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My sister came home Sunday. Each day she is getting better. She has a very large headache and she can only lay around. My mother’s hair dresser came over and “fixed” my sister’s hair. There was some huge mats and some bald patches. Her black eyes are healing, but she is in a lot of pain. She has to wait for another week or so to get into the neurologist here. Until then, she can not do anything. We have no idea about the blood clots, but I have been asking her questions. She does not seem to have any loss of cognitive abilities. Hard to tell with her personality because she is very quite and sleepy. Her memory is very good except for the actual incident. That is typical for any trauma victim. In time, she may or may not recall all of it. For now, she can not drive or return to work. If the clot has not dissipated, they may still have to operate. Just a lot of wait and see for now. The detective told us it could be a year or longer before there is a court hearing.

Since I started Yoga over a year ago, I think I have only gotten sick once or twice, and it was only mild. Before, I used to catch everything that goes around. Tuesday, I caught the flu. Bad stuff. Feel much better now.

Whatever changes I was going through has not gone, but grown. There has been too much going on in my life for a chance to give it tons of thought. A few things though: first, I have already let go of any resentment and anger a long time ago because it is doing me no good. I just keep brining it back whenever I am frustrated or depressed. Next, I need to begin listening to my intuition again. Many years ago, before I found my way to God and stopped drinking, I knew this was the best way to go. In the past 6 years or so, I have had a big challenging to this and I gave up on it. It will have to be different this time, but I do not know how. Another, well, it appears I lost so new friends that I made on here. I guess whatever happened was bad enough for them to stop talking to me and end our friendship. That is their choice and I will accept the consequences. It is disappointing to me, though, that they were not as understand as I would have liked them to be, but again, it was my doing, not theirs.

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