then there is a monthly fee. On those sites, there are all kinds of ads and links to AdultFriendFinder. Uhmmm? Shortly after the profile is placed, it is removed for "possible abuse." Makes me wonder. That makes me not feel so good; for being so foolish and so ignorant. It also makes me feel like I am not worthy.

A few days ago, I got an e-mail stating my order was ready and being shipped to me. I had not made any orders on-line and I as worried that I might be getting ripped off. I wrote them back stating I made no such order. My reply was returned “undeliverable.” You all know those types of “no-response” e-mails. They did not state the name of their company or what the product was I had supposedly ordered. There was some link in that e-mail so I thought I would try to find out and hopefully get some answers. It was some damn porn site! Not only that, but the page told me I was not authorized to view it and it down loaded a virus! Thankfully my virus protection caught it.

Now, for the ‘real’ profiles. So far, I have not made any ‘friends’ or any face to faces or laid, but I have gotten some responses. So far, most of those response have been rude and mean and at times, brutal. Hey, I worked with angry, locked-up, detoxing teenagers, so I can take being called names or teased un-mercifully or stabbed or bitten or spit on, so do NOT think I am weak. A week ago, I got a response saying I am “too fat” and “too short” for her. Ouch. Us males face tons of rejection everyday. Just the way it is here in small town Wyoming. On AdultFriendFinder there is 10:1 ratio of men to women on this site in Wyoming. Only makes since that a guy is going to have to work hard and get lots of rejection and will expected to be 'perfect.' As I said, I am a big boy. There is nothing wrong with having a preference when it comes to sex or who and what you like. What a person likes and does not like is their choice. If someone prefers thin or a little extra or dark skin or red hair or tall or short or old or young, whatever, that is their choice. I just have to wonder what causes some people to make that choice. I think there are some who are just very misguided and who make very poor choices. All around us is someone telling us how we should look and think and feel. In one of my college text books, they say that less than 1% of the female population can look like “Barbie.” With cosmetic surgery, that number can be easily changed, but they were talking about being born that way, naturally. What is inside that counts, but there has to be a physical attraction as well. I am not pretty nor have I ever been nor do I want to be. Sometimes I wish I had wash broad abs, but genetically speaking, that is just not how God made me. Besides, I am not willing to make the scarifies it would take to get them. (not giving up my chocolate!) That is just not so important to me. I am not interested in having friends who think I should look like that. Those type of people will always find something wrong. I will be too old or bald or ugly or short or white or green or whatever. I understand that there are shallow people and mean people on here at AdultFriendFinder. If it that was just one letter, then okay, not a problem. However, I have been getting other mean letters. I would rather they not reply at all than to send me letters calling me names like “mother f..ker” or “fat” or criticizing me for my “bad” photos or not having a fancy letter or just not being good enough in some way. No, I am not perfect. I have made mistakes on here. That was just my own ignorance and just trying to fumble through this. I did not get the instruction manual when I joined.

This all just seems like a silly game right now. I will keep trying. My thoughts before I signed up was that on here, an adult site, that those on here would have basically the same general intentions, looking for friends and sex. At work or at the gym or other public places (I do not drink so I leave out bars here) there seems to be lots of games. People seem to be too happy about suing over sexual harassment or just way too easily offended. I am not stupid. I know how to communicate in a decent healthy manner. Just thought this would be a better way. I can see I was a little naive about all of this.

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