Fuck me----he did  

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5/12/2006 12:46 pm

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Fuck me----he did

I always have a strong desire to sleep with those men who are married. Unmarried or widowed or divorced men are of course a turn on but the idea of getting fucked by someone has left his wife alone in the bed and come to me makes me wild. Hence I skillfully target married bisexual men.

I still remember Baron (name changed) who came to live at my neighborhood. He was my next door neighbor. His wife was beautiful. I came to know that he was a bisexual. So I targeted this man. At first I befriended them and started to get close. Gradually I began to drop hints to him. Whenever I was met him in his wife’s absence I wanted to come physically close. Whenever he was standing in front of the window and his wife was not looking, I either rubbed my dick or unbuttoned my shirt or unzipped my pants. But he seemed to ignore that. One day, in desperation, I went to his room when his wife was out and while talking to him took his hand and placed on my zip. I was stunned to see that he didn’t complain neither he took any advance. From next day onwards I noticed him repeatedly looking at my window. I asked him whether his wife was there or not. He said “no”. I suddenly flashed my butts.

The thing started to take shape when I was alone inside an elevator with him and stated to smear my hand on his zip. The next night I found myself lying on his bed naked and exhausted as he just finished fucking me twice and ejaculated his huge load inside my asshole. I was groaning in satisfaction as he was kissing my neck and smearing my nude butt gently.

The episode of sex continued for a couple of years and ended after Baron and his wife moved out of the town. His wife never got to now anything.

I’ll never forget the taste of his cum. Every time I swallowed it and nurtured it with my tongue before swallowing. It tasted wonderful. We never used a condom.

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5/12/2006 1:12 pm


Purry {=}


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5/30/2006 5:00 am

your find ends here

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