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6/26/2006 6:57 pm

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Scott Van D

Scott was my first boss here in Colorado over 12 years ago and it was the first time that I had ever had sex with my boss in order to secure the job.

I am an experienced CFO and I had two interviews with Scott prior and he called me at home one evening and told me to meet him for drinks at a bar just a couple of blocks away from my Apartment on Leetsdale Drive.

So I met and him he kept buying me long island ice teas and after the 4th one he told me that he would love to by me a 5th one to celebrate offering me a job, but first I had to follow him to the car so he good show me something.

I followed him to his car and we both got in and as soon as we were in, he grabbed my head and shoved into his crotch and held it there while he undid his fly and then he reached in and brought out a huge cock. It was about 12.5 inches long and he slapped my face and shoved it between my lips and forced me to deep throat him. Once I deep throated him I felt him ejaculate stimulating the corners of my mouth and he shot a huge load and it just poured down my throat lots of cum.

Once he was done, he quit holding my head and zipped and said come on and we went back in and he ordered me my 5th drink and then offered the job to me on the spot provided that I made myself available to him orally.

I had never had done this before and my reputation in the accounting industry is well known in the construction circles, but I actually sealed the deal by blowing my boss. I continued blowing him just about everyday in my office or his or in the car and he even came to my apartment and I traveled with him to seminars and etc. I worked there for three years before moving on to my current position where after a year I began blowing the estimator on a regular basis until he left in the year 2000.

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