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This poem was composed 2 years ago by me.

"60 years ago, a man was shot,
A man I never knew,
In his small wooden boat
Just off the shore
Of a once beautiful French beach.
This man, a man I never knew,
Did not die there that day,
But all others on his little boat did.
All shot and killed
Before they could even exit
Their tiny wooden boat;
Shot and killed by
What many thought
Was the Beast.
In many ways, he was the Beast.
All knew the End was near.
Yet, on this day
Hope came back;
Hope not for just those
Who lived in that country,
But all who opposed the Beast.
This man, a man I never knew,
Was my grandfather;
Gone before I was conceived.
Was he a hero?
I am sure many will say so.
Was he a good man?
I do not know.
Was he a kind man?
I do not know.
What I know of him
Is only through his words
Handed down for my father to me:
“Pretty is as pretty does”
I am told;
“Poor people have poor ways”
I am also told;
“If you don’t like the fish,
Don’t poke out his eyes,
Put him back in the wagon”
Was he a wise man?
Maybe so.
Yet, the story of that day,
Is enough for me to know.
Maybe he was just a kid,
Doing his job or
Maybe he was a loyal patriot
Who loved his country so.
All of that, I do not know.
For years, his story
Of that day on the beach,
Was all I knew.
Did I understand,
The full ramifications of that act,
That day at his job?
For many years
I knew of the Big One,
I knew of the Evil,
The Holocaust,
The death and destruction.
Yet, it was not until I saw a movie,
That I fully understood.
So intense was the scene!
So horrible!
So bloody!
So unbelievable to me!
How could any man do that?
They did as they could.
Yet, I could begin to understand
How indescribably horrendous,
The carnage,
The death,
The destruction.
My heart sank.
Tears came to my eyes.
These were just kids;
Kids like I was when I heard the story;
Young men just trying to live there life’s.
Yet, they were brave;
They were strong;
They were victorious.
Many did not come home
As this man did,
This man I never knew."

June 6th, 1944 was D-day for the Allied Forces during WWII. My grandfather drove one of the landing barges that day on Omaha beach. Every since man on his boat was killed before they even got off. My Grandfather was shot, but not fatally. Even though he was Navy and they were Army, he managed to get all those men back so that their families could have their right to a burial on American soil. There were thousands in this war that did not have that privilege. They fixed him up and sent him back to France but by then we had driven the Nazis back. He was shot while driving a motorcycle and again managed to survive. When the war was over, he came back to Iowa a hero. He need up driving a beer truck in Des Moines. One morning he got sick, thinking a cold or flu. 4 days latter, he died. My father was 16.

In Russia, they celebrate a major holiday that to them is almost the most important to them: "Victory Day." What is it? The day Berlin fell and Hitler and his evil empire ended. Funny how we here do not care so much about WWII. Oh sure, we care about Pearl Harbor, because that happened on our soil. The success on D-Day was the turning point of the War. If we had failed, we would all be Nazis right now.

To all of the Veteran’s of all wars, I give to you my utmost thanks and respect!

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Thank you. I am military. NOT a brat by any means, but grew up in a very large military family. I have family members and dear friends in every branch

I think its time for us who have Military in our family or are the sons, daughters, whatever of VETS start pitching in and helping. They died protecting us, I think its time we give back to them

What a great Tribute
Hugs, smooches, smiles sweetie

sexloverocknroll replies on 6/9/2006 7:18 pm:
Your welcome and thank you!

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