Blog 69  

sexloverocknroll 58M
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5/15/2006 5:59 am
Blog 69

This is my 69th blog. Should I be predictable and write about oral sex? It has been so long, I would have to fabricate something.

After a long boring masturbation session Saturday night, looking at porn, I realized for the millionth time in the past 5 years plus, taking matters into my own hands is not working any more. Maybe it never did, or maybe I have just forgotten it was once enjoyable. Masturbation is like taking a pain killer, it only takes the edge off and does not cure the cause. Once it wears off, the pain is still there. First off, porn does not make it for me. Might have at first, years ago, with a renewed interest when I first got the internet at home, but the best way for me is just get in bed and close my eyes and pretend, making up my own stories. Usually though, I just fall asleep. First thing in the morning is good, but it takes too long most times for me to finish the job before go to I work-out.

Sunday morning, driving to work, I realized something: I have been so long without sex and the touch of a woman that I have forgotten how it feels. Something about warmth and wetness, I think. Not sure anymore. Oh, yeah, love is in there somewhere, too, right? It has been so long since I was in love that I have forgotten how that feels, too. Might be like riding a bike, you get back on and it all comes back to you. Might not be.

I hope all of you remember how sex and love feels and you are getting both regularly. I wish you all many happy and hot 69’s.

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