Just another day  

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6/18/2006 5:54 pm

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Just another day

As my son was growing up, I would take him to the store and shop for his mother a gift. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s day. We divorced 4 months after he was born. In my way of thinking, that as just the way it was supposed to be. Not holding some torch for her or anything like that. Just thought I was teaching my son family values, respect, responsibility. Each year when Father’s Day came, no gifts no cards. Same with my birthdays. Each year, I just keep telling myself it is the right thing to do by still doing the same. She has been with the same guy since 2 months after we divorced. Maybe he should be doing it, but he is my son and I do what I think is best. Maybe I am an idiot. This year, there was a gift and a card. I wanted to go fishing with my son. I have been craving biscuits and gravy. That did not happen because I had to work. I was trying to salvage the day and hopefully talk my mother into cooking out on the grill, but she already had a roast in the pot. Sometimes, for me, holidays just seem like any other day.

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6/26/2006 6:38 pm

Did somethin similar..but.. I was always in their lives..still am.. it's hard to do from WY.. daughters in FL , one son in Buffalo and 3 in Iraq



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sexloverocknroll replies on 6/27/2006 5:52 am:
I have been very active in my son's life. I have been very fortunate that the ex never limited my visitation rights. He even lived with me for 2 years. He will be 18 in 3 weeks and senior in high school next year. We have a very good, close relationship.

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