Confessions of a Woman  

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Confessions of a Woman

The evening was hot and sweltering. In my gown i felt sticky and hot flushes appeared out of nowhere. I didnt no whether it was the heat or the handsome man that kept staring over in my direction. I was doing my best to try and ignore him but i could fel his eyes on the small of my back as he gazed me up and down. This action made my nerves tingle and had me wondering what he would be like in bed.

He was coming over to me. I didnt no what to do, fair enough i was on my own and some company would be nice but he was dangerous company at that. i knew that if anything was to happen with us i wouldnt be able to stop. he got to me that much.

About two hours later, i was walking into his suite drunk with lust for this overbrimming sexual being. He stared at me straight in the eyes as if he was mentally undressing me for his pleasure. God i was getting wet already. How was he doing this i wondered? he made me want to rip off his trousers and take him fully in my mouth and suck his juices!

Then all of a sudden he grabbed and we started kissing passionatly. His tongue gently probbed my mouth to open as if urging me to compete in this game. I responded and felt a soft warm tongue gently massage my own. Slowly he kissed, teasing me ungodly until i felt like i was going to explode. i suddenly kissed with all the energy and passion i could muster. My hands started to explore his fine muscualar body, his nipples erect and waiting for me to grant attention to, his taut hard body pushing into me and with it showing how much he wanted me.

I started to make my descent pulling off his shirt and tie and licking the pattern of hair across his chest. I licked his nipple and started gently sucking him, like a baby would a mother then getting harder and more teasing. I could hear him groan as i opened the buckle on his trousers and slowly lowered the zip. My hands grasped something long and hard and i nearlt fainted at how aroused i was just looking at his shaft. God i wanted it so badly. I started blowing him ever so slowly licking his head and tasting his sweet salty juices that were present, he was teasing me with his pre-cum.

I traced my tongue all the way down his manhood and then sucked his balls while i was rubbing him. I could feel them tighten with pleasure so i gave him a hard and fast blowing, while feeling me breasts at the same time.

I straddled him, one leg on either side and pushed him down on the bed. I let him enter me and then we started rocking back and forth our bodies entwined in this state of ectsacy that seemed to take control of my body.

I was riding him hard and fast, my body slick with sweat, his hands gliding over me, touching those places that hid my most horniest pleasures. As i rode him i started feeling my breasts and flicking my nipples for the viewing pleasure of my partner. He rather enjoyed it so i moved it up a notch and started licking my nipples!!

As i did so he murmured with pleasure and grabbed my buttocks and forced me to ride him harder. We were slipping along together, our juices mingling flowing down his shaft and i started to feel the tingle flowing through my body.

He lifted me off and turned me around, he pushed so hard into me from behind that i yelped but i didnt care, i needed to feel that pleasure again, telling him to go hard and fast, begging him to.

He pushed harder and faster his balls slapping against my backside. It started again, this orgasn was getting so out of control, i was seeing stars as i heard him calling my name, calling me his fuck slut and then he pushed one more time so hard that my orgasm just exploded in me, both of our screams were clshed together both of us relishing in this one moment of pure unadulterated sex and as he finished he slowly rubbed my neck back and nipples.

WE lay there in the bed sated and sleeping for in the morning would come another day.

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